Well hello once again. Cory of PRIVATE Corp here, bringing you... well, my first one-shot. That and also my first shot at doing a Spy vs. Spy thing. I do have in mind something bigger, but there's a good reason for this story existing. It was part of my, oddly, digital design class to where we need to use the word of the day(s) and make something funny. I decided to do a short story (my teacher said to do a story) and this is what came to me. Normally my things are long. This is probably the shortest that I'll ever get.

So enjoy my short work. You'll notice a trend in some words in this story.

Legal Stuff: I DO NOT own Spy vs. Spy. The two spies are brought to us by the great Antonio Phobias and are copyrighted by MAD Magazine. I alone take credit for writing this story.

Home Life
by Cory of PRIVATE Corp


The head spy of the White Embassy is sitting in his home, holding up an analgesic to his bruised head after encountering his rival in the Black Embassy. He is admonishing to himself under his breath, well knowing that his enemy can be spying on him as he sits in his lounge chair. Such acumen is with both agencies, with both sides sharing the same acerbity between each two, yet this hatred has seen a few faults that led to one side taking the blow instead of the other. The White spy slides down in his chair, enjoying the moment of abnegation for the time being

For whom is this spy kidding? Why on earth is this, the best spy in his agency, be sulking over another defeat? No. This should be the time for him to formulate a plan and combat the Black Embassy. Yes, with the self-abetting, the White spy got to work on his plan, using such agility to come up with a way to take down his anathema. Yes, taking his old plans and make an amalgam out of them, aggrandize this new plan to unbelievable limits, abscond, and watch everything go off.

Accentuating the main points in his plan, the spy got out of his chair and heads for the door. He got himself ready to venture out into the open world, only for him to feel something anachronistic. He checks his surroundings, only to note the missing slab of concrete beneath his feet and a hole big enough to take the shape of the slab. With gravity working against the spy, the White spy drops down and falls to his doom.

In the distance, the head spy of the Black Embassy is sitting in a tree, with a pair of binoculars, and he snickers how his plan went without a hitch.

So, that's it. I favor Black over White, but the two are even. It's hard to choose between the two sides, but that's up to you. Me... I rather go my own route.

And so, I like for you all to review, thank you very much. In time, I got something big in store for these two spies, and believe me it is going to be good!