So I had an idea when the Rose and Dimitri reunion finally happened. I wanted to see this from a few others perspective so here you go. If you haven't read chapter 9 yet of the reposted My Milaya go back and read it before you read this or it won't make sense.

My Milaya Chapter 9 Out Take…

Alberta POV

I woke up disoriented from my long flight and time change, but I promised I would cover Egor's office and position starting Friday morning so I needed to suck it up and head into the office.

I had time for a quick workout before my shift; I figured this would wake me up so I could be productive today. I am sure things were piling up and I didn't want Egor to come back to a mess and back log of work so I wanted to get right to it and get caught up.

Egor was a good friend, we go way back, so I was thrilled to do him this favor and cover for him while he spend a few weeks with his dying mother. Plus I get to see Rose, Lissa, Eddie, Christian and the babies. They are like my extended family and I missed them, American Court was lonely without them.

I also wanted to see how I would like it here. My boss was telling me a few weeks ago once they get the OMP up and running they might need two Guardian leaders, one over the regular Court Guardians and one over the OMP Guardians. I would be up for a change so I secretly wanted to see if European Court was somewhere I wanted to live full time.

I got settled in and was busy getting caught up. It was near the end of the day and I was happy with what I had achieved. I decided to tackle next week's schedule. I needed to post it Sunday and didn't want to put it off to the last minute.

As I was going over the list of Guardian I got to the OMP Guardians and when I saw his name I froze. OMP Phase 1 Guardian – Dimitri Belikov. Holy Shit!

I instantly looked at Rose's schedule to see where I could find her. Her shift was over, but I decided to try the daycare and then I would try and radio some of the Guardians to see if they could track her down.

I know they had yet to see each other since Lissa would have called me immediately if they had run into each other. They only agreed to come to Russian knowing Dimitri would be nowhere near here and near Rose.

I ran to the daycare in search of Rose to see if I could get to her before she ran into Belikov. When she was born I promised her mother I would help look after her and I saw her as a daughter, there was no way I was going to let Belikov hurt her again.

I just love Alberta : D

Okay so we haven't heard from Lissa since the beginning let's see what the Princess does when she finds out that Dimitri and Zander are at European Court

Lissa POV

"Liss I just fed the twins if you are done with reviewing your OMP stuff can we switch?" Christian came into the room with baby food all over him. I couldn't help but laugh at him he was supposed to be feeding the twins, but had so much food all over him I doubted they ate very much.

He gave me his standard Christian smirk. "You know I am not the best at feeding them, but you don't need to laugh at me."

"Oh stop being a baby or I'll tell Rose you called her Rosie behind her back." He was going to kill me.

"Aw come on Liss please, no. If you do she'll get all PDA with Jake again, I can't take it, please." I gave him my evil laugh.

He gave me his best pleading pout. I was such a sucker for this look on him and he knew it. He even looked more adorable with our daughter's baby food splattered all over him. The girls were a bit bratty they would only eat well for me and Rose. When anyone else like Christian or Eddie tried to feed them they enjoyed covering them with their food, this entertained them to no end.

They knew Rose and I wouldn't let them get away with it, but anyone else was a sucker to their cuteness and let their bad behavior slide. Don't get me wrong I loved my darlings and I thought they were the cutest kids around, but I was their mother and Rose was their second mother and we would not let them abuse us with their bad behavior.

Thinking of Rose I was so relieved she adjusted well to European Court life. I knew that being in Russian would make her think of Dimitri and I was worried some of her depression would return. Thankfully it did not and it seemed her and Jake's relationship was growing stronger than I think she wanted, but like my babies he was rather irresistible and he cared so deeply for Rose I don't think she could resist falling fast and hard for him.

Speaking of Dimitri I haven't heard from him for awhile I wonder why. Oh duh I forgot our phones were shut off and we haven't had a chance to call him being busy with the move and the paperwork/study part of the OMP. Before I let Christian off the hook I'll email him real quick.

I open my email and I actually see an email from Dimitri what a coincidence. Holy Shit!

"CHRISTIAN GET IN HERE NOW!" He came running in.

"What's wrong, what is it?"

I looked at his anxious face. "Dimitri and Zander just moved to European Court." I heard him swear, I didn't even correct him swearing in front of the twins since I know he could not help himself. The shock of Dimitri being here at Court was too much for us to take. How could we not know this?

"Oh my god….Z the boy Rose is so close to its Zander. We are so dense. Hurry get the babies in the bath we have to find Rose before she runs into Dimitri. She's dropping off the address for Z's Dad at the daycare tonight so he can know where to drop him off when they all make cookies." Shit we need to hurry.

My sexy husband was frozen. "CHRISTIAN HURRY!" I pulled him out of his trance.

We gave the girls their bath and got them ready in record time. We ran off to the daycare to play interference between Rose and Dimitri.

Lissa and Christian crack me up, I love how they are there for Rose

I just want to say I love all the VA boys, but Adrian is my favorite….love him. So whenever I get a chance to write about my favorite, smoking, fang bearing, alcoholic sexy Moroi I jump at the shot to write his POV.

Adrian POV

I was talking to some random Guardian about the council, he recognized me as being part of the Guardian Council so he was probably sucking up a little. Little did they know I could give a rat's ass about the council, I just became a member to help and protect my Little Dhampir and it appeased my aunt since it showed I had some interest in Moroi politics.

I chatting with this nice young Guardian about my favorite Little Dhampir, apparently my little sexy Rose had quite a rep in this part of the world. She was all the buzz, but she was taken by that stupid surfer boy Guardian so all the young Guardians could do was watch from the sidelines and dream of her.

I was getting drunker by the minute, but it felt good I needed a stress release. Emma was pressuring me for a ring and an engagement announcement, but I just didn't have it in me. Dating her was one thing, but marriage, ugh. Just the thought of it had me stressed; I drank my shot hoping that for tonight the alcohol would make all the thoughts of Rose, Emma and life in general subside for once.

That's when I spotted him. He was talking to Gus that bartender who cut me off more times than I could count. Well if isn't Mr. Wonderful himself. Bastard hurt my Roza, if I didn't care so damn much about her I'd drain him and then let Rose stake me once I turned.

Well if I can't drain him then I can fuck with him a little, I am sure him knowing Rose is here is eating him alive. Dumb smug idiot, who would pick fucking Tasha scar face Ozera over Rose? We should be using him for Strigoi bait not Strigoi protection.

Game on asshole, we'll see who has the last laugh tonight.

"Well well well if isn't the famous Guardian Belikov my favorite Russian." He looked as thrilled to see me as I was to see him.

He was such a traditional fool he nodded out of respect, but he had no respect for me. Feeling is mutual butt munch. "Lord Ivashkov" Well he may be an idiot when it came to affairs of the heart, but he was polite I'll give him that much.

I slapped him on the back and snickered, I knew this behavior would annoy him to no end and tonight it seemed just what the doctor ordered to get me out of this foul mood I was in. "Gus did you know we used to be in love with the same woman?"

He narrowed his eyes and glared at me. "What do you mean used to be?"

I looked at Gus and laughed my ass off just because I knew it would bug him. "Well you left her so I am obviously the only one who still loves her." I made a big arm motion signifying the shitty European Court around me. "Why the hell else would I put up with shitty European Court if it weren't for her. I care about her so I am here to protect her."

"What do you mean?" He looked pissed which was my goal, but he also looked as confused as hell. Wait, seriously, he didn't know Rose was here? No this is too good to be true. The gods are shining on me tonight, I get to tell the big bad Russian that the love of his life that he refused to be with is under his nose and he didn't even know it. Okay so maybe Karma is my side sometimes.

I laughed extra hard just to annoy him. "You mean you don't know?"

He raised his eyebrows at me as if to say, uh no enlighten me please.

This was going to shock the shit out of him. I couldn't help but laugh even harder at the situation. "Rose, Lissa, Christian and their rug rats all just moved here for OMP. Rose is a here, she guards the daycare and hates it, but I guess she found a little boy she's attached to there so she's okay with it now." I shrugged, what Rose saw in kids that weren't hers shocked me. It was one thing to be so close the Liss and Pyro's babies, but some strange kid I didn't see the draw. But I guess that's one reason why I love her so much, no matter what she's always able to surprise me.

Belikov looked to be in shock. I asked him a few times if he really didn't know, I had to rub it in that he heard it from me. He was not listening to me though. He seemed to be in some sort of suspended animation, poor bastard he was losing it. I guess I would too if I was in his shoes, but I have zero sympathy for him. Mr. Dumass could have had her, but left her for that bossy Tasha Ozera, he deserved whatever ill will he had coming his way.

I decide to pull him out of his reverie just so I can rub some more salt in his wounds. "Belikov did you hear me?" I shook his shoulder trying to wake him up.

I was finally able to bring him back to reality. "What?"

"So I guess you really didn't know huh?" Yeah you are Mr. Dumass.

He didn't spare me one more glance instead ran off like the building was on fire.

Shit now I have to find Rose and do some damage control. "Hey Gus put this on my tab I need to run referee for Belikov." He gave me a nod and I walked off to the rug rat den.

I strode to the daycare building worried what I would find when I got there. As entertaining as it would be for me, I knew this was going to kill Rose and that killed me.

I walked in just in time to hear that the big oaf had a date and his date was molesting him right in front of a shocked Rose. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife, the way Rose looked at Belikov and his date gave me chills. My poor girl I couldn't see her hurt like this, I had to get her out of here.

I wrapped my arms around her the way I always did so she knew it was me. My heart ached at how tense she was, damn Belikov for putting her through this again.

I whispered in here ear. "Hey gorgeous let me get you out of here for a few minutes you could use some fresh air to clear your head." I felt her tension subside a little and she nodded.

I pulled her outside and held her. "Little Dhampir I am sorry but I had to get you out of there."

She pulled away and looked at me; she had tears in her eyes. This was rare for her, she was really hurting. I rubbed her cheek. "Thank you" That's all she said with her voice, but her eyes spoke volumes to me. She was thankful that I was there for her. I pulled her to me and held her wishing with all my heart I could take her pain away.

After a few moments she seemed to compose herself. She pulled away and gave me a sweet look. "Thanks again, you're too good to me Adrian."

I couldn't help but smile at her. "Love, for you I would walk through a bourbon factory and not have one drop." Goal accomplished she laughed.

"Okay I can do this, I need to go back in there and give him my address so he can bring his little boy over to my place." I gave her a sheepish look.

"Oh, and by the way my sexy Moroi I am not going to forget you were in on this big conspiracy to keep me in the dark about Tasha dying after Zander was born. I don't care that Belikov didn't want me to know, but you of all people should have told me." Great Lissa was communicating with Rose telling her about our conspiracy.

I gave her a look of pure love and rubbed her cheek. "I am sorry Little Dhampir I wanted to protect you from more pain and rejection. I know it was wrong, but I was only doing it because I love you." That softened her.

"I know" She simply stated, it was two words, but I knew Rose and she was telling me she wasn't mad at me and was not going to hold a grudge. Thank God.

"Okay so let's go torture Belikov. So what will it be, you tell him I took your virginity or we make out in front of him?" She chuckled, another score for Adrian.

"Oh Adrian let's not get ahead of ourselves, I doubt he'll care."

"You have no idea. His mouth tells you one thing, but I know that look Rose he still loves you. Trust me I should know." She gave me a sympathetic look and then we walked into the daycare. Game on Belikov.

So some of you probably guessed it, yes Adrian got Rose's v-card. What do you think Dimitri will do when he finds out : ) Sorry I love him, but I think a little torture will do him some good for what he put Rose through.

Let me know if you like the one shots, if they were worth it? I was wondering if later on you guys want to hear what Lover Boy has to say?