A/N: 100-word drabble for Writing Challenge #12, "Moment of Insanity." Title comes from Bellatrix's death scene in the book – Deathly Hallows, Chapter Thirty Six, The Flaw in the Plan, page 737 in the American edition.

The Tiniest Space of Time

Horcruxes take away part of your soul. Separate you in two or seven or eight, leave you only part of yourself. It happens when you kill.

Molly remembers the intoxicating feel of magic and adrenaline flowing through her body, that sharp clear intent. She remembers the way Bellatrix fell, dark dead eyes bulging and mocking laughter silenced, one of the ones who murdered her son, her little boy.

When Molly remembers killing Bellatrix, she feels an insane sort of thrilling pleasure that can't belong to her.

Somehow, instead of losing half her soul, Molly thinks she gained part of Bellatrix's.

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