Chapter 7-Grudge Battles

The board flashed to reveal the new fighters, who were Tenten and Temari, the Konoha girl smirked with confidence to be in the finals and she walked down the stairs to face Temari, who was wearing a confident smirk of her own on her face. "Are the contestants ready?"

Lee shouted, "Good luck, Tenten…"

Neji murmured, "Now…the second member of the Sand Team, this could be interesting."

Both of the kunoichis nodded in confirmation and Hayate chopped down his hand, "Now Match 5: Tenten versus Sabaku no Temari…begin."

Tenten and Temari both jumped back to get some distance between each other, the weapons mistress threw kunai at the wind mistress, but Temari gathered wind-natured chakra to block the kunai away from her.

Tenten said, "What? But that attack was right on."

Ishide thought, "She is using wind manipulation…bad matchup for Tenten. She has absolutely no chance in winning unless she has a fire jutsu. Since Gai never utilizes ninjutsu in respect of Lee and Tenten desperately wants to be a weapons specialist, Senpai may lose this one."

Temari unclasped her fan and opened it up to reveal a purple moon on the fan. "This is the first moon, girl. When you see all three, the match will be over."

Tenten gritted her teeth as she racked her brain, "How is she doing that? She is not using any hand signs or nothing, but yet my attacks can get through."

Tenten ran at Temari and threw kunai at all directions as she thought, "This should work." But again the attack failed and Temari swung her fan to blow back Tenten and her weapons. "You are on the second moon, sister. Look, it's over, your weapons aren't effective against my style, which has been proven twice." Temari said.

Tenten unclasped the two scrolls on her hips and Lee said quietly, "Tenten….you are not thinking of using that technique, aren't you?"

Tenten thought, "I have no choice, this move should be able to pierce that wind defense of hers….I can't lose here, there is someone that I want to fight here." Tenten placed the two scrolls apart from each other and bit her thumb, drawing blood. "Well, like they always say the third time is the charm! Soshoryu!" she shouted.

The two scrolls burst and twirled around Tenten, she flew up and levitated in the middle. She grabbed one of the scrolls in air and began to flip in around her until the scroll unfurled around her. Then she swiped her blood on the markings, making various weapons popped out in existence.

Just then Sakura woke up and Ino said, "You are finally awake, huh, Sakura?" Sakura looked down sadly, "I…lost." Her rival chuckled a bit, "Pft, I should be the one who wants to cry…to tie with the likes of you."


Ino said nothing, then she handed Sakura her headband with a smile, "Here…by the way, you did make it bloom into a beautiful flower, Sakura…" Sakura whispered, "Ino…" Then she smiled and happily tied her headband to hold her hair back.

"But next time we fight, you won't come out of it with just being knocked out and plus…I have absolutely no intention of handing Sasuke-kun over to you." Ino said slyly.

"That line…I return it back to you!"

They began a lightning staring match and then turned away with their heads to the other side and their arms crossed.

Then Tenten threw the weapons one by one at Temari, who swung her fan to make the weapons blow off course and stab or fall on the ground around her. Tenten smirked and brought her hands back to her body and to everyone's surprise, the weapons came back to her.

Kakashi thought, "Very clever, she used wires to attack to the weapons….clever girl that Gai got."

Temari said, "Sorry, today is not your day….you lose, princess." Temari swung her fan while shouting, "Ninpou: Kamaitachi no Jutsu!" The weapons were blown back once again and Tenten was trapped in a wind cyclone, where she was slashed up by invisible blades of wind.

Tenten fell to the ground and Temari let her fall onto her fan's blunt end. "No way…" Lee whispered and then Neji commented, "Tenten's weapon attacks…were rendered useless."

"How boring." Temari commented.

"What is up with her?" Naruto asked and Hiruzen thought, "The genin from the Sand…are dangerous this year." Next, Temari smirked as Hayate declared her the winner and she moved to throw Tenten away, but Ishide moved to catch her.

"Nice catch…" Temari said, but Ishide didn't reply as he set Tenten down gingerly and then he glared at Temari, "If you ever do that to another opponent again, I swear…you will not be swinging that fan of yours once I am done ripping your arms apart."

Temari visibly flinched as she thought, "Those eyes…there are just like Gaara's…" The Sand girl scoffed and tried to play cool, but she slightly shivered as she felt those cold eyes on his back as she walked up the stairs.

Then Hayate had several ninjas take Tenten's scrolls to seal back her weapons into them, then the board flashed to reveal the next fighters, which were Shikamaru Nara and Kin Tsuchi. The lazy genius sighed, "Me, huh?"

Soon the two opponents faced each other and Shikamaru commented, "Man, this it is tough fighting against a girl." Kin sneered as she said, "Then I will end it quickly…" Shikamaru's blond teammate cheered, "Don't lose, Shikamaru!"

"She is sure cheerful…" Choji thought as he looked at her. Shikamaru thought as he stared at Kin, "Well, this is quite a predicament, I have no idea what her abilities are, but on the bright side, she doesn't know mine and I only have one jutsu."

"Match 6: Shikamaru Nara versus Kin Tsuchi." Hayate shouted, "You may begin!"

Shikamaru thought as he made the Rat seal, "This is all I have… Kagemane no Jutsu!" His shadow grew and shot toward Kin, who dodged it as she thought, "Whatever that jutsu does, I really don't want to know what he will do."

"Damn it, Kagemane no Jutsu…"

Kin thought, "He did it again, which possibly means that it is the only jutsu in his arsenal." She declared, "You are a one trick pony, aren't you? All I have to do is watch your shadow and I will have nothing to fear at all!"

She launched senbon at Shikamaru, who ducked under them and heard a sound from behind. He turned briefly to see that bells were attached to the end and he smirked, "That is an old trick. Next, you will throw one with a bell and the other without one, making me dodge the first one when I react to the sound and don't notice the second one...stab, right?"

Kin replied, "You sure like to talk!"

"This should be easy enough, just avoid the needles…" Suddenly the male ninja heard something behind him and he turned to see that there was string attached to the previous bells. "Crap, she was using the string to ring the bells."

"Too late!" Kin shouted as she threw her designated throwing weapons and Shikamaru fell to the ground as he was struck by it. "If I dodge your shadow, there is nothing that you can do! And now for the coup de grace…" The kunoichi said with a cruel smirk.

Suddenly her body struggled to move as she tried to figure out what was going on and Shikamaru got up with a grin on his face, "Kagemane no Jutsu success!"

"What are you talking about? I don't see your shadow anywhere?!"

"You haven't noticed yet?" Shikamaru said as he yanked out the senbon from his shoulder and arm.

"No way…"

"Exactly, idiot! A string at that height can't produce a shadow! I can lengthen, shrink and freely control my shadow though there is a limit."

"Damn it!" She thought, "The shadow is getting fatter and fatter, so this wasn't the shadow of the string."

"Yup! I made my shadow really skinny to make it look like it was being cast by the string and attached it to you." Shikamaru said as he took out a shuriken from his holster, making Kin do the same and she shouted in protest, "Are you crazy?! Both of us are locked in the same movements, if you attack, you will get hurt too!"

"Tell me something I don't know…"

"You aren't…"

"We will keep throwing shurikens to see how long we can last!" Shikamaru said as he launched his throwing star. "You fool!" Kin said as she released her own. As the shuriken came closer and closer to their head, Kin thought, "Bah! He is just bluffing…"

She suddenly put her body in a back bend to have her head slammed into the wall and Shikamaru said, "Heh, one down…If you are a shinobi, then you should fight with the knowledge of your surroundings even if we move the same. The shuriken was just a ploy to keep you from noticing how close you were to the wall."

"Winner: Shikamaru Nara!" declared Hayate.

Kiba thought, "Okay, the guys left are that other Sound Nin, me, Hinata, Naruto, Ishide, Kabuto, Neji, Lee, Choji and that team of Ame…oh, and that Sand guy. Please, but anyone but him…"

Neji glanced over at Hinata, "This year's rookies will be fun to fight against…" Hayate said as the scoreboard flashed, "Now the next match…" It revealed the next two names, which were Naruto Uzumaki and Kiba Inuzuka.

"Yes! It's here! It's here! Finally, it's about…" Naruto began to shout until Ishide slapped him lightly on the head, "Would you shut up and go down to fight already? Sometimes I wondered if you are my brother even though I look like you."

"Haha, lucky! We can definitely beat him, Akamaru!" Kiba declared and his dog barked in agreement. Ishide whispered, "Knock him down hard, Naruto…" The Kyuubi Jinchuuriki nodded and said, "You got it, Aniki, it is time to show you how strong I am…"

"Match 7: Naruto Uzumaki versus Kiba Inuzuka…"

"Hyahahahaha! It looks like we won already! We are so lucky, Akamaru!" Kiba declared and Naruto retorted, "Shut the hell up! Besides I am stronger than I look, Kiba…and it is disappointing that you need a small puppy to help in a fight."

"Hah, acting all tough, then I will do this." Kiba said, "Akamaru, stay back…I will fight alone."

Sakura shouted, "Don't lose to him, Naruto!" Kurenai glanced, "Naruto, eh? Sorry, Kakashi, but he can't beat Kiba…"

"Don't underestimate my brother, Miss Kurenai…" the Genjutsu Mistress looked over to see Ishide glance at her, "Don't play it off like I didn't see that look on your face, grades don't prove shit when it comes to fighting."

"You know what? I feel sorry for you, so I will end it with one punch…"

"You can try if you can…"

"Stop acting all tough!"

Hayate shouted, "Begin!" Kiba immediately said, "Ninpou: Shikyaku no Jutsu!" Kiba's body was laced with chakra and he became more feral than usual. "Here I come…" Kiba declared before he sped toward the Uzumaki and hit him in the stomach.

"He won't be opening his eyes for a while, referee." Kiba boasted and Shikamaru said, "I knew it."

Ino said, "There is no way that Naruto could beat Kiba…"

Kurenai said, "See…" The young Uzumaki kept his smirk up and the Jonin was surprised to see Naruto get up and said, "You know, that actually tickles a bit…but you shouldn't underestimate me, Kiba." Shikamaru thought, "Those are some big words now!"

"Saying that as you bleed? I thought I told you to stop acting so tough!" Kiba shouted and Akamaru agreed with a bark. "The thing is that I let you hit me to test the power of your blows and that little shot is not going to do me in like you planned. Matter of fact, I think it would suit you best to use your dog to help you out, you should be the one to stop acting tough."

"I will make you regret that…let's go, Akamaru!" Kiba shouted as he rummaged in his pouch and threw a smoke ball. Naruto flipped through hand signs quickly, "Futon: Reppusho!" A blast of wind came from his arm and blew away the smoke, launching Akamaru back and in turn, making Kiba turn only to provide Naruto a punch to the face.

"Surprised? I told you my brother is stronger than you think…"

"That may be, but Kiba's growth may be greater than your brother's…"

The Uzumaki crossed his arms, "Now are you going to get serious or should I just kick your ass all the way to Kumo?" Kiba got up and said, "Fine…you asked for it." The Inuzuka took out a soldier pill and gave it to Akamaru, whose fur turned red.

"What the hell?! What did you give him?"

"A soldier pill…" Kiba answered as he ate one himself and said, "Let's go, Akamaru!" Kurenai narrowed her eyes, "Kiba intends to end it here…" Akamaru barked out a few times and his human partner shouted, "Beast Mimicry: Ninpou: Jujin Bunshin no Jutsu!"

Instantly Akamaru transformed into a clone of Kiba and Naruto said, "Alright, I really don't like that look in his eyes." Kiba declared, "Here we go! Ninpou: Shikyaku no Jutsu!" The two Kibas sprang at Naruto, who took the time to dodge them only to get by with lacerations.

"Damn it, they are not giving me any options to use jutsu. Note to self: step up my speed hand sign training."

"Take this! Gatsuuga!" Kiba shouted as the two animals ripped through Naruto by turning into human drills. The Jinchuuriki fell to the ground, bleeding while Kiba landed as he said, "That is the difference between our abilities." Hinata shut her eyes as she couldn't bear to watch Naruto in pain.

"I…Hokage…can't lose here…" Naruto said as he struggled to get up. Kiba mocked him, "Hah, you become Hokage?! Even when you can't beat me?! You don't actually believe that you can become Hokage, but I tell you what? I will become Hokage in your place."

Ishide winced, "Och, he shouldn't have done that…now he is going to get it."

Hinata thought, "You are wrong, Kiba…Naruto-kun isn't that weak. Unlike me, he always believed in his self-worth, I really thought that was incredible because I understand how difficult that is…yet nobody would even look at Naruto or even tried to acknowledge him….but as of this moment, everyone that is watching him is acknowledging him."

"Get up, Nii-san…" Ishide shouted.

"I got it, aniki…as for you, Kiba, if you are competing for the title of Hokage…I am going to beat you like a whipped dog and put you on a leash."

"Give it a rest! Gatsuuga!"

Naruto dodged it this time and thought, "This technique is way too fast for me to counter, so…looks like I am going to have to resort to pranking."


Naruto made a hand sign and as the smoke cleared, there were not two Kibas anymore, but three. "Looks like this is going to be difficult for Kiba, he can't risk hitting Akamaru and vice versa, but Naruto knows which one is which, so he could attack. But what is your next move?" Ishide thought to himself.

"So that is your plan, but I should warn you about something. Earlier, I wasn't focusing and didn't notice last time, but the Henge doesn't work on me anymore because…" Kiba said as he punched the clone on his left, "Of you smell…never underestimate an acute olfactory."

"Kiba can focus his chakra to his nose and increase his smelling by a thousand fold and of course with it, he can tell people apart by smell." Kurenai thought to herself and Kiba said, "Heh, I won." Suddenly the clone disappeared into a puff of smoke to reveal…Akamaru. Shino thought, "What is going on?! Kiba's nose confused Akamaru and Naruto…"

Kiba thought, "Damn it, what the hell?!" Then he punched the other one as he shouted, "You must be Naruto, then take that!" The other Kiba skidded across the floor and it disappeared in a puff of smoke to reveal Akamaru.


"Oh no!" Kurenai thought to herself and Ishide chuckled, "Excellent prank, Naruto…" The other Akamaru disappeared and changed back into Naruto, who delivered a kick to the chin, making Kiba fall back toward Akamaru.

"Was Naruto that clever?" Ino asked.

"Although the Academy tried to hinder our abilities, Naruto comes through with his unique ability to think of elaborate plans on the fly. That is Naruto's strength, along with his determination as well." Ishide thought.

Then he felt a pull on his mind and fell into a meditative state to travel into his mindscape.

"Calm down, Kiba…don't get caught into Naruto's plan. He can't keep up with my movements that much now, so I wait for an opening and take him down with my Shikyaku no Jutsu. If I stay cool, I can win this match." the Inuzuka thought to himself.

"Well, it looks like you are serious now…so I guess that I can end this match with a new jutsu." Naruto said as he flipped through hand signs, but Kiba stopped him by throwing shuriken, "I don't know what your new technique is, but I will not let you use it."

Naruto dodged the shurikens while Kiba ran at him with his Shikyaku no Jutsu in effect and appeared behind him, "Too slow…" Naruto thought, "Sorry, Kiba…Akamaru, but a ninja…must use all openings." Kiba attacked only for Naruto to use the Kawarimi on Akamaru, making the dog take the hit.

Then Naruto shouted, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!" Kiba looked up as he got out of shock as one clone hit him in the face with a punch, "U…" The three came up and slid to kick him in the air, "Zu…Ma…Ki…" The real one that flipped into the air when the first clone punched him came down with an axe kick, "Naruto Barrage!"

Kiba fell to the ground, unconscious and Hayate came over to Kiba's fallen form, "Winner: Naruto Uzumaki!" Ishide smirked while Sakura and Lee cheered, "Go, Naruto!"

Shikamaru said, "That Naruto beat Kiba!" Naruto gripped his fist and walked up the stairs while Hinata thought to herself in a panic, "W-What should I do?" Then she said meekly, "N-Naruto-kun…"

"Hmm? Yeah, Hinata?"


"Thanks…it was nice seeing you again."

Hinata smiled as she twiddled with her fingers and Neji thought in mild anger, "Pft…you seem to be enjoying yourself, Hinata-sama." Then Hinata went to give Kiba and Akamaru the same cream, but Kiba said, "You should be worrying about yourself…listen, Hinata, there are 7 people left. If you get that Sand guy, forfeit immediately and also if you get Neji as well, forfeit too…he is cruel to you and you will get beaten to a pulp."

Hayate said, "Now let's announce the eighth match…" The scoreboard flashed to reveal Hinata Hyuga was facing against Neji Hyuga. "Damn…" Kiba said as he passed out and the medics took him away. Sarutobi thought, "What an interesting match-up…"

Neji and Hinata faced each other. Neji spoke first, "I never thought that I would be facing you." Hinata replied quietly, "Neji-nii-san." Naruto raised an eyebrow, "Never knew that Hinata had a brother." Kakashi replied, "That is because they aren't related like that, Naruto…they are members of the Hyuga clan, but they are not brother and sister."

Sakura asked the silver-haired jonin, "So then…what are they?" Kakashi said, "They are members of the Hyuga's Main and Branch Houses." Lee said, "Hinata is part of the Main House, while Neji is in the Branch House."

Sakura asked, "So why does Neji look mad at her for?"

Lee said, "Many things happened between both houses and they are at odds right now."

Naruto said, "Hinata would not dare hurt her cousin, but Neji will. This is a bad match-up if he does anything serious."

Hayate shouted, "Match 8: Hinata Hyuga vs. Neji Hyuga…begin!"

Neji said, "Before we begin, I like to speak freely, Hinata-sama….you don't make a good shinobi, forfeit the match." Hinata's eyes widened and she looked to the side.

Neji continued, "You are too kind, you wish for peace and avoid conflict…you agree with others, never resisting. You have no confidence in yourself and the Chunin Exam could be taken as a team of three…you couldn't turn down the request, couldn't you?"

Hinata said, "N-No, I w-wanted to change myself…do something on my own." Neji said, "As I thought….Hinata-sama, you are a spoiled brat of the Main Family. People can't change themselves, losers will always be losers. Their personality and strength can't change at all."

Naruto frowned as he thought, "I don't like him."

The destiny jackass continued, "Because people can't change, differences were born and the terms loser and elite were created. Looks, brains, personality, ability, size…all people judge and are judged in these values. Based on these unchangeable factors, people discriminate and are discriminated against and then they suffer under their own means. Just like the fact that you were born in the Main Family and I in the Branch."

Neji said, "I can see through you with my Byakugan…you are acting strong, but really you want to run and hide."

Hinata retorted feebly, "N-No, I really…"

Sakura said, "What is the Byakugan?"

Kakashi said, "In terms of insight, it surpasses the Sharingan. There are rumors that the Uchiha clan originates from the Hyuga clan."

Neji activated the Byakugan for an intimidation tactic, making Hinata's eye move in the upper left corner, then the lower right corner and she touched her pointer finger to her mouth.

Neji smirked smugly, "Like I said, I can see through. Your eye went up to the upper left meaning you are remembering your painful past, then in the lower right, that is a sign that you are imagining physical and mental pain…you are imagining that you are going to lose!"

Hinata flinched, raising her arms as Neji continued, "Raising your arms in front of yourself means that you are trying to distance yourself from me because everything that I predicted was true. Furthermore, touching your lip is a personality trait that reveals a disturbance; you are trying to soften the nervousness that you feel. So in basic reality, you haven't realized that you can't change your fate!"

"Yes, SHE CAN!" a voice shouted and everyone turned to see that it was from Ishide.

Ishide declared loudly, "You can't just automatically decide things about other people, you don't have that power, you arrogant ass! Geez, I know that the Hyuga clan with the exception of Hinata have icicles up their asses, but I never thought that it was that bad. Hinata, beat the shit out of this guy or at least talk about to him, just hearing him is pissing me off and you are the one that is fighting him."

"He is annoying…" Neji immediately decreed in his mind.

Then the Hyuga jackass looked at Hinata, her eyes filled with determination, "So you won't forfeit, then I will not be responsible for what happens here." Hinata activated her Byakugan as she thought, "I will not run away…I will no longer…run away!"

The Hyuga heiress then slipped into the Hyuga stance, "Neji-niisan, let's fight!" Neji slipped into the same stance, "Fine..." Both of them charged at each other. Lee said, "I thought so, their stances are similar to each other, the same Hyuga style." Sakura said, "Hyuga style?" Lee answered, "That style…is the strongest taijutsu.

Hinata and Neji fiercely battled and mesmerized the audience with the deadly dance of death. Hinata's flexibility against Neji's knowledge and control of chakra were clashed between each other, each trying to overpower and gained the upper hand. Then Hinata saw an opening and aimed her chakra at Neji's torso, catching a scratch on him.

Neji stepped back, clutching his chest, "Ugh!"

Naruto smiled, "Go, Hinata, you kick his ass. Prove to him that you are not weak." He said quietly as he watched her.

Sakura said, "But she only barely hit him."

Lee said, "That is the thing…a slight scratch is all it takes. That is all it needs."

Sakura said, "Explain, Lee-kun."

Gai stepped in, "The Hyuga style taijutsu has been passed down. The taijutsu Lee and I use, Goken, is solely for bruises and breaking bones while the Hyuga style, Juken, causes damage to the chakra network. It may not look impressive, but you feel the aftereffects as the battle progresses." Hinata fought, pressuring Neji to go on the defensive.

Shino thought, "Hinata's in control of the battle…Naruto, you actually gave her the confidence to stand up for herself and now I am seeing the true Hinata Hyuga."

Kurenai thought, "Hinata…"

Sakura said, "So they attack the chakra network system."

Kakashi said, "Anybody can utilize this style by knowing the anatomy of the body well, but their Byakugan helps them perfect the style…since they can see the chakra network." Hinata and Neji jumped back from a moment and clashed into. "Did she get him?" Sakura said loudly. Hinata coughed up blood, shocking everyone. Neji said, "So this is the extent of the Main Family household."

Hinata thought as she knocked Neji's arm away and aimed at his head, "Not yet!" Neji's eyes widened as he quickly reacted by grabbing her arm and pressing a point. Then he pulled back her sleeves to show red dot-like bruises on her arms. "No way…from the beginning, you…"Hinata said.

"Exactly, I have stopped your flow of chakra in your arms. You can no longer utilize the Jyuken style against me, it was fated that you will lose." Hinata was knocked back in the chest and she skidded a few feet away from him.

She struggled to get up as Neji said, "Hinata-sama, there is a difference in talent that will never change between us…the difference that makes you the loser and me the elite. This reality cannot be changed, from the moment you said you did not want to run, you were setting yourself up for regret, you should be overcome with desperation. Forfeit!"

As that moment, Hinata stood up, "I…don't…go back…on my word…because that is also my nindo…my ninja way."Naruto smirked as he thought, "Whoa, she is awesome, heh, go get him, Hinata!"The Kyuubi jailer cheered, "Go get him, Hinata, show him what you can do."

"She is at her limit…any more damage and she'll…" Kurenai thought in panic.

Kakashi said, "This Neji is quite formidable…I doubt that Sasuke will be able to beat him."

Gai thought, "She can't defeat him…Neji would most likely survive this test." Gaara looked intently at the fight, who knew what thoughts were going through his unstable mind.

Hinata looked up at Naruto and the Jinchuuriki smiled and nodded. The heiress then charged at her cousin. She thought, "Naruto-kun, Ishide-san…I have always watched you two for years. I don't know why, but when I look at you two, I feel like I can do anything. I feel courage…I feel like I am worth something, that is how I began to feel." Neji blocked her arm and raised his palm to plant a strike to the chin. She skidded back only to charge at him once again.

Kurenai thought, "Hinata…you used to always quit…I know better than anyone else about the tough training you put yourself into. You would fail missions and were weak when it mattered the most, eventually losing your confidence quickly. But…that child is no more because the woman I see has changed."

Hinata thought to herself, "I have always watched you, Naruto-kun, Ishide…but now you are the ones watching me."

Neji attacked Hinata in the chest as he said, "You understand nothing, your attacks have done nothing since the beginning."

Hayate was about to declare the match to Neji until Naruto shouted, "She is not done yet, don't stop the match…" Sakura cried out, "What are you saying, you idiot? She is at her limit, she is unconscious…"

"Sakura…" Naruto started, "If you truly agreed that Hinata is a lot like me…then you should realized that I am not one to quit that easily." Everyone gasped as Hinata stood up with her arm wrapped around her stomach.

"Why…Why do you persist on standing? If you keep on pushing yourself, you will die." Neji asked.

Hinata thought, "Because the people that I admire the most are finally watching me."

The Hyuga princess declared, "It's not over!"

Neji scoffed, "Acting touch is futile, I can see that you can barely stand at all. From the time of your birth, the responsibilities of the Main Family were pressed upon you. You have always hated your weakness, but people can't change Fate. There is no need to suffer, so let it go!"

Hinata replied softly, but strongly, "You are wrong, Neji…because that person that is suffering and lost in the destinies of the Main and Branch families is actually you." Suddenly something snapped within Neji and he ran at her, only for him to be stopped by Kurenai, Kakashi, Hayate and Gai.

"Neji, give it a rest…you gave me your word that you would keep a cool head over this Main Family business." Gai said and Neji retorted, "Why are the other Jonin butting in? Special protection for the Main Family…"

Suddenly Hinata kneeled to the ground, coughing up blood. "Hinata!" Kurenai shouted in concern as she ran to her while Naruto, Sakura and Lee jumped down to Hinata's side. "Hinata! Hey, are you all right?!" Naruto shouted.

"She doesn't look good." Sakura said, "Her face is so pale."

Hinata struggled to keep her eyes open as she thought, "Naruto-kun…I-I wonder…if maybe I managed to change…just a little bit." Naruto gulped and then Neji called out, "Hey…the loser over there. I like to tell you two things. If you are a real shinobi, then cut out the pathetic cheering of others and another thing, a loser is a loser…they can't change!"

Naruto got up slowly and glared at him, "Care to test me?" Neji smirked and the Jinchuuriki ran at him only to be stopped by Lee, "Naruto, I understand how you feel, but we have to limit our battles to the scheduled fights. Having seen the failure strike down and defeat a genius through sheer willpower, now won't that make an exciting match. But if it is you in the end, that it is fine too…" The Genin said.


"How was that, Gai-sensei?" Lee thought as he sent him a thumb-up and a sparkling smile. "Lee, you amazing kid!" Gai thought as he returned the gesture.

Kurenai moved her head to her heart and thought, "She is going into cardiac arrest..." She turned to glare at Neji as she thought, "He really intended to kill her."

"Instead of wasting time scowling at me, you should focus on taking care of her." The male Hyuga said with a smirk.

Kurenai shouted, "Where are those medics? Hurry!" A voice said, "That won't be necessary…"

The female Jonin said, "She is in cardiac arrest…what do you mean by there is no need for anything." She turned to see Ishide with tears in his eyes and he whispered, "Trust me; I know what I am doing…" He flipped through hand signs, "Sakasa Kagami no Jutsu…" He placed a hand on Hinata's stomach and a pale blue aura surrounded both Ishide and Hinata.

Hinata's face returned back to her color and Kurenai looked at Ishide gratefully, "Thank you…but I have never seen a jutsu like that before." Ishide smiled, "Of course, you haven't…because I made this jutsu, the Reverse Mirror Jutsu."

Kurenai said, "Reverse Mirror?" Then she saw blood coming out of the corners of Ishide's mouth, "This jutsu switches the person's current situation. Hinata's internal damage is now on my body instead of hers, she will be fine now."


Ishide grinned as he took Hinata's headband from her neck and gave his own while he tied Hinata's own on his forehead. He stood up for a moment and his fist clenched a bit as his anger and rage took over, he secretly released his weights and appeared in front of Neji, who was surprised.

Ishide cocked back his fist and decked him across the face, sending him into Gai's chest. "You…for what you did to Hinata, I will never forgive you…you are so lucky that your match is over, but if you face me, you are going to die ever so slowly. I am going to carve my name into your beating heart as I ripped those eyes of yours from your sockets, Neji Hyuga…so pray and pray hard for I will kill you."

The young Uzumaki left as he held his stomach a bit, and then left to go up the stairs. Kankuro thought, "How the hell did he reach that Neji guy that fast? Well, at least, we know that there are two monsters here, but ours has an inner nature that is uniquely bad."

Gaara began to quiver and shake, his face contorted into a twisted smile. "This is bad, Gaara's smelled blood and now that thing is starting to fidget…that demon that lives within him, but that Neji guy…you'd think he still has hidden reserves of strength, we've got to plan for the finals. Maybe I should gather some Intel, Naruto's an idiot, but he's a good place to start."

Kankuro walked towards Naruto, who asked, "What do you want, makeup boy?"

"Ohh, you're so dead when I get the chance." Kankuro thought, but he said, "Well, you see…it's about that Neji guy." Naruto said, "I don't like him and I think that Ishide is really going to kill him." Hayate said, "Now for the next match…"

The screen flashed to reveal Ishide Uzumaki and Daisuke Kamura. "Will the contestants come down?" Hayate asked. Daisuke moved down, but Ishide said, "Hokage-sama…" Sarutobi replied, "What is it, Ishide?"

"Would it be too much to ask for a second opponent?"

Everyone murmured at the younger Uzumaki's request. The Jonin form the Rain team turned to the Hokage, "Surely you must silence this upstart with his unreasonable request." Ishide fired back, "Oh, so are you proving the rumor that ninjas hailing from Rain are weak as well as cowards?"

The Jonin growled at Ishide, "No, I am proving that they are smart enough to avoid petty battles and you are proving that your village is very arrogant." Ishide retorted, "Judging by the fact that Konoha is one of the Five Great Countries while Ame is just a minor country as well as very secretive, we have every right to be confident or in your words, arrogant."

"You little shit!" Daisuke shouted, "I am going to enjoy tearing you into pieces!"

"Got you, you idiot…" Ishide thought with a smirk. "Then what you have to lose? With an opponent of your choice that hasn't fought, it is a two-on-one battle. Plus it gets that extra, pointless match out of the way."

"Ishide…" Kakashi said.

"Back off, Hatake…you will not interfere in this matter."

The Jonin continued, "I have to, Ishide, your opponent is chosen already. I know that you are angry, but it doesn't mean that you can make a ridiculous request." Daisuke said, "No…I like his idea, it is much faster and efficient, it allows the other person to show off his or her attacks."

Kakashi was about to speak again, but Kurenai clasped his shoulder, "Kakashi, don't say anything…"


"Look at him…something has changed within that boy, I can't explain it, but I just know that he will win his match…he has to. Plus he needs this to work off some steam and this is the best option, you know, firsthand, that his anger could possibly trigger that monster in his head."

Kakashi looked at Ishide and saw that the Genin was still shaking in anger, but his stance is confident. "Nekoshi, how is my body now?" the Genin asked.

"It is now in peak condition, but you will have to be careful of overexerting yourself…don't overdo it."

"What is he trying to prove?" Neji thought, "Unless he wants to prove that he can defy fate by defeating me…it seems that by striking down Lady Hinata critically has made him angry and unfocused."

Sakura pleaded with Ishide by grabbing his arm, "Ishide, you can't do this…" He glanced at her, "This is none of your concern, Sakura…" The Haruno replied as tears started to fall, "I know that you are angry over Hinata, but if you fight two people at once with your injuries from that jutsu, you could die…there is a chance that you might die."

Ishide smirked and chuckled a bit, "Wow, I didn't think that you were capable of actually caring about someone other than Sasuke." The pink-haired kunoichi put her head down, but then her male teammate turned around and hugged her, "Thanks for caring…but this is something that I gotta do, how far I gotten and this is also personal…"

"You like her, don't you?" Sakura whispered lowly.

Ishide didn't reply, but his eyes revealed everything. Ino commented, "What is he doing? Is he trying to get himself killed?" Shino replied, "If you knew how he feels, then maybe you would understand better, Ino-san."


"Ishide hardly ever made any conversation to anyone except Iruka-sensei, Naruto and occasionally Hinata. He cares about them deeply more than any of us though he tries his best to hide it. When you brutally attacked a friend, you will do everything in your power to seek retribution. That is what Ishide is looking for and he is fixing to use his opponents as an example of what he is going to Neji and he might as well show his power."

Shikamaru said, "Looks like we are going to see the darker side of Ishide and it doesn't look like it is going to be pretty…for his opponent, that is." Ishide thought to himself, "I have to do this…are you ready, Nekoshi…"

Flashback- Ishide came into his mindscape and evil laughter echoes throughout it, "Why, hello, Ishide…" the voice said, "Did you miss me?"

"Hello, Nanashi…"

A boy in the image of Ishide walked from the darkness of the shadows, "You didn't think that I couldn't keep me trapped in that seal forever." Nanashi said evilly.

"Of course not, I had to buy myself some time, you know, couldn't have you taking over my body and going on a rampage like last time. Now where is Nekoshi and how did you get out without me detecting you?"

Nanashi replied, "I will tell you if you can defeat me…"

Ishide sighed, "I have no choice?"

Nanashi cocked his head to the side in a mock thinking pose, "Hmm, let's see, you allowed that fool of a Hokage to seal me away for six years, Ishide. Six years, so you couldn't kill anyone without going berserk and now that damned Uchiha is gone, there is no one left to stop and…I have a way to break you."

Nanashi snapped his fingers and a screen popped up, "Right now, your precious Hinata is being intimidated by her cousin!" Ishide thought, "That is the dude that asked for my name…Neji Hyuga." Nanashi said, "The only way to get back to reality is to defeat me…"

Ishide heard Neji's harsh words against Hinata and he thought, "Yes, she can! Yes, she can! Yes, SHE CAN!" Suddenly Ishide heard his mouth cry out in the real world and thought, "If I can think hard enough, I can project my thoughts in the real world."

He shut his eyes as he thought, "You can't just automatically decide things about other people, you don't have that power, you arrogant ass! Geez, I know that the Hyuga clan with the exception of Hinata have icicles up their asses, but I never thought that it was that bad. Hinata, beat the shit out of this guy or at least talk about to him, just hearing him is pissing me off and you are the one that is fighting him."

He opened his eyes and watched as Hinata lifted her head and began to fight Neji, "Hold on, Hinata….I will come back for you." The boy thought as he took out two kunai knives while Nanashi did the same as he said, "Are you ready yet?"

Ishide said nothing, making Nanashi chuckle, "I guess you are…" Water sloshed around as the two adversaries fought over the control of the physical body and power. Ishide slashed at Nanashi's chest, but Nanashi moved backwards and dealt Ishide a roundhouse kick.

Ishide fell backwards to see Nanashi in the air, readying a killing blow as he descended downwards to him. The Jinchuuriki quickly rolled to the side, escaping certain death and Nanashi looked up to see Ishide's foot connect with his chin.

Ishide threw both of his kunai and Nanashi threw his own, deflecting them. "He looks like me and moves like, but he doesn't act like me…why?" Both combatants ran at each other, trading the same punches and kicks. Ishide blocked the killer's kick and dealt him a back kick to the stomach; Nanashi doubled up in pain and met an uppercut dealt by Ishide.

Then the Jinchuuriki jumped up and kicked him, sending his dark copy into the wall and he slumped forward to the ground. "Finally it's over…" Ishide said, exhausted.

He glanced over at the screen to see Hinata coughing up blood and shouted, "Hinata!" But then Nanashi appeared and grabbed his arms from behind, "Now you didn't think that you would be rid of me that easily, did ya?" He hissed in his ear, "Now when I destroy you, I will be free and wreak havoc upon your world like we should have done…everyone hates us, they will never understand our burden that we share. That is why everyone must be killed, including your brother and your precious girlfriend."

"Don't you ever….EVER…threaten to kill Hinata-chan or Naruto-nii!" Ishide shouted as he looked behind him and Nanashi looked at Ishide's forest green eyes, "Aww, you're mad! Good! We can end this charade once and for all! After all, everything has a beginning and an end."

"Yes, it does…Nanashi, however we will not end this way."

"What are you talking about, you incompetent fool!"

"You can't end me, Nanashi. You are nothing, but a non-existent spirit of darkness. A shell, a sham! Nothing hence your name…you know, you had me thinking as I was fighting. You can't end me…because you are me; you are Ishide Namikaze-Uzumaki, my inner darkness."

Nanashi's eyes widen and pain shot through his head as he heard his true name, "Auuggh!" Nanashi pushed Ishide away and held his head, howling in pain. "There is only one way to escape the pain and that is to become one with me." Ishide said calmly.

"Why should I trust you?! You could just seal me away again?!"

"Then I would never be whole and you don't want to disappear either. I am your only chance and by sealing you, I would be hindering myself again, I have been doing that for six years and I won't make that same mistake twice."

Nanashi managed a crooked smile through his pain, "Well, then, what are we waiting for? Let's do it…so I can get rid of this headache." Ishide grabbed Nanashi's hand and there was a bright light surrounding the two.

As it dimmed, leaving Ishide standing in his mindscape, the illusion surrounding Nekoshi fell. "Ishide, what happened? Where is Nanashi?" he asked. "We have become whole again, Nekoshi. Nanashi is part of me now…I feel complete now."

"Well, then…go kick some ass! Neji is about to kill Hinata!"

Ishide nodded and left the mindscape.

Flashback ENDS

"I want two opponents…" Ishide said, "I need to push myself to the limit."

"Fine, Ishide…I will grant your request. Daisuke-san, you can choose your partner." Sarutobi said. Daisuke smirked, "Morio, you are up…" The other boy came down to the arena and Hayate said, "Ok, Match 9: Ishide Uzumaki versus Morio and Daisuke Kamura…begin!"

Ishide looked at the two curiously, Daisuke was a tanned, white haired guy wearing a beige coat and brown pants while his brother Morio was the same, but slightly taller and bulkier. Naruto thought to himself, "I just hope that they don't mention Hinata's name in front of him or he will kill them."

"You are going down!" Morio shouted.

"You know, I wasn't even going to try and beat my opponent because I didn't have a reason to fight….but now certain events happened and now…it's personal!" Ishide said as dark green chakra surrounded his body.


The chakra formed over Ishide's head and formed a snarling fox head. Ishide's whisker marks grew wider and his nails sharpened, "Let's get started…" Ishide snarled as he punched Morio in the face and dealt Daisuke a roundhouse kick.

"Ishide…he's a Jinchuuriki?!" The Jonin and Naruto thought to themselves.