You almost jumped when he spoke up. As soon as he'd realized that he suddenly hated the military, he hadn't really said much. But now the words were coming out of the tight-lipped grimace he put on and you couldn't believe him.

"Do I get a uniform, sir?" That was the last time he'd ever call you 'sir' willingly. You stared at the boy in slight amazement and confusion for a moment, wondering the motives behind the question.

"No uniform for you, Fullmetal. We don't have any small enough to fit you." That would also be the last time you could get away with calling him small. Confusion instead of fury danced in his golden eyes as he glanced up at you. The excuse was bush and you both knew it. But with a quick glare he adopted a blank expression and stood tall.


A beat.

"Dismissed, Fullmetal." And with that, he strode out of the office, a small prideful smile twitching at the corner of his mouth. A soft cough came from your right, and you looked over to Riza as she gave you a curious glance. A small nod was all the prompting she needed to start talking.

"Sir, why didn't you give him a uniform? There are plenty small enough for him." You just shrugged and gave her a small smile.

"I have my reasons, Lieutenant." With that, she understood that the conversation was finished and she nodded her retreat from the small talk.

Because somehow, she knew your reasons were personal…

You didn't want to see that boy in the starch military blue all of the other lost souls in this building had to wear. He was already going to have a hard life being in the military at his age, and you didn't want to see the slightest bit of innocence taken away if you could help it. So you kept him out of a uniform so that he could find a way to be a child in the middle of an adult world.

(0f course, he was stubborn enough to surprise you by wearing the same outfit every single day…)

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