Time for the ultimate battle of Tails VS Shadow! Role Play style!

Tails charged at the black hedgehog, sword armed, ready to stab his sword into the heart of Shadow. Shadow just stood their as if Tails wasn't even doing anything. Then, as if he was a ghost, Shadow disappeared.

"That won't work!" Tails shouted as he swung his sword around to slash at Shadow, who actually was behind him and made a cut into his fur. Shadow seemed more annoyed then anything else.

"You actually hurt me. For that, you shall die!" Shadow bellowed as he warped from a few feet from Tails to right in front of him. "DIE!" he shouted and unleashed a barrage of punches towards Tails' face and gut, again and again at fast speed and then finished it with a swift kick to his stomach, sending the twin-tailed Mobian through a wall and onto the floor, body piled with bruises from the punches. "Is that it? I was only using a small portion of my new power." Shadow boasted as he created a Chaos Spear in his hand. "I guess it's time to end this." he said as he walked closer. Cosmo wanted to do something, but what? "It ends, NOW!" Shadow cried as he thrusts his spear onto Tails.


"Hurricane Roll!" Tails shouted as he rolled on his back as some kind of Tornado and knocked the spear away from him. Tails then spun away from Shadow, spun into the air, and the end of the tornado kicked right into Shadow's gullet, sending Shadow to the wall of the side of the room Cosmo stood. "Come one!" Tails cried as he grabbed Cosmo by the hand and ran off.

Tails ran past all the traps and kept on running out the front of the castle, ignoring the fact that a charred Echidna and no dragon or Sonic anywhere. Suddenly, Shadow appeared 2 yards away from Tails and Cosmo.

"Now, the game is over!" Shadow screamed as he fully absorbed the power of the Planet Egg. His fur turned from black and red to dark purple and dark blue as his cloak was torn apart. Ivy Vines came around Shadow's arm and formed armor. "I AM PLANET SHADOW!" he roared at the duo. "Surrender or perish!"

"Cosmo, run. I'll hold him off." Tails told her.

"No. I won't leave you here to die!" Cosmo argued.

"I'd rather die by his hands, then die with you with me!" Tails shouted as he slightly blushed and quickly charged at Shadow. "Ring Blade!" Tails yelled as he started a spin dash, except his tails were rolling with him and white energy came around it as he propelled himself towards Shadow. Shadow simply back-slapped the attack and had Tails eat dirt.

"I warned you! Chaos Blast!" Shadow shouted as red energy surrounded his palms and he fired a beam at the pained warrior. Even though it seemed Shadow's counter couldn't of hurt as badly as it looked, it did and it stung Tails painfully.

"Nature's Shield!" cried the voice Tails knew to well: Cosmo. When Tails opened his eyes he saw Cosmo creating a large shield of rose thorns protecting Tails. "Tails move!" Cosmo pleaded. The shield was obviously shattering.

"Not without you!" Tails screamed as he spun Cosmo around, canceling out the shield as causing the blast to hurt Tails with the only shield the chain mail on his back. Tails felt enormous pain and couldn't move from his spot as he leaned on Cosmo. "Run...Cosmo run. Please." Tails told her.

"I won't leave you here!" Cosmo shouted, tears going down her face. Suddenly, a pink glow came from Shadow's hip as the Planet Egg floated off it and rushed itself at Tails.

"What the?" Shadow shouted as the Planet Egg fused with Tails. His orange fur turned light green as the white parts of his fur turned silver. "He cannot posses this power! Only I can!" shouted Shadow as he prepared another Chaos Blast. "DIE FOX!" he declared as he fired it at Tails.

Tails didn't move. Tails simply turned around and reflected the energy back at Shadow, causing him twice as much damage as it should have. Cosmo was shocked at Tails' power.

Tails grinned smugly as he charged at Shadow, a glowing green fists ready. And Tails unleashed a wide array of punches onto the hedgehog. Shadow started to regain balance and block some, but was no match for Tail's new power and was over matched and Tails ended it with a quick kick the chest, much like Shadow did.

Shadow skid across the field as he eventually gotten up and pissed truly at the Fox.

"I've had it with you Tails! Here you die!" Shadow shouted as he charged up, possibly his most powerful Chaos Blast. Tails did the same as he charged up orange energy in his paws.

"Chaos Blast!"

"Chaos Hurricane!"

When both names uttered, Shadow shot an even bigger red beam and Tails shot out a large orange hurricane. Both attacks collided with each other as both struggled for dominance.

"You cannot win! I have the power of the Planet Egg! I am invisible!"

"That is why your not! the Planet Egg was mad for piece, using it for war makes you weak!" Tails shouted as his power overpowered Shadow's and engulfed him in the hurricane. After the attack was over, Shadow's skin was back to normal and he was unconscious. Tails' fur changed back also and he stumbled.

"Tails, are you-" Cosmo didn't finish as she looked into Tails' eyes and saw Tails' smile.

In the real world...

"KISS ALREADY!" Charmy shouted, obviously taking the 'game' to far. Cosmo and Tails instantly started blushing and the moment was ruined by the door opening by Shdow.

"Game Over. The rain has stopped and I'm out of here." Shadow shouted as he ran out the door. Knuckles agreed as he ran out the door as well.

"Well, I'd better see ya later." Sonic said as he and Charmy left.

"So...I'll see you later." Tails said, trying to escape the awkwardness. On impulse, the duo quickly kissed each other on the lips as they both left the room.

Thank you, thank you! Sadly, the story ends.