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Chapter 6

Edward's POV

"It's my turn to make you feel good, baby."

I groan in response.

It's impossible to think straight with her straddling me. I intended to apologize and explain myself… but touching, feeling and loving her physically seems immediately more important. With my back against the pillows at the headboard, watching her above me, all I want, no… all I need is to be inside of her. Bella begins combing her fingers through my hair pulling at the ends which she knows I love, I hiss at the combination of pleasure and pain.

"God Bella, I need you… I need to be inside of you." I whisper.

"I know… I need you too."

She reaches down and her fingers stroke my hard cock.

"Fuck… Bella, please."

"You're mine too you know, Edward. I'm going to prove it to you…"

"God, yes baby, please."

She hovers over me, positioning herself over my cock and I can feel the heat radiating from her. I thrust my hips up in desperate need of contact, just as she sinks down. I feel relief.

It's heaven. I'm relieved that I still have this. That she'll still have me and we still have us… And then she begins to rock against me and all rational thought leaves my mind. I wind my arms around her and hold her shoulders so she is firm against me. The sexy, satisfied noises she makes spur me on, harder… faster. She leans forward and sucks my earlobe into her mouth. As we continue to rock against each other, Bella runs her fingers along my lower lip, slipping them inside my mouth and I suck on them. She continues riding me, while her other hand finds her clit. Seeing her move over me like this, will be my undoing. She begins rubbing small circles on herself, while I grasp her hips tightly and thrust forcefully. She screams in pleasure as I reach up and gently pinch her nipples.

"Fuck… Edward, I'm gonna come again."

"Tell me I'm yours, Bella. Tell me please."

"I'm fucking yours, Edward. Now. Always. Forever."

I pull her face to mine and kiss her hard, our tongues tangle and duel. I flip us over so I'm now above her, never losing contact with her body. Thrusting harder, I can feel her body clench around me as she cries out my name. My own orgasm builds in the pit of my stomach. My thrusts become more erratic, as sounds from my beautiful Bella push me over the edge and I come forcefully inside her. Bella reaches her hand up to my cheek and wipes away the lone tear that has fallen.

Slowly, I slide off of her so we are lying side by side on our bed, limbs tangled together. I hold the back of her neck so that our foreheads are resting against each other.

"Bella, I have some things I need to say."

"Edward, I know we have a lot to talk about, but can we just hold off for a bit?"

"No Bella, what I have to say can't wait, I should have done this four years ago. I can't believe it took almost losing you to open my eyes."

I peel myself away from her and ease off of our bed. I pull both boxes out of the pocket of my hoodie and glance over at Bella. I kneel at the side of the bed placing the unopened boxes next to her. Her beautiful eyes widen and her breath hitches when she looks down and sees what I've done.

"Bella, baby. It took you leaving to remind me how precious you are to me. You're the best part of my life and I want this… for the rest of forever.

I open my box and place it in her palm. I watch her read the note inside that says… 'Please say yes.'


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