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[April 26th, 2011]

I have recently realized that I needed to fix a lot of mistakes and sentence structure. Looking back at how I wrote, I'm quite appalled at my word usage and writing, and I'll be editing each chapter carefully. :D I just want to give a shout out to classyfied, because I loved your review, and it really did make me notice my mistakes. :)

They all watched her come out the room in despair. They all knew it was going to happen to her today, the President had informed everyone what was going to happen and they all kept their mouths shut. They all loved her, and she reciprocated this with a close relationship with them and with the pure kindness and concern she would always had. Today, they gave her concern back to her, but they gave it in their silent word and action. This was inevitable in her way of work, the President had already hinted at the possible outcome back in the past, but she had shrugged it off. She didn't need what he wanted to her have. She was living perfectly fine without it. Now, as she came out of the room, she realized that without it, she would lose a bigger part of her life.

In her hand was a scrunched up envelope with the LME seal. Her fists were white with the amount of strength she put into them, her lips slightly curved downward in sadness and her eyes showed confusion. Her body was a complete jumble of emotions, and nobody knew how to help her. They couldn't if they wanted to, had been forbidden to and if caught, they would immediate receive a pink slip. Even her colleague and Best Friend Forever (though Kanae wouldn't admit it) couldn't help her. How could anyone? She had to be the one to do it. But… there was another person who could help her, but she wouldn't – no, COULDN'T – ask for help. She still had her pride! Her grudges wouldn't let her fall so low!

"How in the world am I supposed to do THAT?" Her plea rang out to her other fellow LME workers. Sawara-san looked up to her in sympathy, he had watched Kyoko blossom into the actress she was toady. Seeing her come so far just to be crushed pained him. Everyone else just shook their head and left her with the dreaded envelope.

With a sigh, Kyoko sat down in front Kanae and they stared at the packet between them. Her best friend looked at her with an irritated face and took out the "horrible" document before them.

"Mo!" As always, old habits die hard, and Kanae never got rid of her trademark word "You have to do it! I've already done it myself! If you don't do this, you won't graduate from LoveMe and also you'll be fired from LME!" she slammed it back down the table facing Kyoko. "Why can't you see that?"

Five years from their first meeting, Kanae was already well respected married woman. Not only that, but she was also pregnant. She had gotten married with a man she had met on an acting gig, a well known young director by the name of Ogata Hiroaki, and they oddly instantly clicked. Maybe their love for the bubbly person in front of Kanae right now also brought them together. Kanae and Hiroaki were opposites, but opposites attract. His was the ice to her fire, the child lover to her kid hater, the ying to her yang. It was a perfect match. The moment she gave news to President Lory that she was pregnant, and that she wanted to be a mother, she immediately graduated from LoveMe and a celebration and debut ensured (she was playing a pregnant woman in one her husband's movies).

Kyoko was still where she was. A LoveMe worker. The absolute hater of love, even at 21. Even though she was an adult, and she was almost mature in all things (fairytales and royalty still held a very special place in her heart). Love was something she loathed, even if she had already portrayed a girl madly in love in a passionate romantic movie. She knew that she wouldn't have been able to do it without her "respected" senpai and coworker help. Tsuruga Ren was her main character's love interest, and she for the movie, she had just changed her respect for him into an illusion of love that the President would accept.

The movie changed something between the two. They got along easier and they were now on a first name basis, without any honorifics to Yashiro's pleasure (he fangirl-ed himself squealing when he heard Kyoko call her senpai "Ren" only). She had also spent many nights at his apartment in his guest bedroom when she finished work late and the public transportation had already stopped. She cooked for him at times and they constantly ate meals together if time permitted. It wasn't anything big to her; it was like eating with a friend or sometimes babysitting a child. Nothing more than friendship. No love. No romance. Just a comfortable environment.

Ren was in agony every time he was around her, and Yashiro somehow tweaked his schedule so he would see her at least once every day. His love for her grew after they played together in "A Love So Strong" – if that was even possible, as his love for her was up high above an ordinary man's love for a lady. He took delight in how she called him Ren and he Kyoko, though it was never enough for him. How could it be, when your dearly beloved swore off love? There were no kisses, no hugs, and no familiar touches, none since the production they had played together. When she stayed at his place, it was complete, utter and pure agony thinking about her only a wall away from him. In bed. Sleeping. His thoughts led astray and imagined if she was his him room instead, but he always shook it off. He was too much of a gentleman to even think about her indecently.

Kyoko, on the other hand, was ecstatic to find out that this was her debut movie. The spotlight was finally on her, and she was completely modest about it. She would finally crush the man that stolen her emotion of love. And she did. Her movie came out the same day as one of Sho's MVs and she saw how the amount of people watching her movie was a drastic amount compared to her "childhood friend's". No, childhood love-turned-enemy. Her Mio and Natsu characters were big hits to viewers of all ages; teenagers were frightened of her coldhearted Natsu. Adults reminisced and compared the past Mio to her unique and terrifying Mio. Nobody thought she could act a happy emotion, but here she was in a romantic movie full of love, happiness and laughter. She also knew that acting beside Japan's Most Desired Man also helped, but his name was out of the credits. In fact, he had even dyed his hair blonde and acted beside her like that. Nobody knew who was playing her character's love interest, but many people realized that they had seen a familiar face. It was exactly like the time when he pretended he was Cain Heel as he acted out BJ. It was only after the movie was released that the character of suave love interest announced, did the movie hit high records.

The movie was out a month ago, and it had stirred up a lot of attention in the tabloids. At first, it was because of how Ren had hid his name and identity to let Kyoko be the center of attention. This got many thinking about their relationship together. Many had thought that Ren and Kyoko were now a couple, and many close to them knew that they should be. But Kyoko always shrugged it off; Ren was her "closest friend that was a guy" and her well respected senpai. Nevertheless, all the men around Kyoko understood that she was off limits to anyone other than Tsuruga Ren. Even Ishibashi Hikaru stopped asking her to dinner the day he heard the change from "Tsuruga-san" to "Ren", and Maria ended her childhood crush on him and wanted her onee-chan to date with the only man worthy of her love. Fuwa Sho was shocked. He admitted defeat when he watched the movie and saw how they looked at each other with eyes so full of love and passion, and how his love for her paled in comparison. He went up to his hated enemy in and shook hands, declaring Ren's victory and left the room. Sho had left the room with a broken heart and a bruised ego. Little did he know that Kyoko was already a brilliant actress and it was only Ren's love that had been conveyed.

The President was annoyed of the outcome. He forcibly placed Ren into that movie and he knew that Kyoko was already half in love with him. He believed this because of how he always saw her concern and worry towards Ren not eating and doing his own stunts. In fact, everybody except Kyoko knew that she loved Ren. It was just obvious in the way she treated him. "A Love So Strong" was supposed to bring them together. Ren being blonde was supposed to trigger the "I Am Actually Hizuri Kuon and Corn" confession and seal them like glue, make her fall in love with him over again, since Ren knew she loved her precious childhood friend Corn. Even though they were now had a close relationship, it wasn't close enough. They were just "friends". They needed to LOVE each other. They needed to openly say it to society in loud voices and not care. But did Kyoko or Ren do that? Nope. And could she do that? Yes; she was given a good five years to do so. So the President changed his tactics.

"MOKO –SAN! THIS IS MY LAST LOVEME REQUEST!" Kyoko said in agony, most would think in happiness and glee but no. In agony. "If I don't confess my love to the one I "love", I'm getting fired. And if I do, I'm graduating from LoveMe!" she put her head in her hands in grumbled. "Who in the world do I "love"? Love is for those who are immature, senseless, and don't know how to live their lives independently! I can't love. I don't know how to. Nobody even loves me."

She looked up at her friend in tears. "What do I do?"

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