A/N: For some reason, my mind has been having a love affair between Naruto and Fate/Stay Night recently and they are multiplying like rabbits. This is the first idea of mine of this type that will take place in the Narutoverse setting rather than Naruto going into the F/SN world. The pairing will most likely be a NarutoxHarem but I will not tell you who will be in it. Expect to see characters from F/SN in this story. Also, some of the F/SN canon did not happen in this story, it is a mix of the Unlimited Blade Works (UBW) path and the Heaven's Feel path, Fate path didn't happen.

A little note, in my story the Academy starts for children at age 6 and the first things they learn is how to initially use chakra and how to sense chakra to a certain degree.

The chase scene was written for me by my friend Sephieroth.

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The Elemental Nations, a place where everyone had the ability to use a great power known as chakra. Chakra, the end result of combining both physical and spiritual energies, was a power that the Rikudou Sennin was said to have been the first to hold but he had only combined a fabled power with the powers of his physical strength. From then on, people revered the Rikudou Sennin as a mortal deity until the Juubi, a great demon beyond description, appeared.

The Rikudou Sennin used his power to seal the Juubi into a giant sphere and sent it into space though the amount of energy that it took killed the Rikudou Sennin afterward. It is said that the sphere that the Juubi was sealed with in became the moon though it is impossible to confirm. Others believe that the Juubi was simply killed by the Rikudou Sennin and other believe that he brought forth the Juubi himself.

Despite the many theories, the Rikudou Sennin became only a legend and his feats became myth. Who knows, maybe he never did exist and everything was simply a myth or legend created to explain the energy known as chakra, the fact remains that chakra is all around us and inside of every person and all that is needed is the right amount of will.

Naruto closed the book, his eyes wide from all of the information and the fact that it had actually been fun to read. As all children around Naruto's age (7 years old), he thought that reading was boring and despised having to read. Due to his low grades in his first year of the Academy, Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage, had looked for a book that would be both interesting and educational for the young boy and he had done well in choosing. The book had been rather old and he himself had never read it as it had been in the Hokage's vault since the Shodaime Hokage had founded the village.

Naruto put the book back and walked out of the Hokage's office with one thought on his mind. 'If books can be that interesting, maybe I should give this reading thing another shot.'

Naruto had just come out of the Hokage's Tower. He had a smile on his face and started walking. It seemed to be sometime in the evening and he decided to walk back to his apartment before it got too late out.

Naruto had just started walking when he heard noises behind him. He turned to see three men swaying slightly and staring at him with hate. One of the men lifted his partially drunken bottle above his head and threw it at Naruto who moved his head to avoid it. 'No...they're back at it again!'

"St-Stupid...Demon!" The man slurred, obviously he was drunk, the other two picked up rocks that were on the ground and threw them at Naruto. Naruto just watched as they harmlessly flew by him and he watched as the first one glare. "You s-s-should just go lay down...And DIE! You keep brainwashing our Hokage!" The man yelled, attracting more attention.

Naruto just said. "Why? Why are you doing this again?." Naruto said, confused.

The man just sneered at him as a glass bottle hit Naruto in the back. Naruto stumbled forward and turned to see more people there that didn't seem as drunk. They were all staring with the same hate and Naruto felt blood on his back.

"Stupid Demon brat! You killed our families! You killed our loved ones, our families, OUR FRIENDS! You are a scourge to this village! You don't deserve to live!" The one who threw the bottle said, and everyone agreed. More brought out bottles and threw them, along with stones and knives.

Naruto noticed most of them missed but a few slashed through his body. Naruto started to cry but shook it off and thought. 'I need to get out of here. I can't let them corner me this time.'

They kept spewing out their hatred at him and Naruto noticed one of them turned and he ran. "GET THE DEMON!" He heard behind him and Naruto looked over his bleeding shoulder to see them coming after him. He noticed they threw more objects as they ran and Naruto headed off toward the forests in the training grounds.

He felt more and more things stabbing in to him, but not too deep. He ran toward the forest and ran into it, avoiding trees. He heard one of them shout. "We must split up and finish off the demon! Tonight must be the night! Let's go!" He kept running after that, hoping that he would have some sort of luck in avoiding them. Each time he thought he was safe, he heard footsteps and kept running.

After running, for who knows how long, Naruto was exhausted...and had a bloody trail behind him now. He entered a clearing and saw a tree. A huge Sakura tree that seemed to glow because the sun was setting behind it. He stumbled toward it and let tears fall as he got closer. "Is anywhere safe for me...? Am I really this unwanted? What did I do to deserve so much hate?" Naruto thought out loud as he pressed his back against the tree, and put his hand on his wounds.

A few more tears fell from Naruto's eyes before he put his hand on the tree in an attempt to pull himself back up. A seal appeared under Naruto's palm and glowed as it absorbed his blood. "What the..." Naruto's mouth hung open as the Sakura tree bloomed, its petals glowing from both the sunset and the energy that the tree seemed to hold.

Slowly, the area behind the tree and in front of Naruto began to blur before a large house appeared. The building around him looked similar to the Hyuuga compound but a bit small, looking the size for a single family rather than a whole clan. The structure itself was in perfect condition, which he though may be due to the energy that he felt flowing through the structure itself, but the walls were covered in vines and what seemed to be the front yard was full of weeds and such.

He walked over to the sliding door and tried to open it. It seemed that the door had gotten stuck due to however long this place had been abandoned. Slowly the door slid open after a bit of effort on Naruto's behalf. His first look into the home and Naruto knew that something was different about this home. It seemed almost as if this place had been stuck in time as everything was in perfect condition except covered in dust. As he walked down what seemed to be the hallway, he reached what seemed to be the living room as well as the kitchen just past that. The look reminded him of how houses were depicted back before the cataclysm occurred.

Naruto started to explore the house a bit more, looking at the several rooms and other items in the house. As he walked out of one of the rooms, he noticed that there was another set of doors in front of him. He slid one of the doors and saw that is led to the outside and a large yard that was surrounded by the walls he had seen when he entered. The yard was again covered in what looked like years of weeds and other growths but the shed seemed untouched like the house and walls were.

Naruto opened the door to the shed and was surprised by what he saw. It seemed impossible but the shed was bigger inside than it appeared outside. Several things caught his interest but only three things seemed to pull at him. One was a thick red book that had archaic symbols on the front that looked similar to those used in fuuinjutsu. Another was a necklace with a triangular red gem attached to it that held a similar energy to what the house itself gave off. The last was a gold colored orb that seemed to release a sound similar to whispering. Naruto grabbed the three objects and then walked out of the shed and then back into the main house.

Naruto walked into the living room and reached his hand over to the wall where he had seen a light switch earlier. Surprisingly, their was still electricity in the home. He brushed the dust off the table and set the objects on it before going into the kitchen to see if his hunch was correct. He went over to the sink and turned the handle, to his surprise the water flowed freely from the tap. 'How is everything still working in this house?' He let the water run for a bit until he was sure that it wasn't just water that was still lingering in the pipes. Naruto walked into the living room again and looked on the table to see the gold colored orb beginning to glow. The orb let off a bright flash that made Naruto shield his eyes and turn away.

When Naruto turned back around, he saw that he was no longer alone in the house but was now in a room with a woman and another man. The woman looked in her early twenties, her long black hair put in twin ponytails, she had green eyes, and was wearing a red dress with a white cross on the top half of it. The man looked about the same age as the woman, had spiky red hair, amber colored eyes, and was wearing a pair of blue jeans and a white shirt with blue over the shoulders.

The woman bent forward and smiled at Naruto. "Ah, you must be Naruto-chan. We have been watching over you for a while." To Naruto, the woman gave off a pleasant feeling but he was curious who she was.

The man knelt down and set his hand on Naruto's head, ruffling the boy's blonde hair. "It's nice to finally meet you, Naruto. I am Shirou Emiya and this is my wife Rin Tohsaka-Emiya. I know you may not believe it but we are your ancestors." That statement was met with a thud as Naruto fainted onto the floor.


And there is the first chapter. I had this purposely be shorter since it is a prologue. Expect it to pick up in the next chapter.