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Ebony Hallow

Blue Waves18




Chapter Seven

Casey's POV

I spent the next day avoiding all the guys, including my own brothers. They were all in on it, and they lied to me. I headed down to dinner that night, and all the guys were there. Embry smiled and patted the seat next to him. I timidly sat next to him and smiled. He wrapped his arm around me to hug me but I flinched a little. He looked a little hurt.

"Sorry, I'm just a bit too warm." he bought this and squeezed my hand. All the boys were talking about school and all the other gossip around the Rez. I wondered who was all in on the secret. I knew all the guys were, due to their size and the way they all 'work' on the Rez. I looked over at my brothers.

"Guys, what do you all actually do around the Rez? You never really told me." They all dropped their forks and turned to me.

"Well... We do security, you know make sure that there are no criminals running around to keep all if you safe." I could tell that the twins were lying to me to an extent. Aiden and Hayden couldn't look me in the eye and their hands were going through their hair. Seth was sitting with Gracie on his lap, feeding her some fries. She looked so innocent sitting their and Seth couldn't take his eyes off her. Where does she fit into this? Mum and dad were the same at the end of the table. Dad couldn't take his eyes off mum and was holding her hand in his, occasionally kissing it. My mum smiled down at me, as if she knew that I know, even though I don't actually know what I know.

"We were gonna head down to the beach later, you coming?" Embry asked when we were done with dinner. Seth was getting Gracie into her jacket and her little wellie boots.

"I'm just gonna stay in and study tonight." his face fell when I said this. I felt like someone had punched me in the chest.

"would you like me to keep you company then?" He wrapped his arms around me.

"Go with the guys, I'll see you at school tomorrow.". I leaned up and gave him a kiss on the cheek. I headed up to my room and locked myself in. I was peacefully studying until there was a knock on my door. My mum appeared in my door way.

"What's up chika? You were very quiet at dinner tonight?" I looked up from my English book.

"I just wanted to get my work done, so I can look after little Gracie when you guys are at work next week. The guys are really busy next week." I could tell that she wasn't buying it.

"Ok, well your dad and I are going to head to the cinema. Emily is in if you have any problems. And don't study too hard." She came over and kissed my forehead. " You would have more fun with the guys at the beach." she whispered before she walked out the room.

I tried to study Shakespeare, but I couldn't take any of it in. Reading about forbidden love and two rivals. I thought about what I knew. But what did I really know? I know that all the legends dad told us when we were kids are true, but to what extent? I grabbed my coat and ran out the door. I left a note to my parents saying I was heading to the library to get some extra books and I'd be back later. I ran down to the library. The only person there was the librarian. She was a lovely woman, but she reminded me of someone.

"Hi there! You must be Casey!" She ran up to me and hugged me. "I'm Sue Clearwater, Seth and Leah's mother. It's so nice to meet you." She gave me another hug. "So what can I help you with?"she smiled down at me.

"You cold tell me what the hell is going on around here?" Was what I really wanted to ask her but I didn't.

"Could you show me where the Local history books are? I have to do a heritage project." I smiled at her. She bought it and showed me to them.

"If you need any help, I'll be right over there."She pointed over to the font desk. I thanked her and she left me on my own to get on with it. Once she was out of sight, I grabbed the big 'Quileute Legends' books. I could remember most of it in detail, but there were somethings I needed clearing up for me. I read the story about the third wife and about she saved the whole tribe by sacrificing herself to the 'Cold One' ion an attempt to distract her from killing her soul mate. In a way, I could relate to her, if anyone ever tried to kill anyone I loved, I would give up my life in a heartbeat to save them. I kept reading about the wolves protecting the tribe, but there was a really strange thing I couldn't get my head around. A small notebook fell out the back of the book. When I picked it up, I almost gasped. It was the journal of Emphiram Black, the first leader of the La Push Tribe and had been passed down to most of the Tribe Leaders. I took it over to the chair I was sitting at and stated reading it. The things they described was incredible! They wrote about the 'Cold Ones' coming on to their lands, and having to destroy them. One tribe leader then wrote about the Cullen's. There were caught in their lands, but they weren't hunting the Tribes people, they were hunting animals. They made a treaty with the clan. They would live together in peace, but they weren't allowed to step onto Quileute Lands and if they ever turned a human, the treaty would be over, and war would be declared. I slipped the journal back into the book and took it up to the desk. Sue checked it out for me and I waved goodbye and headed back home. I bumped into Billy on the way home. I waved at him and Cheif Swan, as they drove past me. They stopped in front of me.

"Good evening Cheif Swan, Mr Black." They both smiled at me.

"Good evening Casey. Would you like a lift home, I'm dropping Billy off on the way." He gave me this smile as if to say 'get your butt in the car' so I just nodded and got in the back of the car. They were both very chatty, asking how the boy's shop was getting on and how school was. I just answered politely. The lights were on when Cheif Swan dropped me off.

"Thank you Cheif Swan." I gave him a peck on the cheek and waved as he drove off. Hayden and Aiden were sitting on the couch when I got in.

"Hey where's Gracie?" It was to early for her bedtime.

"She's staying with Claire at Emily's tonight." They both smiled at me.

I sat and watched tv with them for a while, but observed them at the same time. They had both grown massively in the past year. They weren't the most muscley of people, but they weren't that big. They had both gotten sick a few months ago and dad made mum take me and Gracie away for a few weeks. When we got back from Grandma's, they were both ripped and a little more protective and agitated. It was scary being around them for a while. This was also the same time, that dad got the chance to be the headmaster at La Push Highschool and made us all move back to his hometown. All the guys were the same, and ow the twins had the tattoo that Embry and the guys had. What did the tattoo have to do with the wolves. But then I thought back to what Embry said last night about the Wolf being the protective symbol for the tribe. He had given me a clue as if he wanted me to figure it out.

I went up to bed and took the journal out of the book. I wanted to know more about the treaty with the Cullen's. What made them so different from other cold ones. I wish I could meet them. My phone vibrated on my table, I went over to read it.

Good night Hun, looking forward to seeing that beautiful smile of yours, it always brightens up my day xxxxxxx E

I smiled and text him back saying goodnight and headed to sleep. Again my dreams were plagued with pale people and wolfs chasing them. One wolf in particular was standing out in my dream, a silver one. At first I thought that it was the twins, but then there was only one of this wolf, then suddenly I realised who it was. It was Embry, he was always by my side in my dream protecting me. The eyes were the same shade of deep brown that caused my heart rate to increase in speed and my mind stop making any sense.

The next morning, none of the guys were at the house, so they must be at Emily's. Mum was at the table.

"Good morning honey! The boys are at Emily's and dad's at work, so get dressed and we'll head over to meet them." I got dressed and met mum out in the car.

Claire and Gracie were playing outside when we drove up.

"Mama!" Gracie shouted when she saw us. My mum scooped her up and trailed kissed all over her face. She jumped into my arms when mum was finished kissing her.

"Casey! Guess what we done last night? We played dress up ALL night long and made
Seth and Quil play princess tea party with us!" I couldn't help but laugh at this when we were walking into Emily's house.

"Grace, please tell me someone took pictures." I couldn't stop the laughter.

"Don't worry, I did." Sam said poking his head out the kitchen. When I got in there, all the guys were sitting eating breakfast. I sat on the left side of Quil.

"Hey, Quil?" He looked over at me. I pointed to his cheek. "You. Missed a bit.". There was still a patch of bright pink blusher on his cheek that he must have missed. He ran off into the bathroom, causing the whole table to erupt into a fit of laughter.

Maybe them all being big vampire killing wolves won't be so bad... If only they would tell me!

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