A/N: Good day to all of you readers! This is my first installment in the Sonic-fandom but my second story on . This story has been spooking in my head for quite a while now and I finally gave in and started it. I don't know how I will get to the key points I have mapped out already, so prepare for long and irreagular waiting times.

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Promises of the past

-Prologue: Aftermath-

Waves were crashing against the side of the jagged cliff which towered over the sky-blue ocean. Atop the cliff stood an anthropomorphic, cerulean hedgehog staring at a spot in the clear sky which had held only a few seconds ago a capsule containing one of the hedgehog's friends. The hedgehog in question was of course noone less than Mobius hero who could outrun sound itself: Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic stared a second longer at the spot where Eggman's interdimensional capsule had vanished in a flash of light, not unlike Chaos Control, carrying the human boy Chris back to his own dimension. The hero's expression was stern before spreading into his characteristic smile and he gave a thumps-up towards the sky.

„See you next time, Chris!"

With those parting words the super-sonic hedgehog turned around and zoomed off into the distance, lonely leaves twirling through the air which was shook by the resounding echo of a sonic boom the only reminders of the blue hedgehog's presence at the cliff...

A grave. That was the only word which was able to descripe the construction on top of a hill in this barren place. Or a monument, since it lacked a body which could have been buried.

The object of this consideration was a rusted and bent piece of metal, charred and blackened by intense heat and fire, plunged with one end into the earth while the twisted other end stuck up, clawing at the burning sky. A single red rose was laid down at the base of the grave. The setting sun reflected of some unscathed parts of the metal and also thrusting it's shadow into the red, barren and liveless world.

Another shadow ended shortly before the make-shift grave, as if afraid of tainting the sacred place with it's presence yet eager to draw closer and kneel down in front of this lost one.

A gust of cold wind blew across the red and barren land, herding clouds of dust and sand in it's wake. Beside the first shadow now stood a new one: it's shape bigger and bulkier than the previous and not afraid of casting itself on the lonely resting place. The first turned to the new-comer which raised a hand after some time had past between them. Another gust of wind shook the rose at the foot of the metal, gently removing a few petals which rode on the wind before floating down to the ground. The two shades were gone...