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Chapter 3

Callen had been at his assigned bar for about ten minutes. He'd had his drink, surveyed his surroundings, idly chatted with a couple of the bartenders. It was a busy place, lively, but not rough. He didn't really feel like there was anything wrong with it. He decided to move away from a bar and find a table somewhere, see if he got a different feeling if he was in the middle of things. At least that way he could give a thorough report to Hetty.

Callen stood up to move away from the bar. As he did a woman bumped into him. He reached out and caught her before she fell, noticing the blonde hair and crystal clear, green eyes that looked at him as he held her up. She smiled and lent into him, making no move to stand up on her own. Her actions pointed to her being very drunk but he could tell she wasn't. He frowned, wondering what she was up to.

She lent closer to his ear and whispered, "Hetty sent me to keep you safe. Be interested and get us out of here." She pulled her head back again, looking him over with a smile, not making any attempt to move out of his arms.

Callen raised his eyebrows and continued to watch her as he asked, "You all right?" He wasn't entirely sure whether what she had said was a threat or a warning. Whether she had really been sent by Hetty or was just trying to get him to go with her. Wouldn't be the first time someone had sent a pretty girl to get him.

"Never better," she replied deliberately slurring her speech. "Gorgeous guy, what more could a girl want?" she asked, slipping her arms around his neck and moving her head closer so they were almost eye to eye. Something told him it was a warning, that she wasn't a threat to him.

Callen kept one arm around her waist and slipped the other up behind her neck, holding her close and tilting her head back. He'd go along with it for now and see what she wanted. He smiled as he saw a flash of surprise in her eyes as she realised what he was about to do.

"Him to take you home?" Callen asked, as he placed a few lingering kisses on her neck. One deliberately against where he pulse was. He felt it jump as he did.

"You don't even know my name," she replied. Callen smiled against her neck at the breathless sound to her voice. He was pretty sure he knew the difference between real and an act. And hers was no act.

"Names are over rated," he stated as he moved to capture her lips and kissed her thoroughly. When he eventually pulled back, she took a moment before she spoke and he gave a little smile of satisfaction at the look in her eyes. He didn't know what she was up to, but if she wanted to play, then so would he. Didn't hurt that he had enjoyed himself.

"So," she swallowed, seeming slightly unsettled, "your place or mine?" she asked, as she gave an almost imperceptible shake of her head.

"Depends. There's a hotel around the corner." Callen saw the sparkle in her eyes and wondered where she would go with it. She followed so smoothly. Whoever she was, she seemed pretty good at improvising.

"I like your thinking." She stood up straighter and moved her arm to around his waist as she turned her body slightly away from his. "Someone else to clean up later. Lead on."

Callen turned them toward the door, and they walked out together. He held her up as she pretended to trip a few times on the way, continuing to make the rest of the world believe that she was drunk. When they got outside, she started to lead the way, though to the onlooker nothing changed. She stopped at a car and turned to him, slipping her arms around his neck, moving close to him.

Callen was tempted to kiss her again, but she spoke before he could decide or even make the move that would close the distance between them.

"My car. Sorry but you're not insured to drive it." Her voice was soft enough that no one else would hear her.

"Perhaps I should drive anyway," Callen suggested, more for his peace of mind than anything. He still wasn't sure what was going on.

Her eyes narrowed at him and she shook her head. She left one arm around his neck as she reached into her bra and pulled out the key. Callen raised his eyebrows, as he watched.

She smiled, unfazed by him witnessing her hiding place. She moved up to whisper in his ear, "Safer than worrying about where I left my purse." She pulled away, unlocked the door and got in.

"Hurry up, Agent Callen," she urged softly, holding his gaze whilst she waited for him to move. Callen frowned and put his hand over hers, as she was about to put the key in the ignition.

"I don't know you," Callen said, quietly so no one would hear the change in his tone. The conversation had just got serious. To those watching, it would look like he was still trying to convince her not to drive.

"No you don't," she agreed. "And if we don't get out of here soon, you may not get the chance. Please, get in the car before some sees us who shouldn't," she pleaded with him.

Callen saw the sense in her suggestion and took the key from her hand, closed her door and went around to the other side of the car. He got in, looked at her and waited for an explanation before he planned on handing back the key. She just smiled at him.

"Seat belt please," she commented, as she locked the doors and started the car. Callen looked at the key in his hand and back to her.

"What?" She chuckled lightly. "You really think I only had one?" she asked smiling at him briefly before turning her attention to their exit from the parking lot. "Check your phone. Hetty will have sent you a message by now."

Callen pulled out his phone, just as the message came in.

'Trust her.' It seemed like it was legitimately from Hetty's number.

"How do I know you didn't set this up?" Callen asked. He wasn't too concerned. He figured he could get away from her if he had to. He'd jumped out of a moving vehicle before. A few more scratches wouldn't hurt too much. Hell, it couldn't be any worse than when he crashed the car recently. He was still getting the looks from Hetty on that one. It had taken her a week before she'd got him another car, making him dependent on Sam or Kensi as punishment. He hadn't complained though, he didn't want to end up at traffic school again. That has been a high probability as he'd actually caught Hetty with a website open for traffic school a couple of days after the crash.

She glanced briefly back down at his phone, not answering, and then continued to concentrate on driving. Another text came in.

'Because she didn't Mr Callen.' Again, from Hetty.

Callen looked back at his companion. "How?" he asked, curiously.

"You know she is your boss, not mine. You don't know how she does things yet?" his companion asked.

"Hetty's ... complicated," Callen replied. Whether complicated was the correct description for Hetty, he wasn't sure, but it was the closest thing he could come up with at the moment.

"No kidding," she answered with a smile.

Callen frowned. "You know her?" He was getting the impression this woman knew Hetty, not just of her.

"Worked with her before," she responded.

"She always been scary?" Callen asked, testing her. If she really did know Hetty, she shouldn't have a problem answering that question.

She just smiled and he almost jumped when his phone rang in his hands. Hetty.

"Hetty, we were - "

Hetty interrupted. "I know Mr Callen. The answer is yes I have. Now get rid of the phone and trust her."

"Who - " He didn't get to finish. Hetty had already hung up.

"We're going over a bridge soon, so you might want to get ready to throw it," she advised.

Callen quickly deleted the files and contacts and put the window down.


Callen threw it, hoping he wasn't being played. This day had been full of weird and interesting moments, especially since she'd bumped into him. He put the window back up and turned to her.

"So are you going to answer my question?" Callen asked.

She didn't answer straight away as she pulled them onto the freeway.

"Which one?" she eventually replied as she glanced over at him. "Seat belt please."

Callen rolled his eyes, but complied with her request. "How did Hetty know what we just said?" he asked.

"She organised the car and most likely had it bugged for her own entertainment." Callen could hear the laughter in her voice and mildly chuckled himself.

"Sounds like something Hetty would do," Callen replied. Maybe she did actually know Hetty. "Do I get a name? You know mine."

"Annabel." She reached for a pair of glasses and slipped them on. "Hold on," she added, as she turned off the car lights.

"What the hell?" Callen exclaimed as she put her foot down and he was pushed back in his seat from the acceleration, grateful he had put that seat belt on after all. He grabbed hold of whatever he could and held on, as Annabel started weaving in and out of traffic, extremely fast and dangerous. Kensi had nothing on this girl for what seemed like reckless driving.

"How can you see?" Callen asked. With no lights from their car and the speed, it was almost impossible to see anything but a blur of red and white lights from the other cars and the street lights. Annabel laughed, a fun light hearted one, not really something he was expecting, given the situation.

"Pair of glasses in the glove box. Put them on and trust me," Annabel replied. She wondered whether that was actually going to happen, whether he would trust her. She hoped he would, because she couldn't do her job if he was constantly questioning her.

Callen found the glasses and put them on. Somehow things became clearer. The speed and the no lights had been scary, not that he would admit it out loud to anyone. Not so bad with whatever these glasses were, though he would have preferred to be driving. After a few minutes on the freeway, she finally spoke again.

"Come on Agent Callen. Please tell me you aren't scared because I'm a woman driving?" Annabel asked.

Callen shook his head, "Nothing at all to do with that." He'd never admit something like that. The thought of what Kensi could do to him if she knew he'd said anything that remotely suggested that and, was serious about it, was enough to ensure his denial was truthful. He was still holding on as she crossed three lanes of traffic, narrowly missing at least four cars, to take an exit off the freeway. "Where are we going?" Callen asked.

"Somewhere safe," Annabel replied. "Now please, no more talking. I'm not used to driving on the right hand side of the road."

Callen stayed silent, having picked up the British accent that had just now slipped into her voice. Right now, he'd give just about anything for it to be Kensi in the drivers seat. At least she hadn't hit anything ... yet. She swung the car around into a car park and stopped, turning off the car as she watched around them, tense.

"Here?" Callen asked, surprised at the stop.

"No, just making sure we weren't being followed." Annabel continued to watch. She'd be able to see from here if anyone stopped to try and find which way they had gone.

"We're just sitting here waiting?" Surely it would be better on the move, and anywhere but a car park where they could get boxed in easily. Though he had to admit, given her driving, it was fairly unlikely any one would have kept up without them noticing.

Annabel shook her head slightly as she thought that the man beside her had no faith in her. But then he didn't know what was going on so she'd give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

"Take a look outside Agent Callen. Tell me what you see," she said, glancing over at him with a smile. Hetty had been right, he didn't like not knowing what was going on.

"Just Callen okay." He looked around. All the cars in the car park were the same. Exactly the same.

"How?" Callen asked as he turned back to her. She smiled and as she spoke he did too, as it dawned on him that there really was only one person who could have set something up like this, "Hetty."

"Yep," she agreed.

"So how long do we wait?" Callen was getting nervous. Sitting still just wasn't his thing if there was a possibility that they were being followed.

"Just a couple of minutes. Why? Don't like the company?" Annabel asked cheekily.

"Want to know what's going on, that's all," he answered. He hadn't quite worked out his companion yet. She seemed to know enough about Hetty and she hadn't done anything to harm him, well at least not directly. There was the insane driving. But then there was also...

"You are safe Callen." Annabel turned to him, cutting his thoughts off and he focused back on what she was saying. "You have my word. I will keep you safe," she tried to assure him. She knew that tonight would have confused him and if he was ever going to trust her, she needed to make sure he understood she wasn't here to hurt him. Just the opposite. She didn't know if her words would help, but it was the only thing she could do right now.

Callen could tell she was serious. "From who?" he asked as he frowned. Whilst he could tell the tone of her voice easily, it was too dark to really get a read on her expressions.

"That, you'll have to ask Hetty. She hasn't told me," Annabel replied.

"Why not?" he asked.

Annabel let out an exasperated breath bordering on an outright sigh. He was going to drive her crazy with all these questions. She wished Hetty had warned her about that.

"Because there wasn't time. And Hetty probably wanted to be the one to tell you. Perhaps she thought it was better that I didn't know since you obviously ask so many questions. She may have even suspected that you might drive me a little crazy so I'd either answer them or kiss you, just to shut you up. Not exactly the best idea when I'm driving. I may be talented but never actually tried that one," Annabel replied. Callen smiled at her little rant, but didn't have time to ask her more about those talents she'd suggested before she added, "Time to go." She pulled out and drove off, turning the lights back on just after they joined the traffic.

"Okay. So who do you work for?" Callen asked watching her facial expressions now he wasn't distracted by the ride. That and the street lights gave him enough light to see her by.

"What are you after Callen? Answers or us to continue what we started back in the bar?" Annabel asked. He could see she was smiling.

"Maybe both," Callen replied, having no objection to either suggestion she had just made.

Annabel glanced at him briefly and wondered if he was serious or just playing with her. She didn't have time to look for too long as she had to pull into a narrow alley way. She drove slowly and carefully and, once she was far enough down that the lights from the street didn't reach them, she switched off the lights to the car.

Callen couldn't see a thing in front of them. Annabel pressed a button on the dashboard and up ahead he saw a door opening, giving them enough light to navigate safely.

"Well, answers you are about to get. As for the rest," she smiled again, "guess we'll just have to wait and see," Annabel finished, driving through the now fully open door and pulling the car up to a stop. "We're here," she said, "Safe and sound." Annabel hopped out of the car, so did he.

"Mr Callen," Hetty said.

Callen turned around quickly to see Hetty standing next to a man who was even bigger than Sam. He tensed and his senses went into overdrive as he wondered what they had got themselves into.

"Hetty, what's going on?" Callen asked, looking between Hetty, the guy and Annabel.

Hetty stepped forward, closer to him. "In time Mr Callen. Trust me, everything will be fine. We are waiting for Mr Hanna and Miss Blye to arrive, then I will tell you all." Hetty gave him none of their signals to suggest that there was a problem.

Hetty smiled slightly then turned to Annabel. "Did you enjoy terrifying my agent, Annabel?" she asked.

Callen turned to look at Annabel

"What can I say Hetty," Annabel smiled. "There are some perks of the job that are better than others. Tonight was full of them," she replied with a knowing smile at him. Callen wondered which she had enjoyed more, the kiss in the bar or the driving. His pick was obvious. Annabel moved over to a pile of clothes and pulled out a few items.

Hetty turned slightly toward the other man, "Mr Callen, this is Shawn, and that, is Annabel, as you already know," she introduced. "They are with MI6. I'm trusting her to protect you."

"MI6?" Callen asked, focusing on that more than him needing protecting. "Seriously?" What was MI6 doing in L.A?

"Yes Mr Callen," Hetty confirmed.

"Why do I need protecting?" Callen asked. Hetty looked at him over her glasses and he heard Annabel laugh. He looked over at her to see her getting changed.

Annabel looked up at him. "You know Callen, if you were a gentleman you would turn away whilst I get changed," she said.

He kept watching her. "Never said I was a gentleman."

Annabel smiled, shook her head and turned her back to him as she removed her top. He did turn away though, after all Hetty was standing next to him and he could feel her watching him.

"So Hetty? Why do I need protecting?" Before Hetty could answer, that is assuming she was going to, the door opened again. Callen turned and pulled his gun quickly. Not knowing what was going on was definitely putting him on edge. Hetty stepped closer to him.

"Relax Mr Callen, it is Sam and Sasha, or Grey and Kensi," Hetty assured him.

Callen frowned. More new people? He really didn't like being so far in the dark. "You sure?" he asked.

"Yes," Hetty replied, confident.

Callen glanced behind him and saw that Annabel had moved closer and had her gun drawn too. She hadn't quite managed to do up the buttons on her shirt, slightly distracting but he pulled his eyes away from the view and looked at her face to judge her reaction. She didn't seem to care about her shirt. Her eyes and gun were trained on the vehicle that had just entered and she was tense. Seemingly ready for a fight.

"So why isn't she sure?" Callen asked Hetty as Annabel moved so she was on the other side of him to Hetty but slightly in front, definitely protective of him.

"Because it is my job to not be sure, just in case," Annabel answered. He could hear the tension in her voice and really wanted answers about what was going on.