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"Should have thought of this years ago," Hardison chortled to himself as he placed the code cracker next the electronic lock of the door that led to the bank vaults. This was as easy as taking candy from a baby. His fake paper work and id had gotten him in the door. Now his electronic code crackers were getting him in to the money. It was such a beautiful plan.

"There we go baby," he told his code cracker as it ascertained the last digit of the code. This stealing stuff was just too easy. Thieves always looked down on him for sitting behind a computer all day, but not anymore. He was almost done completing a bank heist, and then they would not dare look down on him. He would rein a supreme leader above all the measly little—

"WheOhh!" WheOhh!" WheOhh!"

Hardison jerked from his thoughts as the sirens wailed around him. Looking down he saw that he was standing in the middle of a laser field. Red beams were bouncing around the walls and ceiling. However the only one that really concerned Hardison was the beam that was bouncing from the opposite wall towards the wall behind him. At least that was where he assumed the beam would go…had it not been broken by his leg.

"Shit," he hissed under his breath. Looking down the offending beam, he held out his hands and spoke softly as if to placate it. "Good laser beam," he murmured, "Now I'm going to take a step back. You just turn of that alarm, and I'll leave." Hardison took a step back but that had no effect what so ever so he took a deep breath and decided it was time to implement plan B.

Without another thought he took off running up the hall, but he had barely made it thirty feet before he collided with a security guard. The guard grabbed him by the wrists and slammed him against the wall.

"A mi no me gusta la carreterra," Hardison mumbled in Spanish with a valiant attempt to sound like he was terrified. Well actually that part was not to hard because he was rather scared. Who would not be when they were about to be handcuffed by law enforcement officers in on of the seven countries in which he was wanted?

"What?" the guard asked confused, "what are you rambling about."

"El va alli," Hardison said slowly. It had been a very long time since he had used Spanish so he was a little out of practice. So to emphasize his message he pointed down the hall he had just run up.

"What did he look like?" another guard asked eagerly.

"Largo, blanco, hombre," he replied gesturing towards the end of the hall. There was a long pause, then the guards took off running down the hall. Hardison took off in the other direction marveling at his luck. If any of the guys in that group had ever taken a day of Spanish in their life…he would have been screwed.

Quickly he made his way to the elevator and darted inside. The doors had almost closed when they were wrenched back apart. About half a dozen of the guards filed into the tiny elevator so that Hardison could barely move let alone escape.

"Que?" he asked anxiously.

"We're going to get this stupid bastard," on of the guards muttered more to himself than to anybody else, "he broke in just to prove he could."

"Are you sure?" one of the other guards asked a little more nervously.

"Of course," the first guard replied, "Why wouldn't he take something if he came for the goods?"

"Well there wasn't anything in those vaults," a third guard replied, "but any decent thief would have known that."

"So he just did this to rub in our face," the first guard concluded, "and now we're going to rub it in his."

Hardison was very close to vibrating with anxiety when the elevator doors opened. Quickly he pushed to the front of the group and elevator. Then he pulled out his phone and hit a button. The doors of the elevator slammed closed and began to rise towards the top floor. Then he practically ran towards the exit.

When he reached the doors he was delighted to find them open. He took another step forward, and a bullet whizzed past his ear. He broke into a full run and sped though the doors and out onto the street. Bullets followed him as he sprinted across the small town's main street into an alley where he had left his van.

Jumping in he turned the keys, which were still in the ignition, and hit the gas pedal as he sped onto the street. He could hear the bullets hitting the van and knew one of the back windows had been shattered. However none of this seemed to be important compared getting the heck out of town.

-0- -0- -0-

Several hours of frantic driving later, he finally stopped the car at a turnoff on the side of a secluded piece of a country road. Then he got out and walked around to the back of the truck. Pulling the doors open, he looked angrily at the bulletin board he had attached to the left hand door.

Carefully, he pulled a tiny piece of paper out from under the pushpin that had been holding it up. For a very long moment he looked down at and reread the words he had memorized:

Today is a good day to try something new.

Hardison glared at it for a long moment before letting in flutter out of his hand and come to rest on the ground below.

"That," he told himself fervently as he walked back around to the front of the van, "is the very last time that I take advice from a fortune cookie."

Thought i'd go out on a humorous note there... hehe

The Spanish reads something like this:

I do not like the highway.

He went that way (or something to that effect)

Long, White, man


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