A Thousand Years of Pain


Sasuke's Agony

Disclaimer: I don't own this. I don't think Masashi Kishimoto wants to own it either. Dedicated to Lord Kelvin and RedBottom

"Hey Sasuke, how're you holding up?"

The once-cocksure Uchiha prince scowled at him. It had been years since they were comrades, since he had even considered Naruto a friend, but now that all had changed, perhaps for the better. Nothing, however, would change the agony Sasuke felt inside, the kind of pain that tortured him as he sat there, flushed. Naruto put his arm around Sasuke when they took a moment to rest from their exertions not too long ago.

"Damn you Naruto, you didn't have to go that far!"

"Sure wiped that stupid creepy grin right off your stupid face, didn't I?" Naruto smiled cheekily at Sasuke.

"I never knew it'd hurt so fucking much that time when I saw Kakashi use it on you," Sasuke sighed, grimacing again.

"Maybe now you can appreciate my pain just a little better, eh bastard?"

"Everybody was watching…" The raven-haired boy seethed quietly. The damage to his pride as an Uchiha was practically nothing next to the horrible aching, throbbing agony he felt in the wake of their impassioned conflict.

"Tehehe, I know. Kinda wonder what Madara thought. Guess since he's dead, we'll never really know."

"You fucking asshole," Sasuke spat. Naruto just glanced at his companion slyly.

"You really don't want to hear me answer that," and for perhaps the first time in his life, Sasuke believed him. "You know for all that smack you Uchiha can talk about invincible eyes, I sure got you pretty good in that one." Naruto chuckled mirthfully.

"Say another word and I'll kill you," Sasuke hissed dangerously.

"Oh Sasuke-chan, now don't get sore," Naruto somehow managed dodge an angry swipe without dropping his severely weakened best friend, "just because I made you the butt of my joke,"

"You won't be laughing when I kill you, Naruto."

"Maybe one day you'll thank me, even if it does take a thousand years for the pain to wear off, hehe." Hopefully it wouldn't take that long before things returned to normal again.

"I'll have my revenge, before you even know it," the Uchiha murmured into the blonde's ear and Naruto froze.

"Is that supposed to be a threat?"

"Call it a promise, Thin Hammer," Sasuke replied throatily, surprising himself a little for using the old pet name so easily. There was an intrepid pause as Naruto appeared to contemplate an answer.

"Well then let's hope your Nindo's half as good as mine, Nakama."