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Chapter 5

Bella's POV

Running down the block to the apartment I suddenly see the familiar unruly, bronze hair exiting the doors. He glances up and spots me. I don't know whether to stop, turn around or stay on my path… home. Will he forgive me? Can we fix this? Then I see his eyes… sadness, relief, love… it's all there.

"I'm sorry." We say simultaneously.

He pulls me into a strong embrace and buries his face into my neck breathing me in. Reactively, I leap into his arms and wrap my legs tightly around him. I can feel his hard length pushing against where I need him most. How could I think I'd be able to give this up? He sets me down on the ground and puts his hands on my face pushing his fingers into the hair at my temples. He moves his face in front of mine and softly rubs my nose with his while wiping away my tears. And despite the loud, manic city rushing around us, I hear him whisper, "Come home to me."


Holding my hand, he hurries us back to our apartment. While he fumbles with the lock, I take notice of the obvious toll that the last few days have had on him. I feel an overwhelming desire to comfort him. As he pushes the door open, I place my arms around his waist and press my face into his back. Holding onto him as tight as I can, he moves his arms over mine, entwining our fingers and pulling us inside.

As I kick the door shut, Edward quickly turns to face me. He pushes me up against the door with his strong, lean body. His face close to mine, his hands framing my face, he whispers into my ear, "I won't give up on us." And that's all it takes to convince me that we will be alright.

I grab the back of his neck pulling his eyes even with mine, I tell him I'm sorry not with words, but with a kiss. Pulling his soft, full lower lip into my mouth, I suck on it slightly before releasing it and placing tender kisses from one side of his mouth to the other. He whispers how much he loves me and how sorry he is and how he can't ever lose me again. I shake my head and say, "Not now." Deepening the kiss I run my tongue along his parted lips asking for entry and there is no hesitation.

The emotion between us is intense, like the first time we ever touched. My fingers make their way into his hair and his groan of approval urges me on. His hands grasp my ass, forcing my legs up around him. I begin grinding myself against him. He pushes me harder into the door, but I can't get close enough and he seems to be feeling the same. I want to crawl into his skin. As he desperately presses his body against me, I can feel how hard he is. Our tongues continue dancing together rubbing, swirling, teasing.

Working my hands between our bodies I begin tugging on the zipper to his hoodie pulling it down as far as I can without removing my legs from his waist. I pull his t-shirt up so I can feel his skin. Edward tugs on my hair pulling my head to one side so that he can put his warm mouth on my neck, kissing the sensitive spot just below my ear he runs his tongue down the side of my neck, then nips and kisses me on the way back up, gently biting my lobe. I wrap my arms around his torso underneath his shirt as he asks if we can move to our room. I nod yes and kiss him deeply.

He carries me easily into our bedroom. I pull away from the kiss to look around. Everything looks the same, but it feels different. I see my dress in the middle of our bed… as if he's been sleeping with it. I look him in the eyes, then he lowers his, resting his forehead on my shoulder. I drop my legs from his waist and slowly back away from him. He quickly looks up at me… panicked. I feel incredible sadness and horrible guilt for doubting him… for ever questioning his feelings for me.

I unzip my hoodie and drop it to the floor. I toe my shoes off and pull my t-shirt over my head, while he watches me intently. He always loved watching me strip. I unbutton and unzip my jeans and slowly slide them down my legs. In only my bra and panties, I slowly stalk towards him. We have a lot of talking to do but right now, we need this physical connection more. I finish unzipping his hoodie and push it off his shoulders. Running my fingers down his muscled chest over and around his nipples, I feel them harden from the attention. I move lower and grasp the hem of his shirt, quickly pulling it up and over his head. His hands rest on my hips and I place my ear over his bare chest, quietly listening to his heartbeat. For a solid minute we are still, but when I feel the tension between us peaks, I kiss his chest over his heart and move lower, flicking my tongue over his nipple. I work my way down his chest placing soft, gentle kisses along his taut stomach, while I drag my nails down his torso to the front of his pants.

He is straining against his jeans and I want to, no … I need to see the effect I have on him physically. I undo the button on his jeans and slide the zipper down. I kneel down front of him and see that somewhere between the front door and the bedroom door he has already removed his shoes. Sliding his jeans down his muscled legs, I see the evidence of his arousal. I softly tickle my fingers along his length and he groans. "I love you," he whispers. Sliding my hands along the top of his boxers, I grasp the band and pull them down. Edward's dick is just as beautiful as the rest of him and it takes every ounce of restraint I have to not just put him quickly in my mouth. Instead, I grasp his length at the base and slowly lick the bit of moisture that has accumulated at the tip. I hear a soft "fuck" from above my head and I feel his fingers work their way into my hair. I place one open mouthed kiss at the head of his cock and look up at him through my lashes. His eyes are full of desire as he watches me. I feel his hands work their way out of my hair and down my arms grasping me firmly and pulling me up the length of his body, feeling every inch of his warm skin through my every nerve ending. He gently pushes me back towards our bed and the backs of my knees softly hit the mattress. He's looking at me like I'm something to eat and oh, how I've missed that look.

He gazes down at me, running his fingertips along my lower lip, he finally kneels in front of me and stares at my breasts. Under his intense gaze, I feel my nipples harden and then he touches me. I feel his finger caress my collarbone, sliding one bra strap down my shoulder and then working his way over to the other. His fingers trail down my breastbone towards the front clasp and with a flick of his wrist my bra is open and my breasts are free and pert under his gaze. His fingers aim towards my left breast, he teases my nipple with his long fingers, tugging and rubbing. He leans in towards my right breast using his tongue to mimic the movement on my left. I'm breathless from the sensations as warmth spreads through my limbs and belly. And as the heat and wetness pool between my legs, I can't help the moan escaping my lips.

"Oh God… Edward." The love I feel for this man only intensifies the overwhelming physical pleasure.

His hands move down to my legs towards my panties. He runs his fingers along the band silently asking me if this is still ok and all I can do is whisper "please."

He grasps the sides of my panties and eases them down my legs, kissing the length my thigh, to my knee, to my ankle and ending at the tip of my foot… only to work his way back up my other leg.

"Lean back, baby, I want to make you feel good."

I moan as he pushes me back further on the bed working his way back up to my mouth. Our kisses are no longer soft and sweet, they are urgent and passionate. I feel his hardness pushed against my thigh. As I scrape my nails down his back, he hisses then drives his tongue deeper into my mouth. The only sound heard is our pleasure. Edward works his way back down my body, spreading my legs and settling between them. His mouth is on my breast again, sucking and biting my nipple, while lavishing attention to the other with his hand. He scoots back even further, spreading my thighs wider to accommodate his broad shoulders. I bite my lip in anticipation of what I know is coming.

"Fuck Edward. Please…"

"Please what, baby? What do you want, what do you need?"

"You, I just need you. Please… touch me. Show me we're ok, that you forgive me."

"Shhhhh, there is nothing to forgive… I love you and I'm going to do more than touch you baby, but I need to hear you."

My hands dig into his hair pulling at the ends and he groans in response. I want nothing more than to have him inside of me, but he won't be deterred. I feel his tongue just under my navel and then he places a chaste kiss just above where I need him most. I can feel his hands on each of my thighs, his thumbs rubbing soft circles next to where I need his touch and I beg, "Please Edward, please."

"You're so wet for me, baby."

"Only for you, only for you."

"You're mine Bella, I want you to know that you will always be mine."

And then I feel his tongue flat, thick, and hot running the length of my slit.

"Oh… Edward, yes, I'm yours, always yours."

"Hmmm I love your taste. I will never have enough of this."

He sucks my clit and flicks it with his tongue at the same time driving two fingers inside of me and I can't hold back any longer. I lift my ass off the bed and pull his face into me. I shamelessly grind against him while he licks, tastes, pushes and retreats. I scream out as my orgasm takes me and Edward moans into me slowing his tongue but letting me ride out my orgasm. He removes his fingers from inside me, looking me in the eye, he places the fingers that were just inside me, into his mouth and sucks them clean. As my eyes flutter shut, all I can see is his beautiful face. He climbs back up placing open mouth kisses on my body the entire way. When he reaches my mouth, I capture his with a searing kiss tasting myself on his lips and remembering what he just did to my body. I push against his shoulders rolling him over onto his back. I whisper in his ear, "It's my turn to make you feel good, baby."

He groans his response…


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