I got really bored when I made this. Characters from Sonic X will be used.

The following Mobians at Tail's house: Tails, Sonic, Cosmo (Seedrian or whatever she is. Sonic X is confusing), Charmy, Shadow, and Knuckles. All of which stayed inside because of a loud thunder storm outside.

"I'm bored." Tails said...along with everyone else. Everyone looked at each other, shocked they all had the same thought. "Does anyone have any ideas?" Tails asked, desperate to be rid of the boredom.

"We could beat up Eggman for the heck of it." Knuckles said, reading some book. Everyone laughed at the thought except Shadow who took him serious.

"We could role-play." Charmy shouted instantly, getting confused looks from everyone.

"What's role-play?" Cosmo asked.

"It's basically telling a story. Except we act or play it out." Tails explained. Shadow and Knuckles thought this was a stupid idea.

"Lets put it to a vote." Sonic said. "All agree!" Sonic said, putting his hand in the air along with Tails, Charmy, and Cosmo. "Great, 4 to 2. You 2 in or out?" Sonic asked Shadow and Knuckles.

"Might as well." Knuckles said, shrugging his shoulders. Shadow sighed.

"How does this work?" Shadow asked, annoyed by the choice of activity. He then noticed a grin on Sonic's face.

"I've got it!" Sonic said, as he announced everyone's roles and reasons why.

Knight-Tails (Tails needs more limelight.)

Princess-Cosmo (Isn't it obvious?)

Guard/Partner-Sonic (Why not?)

Villain-Shadow (Any reason why he shouldn't?)

Goon 1- Charmy (I want Charmy to boss Knuckles around.)

Goon 2- Knuckles (HA HA)

Sonic was pleased with the cast sheet. Tails and Cosmo liked their roles, but couldn't stop blushing. Shadow shrugged, annoyed that he was the villain since in stories, they always lost. Charmy was laughing as Knuckles was furious at their roles.

"S-so how do we start? What's the theme?" Cosmo asked, trying to hide her blush.

"You'll see." Sonic said smugly.

Roll-Playing World...

In Square City, the capital of the Forest Kingdom, lived Princess Cosmo, bored as she wasn't aloud to leave her castle by her guard, Sonic. Cosmo wore a light blue princess dress that was decorated with rubies and had a silver crown on her head. Sonic was dressed in bronze Knight's armor with a German Spear by his side.

"Sir Sonic the Fast, may I please go outside?" Cosmo asked.

"I'm sorry Princess Cosmo, but I have been given orders to keep you safe here." Sonic told the now sad princess. "But, I've called a knight who shall help relieve you of boredom." Sonic said as a strange creature walked through the doors of the castle.

The creature was an orange Fox Mobian with 2 tails, wearing chain mail shirt and pants and had a Short Sword on his hip. The Fox had no form of helmet, however.

"Princess Cosmo, meet Miles the Knowledge." Sonic greeted, snickering as he used Tails's real name. Cosmo giggled as Tails blushed.

"Please, call me Tails, princess." Tails told her bowing. Before the 2 could get to know each other, explosions were heard as rocks dropped from the ceiling...or rather rocks that were the ceiling. "Who's doing this?" Tails demanded.

"That would be me." said a sinister voice. The voice belonged to a black hedgehog who wore a black cloak over his body, a weird black ring on his finger, and had a metal helmet over his face. he was standing on top of a black dragon with yellow eyes. "I am Shadow the Powerful. Hand over the princess, or I'll take her by force." Shadow demanded, still sounding calm.

"Never!" the Fox and Blue Hedgehog barked at him.

"Very well. Goons, sick em!" Shadow ordered, snapping his fingers as Charmy and Knuckles, both wearing silver cloaks, jumped down to attack our heroes.

"Diving Hornet!" Charmy chanted, his stinger glowing orange as he was aiming at Tails.

"Burning Impact!" Knuckles shouted as his fist was on fire as he aimed for Sonic [who knows why?].

Tails dodged Charmy's stinger by a few inches, however Sonic was hit hard from Knuckles's attack, causing him to be knocked unconscious.

"Chaos Control!" Shadow shouted, warping from his place on the dragon to Cosmo's hiding place. Then he warped back to the dragon, Cosmo now tied up and gagged with rope. "Now we leave." Shadow said, snapping his fingers as he, his dragon, and his goons vanished leaving our heroes dazed and confused.

That was the 1st chapter of this adventure. Will Sonic and Tails recover their senses to go after Shadow and rescue Cosmo? Stay tuned. Also, what do you think of what I'm doing so far?