Final part of Due.

With an extra special ending for those of you who followed on AS and TFF.

So, here it is! The final part!

And you get to see who saved Due from becoming a blood smear!

"This is..." Due looked at the house in front of her. She was riding on Zafira's back, since the Guardian Beast wouldn't let her walk around on her own after she fell down the fifth time.

Cinque smiled. "Where my sisters and I live."

"But why..." She turned to Otto as the other girl put a hand on her shoulder.

"Every year we come to this house to have fun together." She winked at Due, who blinked at her in confusion. "Cinque was going to bring you here right after your meeting."

"...Oh..." Due looked down before she felt a shaking of her shoulder. "Otto?"

"Now, now... We're just happy you're alive."

"I wouldn't be if that man hadn't saved me."

"What man?" Otto blinked in confusion as Due held her hands up in the air.

"Didn't you see him? He was like... Huge! And... Strangely, familiar, but he was big, and he smiled at me like he was just happy to see me, but he never spoke to me." She pouted then. "That's not nice, even the people on the streets who yelled at me at least called me a brat. I'm not a brat am I?"

"If we don't get out of this cold, we'll all be frozen brats." Wendi called out. She was thankful that the storm had started to let up, but it was still pretty bad outside.

It didn't take them long to get inside the house. It took them much longer to get the snow off of their bodies and out of their winter clothes.

"Welcome back." Genya smiled as he saw his daughters, the church girls and... "So you must be Due." He chuckled softly. "You don't know how worried we all were when you disappeared like that. I've never seen Cinque so upset in all my life."

"Dad!" The one-eyed cyborg blushed as Genya chuckled softly.

Due was led to the table and blinked at all the chairs. "What..." She looked up as three people came out of the kitchen area.

"Subaru, Ginga, Teana." Wendi smiled at them as they sat food after food on the table.

Due's eyes sparkled as she saw the feast being laid out in front of her. "...Foood..."

Teana giggled softly and nodded to her. "That's right. Subaru asked me to come over and help, and then you disappear like that..." She shook her head. "This wouldn't be a very happy Christmas without the guest of honor."

"Huh?" Looking around, she saw nothing but smiling faces. "...Me? Honor? But... Why?"

Cinque knelt down to look at her face-to-face. "It's your first Christmas with your family, Due. Regardless of what Jail, Uno, Quattro and Tre said to you, you are Due, you are our sister... And we wanted to welcome you, properly, into our family."

Due trembled softly, before sniffling and glomping Cinque tightly. "WAAAAAHHH!"

"Due?" Cinque was surprised as Due trembled and sniffled.

"I... I feel... Happy!" The little girl sobbed. "Why am I crying?"

Cinque giggled softly. "It's okay to cry when you're happy, Due. You'll learn that soon enough."

"Oi!" Nove smirked at them after a few more moments. "Stop with the blubbering, Due, it's Christmas, let's just enjoy the night."

Zafira looked at Genya, who shook his head. "I guess going home in this weather would be a problem, huh?"

"Yeah." Genya nodded at him. "I'll give Hayate a call to let her know where you're at."

"Thank you, but I'll do it." The blue wolf nodded and slipped away to make that call.

"Ne, Tea..."

"Yeah, Subaru?" Teana blinked as Subaru hugged her.

"Thanks for coming."

Teana smiled as Subaru let go. "I don't mind, your family's nice."

"Hey! Enough of this!" Wendi called out to everyone. "Let's eat!"

"Yeah!" Everyone cheered as they started to pull up to the table.

Outside, looking through the window, though no one could see him, was the man who saved Due. "I'm glad you found your place in life, Due..." He closed his eyes as he started to float up and away. "I never was angry at you for what you did to me. I was sad... Because you were just one more lost soul who didn't know what she wanted. Take care, Due... And try not to kill anymore priests this time around." The man chuckled as he faded away into the sky.

Special Bonus Ending!

"Wake up, Due..."

"Nnngh... No wanna wake up. The squirrels haven't eaten the dog yet." The little blond girl rolled over and shivered slightly. "Not cold enough to wake up, my feet are still on."

"Times like this, I wonder just what she went through."

"Can't be helped, Sein..." Another voice spoke up as Due felt her body get shook slightly. "Come on, Due... The squirrels will get the dog next time."

"Nuh uh!" The little girl mumbled in her sleep. "The dog's bigger than them and he's sitting on all their food."

Sein giggled softly. "I guess you don't want breakfast then?"

The girl shot up in an instant, her eyes wide. "Breakfast? Where?"

Cinque chuckled and ruffled Due's hair. It was a complete mess. "Come on, let's get you cleaned up a bit, then we'll go get some food..." She then winked at Due, who looked at her in confusion. "Plus something extra."

"It's not going to be a growling dog, is it? Growling dogs like to bite, and I like Zaffy, he doesn't bite, he doesn't growl, he lets me ride on his back and he knows how to kick up a lot of snow to bury Nove and Wendi!"

Sein giggled at that as the two led her out of the room. "No, not a growling dog, you'll see."

"Kay!" The girl threw her hands up into the air and laughed happily as Sein started tickling her belly. "Hee hee, that tickles!"

"Good." Sein smiled at her.

"Ah." Genya smiled as he, his daughters, Zafira and the church cyborgs saw Sein, Cinque and Due walk into the living room. "Good morning, Due."

"What's this?" She asked as she looked at the various boxes in pretty wrappings all over the floor.

Smiling at the little girl, Otto put a red cap with a white ball on the end on her head. "Well, it's your first Christmas morning, Due... So..."

"You get to find out the best part of Christmas!" Wendi grinned as she grabbed a box and walked over, handing it to Due. "Opening presents!"

"Huh?" Due blinked at the box in front of her. "This isn't going to hold a bunch of spiders is it? The last box I opened had a bunch of spiders over this really hard bread that was mostly eaten though. And the webbing, icky!"

Wendi shook her head. "No, no spiders, this is much nicer."

"It's a pretty box, can I keep the box?"

Cinque chuckled softly. "Go on, take the wrapping off, there's something in the box for you."

Due's eyes lit up as she gasped after hearing that and tore into the box.

Inside the box was a yellow stuffed kitten looking back at her.


Ginga smiled at the little girl. "Well, we kept hearing how you much you wanted a kitten to sleep with at the church..."

"So, we thought you'd like a little stuffed kitten that won't run away on you." Sein finished for Ginga.

Due was quiet as she took the kitten out of the box and held it up, looking at it. The kitten looked back at her with a plain look on its face.

Everyone was silent, before Due hugged it to her wordlessly, her eyes glistened in tears even as her face lit up in happiness. "Thank you."

Wendi giggled. "We're not done yet, kiddo!" She stepped aside and revealed several more boxes. "We all got presents, but we thought it would be more fun for you to open a few more of yours."

Due smiled brightly, even as tears leaked out of her eyes. "Thank you... All of you..." She buried her face into her plush kitten. "I'm glad that you didn't abandon me."

Cinque hugged Due tightly from behind. "We're family, Due. Part of being family is accepting everyone for who they are. That includes you and your silliness."

Genya coughed and caught everyone's attention. "Well, I wanted to wait until the end, but I think it might be a good time now..." He smiled at Due, who looked up, tears leaking out of her eyes. "Due... How would you like to be my daughter? Officially?"

She gasped as she looked around, her sisters were smiling at her and nodding. "You... You mean it?"

"Due Nakajima..." Subaru muttered out loud, before smiling. "Actually, that doesn't sound too bad, huh?"

Due whimpered and turned around, hugging Cinque tightly, even as she cried.

"Due?" Cinque asked her softly while rubbing the little girl's back.

"I'm... So happy!" She bawled out. "I wish I had known you girls better before I died before."

Cinque smiled softly. "Well, it's good that you're alive now, so you get to know all of us better." After letting Due cry a bit more, Cinque pulled away from her and smiled brightly. "So... Is that a yes?"

"Uh huh!" She then turned and ran to Genya, hugging him tightly. "Papa!"

Genya hugged her back, smiling.

"We're going to need to get her a new room." Dieci spoke up quietly before Wendi threw an arm around her shoulder.

"Ah, who cares about that right now?" The redhead grinned. "It's Christmas, we have a new family member, our sister's back from the dead, and we have a lot of presents to open!"

Due pulled back from Genya, her kitten still in her arms. "Yeah!"

Genya chuckled as his daughters opened their gifts. As he looked at them, he wondered just what challenges faced them in the future before shrugging it off. They were a family, he was certain that they'd face it together.


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