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All I Need

Dimitri walks into the room and sees Rose lying on the bed, with his shirt on. Her legs are bent with her knees in the air. He looks at her as soon as he enters the room and his boots, coat and shirt are off in a flash.

He crawls on the bed as she watches him make his way to her. Both of them never leaving each other's eyes. Dimitri grabs her legs and pulls her down the bed, towards him. His arms are stretched on the sides of her face as she grabs each arm with her hands. She slowly trails up to his biceps and back down to his forearms.

Dimitri opens her legs and bends down slowly. Rose quickly reacts by shooting her hands to her stomach and arching her back as if she was startled by Dimitri's actions. Which she was. He gets lower and lower near her opening and she grabs his hair with quickness.

"No! don't! You'll drive me crazy if you do that." Her tone was playful, but it was still a warning.

He smiled, "Isn't that the point?" he spoke with the faint Russian accent that she loves so much.

Rose loves everything about him, his dark brown eyes, his deep gentle voice, his smile, his hair -which she loves to grab as they fool around- and his need to please and protect her. The way he looks at her as if she is the purest light he sees drives her crazy. That look reflects the love he has for her and although they haven't said it yet, it's there. Rose knows it is.

His kisses get lower and lower and when Rose gasps as his lips touch her tender opening, he looks back into to her eyes. He makes his way trailing kisses up her stomach to her chest, and then all the way to her lips.

Their tongues meet and the kiss gets hungry and deep. Dimitri's hand trails up her stomach slowly, while Rose has found the belt buckle on his jeans and is slowly unbuckling it.

This is it. This is what he has been waiting for, a chance to make real love to Rose. Her knowledge of sex is only one sided. Rose tenses as she now realizes she wants it more than anything. Dimitri looks her in the eyes as she unzips his pants.

"We don't have to..." he whispers.

She smiles, "Always protecting me... I want you."

He leans in for her lips. "I want you Rose. I want you for myself," he says in Russian, knowing she wouldn't understand. This has been on Dimitri's mind since she kissed him, since he first saw her that day in the rain.

How this young, beautiful girl got lost in the world of drugs, sex and the madness of Russia he will never understand. It wasn't her fault; it wasn't her intention to become what she was. What she was... not what she is. Now, now she's his. Sex for Rose is always fast, uncomfortable and unwanted. Making love with her will be a whole different thing. It would be bliss, caring, controlled and magnificent.

Dimitri has only known that kind of love before; love making not just sex. Rose has other knowledge of this, the difference... her feelings for Dimitri. The way she fell for him, her control he let her have with him, and her absolute need to be with him.

Dimitri, as well, feels one thing and one thing only... he loves her.

Its slow at first, as she unbuttons his pants and helps him take them off. He slowly has her shirt over her head and his lips are back on hers. The kisses are slow and sweet; the way Rose describes Dimitri.

His kisses trails to her stomach now, the pace is something new for Rose and its no doubt driving her mad. But he wants it slow. He wants to take his time with her, to know each part of her body the way she wants to know his. So maybe the pace isn't so bad. If it's what keeps him making her feel this good, making her change her mind about love. Why not?

"What about protection?"

Dimitri stops kissing her curvy body and looks into her eyes. "What for?" he asks.

Rose sees him as a clean start, a good man, an innocent heart she doesn't want to corrupt. He deserves a lot more than what she can give him. He deserves a woman who can become his wife, raise his children and be there for him.

A relationship based on him always saving her won't work. Dimitri deserves better. "If you're uncomfortable I understand. I just want... I won't be mad or anything. I get it."

He thinks to himself, she's so young. She doesn't get how amazing she really is. Dimitri pulls himself up to meet her eyes and touches her lips.

"I don't care. I don't see you that way. You're not tainted by your past. You just don't see yourself like I see you." He kisses her.

"How do you see me?" she whispers against his lips.

"As everything you are, beautiful, selfless and strong, not broken at all." He kisses her again as she depends it. "I see you for who you will become..." Another kiss, as their tongues meet.

She asks against his lips, "What will I become?"

He laughs. "Not what... Who." Her chest tightens and his eyes are telling her the truth. "I see you becoming greater than you already are. A force capable of loving... I see you becoming my happiness, my strength... my wife." His last words made the tears that were adding up in her eyes to fall. His wife... was he crazy?


Rose lays back against him as Dimitri's arm wrap around her naked body protectively. She leans her head on his out stretched arm, he intertwines their legs. "I'm not good for you..." she whispers.

"You're perfect for me," he replies, stroking her hair.

"I'm not supposed to be with someone like you,"

"You're supposed to be with someone exactly like me," he counters.

She sighs and turns around in his arms, "Stop making me love you. Please. Dimitri you deserve so much better than some stupid girl like me."

He gets a serious look on his face, a determined look. "I'm not making you. I deserve whatever I want. I want you... I want you for myself Rose." She closes her eyes and more tears fall. He wipes them away, kissing her nose and closed eyes. "I love you," he whispers.

She opens her eyes. "Don't." He smiles and clutches her closer.


It was only two months ago when they met. Dimitri was walking to work and there was Rose on the corner by the shop. She was soaked from the rain, standing in only a short skirt and dingy top, teeth chattering and arms wrapped around her to provide some kind of warmth.

He opens the shop glancing at her without letting her notice. "Do you want to come in?" he asks in Russian. She just looks at him dumbfounded. He points inside the shop.

"Oh! can I? You won't get in trouble?"

He realizes she's American. "No I won't. Please it's freezing. It's warm in the store"

She looks to her left and then back to him. She nods, following behind him and trying to fix whatever she can of her hair and runny make-up. He turns on the lights and opens windows, not before setting his coffee on the counter.

She noticed his looks right away, they were beautiful. His dark hair was shoulder length and in a ponytail. His eyes were a pure brown and his frame was lean but muscular. He was tall and graceful with everything he did.

"Are you warm enough? You want something to-"Dimitri noticed the side of her face.

Rose immediately remembers her lip and cheek and turns her head away from him. "No, I'm fine." She kept her eyes toward the window looking outside to the rain.

Dimitri steps closer to her and she feels him hovering near her, sending shivers down her spine. "Thanks for the warmth but I have to go now." She walks out the door and before he could say or do anything, she's gone.

He looks out the window throughout the day, keeping an eye out for her. She always stands there, at that corner, real early in the morning. This time it was raining pretty heavy so Dimitri thought he should let her in so she would be warm while she waited.

For the past month in a half he's seen her there, waiting, observing and she always looks in the store every now and then. But they never talk. "She's a whore."

Dimitri focuses his gaze to Stan his boss and oldest friend of his mother. "How do you know that? You know her?" They are speaking in Russian because Stan prefers to.

Although they have a lot of tourist customers and are spoken to in English, Stan the hard-ass prefers Russian. "I know why she waits there. For him... Viktor Dashkov. She's his whore."

Dimitri looks out to the corner again but she hasn't come back yet. "Maybe she's not, you don't know that."

Stan laughs and shakes his head. "But I do Dimitri. She wouldn't be standing there if she wasn't."

Dimitri just goes back to counting whatever is in the cash register.

Its closing time now and Stan already left an hour ago. Dimitri is closing down and while he heads to the back, there's a knock on the door. He looks to it and walks to the window, pointing to the closed sign. A man in a black leather coat nods, but motions for Dimitri to unlock the door.

Dimitri knows who it is. His mother warned never to get on this man's bad side. Dimitri opens the door slightly, "Viktor, can I help you with something?"

Viktor looks at Dimitri. "Have you seen Rose?"

Dimitri questions himself if that's the girl's name, but quickly decides to play dumb, "Who?"

Viktor shakes his head, "Never mind Belikov, if you see the girl waiting for me over by the corner let me know, but don't say anything to her, okay?"

Dimitri nods his head and as Viktor leaves he closes and locks the door; ready to head home.


It's been four days since Dimitri has seen Rose. Her name even makes him wonder. At lunch he saw her standing by the street, looking straight into the shop. He finishes his sandwich and heads to the window, and she waves as he waves back.

Then she turns back around and Dimitri stays and watches her. After awhile he goes back to work and when he comes back from the other room, he doesn't see her standing there anymore. Next thing he knows Rose is sitting at a table in the back of the bookstore, looking outside the window.

Dimitri takes a double look towards her and notices the customers to the right staring at her and the dry blood on her lip and the puffiness of her eyes and cheeks.

Dimitri walks towards her and taps her shoulder. "Rose?"

She turns to him and tries to blink away the tears from her eyes. She smiles sadly, "How'd you know my name?"

He looks over to the older couple speaking in Russian about Rose. He grabs her hand and nods to the back of the store; she gets up and follows him to the room. "I'm sorry am I scaring your customers away?" He just opens the back room door and closes it behind her. "Are you gonna answer any of my questions...?"

He gestures for her to sit down and gets a towel for her face. Finally he speaks, "Yes, no, and someone told me your name," he answers.

She just smiles and shakes her head. "So they came looking for me already? I should've just waited here for them, instead of trying to hide. Maybe should just jump in front of traffic or something, end the misery."

Dimitri just looked at her with sympathy and sorrow. She turns away from him, not liking his expression. "What happened to your face?" he asks. She just shakes her head and continues to look down. "Rose... if you need to use the phone or want something to eat... you can-"

"Don't be nice to me." Dimitri gives her a questioning look. She smiles sadly and then faces down towards the table she's sitting next to.

"I was just going to say if you need anything to-"

"Don't." Shaking her head, she wipes her lip. "When people are nice to me bad things happen. You're a nice guy and I don't want anything bad to happen today... or to you."

He steps closer to her, reaching out he moves her hair that was covering a side of her face. Her eye is black, swollen and their red from crying. Seeing his reaction Rose pulls away from him. "I have to go now. Thank you for letting me clean up." She gets up from the chair and winces.

Dimitri tries to help her stand straight, "Maybe you should see a doctor, I can take you to the emergency room."

She smiles greatly at him. "I see you look for me sometimes... You're not some crazy stalker are you?" He shakes his no head. She smiles again, "Good. I always look for you in the window."

He finally is able to comprehend words. "Why?"

She smirks, "You're nice to look at... You're easy on the eyes and you don't know me. You're not judging... but you should be," she gives a playful mischievous look.

"Why? Do you want me to judge you?"

She smiles, "Are you flirting with me?" He smiles slightly. "Bye." After she speaks the final word, he lets her walk out.

Dimitri thinks to himself, what the hell just happened?


Two days later and there is no sign of Rose anywhere. Dimitri wonders why he even looks for her. He knows what she is; he knows who does those horrible things to her.

"She's a whore Dimitri! What do you want with a whore?" Dimitri looks to Stan and gives him an annoyed look. Stan laughs, "you can find a nice woman, a worthy woman who can have a real relationship with you. Not some used girl, who lives on the streets and gives her body willingly."

Dimitri just keeps looking out the window, wondering why he's looking for her. Stan is right; Dimitri could have any girl he wants. What would he do with someone like that? Try and save her? Does she even want to be saved, who knows...?

Little did he know, a few days later she would be staying in the back room of the bookstore. He would be helping her with her injuries and letting her help in the store for money to get back to the States.

Little did he know, he would end up falling for her along the way. The way she was nice to people even though they judged her. The way she always made him laugh, teased him about always reading those westerns and even asked questions about his family.

He even liked the fact she could read him like a book. He fell for her quickly; her beauty and selfless acts were also a factor.

He never saw it coming and he never even thought about it. It just sort of happened and when Viktor came looking for her, Stan told him she left without a word. That's when Dimitri moved her in to his house.

She met his family and they loved her. They looked beyond the scars and reputation and took her in as one of their own. She was his Roza after all or so Yeva had said.

Little did she know, she would return those feelings. He made her feel safe and loved. Things she hadn't felt in so long. Feelings she felt when her mother was alive and her father wasn't in as deep with the Dashkov's.

He was her other half and she wasn't even looking for it. He saved her and they were soul mates who belonged together. Although sometimes she felt the pull, especially when Viktor came looking for her. Dimitri suffered so much pain when he came around and she couldn't bare it.

She left and two days later he found her in Moscow. He dragged her back to Baia and told her she never had to worry about anyone ever hurting her again.


They lay together, in their bed only two days after he found her. They planned to leave as soon as possible. He was leaving his family, his life for her.

It made her uncomfortable, but she would break without him. "Dimitri..." she whispers.

He touches her cheek in response. "I love you, Roza. I'm not going to let anything happen to you," he says and kisses her forehead.

"And I'm not going to let anything happen to you, I love you." He clutches her closely and they drift off to a peaceful sleep.

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