Chapter 1- Graduation

Twelve years ago, the Kyuubi no Kitsune attacked the village of Konohagakure, its ninja forces tried to defend themselves, but the demon was way too strong for them and annihilated their forces, but then their young Hokage, Minato Namikaze came to the battlefield and sealed the demon away into his firstborn son, Naruto Uzumaki.

Unknown to the major populace, another demon was sealed away…Kushina Uzumaki, the widow of Minato Namikaze sealed the Hachibi no Kitsune, the Kyuubi's brother inside of her younger son, Ishide Uzumaki.

The village was told of Naruto's burden and they hated the Uzumaki brothers for it. Several of them took it as far as to beating them to death or inflicting wounds and scars, but they both survived the hardships. One became bitter at the village for treating them like common demons while the other was deeply saddened and sought to be acknowledged.

Ishide inherited his father's personality, which was calm and collected. He also acted logically until it came to protecting something that he cared about…which was at the moment, his older brother. Naruto was much like his mother, hyperactive, brash and loud, but he had a kind heart.

Both of them has an unwavering spirit and the ability to convert others to their way of thinking, they also want the goal of the Hokage….one who wanted it to become the leader that protects the village with his own strength while the other wanted to make the oppressors pay for their injustice.

And so...their futures are uncertain and though they are on different paths, they will come together through the pact of brotherhood.

Ishide sat in the back, staring calmly outside just as Iruka called out the roster. To differentiate himself from his brother, he had his right ear lobe pierced with a wolf earring. He also had aqua eyes and his hair was blonde, but the tips were dyed black.

His attire was a long sleeved green shirt with a large cowl covering his neck and black pants that fits him tightly around his tights, but loosed up at his ankles, his skin was very tan. In the Academy, he was at the top of the class in class work and vastly kept himself in the middle when it came to combat.

"Uzumaki Ishide." Iruka called out.


"Uzumaki Naruto…Uzumaki Naruto…Ishide, where is your brother?" Iruka asked. Ishide smirked as he heard one of the Jonin shout out, "Naruto! Get your ass back here!" The boy answered, "I would have to take a guess that he is outside, practicing his stealth.

Iruka sighed, "I will be right back, class…Mizuki, can you please take over while I get Naruto?"

"Sure, Iruka-kun…"

"Thanks." The scarred chunin said as he left in a hurry and Ishide inwardly frowned at the sight of Mizuki's smile. The Chunin said, "Okay, class, let's go over the Hokages…" Ishide hated Mizuki with a passion, the man acted way too nice and his eyes seemed to have a hunger for power.

A few minutes later, Iruka dragged a tied up Naruto in the classroom and said, "Thank you, Mizuki, now class…thanks to Naruto here, you will all be reviewing the Henge no Jutsu….now form a line!" The classroom groaned and Ishide untied his brother, "Going out for a walk, you say? What amazing prank did you do this time, Nii-san?"

"Oh, nothing….just painting the faces of the Hokages."

Ishide chuckled, "Did you take a picture of it?"

"Yep, I dropped it off at Saya-oba-chan's house for it to get developed."

"Good, I want a copy."

"It would have been better if you have been there with me."

Ishide replied, "Naruto, you know that today is the day before we graduate and become Genin."

"Uzumaki Ishide." Iruka called out and Ishide winked at Naruto, he moved up to Iruka and shouted, "Henge!" The boy was engulfed into a large plume of smoke and then he was replaced with a naked woman, who blew a kiss at Iruka, causing the Chunin school teacher to be propelled by his nosebleed.

"Heh, patented Uzumaki Hijutsu: Oiroke no Jutsu!"

"Enough with your stupid tricks! This is your last warning for both of you…" Iruka roared and Ishide chuckled, "You need to lighten up a bit, Iruka-sensei…you know, get a girl, party, live life to the fullest…that sort of stuff."

A few hours later, Ishide and Iruka watched as Naruto cleaned the last of the Hokage's faces. "Why do I have to clean up the monuments?" Naruto whined, "Besides their faces look better this way." Iruka replied, "You have to because you messed them up and you are not leaving until they are spotless."

Naruto looked at Ishide, "Ishide, c'mon, help your older brother out…"

"Hey, it was not my fault to do the prank so early…I told you it would be better if you did it after we graduated to make it all worthwhile, but don't listen to your younger brother."

Iruka sighed, "Hey, Naruto…if you can clean this up in a few hours, I will treat you and your brother to ramen." As soon as the word 'ramen' escaped from Iruka's lips, Naruto began to work even faster, "Don't worry, sensei, I will have this cleaned up in no time!"

At Ichiraku Ramen, the three of them were eating ramen until Naruto stopped and asked Iruka for something. "Umm, Iruka-sensei, can I ask you a favor?"

"Hmm, what? You want more ramen?"

"No, I want to try on your headband…c'mon, please." Ishide smirked as he knew the answer that was coming up as Iruka was saying it, "Oh, this? Forget it, this is for fully-fledged ninja! You will get yours tomorrow."

"Told ya!" Ishide said in a matter of fact tone.

Naruto stuck out his tongue childishly and pouted, "Stingy!"

Ishide said in a teasing tone, "Hey, Naruto, is that why you took off your goggles?" He, along with his sensei laughed at Naruto, who blushed while crying out, "Ah, I want more ramen!" On the next day, Iruka said, "We will now start the exams, when your name is called, please proceed to the designated room. The final test will be….the Bunshin no Jutsu."

Naruto thought in horror, "Shit, that is my worst jutsu…great; I am never going to pass."

Ishide inwardly scowled, "When I find the son of a bitch who did this, he or she is dead. I have no problem with the Bunshin no Jutsu due to my chakra control…but since Naruto has more chakra that he can handle along with the Kyuubi disrupting most of his chakra, he overloads the Bunshin."

"Then we have to leave it to fate…all we can do is pray and hope." A voice said to him in his mind.

"I doubt praying to whatever god that we can think of will work, Nekoshi. On the other note, is that seal still intact?"

The voice known as Nekoshi answered, "Yeah, the seal that is holding your dark personality is intact." Ishide mentally nodded, "Good, I might be able to harness that nature again without letting it control me like last time." Suddenly his name was called out and he proceeded in the room.

Iruka and Mizuki sat at the table, which was filled with Konoha headbands. "Please perform the jutsu, Ishide…" Iruka said in a firm tone and Ishide nodded as he summoned his chakra, "Bunshin no Jutsu!" Fifteen clones appeared and Iruka smiled, "Congratulations, Ishide, you passed with flying colors, please come and collect your hitai-ate."

As the younger Uzumaki came to collect his headband, he sensed a small, concentrated blast of killing intent aimed at him. He knew that Iruka was one to be trusted, so he deduced effectively that it was Mizuki. He turned his head slightly to see a smiling Mizuki and then Ishide smirked as he sent his own blast of a greater proportion, making Mizuki's smile disappear into shock.

"So I was right, he does hate us…if he gives me an opportunity, I will fix him good." He thought as he came out of the room. When he saw Naruto, he was very nervous and Ishide gave him a smile, "Don't worry, Nii-san, you will pass, I know it. You just have to relax and you will get the jutsu down."

Naruto smiled, "Thanks, Aniki…" He walked past him and into the room with confidence. "Okay, Naruto, focus and relax. You can do this!" He performed the Ram seal and summoned his chakra as he shouted, "Bunshin no Jutsu!" Suddenly an unknown force made him lose focus and the end result was a faded clone sprawled out on the ground.

Iruka's eye twitched, Naruto began to bite his nails while Mizuki inwardly smirked, "Now if I play my cards right, I will be able to get power and get rid of the Nine Tails brat." Iruka shouted, "You fail!" Mizuki thought, "Now to play the part…" He turned to his colleague and said, "Iruka, he's off, but his moves weren't bad and he actually did replicate this time. This is his third try and he really wants to be a ninja as well as a possible team with his brother. We could pass him."

Naruto's expression turned from disappointed to happy until Iruka's next choice of words shattered that smile. "Mizuki, the other student created at least three clones perfectly…but Naruto created only one and look at it, it's useless…I am sorry, Naruto, but I can't pass you."

Naruto clenched his teeth, "This is so unfair…" He thought to himself as he turned and walked out of the room without noticing Iruka's sad look and Mizuki's smug smile. "I am so sorry, Naruto, but you have to understand that I am bound by the rules…I would pass you in a heartbeat if I could." Iruka thought.

Outside the Academy- Naruto sat on the swing while Ishide lay on the ground under the shade of the tree. The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki looked at the proud graduated students with their parents in sadness; Ishide looked at his brother in sympathy. Although he had his headband, he knew that it would be hard enough to get along with his team if he was left alone.

He was practically a loner much like the Academy's heartthrob, Sasuke Uchiha. Even if he got along with them, he would feel that something was missing from his body if his brother was not with him. "Nii-san, I will be back, I am going to the bathroom." Ishide said as he got up.

Naruto said nothing and the younger brother left to the bathroom. When he came out, he overheard two ladies gossiping while staring at his brother. The brunette said, "Look over there…it is that…kid."

The black haired woman said, "I heard that he was the only one that didn't pass…" The brunette scoffed, "Well, serves him right."

"Just imagine what would happen if he became a ninja. I mean, he is the boy who…"

The brunette quickly shushed her, "Quiet, Ibara, we are not allowed to talk about that, we'll…" Suddenly the two women couldn't breathe for a moment and turned to see Ishide with his bangs covering his eyes.

"You two are so lucky that didn't break that law…" he whispered

Ibara swallowed and said, "We have no idea what you are talking about, child." She placed a hand on his shoulder, but Ishide caught it in a firm grip, turning her skin red from the pressure. The boy looked at her with eyes filled with hate, "Don't you ever touch me…after what you just said and don't you play dumb with me. I know about my brother's burden, considering how stupid the village can be when they call my brother a demon. The only demon that came here was Kyuubi and it is a great coincidence that on our birthday, it disappeared from the earth and he has a strange tattoo on his stomach."

Ibara and her friend, Tsubaki were sweating bullets at the boy's anger as he said his next words, "Now if I ever see you or even hear bad mouthing my brother, I will make sure that you will never see that light of day. You will never be able to walk out of your homes without everyone looking at you in shame and disgust. This is your first and last warning, now are we clear?"

The two women looked at each other and Ishide brought their attention by increasing his grip on the woman's wrist, making her gasp out. "I said are we clear?" Ishide repeated with hidden malice. "Y-Yes…"

"Good, now get your kids and get out of my sight before I do something that I will regret."

The women quickly got their kids and left the Academy, afraid to look back at the brother of Naruto Uzumaki. Ishide took deep breaths and then looked at Naruto's position to see that he was gone, "Where did Naruto-nii go? Maybe he went to Ichiraku Ramen to cheer himself up. Oh, well, I guess that I can go over to Saya-oba-chan's house to get the pictures."

Naruto- "Iruka is tough, but he is not against you at all, Naruto." Mizuki said on the rooftop. Apparently Naruto was not at Ichiraku Ramen, but with Mizuki. Naruto turned to the chunin and asked, "Then why…why only me?"

Mizuki replied, "He wants you to be strong with all his heart, but that will never happen if he goes easy on you. He is just like you…no parents, but you are lucky enough to have a twin brother."

Naruto protested, "But…this time, I really wanted to graduate….I promise Ishide that I would be at his side. He always told me that there was always something missing inside of him. He is smart and his skills at taijutsu, ninjutsu and genjutsu are amazing, but when we are together, we are invincible as a team."

Mizuki said, chuckling softly, "Then I guess that I am going to have to tell you…it's a special secret, but I am going to let you in on it."

Naruto thought, "A secret…" Mizuki leaned in and whispered something in his ear. Naruto nodded as he immediately planned and thought with determination, "Don't worry, aniki, we will be together. With Mizuki-sensei's plan, I will be a ninja."

Later that night, Ishide looked up at the ceiling as he thought, "It is night time already and Naruto has not come back yet. What is taking him so long to get home? And Mizuki…something is off about that guy." He flipped off and muttered, "Alright, one more time, I will check by Ichiraku Ramen again, then the forest where we train at. Lord knows that he always exhaust himself and falls asleep in the forest from training."

Ishide got dressed and ran out on the rooftops towards Ichiraku Ramen. He leapt in front of the shop and saw that it was closed, "Okay, he is not here, so…huh?" A shadow leapt over him and Ishide saw that it was Iruka.

"Iruka-sensei, he seems like he is in a rush to go somewhere. I wonder if he knows where Naruto is. He always seems to have a sixth sense when we do our pranks." Ishide said to himself as he proceeded to follow Iruka.

Iruka- The Chunin thought to himself, "This doesn't make any sense, why would Naruto of all people steal the Scroll of Sealing for a prank?" He stopped on a branch to see Naruto breathing hard and said, "I found you! It's all over!"

Naruto rubbed the back of his head and laughed a bit and then Iruka raised his eyebrow, "Huh?" Naruto commented, "You caught me already, nice. You are pretty quick, sensei; I only had time to learn one technique from this scroll."

Iruka quickly scanned over his state and thought, "He has been here practicing due to the bruises and the state of his clothing." Naruto interrupted his thoughts by saying, "Listen, Iruka-sensei, I am going to show the jutsu and then you can let me graduate. Right? Anyone who learns a jutsu from this scroll passes."

Iruka asked, "Naruto, who told you that?"

"Mizuki-sensei, he told me about the secret test, where the scroll was hidden and this…place." Naruto said, but he slowly stopped speaking due to Iruka's shocked expression. Then suddenly a barrage of kunai flew through the air, aimed at Naruto and Iruka, but the Chunin acted quickly by pushing his student away from the path and blocked most of the attacks.

He looked up to see Mizuki, perched on a tree with a sneer on his face. "So you found my little hideout, eh, Iruka?" the white-haired Chunin said to him. Iruka gritted out, "I should have known…why, Mizuki, just did you have to stoop so low?"

Mizuki ignored him and shouted to Naruto, "Naruto! Give me the scroll now!"

Naruto said, confused, "Wait a minute, what is going on here?"

"Ain't it obvious, Nii-san?" a voice said. Mizuki turned to receive a boot to the head, courtesy of Ishide as he answered, "Mizuki used you to get the scroll for himself, then he was going to use you as a scapegoat to take the fall. Bad for us since it would have made my life a living hell and you would be rotting in a prison cell."

Ishide turned to Mizuki and narrowed his eyes, "I knew that something was off about you, Mizuki-teme. Now turn yourself in or die!" Mizuki laughed at him, "Hehe, me? Die? No chance in hell that is going to happen, in fact, since I am going to 'die', I will tell you a secret that nobody bothered to tell you both."

Iruka gasped in realization, "No, Mizuki…it is forbidden!"

Mizuki shouted out, "The decree twelve years ago, was set to not tell that the Kyuubi no Kitsune was sealed in your precious brother, Ishide. That is right; they all have been sneaking around, keeping you two in the dark about your true form." Naruto was now in despair until he heard his brother laughing.

"What is so funny?" Mizuki said.

"What is funny is that I already knew about his burden since that incident, you idiot! I don't care if my brother holds the Kyuubi or if he is the actual demon…I hate the Kyuubi, but the Kyuubi is not Naruto. He is kind, hyperactive, reckless and brash and none of those qualities are part of the Kyuubi…because he is Naruto Uzumaki of Konohagakure, fellow ninja and my beloved brother.

Mizuki frowned at his plan didn't work and he took out one of his Fuma Shuriken to throw, but Iruka grabbed his arm and said, "That is far enough…Mizuki." Mizuki moved quickly and kicked Iruka to the ground.

The school teacher fell to the ground and Mizuki moved to stab him, but only to receive a knee to the head, courtesy of Naruto. "If you ever lay a hand on my sensei or my brother, I will kill you."

"I doubt it, I could destroy you with a single move!" the white haired Chunin boasted.

Naruto made a single hand sign, "Try it, I will give it back to you a thousand fold!"

"Let's see you try! Show me what you got, Nine Tailed Fox!"

"Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

A thousand clones appeared out of thin air, surrounding Mizuki. Ishide thought, "What? Clones?"

Iruka thought, "Not regular clones…those are solid clones!" Mizuki fell back in fear and shock, and then the clones along with Naruto said, "If you are not coming, then we are coming after you." They charged at the screaming Mizuki and pummeled him into submission.

He was left bloody and broken on the ground. Ishide walked over to the fallen Chunin and took out a kunai, he raised it to stab him, but his wrist was caught by his older brother. "What? If he comes back, he will stop at nothing to kill both of us and possibly Iruka-sensei." Ishide stated coldly.

Naruto looked at Mizuki and then back at his brother, "Let him try…I will just kick his ass again, but I am giving him a chance to repent. If not, then I will kill him."

Ishide lowered his arm and looked at Mizuki in contempt, "I hope you are right, Naruto. For both of our sakes…your kindness to everyone is going to come and bite you in the ass one of these days."

"Naruto, come here, I got something for ya." Iruka said. Naruto walked towards his sensei, looking a bit confused and Iruka told him to close his eyes. The Jinchuuriki did as he instructed and then he felt something cool against his forehead.

"Okay, you can open them now…"

Naruto opened them and blinked a bit to see a beaming Ishide and a smiling Iruka with his goggles in his hand. At that moment, Naruto realized that he was wearing his sensei's headband, then Iruka said, "Congratulations…you graduate, Naruto."

"Welcome to the world of ninja, Naruto-nii-san."

Naruto smiled and then tackled both of them to the ground, crying and thanking Iruka. "Get off of me, you big oaf." Ishide said as he laughed. Iruka looked at Ishide, "Funny, at one moment, I really thought that he was going to kill Mizuki…I know that they did you and your brother wrong, Ishide, but I hope that you will be able to find it in your heart to forgive this village."

Ishide smiled as he looked at the rising sun, "In the end, everything turned out all right." He thought to himself. After the three delivered the Scroll of Seals and the beaten Mizuki, everything went back to normal.

Two days later, Naruto and Ishide woke up to go to the Academy for the last time. They arrived and Naruto said out loud, "I wonder where Sakura-chan is at?" Ishide said, "Why are you wondering about that brute for? She always belittles and hits you for no reason at all."

Naruto yelled at him, "Hey, don't speak about Sakura-chan that way. She is the nicest person that I ever known…"

"And I am a fucking green dinosaur, stuck inside a brown mystery box, waiting for an Italian plumber with a red shirt and blue overalls to ride me."

"What are you talking about?"

"I could ask you the same thing when you are talking about how nice she is." Ishide retorted, "Besides….her and Miss Prissy Prissy should be here in three…two…one." On cue, Sakura, along with her former best friend, Ino Yamanaka came through the door, arguing about who got in first.

Sakura turned over to Sasuke's direction and noticed that Ishide was in 'her' seat next to Sasuke. She said, "Oi, Ishide, move…I want to sit by Sasuke-kun and you are in my seat." Ishide gave her a cross look as he said, "First of all, I don't see your name on the chair. Second, if you want to sit here, you better ask nicely. Third, what makes you think that I give a shit that you want to sit next to Uchiha."

Sakura was about to retort, but Ishide got up, "Don't say a word, I will get out of the seat now, but it is only because I don't want to hear your howler monkey/banshee screech at this moment. It is too early for this shit." The class gasped at Ishide's words and Naruto sweat dropped as he thought, "Damn it, Ishide, you are ruining my chances with Sakura-chan."

Ishide grumbled and then sat in a nearby empty seat. He heard a small 'eep' and turned to see that it was Hinata Hyuga and he turned away as he blushed lightly. He thought back when he saved her from those bullies and thought that she was the most beautiful thing on earth, but unfortunately his crush was misplaced because she mistakenly thought it was his older brother.

Ishide looked over to see Naruto crouched in front of Sasuke's face and then noticed that one of the boys moved his arm back into Naruto, making him lean forward. The younger brother moved quickly and caught the back of Naruto's jumpsuit, inches away from kissing Sasuke, which would have been an embarrassing moment. "You both owe me one, Nii-san, Uchiha…"

Sasuke muttered a small thanks and Ishide chuckled, "Oh, shit, the Uchiha spoke, people….it is the apocalypse." Most of the girls began to glare at Ishide, but it stopped as Iruka walked in the room. "Okay, Genin, today is your first day as shinobi. Soon you will have missions and be set on three-man squads with the exception of one and follow your Jonin sensei's orders."

"Great, I am a ninja and a step closer to him, but I got people that are going to slow me down." Sasuke thought.

"I hope that I am with Sasuke-kun…please let us be together." Sakura thought.

"I hope that I am with Sakura-chan and Ishide-aniki, but anybody but Sasuke-teme." Naruto thought.

Ishide thought, "Kami, if you are out there, please…for all that is good and holy, please don't pair me up with the pink-haired bitch. I can deal with Sasuke, but she…is just plain torture."

Iruka looked at his roster and said, "Let's see, Teams One through Six are in circulation, so Team Seven will be Sakura Haruno, Naruto Uzumaki, Sasuke Uchiha and Ishide Uzumaki." BANG! Ishide slammed his head against the desk and Hinata asked, "Umm, Ishide-kun, a-are you a-alright?"

"No, Hinata-chan, I am not….I just got condemned by Kami by the second loudest Genin in this class. Why, Kami-sama, why?" Ishide said with anime tears in his eyes. Hinata patted his back softly as he cried while Naruto said as he pointed at Sasuke, "Why do I have to be paired with him?"

"Because Naruto, the teams were made to balance them out based on your level of skill…now let me announce the rest of the teams. Team Eight will be Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka and Shino Aburame, Team Ten will be Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara and Choji Akimichi….Team Eleven…"

Ishide and Naruto tuned out the rest and then Iruka finished, "Now that you know your teammates, you will wait for your sensei after your lunch break is done." Later, they all sat and a bearded shinobi with a a cigarette came in to pick up Team Ten. "Asuma Sarutobi, the Sandaime Hokage's son and former member of the Twelve Fire Guardians." Ishide thought.

Next, a woman with wavy hair and red eyes came to pick up Team Eight and Ishide thought, "Kurenai Yuhi, she must have been promoted recently, though her skills in genjutsu are superb." Hours later, Team Seven was the ones left in the room and Sasuke said, "Ishide…"


"I just want to tell you to don't get in my way…all of you."

"That is my line…Uchiha."

Suddenly Ishide threw a kunai at the sliding door and a white haired Jonin caught it, "You are very hostile…aren't you?" Ishide said, "I am sorry, I get a bit ticked off when someone is late."

"I am Kakashi Hatake, your sensei."

The Haruno said, "You don't look like much to me."

"Looks can be deceiving, Haruno. Isn't that right, son of the Shiroi Kiba?" Ishide said.

Kakashi looked at him curiously and then the Jonin said, "Anyway, meet me on the roof." The sensei left the room and Team Seven sat in front of the man.

"Okay, well, let's begin by introducing ourselves." Kakashi said to his team.

"What do you want to know, sensei?" Sakura asked.

"Your likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams…stuff like that." He answered.

Sakura shot out, "Can you start us off?"

"Sure, like I said, I am Kakashi Hatake, I have no desire to tell you my likes or dislikes, I have lots of hobbies…my dreams, hmm, I got nothing."

The Genin sweat dropped, "All that he told us was his name."

"Okay, pinky. You are up first." Kakashi said. Sakura said, "My name is Sakura Haruno, my likes are…" She glances at Sasuke as she continued, "My hobbies are…" Another glance at Sasuke and she continued, "Dreams." Glance and squeal. Kakashi said, "And your dislikes…"

"Ishide and Ino-pig." She answered.

"The feeling is mutual, you pink-haired transvestite." Ishide replied hotly.

"What did you call me?" Sakura shouted.

"What? You don't know what transvestite means…to tell you the truth, you should find your name next to it as the definition, seeing that you have no assets."

Naruto knocked Ishide on his head and he rubbed his head, "Nii-san, what was that for?"

"For insulting Sakura-chan…."

"What? Are you blind? She is flat like a plank." Ishide protested.

"Enough, you two…alright, you are next…"

"I am Naruto Uzumaki, my likes are ramen, training, being with Iruka-sensei and Ishide-aniki and Sakura-chan, my dislikes are people who think highly of themselves, people who don't care about their friends and people who judge others by the cover of the book. My hobbies are pranks, I guess and my dream is to become Hokage, so everyone will respect me and treated like I am somebody."

The Jonin smiled to himself, "He is just like his mother and father…" Then he pointed at Ishide, "Ishide Uzumaki, I like training, sunsets, wolves, the moon, my brother and a certain girl, my dislikes are…the same as my brother's and wanna-be kunoichis that focus on love rather than honing their skills. My hobbies are sleeping, listening and playing music and training. My dream is to become Hokage, win the heart of said certain girl and uncover my family's past."

"Interesting…." Kakashi thought as he pointed at Sasuke. The Uchiha said, "Sasuke Uchiha, I have few likes and many dislikes. My hobbies are training and my dream…I can't exactly call it that; it is more of an ambition. My ambition is to kill the man responsible for the death of my clan…"

"Good luck with that, Uchiha…Itachi-san is on higher level than you, it will take years for you to get there." Ishide said.

Sasuke turned to glare at him and Kakashi said, "Okay, now that we know each other a bit, I have to tell you that you have not exactly passed as Genin just yet."

"What?" Naruto and Sakura said in surprise.

"Good, I was about to say that test was way too easy…"Ishide commented.

"Unfortunately this test has a 66.6% rate of failure, so tomorrow, I want you to meet me at Training Area Three at 9:00 and don't eat breakfast or you will throw up." Kakashi said as he disappeared. Sasuke instantly rounded on Ishide, "How do you know about Itachi?"

"I knew him because he is one of the ninja that I admired and respect to this very day. He was also my guardian for a few days as well." Ishide answered truthfully and then added mentally, "And he was my taijutsu teacher after that incident, the only one that my dark side feared."

The next day, Team Seven appeared at the designated training area and waited. Ishide got bored and began to make scenarios of what was going to happen. "Okay, let's see…I know that I don't have the skill to beat him and I sure don't want to reveal my status as a Jinchuuriki to Konoha just yet. Kakashi specializes in primarily ninjutsu, but his taijutsu is also something to watch out for. He barely uses genjutsu in a battle…which means that I need help. I know that I can get my brother's help automatically, but Uchiha and Haruno are the most difficult ones to deal with. Once Uchiha is delayed, I will present my offer…Howler Monkey, I have no idea what to do with her, but she will have to be included in the plan as well."

After two hours, Sakura shouted, "It has been two hours and this guy is still not here! What kind of joke is this?" Naruto agreed vocally and then Kakashi came up, "Sorry, I am late, a black cat crossed my path and I had to take a detour."

"LIAR!" both Naruto and Sakura shouted while Sasuke sweat dropped, "This guy….that was absolutely the worst lie that I have ever heard of." Kakashi took out a clock from his pack and set it for noon, "Okay the clock is set for noon…your test is this." He pulled out three bells from his pouch and said, "You will have to get these bells from before time is up….if you don't get a bell, then I will tie you to one of those posts and eat a bento in front of you."

Crunch! Everyone turned to see Ishide munching on an apple. "What? I got hungry? Waiting for two hours don't help the fact either." He said after he swallowed some. "Ishide, I told you not to eat…"Naruto said sternly.

"Hey, like Saya-obachan says, an apple a day keeps the doctor away…I would like to follow that rule to the tee…" Ishide said with a small smile, then he grew serious, "But come on, you three didn't realize that he was trying to weaken us. If we were on an actual mission, we would be dead listening to him, sometimes when it comes to team survival, insubordination pays off. You, Naruto, I thought you should realized that after when you skipped breakfast last time and you had Ami beat you in a practice spar."

Naruto blushed as he remembered that incident. Sakura spoke up, "But we are only Genin, Kakashi-sensei has more experience than all of us combined."

"And that prompts us to listen to him? Geez, for being the smartest girl in class, you have absolutely no common sense at all."

Sakura was about to shoot a nasty reply until Kakashi said, "He is right, Sakura…at least one of you has looked underneath the underneath." Sakura glared at Ishide, who in turn gave her the finger, but then she realized something, "Wait, sensei, you are missing a bell."

Ishide said sarcastically, "Congratulations, you can count…" Naruto punched the top of his head and said, "Be quiet, Ishide…" Kakashi said, "Correct, Sakura, it means that one of you will not be on this team if you don't get a bell….you will be sent back to the Academy for another year of training. You can use any ninjutsu, genjutsu or taijutsu against me and you must come at me with the intent to kill."

"But won't you get hurt?" Sakura asked hesitantly.

"I will be fine, Sakura…."

Naruto said, "Yeah, Sakura is right…you look pretty weak to me."

"You know, the weak ones are always the ones who boast about their power….am I right, dead last?" Kakashi said nonchalantly. The Jinchuuriki's eyes flashed in anger and he took out his kunai to stab Kakashi. Suddenly Naruto found himself facing Sasuke and Sakura with his arm, armed with his kunai aimed at the back of his head.

"Maa, maa….I didn't tell you to start yet now." Kakashi said calmly. Ishide said, "True, but if it were an enemy, he wouldn't hesitate to kill you." Kakashi looked to see Ishide behind him, aiming his own kunai at his kidney and Naruto grinned, "You see, I told you that pranking came in handy, but I didn't see you move at all."

Ishide smirked, "That is because I released my weights…"


"C'mon, Nii-san, think…during running away from the Chunin and Jonin, I had weights on when we were on the getaway. It took a while to get used to them, but then I got faster. The only reason that you and Kakashi didn't notice me at all was because of that fact that you were focused on each other."

"Cool, but why didn't you tell me about the weights?"

"I did…but you were too focused with Sakura and ramen, mostly ramen. After the test, we will stop by the shinobi shop and get you some weights."

Kakashi released Naruto and Ishide put the kunai back in his holster. The Jonin thought, "Alone, even I would think that I could beat them, but when they are together, they could make a formidable team. Naruto uses brute force while Ishide uses logic and reasoning. I better keep an eye on them when they are together."

"Alright then, without further ado…ready…GO!" Kakashi said.

The Genin instantly played hide and seek, then the Hatake took out his book and thought, "Hmm, Sasuke and Sakura have hidden themselves pretty well, so have Naruto and Ishide…Ishide must be planning something since he dragged Naruto into the forest with him."

Deep in the forest, Naruto whispered angrily, "Why did you drag me back here? I was going to kick sensei's ass…" Ishide replied, "And you would have failed miserably, what he did back there before was no fluke… he could have killed you before you even moved. Plus I figured out the test…we are not supposed to get the bells."

"What? Then why would he say we have to?"

"The test is teamwork, we both know that neither of us could possibly defeat him, we could give him a hard time… we wouldn't get the bells."

"I thought you said that we didn't have to get the bells."

"It is an optional way to pass, but he would prefer that we work together…all of us."

"So we have to ask for Sakura-chan and Sasuke-teme's help?"

"Correct, but we have to ask for Sasuke to join us…he is essential, so we can get your little howler monkey."

Naruto said, "But I could…"

"Naruto, she doesn't like you and finds you annoying while I utterly just dislike her with a passion for how she treats you. She has a blatant admiration and crush for Sasuke, but Sasuke doesn't like her either and prefers to be a loner…so the plan is to wait until Kakashi deals with Sasuke and then hopefully goes after Sakura."

"But how are we going to meet them both and relay to each other?"

"What is the sign for the Kage Bunshin, Naruto?"

Naruto showed him the sign and Ishide said, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu…" Three clones appeared and Naruto was a bit impressed that Ishide got it on his first try. "Okay, two of them will be watching both Sakura and Sasuke at a safe distance. After he deals with them, we will be coming after us…so we will have to keep moving or make decoys."

Naruto said, "No problem! Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Six squads appeared and then half of them transformed into Ishide. Naruto said, "Alright, now scatter…" The younger Uzumaki said, "Good, now all we have to do is wait…"

Sasuke- The Uchiha attack a seemingly unsuspecting Kakashi with a mix of kunai and shuriken, which all of them hit their designated target only for the Jonin to reveal that he used the Kawarimi no Jutsu. Sasuke thought as he ran, "Damn it, he knows where I am now! I have to move!"

He jumped through the trees until he came into a clearing. Using his honed senses, he found out fairly quickly that he was not alone. "I am not like any of those losers…" he stated calmly. Kakashi was leaning against the tree with his book in his hand, "Say that after you get a bell, Sasuke."

The Uchiha sent a kunai at his teacher, who dodged it by springing to another tree, but Kakashi looked to see that Sasuke has a wide smirk plastered on his face. "Damn, a trap!" The Jonin cursed in his head as knives were launched at the tree he was previously at.

Kakashi skidded on the ground to get his bearings and looked up to see that Sasuke charge and came in with a flying kick. The Jonin quickly tucked his book away and caught Sasuke's leg. Next, Sasuke threw a punch with his right arm, but Kakashi was able to catch that too, occupying all of his free hands.

Sasuke tried to use this advantage by twisting to use his free leg to aim at Kakashi's head. The white-haired Jonin used his forearm to block it only to realize that Sasuke was planning to use his free arm to get the bells.

Quickly, Kakashi tossed Sasuke away from his persona just as the Uchiha touched the bells. Then Sasuke began to do hand signs that Kakashi recognized instantly, "What? That is impossible; a mere Genin shouldn't have that much chakra to perform that jutsu!"

"Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu!" Sasuke shouted and then he blew a fireball at his teacher. The Jutsu engulfed the man and when it finally dissipated, Sasuke frowned in disappointment as he saw that there was no body or the smell of burnt flesh.

"Where is he? Left...Right…Above…Behind…then he must be…"

"That's right, I am below you…Doton: Shinju Zanshu no Jutsu!" Kakashi said as his hand burst out of the earth to latch on to Sasuke's ankle tightly. Suddenly the Uchiha was yanked down to the earth and Kakashi burst out of the ground before Sasuke's head. "Better luck next time, Sasuke…now let me see if I can find your teammates to play with." Kakashi said before he rushed off into the woods in search for one of his students. "Damn it! I can't move at all!" Sasuke thought angrily, but then Ishide appeared in front of him and said, "Well, hello, Uchiha, judging from your predicament…I take it that you didn't get a bell. Do you need some help?"

Sasuke snorted and turned his neck to the side, the Uzumaki raised his hands in defense as he said, "Fine, but I am afraid that I am going to need your help as well as Banshee's to get the bells from Kakashi. Personally, I don't care who gets them, alright? If you agree, then nod twice…"

Sasuke turned to look at Ishide and smirked, "So you need my help?"

"Don't get it twisted…the only reason that I am asking is because one, I need you for this test as well as your fan girl and two, I am not the one stuck neck deep in the earth…you need me and I need you, no matter how much you want to deny it, Sasuke."

"Fine, then I will join….but if this plan doesn't work, then I am flying solo."

"Fair enough!" Ishide said as he worked on freeing Sasuke while telling him the true test.

Sakura- The Haruno ran through the forest with two things in mind. The number one priority was to find Sasuke and you have a sure guarantee to be safe from Kakashi. Being with Naruto or Ishide meant trouble, especially Ishide and number two was avoid Kakashi-sensei until Sasuke takes him out.

"Where is Sasuke-kun? Could Kakashi-sensei have…no, he couldn't have! Sasuke-kun is more…" She thought until she stopped abruptly and let out a small gasp. A few meters away, Kakashi was standing, reading his ever-present book.

"Whew, he almost saw me…"she thought as she let out a breath of relief until… "Sakura, behind you." A voice said. Sakura turned to see Kakashi make the Ram seal and said, "Magen: Narakumi no Jutsu!" Sakura was plunged into a world of hidden meaning as the leaves scattered around her in the wind across her vision for a few minutes.

"Huh? What happened? Where is sensei? Something is definitely wrong here." She said, confused. "S-Sakura…." A voice said. Sakura instantly recognized it and turned around quickly, "Sasuke-kun…" The Haruno turned to see that her crush was severely infused with kunai and shuriken embedded in his body and one of his legs was twisted all the way around.

"H-Help me… S-Sakura." Sasuke gasped out in pain. The pink-haired girl did one thing…well, two things actually. The first thing that she did was scream for dear life and the next thing she did was faint. "Maybe I was a bit too hard on her." Kakashi thought to himself, "Oh, well, after I finish this chapter…I will find Naruto and Ishide next."

With Kakashi so engrossed in his book, Ishide appeared and dragged Sakura away as he thought to himself, "You fell to an E-Rank genjutsu…you need a lot of work, Sakura…physically and mentally."

Soon the gang was gathered together and Ishide's clone brought in an unconscious Sakura. "Sakura-chan…" Naruto shouted, "What did sensei do to her?" Ishide said, "Nothing, but used a simple genjutsu…she probably saw something that happened to Sasuke and faints."

Ishide gently slapped Sakura's cheek and her eyes fluttered open. She got up and looked to see Sasuke and opened her mouth, "What? Sasuke-kun? You're alrig…"Ishide clapped a hand over her mouth and hissed, "Quiet, do you want to let Kakashi find us so quickly?"

Sasuke asked, "What is this place anyway?"

"My hideout…I have certain particular places to hide when I don't want to be found or when I want to think. This is one of them, luckily it was an old base of some sorts and I think it has a chakra barrier that suppresses your chakra signature. Now to fill Sakura in…we need to work together to get the bells."

"But Sasuke-kun…"

"Is one man and plus I had to dig him out out the ground after he attempted to get the bells himself. You got hit by an E-Rank genjutsu and fainted, based on skills, you are mostly the liability." Ishide interrupted in a stern voice.

"Ishide…stop talking bad about Sakura-chan."

Ishide ignored his brother and said, "Now here is the plan…Naruto, Sasuke, you are the heavy hitters. I need you two to work together by using your Fire jutsu and clones to maneuver him over to the posts, where Sakura will be providing support with the traps that I had my clones set up around the perimeter. Since I am faster than you three, I will steal the bells."

Sasuke said in a suspicious tone, "Hold on, why do you do it? You are obviously going to give your brother the other bell, but who gets the other one?"

"I will worry about that after we get them. Besides you would do the same thing, Sasuke…" Ishide smirked.

The Uchiha smirked as well, "True, I never seen this plotting side of you, Ishide."

"Trust me, there are a lot of sides that nobody knows, Sasuke…now let's go!"

Kakashi- "Hmm, where are they?" Kakashi thought, "I can't sense their chakra...wait!" Suddenly he heard Naruto's shout of "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" and dozens of clones came out to assault their sensei. "He can make this many clones?" the Jonin thought in shock.

"I have been waiting to kick your ass all day, sensei! You hurt Sakura-chan and now you are going to pay in full with insurance, pal!" Naruto declared, "Charge!" The clones moved towards their Jonin sensei, attacking in en masse.

Next, Sasuke appeared from the trees and shouted, "Katon: Housenka no Jutsu!" He spat out fireballs that pelted the area where Kakashi was at, making the Jonin move towards the lake. Then the Hatake heard a whistling sound and took out a kunai to block the kunai. It fell to the ground point first and then Kakashi heard hissing, he looked down to see that the kunai had a paper bomb attached to the end. "Oh shi…" Kakashi said.

BOOM! The shockwave sent the white haired scarecrow over the lake's surface and then into the water. Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura stood at the edge of the lake and Sakura asked, "Did we get him? Is he okay?"

Kakashi burst out of the water and the three genin fell back on the backs in fear as the Jonin said, "Oh, I am fine…but the question is…will you be?" Suddenly they heard the bells jingle and Kakashi's lone eye widened, "What?"

He turned to see a grinning Ishide in wet clothes and with the bells in his hand, "So sensei, do we pass?"

"Yes, you have the bells…so who gets one?"

"That is easy…none of us do since getting the bells was not the real objective." Ishide said, "It was teamwork that was the real objective."

Kakashi said, "How did you find out?"

"It took me a while, but it was obvious…even with all of our strength, we couldn't defeat you alone. The only way to stand a chance was if all of us worked together. Even the strongest Kage can be taken down by a squad of Genin through teamwork."

Kakashi gave him an eye smile, "Congratulations….all of you have passed the test. Without teamwork, we would all be dead. I was not sure if that you guys were ready since you were being my little puppets by following my rules, but now I am certain that you have what it takes to be ninjas. Remember this, those who don't follow the rules are trash, but those who abandon their comrades are worse than trash."

All four of them nodded and Naruto said, "Well, now…let's eat because I am starved." The three Genin walked to the posts while Kakashi and Ishide walked together in the back. "You let us win with that, Kakashi-sensei." Ishide said.

"I know, but I am surprised that you know the location of that shack."

"So you noticed…"

"Who are you, Ishide?"

"A Shinobi, nothing more, nothing less. Kakashi Hatake, son of the Shiroi Kiba and former ANBU Commander Codename: Inu. You are also the sole surviving student of the Yondaime Hokage as well and you have a Sharingan in your left eye."

"How did you…"

"Your ANBU rank was because of your hair and in the Academy, Iruka-sensei taught us about some of the legendary ninja in this village, including your father. As to the other information, I found out about the Sharingan from the Bingo Book and I asked around for information about you."

"You are smarter than you let on."

"Naturally, information is a powerful tool; I have to know who and what I am dealing with."

"How did you find out about the barrier?"

"Can't tell you that, Sensei…and trust me, you can send a Yamanaka in my head, but I have mental defenses and he or she will come out as a vegetable and torture…well, you should know that it is not going to work after all I have been through."

Kakashi looked at Ishide, "You are not very trusting of others, aren't you"

"Well, mobs that try to kidnap you to get to your brother tend to do that to you, you know?" Ishide said, glancing at Kakashi from the corner of his eye. Kakashi said in a serious tone, "Just so you know, Ishide, I will be watching you…if you do anything to endanger the safety of this village, I…"

"Please, if you are worrying about my loyalty, then let me assure you that my loyalty is only to the Hokage, not the village itself. Once he is dead, then I will have no obligation to care about this village. I don't like nor trust this village at all, not even the Hokage himself."

"Not even Naruto?" Kakashi questioned.

Ishide said nothing for a moment and then he whispered, "No…I trust him, in fact, he is the only one that I can trust with my life. After all, he is the only one that knows what I have been through better than anyone else."

"Ishide! Sensei! Can I have your bentos?" Naruto asked.

"Like hell you will!" Ishide shouted as he ran towards the posts, leaving Kakashi behind as he merely walked, "Minato-sensei, your sons are turning out fine, but I am afraid that hatred has settled in Ishide's heart…please give me the strength to guide him on the right path."

Later that night, in the prison, Mizuki was lying on his cot and muttered, "I will get out and when I do, those three will pay for what they have done to me." Suddenly wind blew through the window and Mizuki looked at it briefly and turned back to see a man dressed in black and had a wraith-like appearance with a black ANBU mask. The mask had a curved, blackened lip grin and in the eye slots were cold, grey eyes.

"Who…who are you?" Mizuki demanded, "How the hell you got here?"

The man said nothing, but raised his hand and pointed at him with his claw gauntlet, "Mizuki, you will pay for your crimes against the Uzumaki clan….you will suffer greatly." Mizuki narrowed his eye, "Oh, masked avenger, I know that it is you, Ishide…but this is perfect, I can kill you right here and now!"

Mizuki leapt at the man, who dodged to the left, but his mask fell and the former Chunin turned to see that his face was grotesque and burned beyond recognition. "W-What?" Mizuki gasped out in fear, the man picked up his mask and put it back on, and then he reached one of his khopesh (Curved Egyptian sword) and walked slowly toward him.

"W-Who are you?"

"I have no name…but you can call me Kurorei…"

He raised his sword and struck down at Mizuki. The next morning, his battered, bloody body was held up in display in the prison for all to see, his intestines were used as a noose to hang him from the ceiling and the worst thing about it was that nothing had heard or felt anyone come in. Nobody knew what he look like, but all they learned what his name…etched on the wall using Mizuki's blood and the sign of two khopeshs as the coat of arms.