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The night was ending, the stars in the sky were twinkling as bright as Rachel's eyes. Or at least that's what Jesse was thinking. He had his hands on her hips and her arms were around his neck. Music played in the background, sweetly and harmonically. Quinn held onto Puck, Artie had Tina in his lap snugly, and Finn tried to concentrate on not stepping on Santana's feet. Everything was going perfectly at Jesse's going away party everything except for the fact that he was going away.

'I don't have to go you know. I could stay here and wait for a year when I can apply to Ohio State. Or maybe NYU, it's closer anyway.' Jesse murmured into Rachel's ear.

'No you have to go. Because a year will turn into two years and then three and you won't go to college until I'm pregnant with our third child, and your thirty five and balding and neither of us have a college education. Causing us to be in a tragic marriage, even though both of us are still madly in love.' She told him all in one breath. Alright, she might have been over exaggerating but it was true. If Jesse gave up his dreams of UCLA he would resent Rachel for the rest of his life. And Rachel didn't want that.

Jesse pulled away and stared down at her with huge eyes, a wide grin spread out on lips so big Rachel thought his face might split in two. She looked at him quizzically, as if asking him what he was so happy about after her little speech she would have expected him to scoff in her face.

'You want to have my children?' Jesse asked her, his expression getting happier and happier. Rachel blushed deeply and darted her eyes away from his jubilant stare.

'Well...I-I...It's certainly something to t-think about. I-I mean we are both talented and skilled performers if we h-have...ch-children they would be spectacular.' Jess watched Rachel squirm, he had never seen her so embarrassed or nervous. Not even when she confessed her feelings to him.

He sighed happily and pulled her in for a tight hug. 'Yes they would be very amazing wouldn't they.' Rachel widened her eyes at the thought of Jesse wanting kids with her. She always fantasized about their life and now, or maybe for a long time, Jesse wanted the same fantasy that she did. Rachel smiled into Jesse's chest and screamed merrily in her mind.

She suddenly realized she had to tell Jesse the truth or else he would think she didn't want him.

'I don't want you to go.' She whispered with her eyes closed. 'I love you Jesse. But you need to go. I just don't want you to think the reason I'm pushing you to leave is because I don't want you here. I just want you to follow your dreams that's all. And if losing you to California is what I have to do. Then that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.'

'You're not required to make any sacrifices. I'm the one who's leaving, all you have to do is make sure that when it come's time for you to leave Lima you will.' He kissed the top of her head softly and put his hand under her chin, lifting her head up slowly. Rachel didn't want to let him see her face because she was crying. He brushed his lips against her tear stained cheeks and tenderly whispered sweet nothings to her.

'We'll be alright Rachel. Okay.'

'Yes. Okay.' Responded in a hoarse voice and pulled him back into her arms crying softly into his shoulder.

And out of all the couples on the dance floor. Kurt and Sam, Mike and Brittany, Quinn and Puck, Shelby and Will, Mercedes and Matt, Finn and Santana, and Tina and Artie. Jesse and Rachel were the only ones who stood holding each other tightly, not ever wanting to let go, while everyone else danced and remained oblivious to the pain the two teenagers were going through.

'Ugh! I can't believe them. They break the baby news on Oscar night. Oscar night!' Rachel yelled out as she walked up to her seat. The glamour of the room couldn't help her calm down, not even Jesse's hand on her shoulder could remind her that she couldn't make a scene in public because then it would be all over the news.

Rachel Berry 25 years old, Jesse St. James 27 years old; actors, singers, Broadway stars, dancers and world wide phenomenons.

'I mean its a big night for us. We are both nominated for the biggest awards in the Academy and Will and Shelby decide to call us and say 'Oh hello. Guess what, I'm pregnant.' It's not very nice.' Rachel said as she sat in her chair. Her gold princess dress had a three foot long trail and the ruffles made it difficult for her to sit down. She played with the heavy diamond necklace on her neck and then with the diamond barrettes in her hair.

'It's not like their trying to steal our spotlight Rach. They just thought it was the best time to tell us. Now shush, it's starting.' Jesse told her taking her hand into his. And as the show began Rachel began to feel less and less angry at her mother and step father, and more nervous about her and Jesse's nomination. She knew Jesse was going to get the award for sure. But she wasn't so sure about herself.

The whole ceremony passed by in a blur, so far out of twelve nominations their movie won five, lost two, and had five more pending. Jesse held onto Rachel's hand for dear life when the nominees for Best Actor were read. Rachel held onto his hand just as roughly as he held hers and felt like she was going to rip her hair out of her head. Or maybe she could dig into her dress, but Kurt had specifically told her not to ruin the hem since he made the dress especially for Rachel it seemed like the only fair thing to do was respect his wishes.

'Jesse St. James.' The presenter said happily. Jesse turned to Rachel looking for reassurance that it was actually his name that he heard. Rachel told him calmly that he won and he kissed her passionately before walking up on stage to claim his award. Rachel's eyes teared up with pride, she was so happy for him. As the clapping around Jesse ceased he took a deep breath and smiled nervously.

'Um I didn't have anything planned out so I don't know what to say but thank you. Thank you to the Academy, to the crew and director, and thank you to my beautiful, beautiful girlfriend Rachel Berry. Who if it wasn't for you I would have stayed in Lima, Ohio and wouldn't have been here right now. I love you.' Rachel said I love you back even though he couldn't even hear. 'I have something to ask you Rachel.' He reached into his pocket and took out the black, satin box he had since he was twenty three years old. After he got a truck load of money from his first Broadway show he went out and bought an engagement ring for Rachel. He had it for four years, waiting for a time when they were both ready. And since Rachel felt out of the stoplight he thought it was the perfect way to propose and shine the stoplight back on her.

He got down on one knee, gasps and awes were heard through the huge room, and Rachel sat frozen and speechless. 'Rachel Berry you are the very best thing best thing in my world. I could give up every award I've ever gotten, every national championship from when we were teens, every check, and I'd just give up everything for you Rachel. And i know how you love to be cherished and lavished so that's why I'm doing this here. In front of thousands of people and millions watching. I love you Rachel Berry, I love every thing about you. I love who you were, who you are and who you will become. Rachel Barbra Berry will you do me the great honor of becoming my wife? Will you marry me?'

Rachel looked at him and nodded, an ecstatic look on her face. 'Yes!' She yelled out to him.

'Yes?' Jesse asked as he ran his hand though his hair and his eyes went wide. He stood up from the floor and didn't take his eyes off Rachel.

'Yes.' She told him once more before she ran up onto the stage and crashed into him. He placed the ring on her finger and kissed her not bothering to care that he had just took the biggest risk of his life in front of millions of people. And Rachel didn't bother to care about her nerves or that she might not win the Oscar, she was going to marry Jesse St. James and that's all that mattered to her.

That night Rachel won two things; the title fiancee and the Academy Award for best Actress.

Everything was perfect.

The reception went wonderfully, as did they ceremony and the wedding was as huge and glamorous as Rachel always dreamed. Everyone she ever knew was there and everyone she didn't know was there too.

The St. James and Berry wedding was the biggest wedding in the history of weddings. The world was calling it the Wedding of the Century, and also the most expensive and extravagant. And it was true, Rachel and Jesse didn't want anything but the best for themselves and the best was what they got.

Santana, Finn and Puck all walked up to Rachel, smiling widely as they went.

But Rachel didn't notice she was watching Beth dance with Quinn and Sam, and her dads dance together, she watched Brittany and Mike, Mercedes and Matt and Artie and Tina. Rachel's niece was in her mothers arms with her step father hovering over them. It was nice to see Shelby and Will with their daughter, Rachel's half sister, and it was also very inspiring. The doctors always told her she couldn't have kids anymore, guess who proved them wrong. Jesse was dancing with Kurt, who was one of the maids of honor alongside Santana and Quinn. What can you say, Rachel couldn't choose one maid of honor between her best friends.

Santana sneaked up behind Rachel and made her jump with fear. 'Oh it's you guys.' Rachel sighed in relief.

'Having fun?' Santana asked Rachel in a playful tone.

'Yeah, it's my wedding day. This is the happiest day of my life. I am overjoyed.' Rachel told them in a truthful and chipper tone. 'Oh and thank you. Thank you all.'

'For what?' Puck asked confused.

'Well if you didn't get me drunk, all those years ago, I wouldn't have confessed my feelings for Jesse and he wouldn't have declared his feelings for me. So I wouldn't be here right now if it wasn't for all of you.' Rachel told them all gratefully.

Little did she know she and Jesse and also helped them all in the process. If Rachel hadn't gotten drunk, Santana and Finn would have never kissed, a drunk Puck wouldn't have told Quinn he wanted to be with her, Shelby wouldn't have been a little hurt after her talk with Jesse and Will wouldn't have there comfort her. If Jesse hadn't gone through with winning Rachel back Mike would have never asked Brittany to dance, and Matt wouldn't have asked Mercedes what movies Jesse was talking about. So Sam would have never been in the glee club and he never would have met Kurt and Artie and Tina's strained relationship would have ended. Meaning, everything Rachel and Jesse did gave them all the spark of love they needed. But of course no one would realize that.

'Aw well your welcome Mrs. St. James, or is it Berry-St. James?' Puck asked her.

'Or maybe St. Berry?' Finn asked. They all looked at him.

'Finn, babe. That doesn't make sense.' Santana told him sweetly not wanting to get angry.

'Oh! It did in my head.' He told them feebly. They all stared at Finn and tried to keep from laughing and that's when the song that was playing ended. All four of them turned to see Jesse making his way towards Rachel. She smiled at him warmly, and her three friends said their goodbyes and left to the dance floor. He gabbed her in his arms and twirled her in a small circle. They pressed up against each other and in a voice so low, Jesse couldn't hear, Rachel whispered 'No. It's Mrs. St. James.'

Rachel Berry was not one for tradition.

She went up and above everyone's expectations, including her own, and she set very high standards. She was a dreamer, and she always believed she'd be a star. But the one thing she never believed in was soulmates. She didn't believe that you trust a person with your heart, soul and body. She couldn't trust a person to be her other half.

Jesse St. James was not an average person.

He was far from ordinary, he was larger than life, and had an answer for everything. He could foresee everything that would come to him, from fame to fortune. But the one thing he could never see was love. He couldn't understand love and he didn't believe in love. He didn't think it would do any good to a person, so why would you have it in your life.

And any person who knew either of them would tell you that what they wanted more than anything was to be stars. That was their desire.

But what Rachel and Jesse were really looking for, were the things they didn't believe in.

Rachel yearned for her other half, a person to trust and confide in. Jesse yearned for someone to love who loved him as much as he did. And in each other they what they wanted and what they needed. Rachel found her soulmate and confidant. Jesse found love and a lover.

In each other they found what their heart truly desired.