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Chapter 2

Sam looked up as Hetty walked into the bullpen, catching the serious expression on her face. "What's up Hetty?" he asked. "G says you want to talk to us."

Hetty nodded. "Yes. I have an assignment for the three of you tonight," she replied. "A fact finding mission of sorts."

"What kind of facts?" asked Kensi, leaning forward in her chair, interested.

"There are three establishments we need to investigate. Unsubstantiated rumours regarding illegal activity taking place by military personnel."

Callen raised his eyebrows. "By establishments, do you mean bars?" he asked.

"Indeed," Hetty replied, glancing at him. "We need to get a feel for them. But we don't want them getting suspicious. Which is why you will each take one of them. You will be on your own. All you have to do is go in, have a drink, get a feel for the place, then you go home. There shouldn't be any problems, but if there is, just call," Hetty finished.

"That's it?" Callen asked, frowning slightly. Hetty sending them out for drinks, alone. This sounded too easy, yet at the same time, he had one of those moments where he knew it wasn't.

"That's it," Hetty nodded. "I'll have your wardrobe requirements ready and give you the locations before you leave tonight. For now, paperwork please. You are all well behind." Hetty shook her head as she turned and walked away.

"Thought I was up to date," muttered Sam.

"No Mr Hanna, you still have the report from yesterday to file," Hetty replied over her shoulder.

Sam looked between Callen and Kensi, as they tried not to laugh.

"It's not like that one is late," Sam protested his innocence, as he turned to his computer to get started. None of them were quite sure what had gotten Hetty in this mood for having the paperwork up to date. She usually gave them a few days before wanting it, unless the mission went bad. Yesterday's had been routine.

"Wonder what's up with her?" Kensi asked, as she briefly eyed Hetty's retreating back, before turning back to her own work.

Callen watched Hetty until she disappeared from his line of sight. Something was definitely up and he had a feeling it had nothing to do with paperwork and something to do with Eric's fast moving disappearance earlier. He turned away and got started. At least if he finished some of his paperwork, he would have an excuse to go and see Hetty and maybe probe a little.


It was just before five pm and Hetty had them in the wardrobe department, getting the three of them prepared for their evening's mission.

"Are these new, Hetty? Haven't seen them before," Kensi asked as she held up the clothes Hetty had just given her.

"Yes they are Miss Blye," Hetty confirmed, turning back to the pile of clothing on her desk. She pulled out the next items and held them up against Sam. She nodded to herself and held them out for him to take.

"What's the deal Hetty?" Callen asked. "Are we looking for anything in particular?" Hetty had disappeared just before lunch, only returned about half an hour ago, so even though he had paperwork completed to give her, he hadn't had a chance to speak to her yet.

Hetty returned her attention to the clothes pile, gathering up the last few things. She turned around and handed them to Callen.

"You can add that favourite jacket of yours Mr Callen to complete the look," Hetty added

Callen took the clothes and frowned at his boss, who had turned away from him again. "Hetty?" She turned back and looked at him, an exasperated look on her face.

"Just get a feel for the place Mr Callen. We don't want them spooked. See what you think. Report back tomorrow," Hetty ordered. "You all have excellent instincts. If I didn't believe that, you wouldn't be working for me. Now, I suggest you all go and get ready. You'll need to be there in two hours." Hetty turned and left them, Callen watching her as she left.

"We don't need that long," Sam commented.

"Kenz does," Callen replied absently, whilst trying to figure out Hetty. Kensi threw a shoe at him, which relying purely on reflexes he caught before it connected with his head. Kensi was definitely a good shot. He glanced at it and then to Kensi. "Not my kind of thing but thanks anyway," he grinned as he tossed it back at her.

"Something feel off about this to you two?" asked Sam, looking between Callen and Kensi.

"Yep," Callen agreed. Hetty had been acting odd today, and he wasn't the only one who noticed. Kensi nodded her agreement.

"Oh well," Kensi sighed. "At least it should be an easy night."

Callen raised his eyebrows at her comment.

"What? A girl can hope can't she?" Kensi replied as she walked away, clothes in hand. "See you tomorrow."

Sam looked at Callen, raised his eyebrows and repeated, "Easy?"

Callen shook his head. "When is it ever easy?"