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Onto the last chapter!

[April 29, 2011]

So this is the last chapter of The Envelope, edited and complete (hopefully a really good edit, but if you see mistakes, don't hesitate to point them out!). I WILL be having an epilogue. I'm halfway through it, so I hope I get it done soon!

Both of their hearts skipped a beat and oddly enough, Kyoko was the first to recover. Even if Ren was the one who was capable in love and could withstand his love for her for so long, he was in shambles knowing that right now, Kyoko would be the last person he saw right before he left. Not only that, but he was exposed to her as Kuon would be, not the brunette Tsuruga Ren, but he was dressed as his real self. It was as if fate was trying to push them into the corner together and make them acknowledge their feelings for each other. But no, he was going to try as hard as he could to keep the facade in. He wouldn't break his own heart. But could he tell her? Nobody could toil with fate's hands, but what if this was set up? He shook his head to send away the bad thoughts he was having of Yashiro. He had known Yashiro for a very long time, and Yashiro couldn't FAKE that. He couldn't even fake anything, and he most certainly couldn't fake feelings as strong as that. This was real. Fate was finally shoving them together.

While Ren was still in surprise, Kyoko realized how unsettling her situation was right now. She was stuck in an elevator. She was stuck in it with Ren. And she had three hours left before she was fired from LoveMe. What did it matter? It wasn't like she was never alone with him before! She's slept in his apartment, rode shotgun in his car, and had dinner with just him. This shouldn't cause her too much panic. Why did HE have to be here now? He would completely disapprove of her and how she wasn't able to say three petty words to a random stranger and make it seem like the human emotion the President wanted her to have. The rejection of her being an actress would finally come and her pride would be squashed back down to where it was when she was a slave to Sho. Her senpai's advice was the law she abided. If he said she was idiotic and worthless for not doing this simple task, it would be all her efforts thrown into the deepest abysses of the ocean.

But first, her claustrophobic panic kicked in and she rushed to the press the call button. After several punches and pushes of that red button with a phone symbol, no answer replied. Her legs gave away and she was on the floor. She slammed her fists against the ground and screamed. But stopped mid yell when she realized how childish and immature she must have looked bawling and rolling on the floor. Her head timidly turned to her coworker and she saw that he was in a slightly similar position. He had his back bent with his face turned towards the back wall away from her vision, his elbows leaned against the wall, and his white knuckled fists continuously and slowly pounding against it.

He paused his rampage as the thin blonde hairs on the back of his next felt her scrutinizing him, analyzing his odd behavior. He groaned to himself, he had just ruined the perfect image Kyoko had of him. But, his inner mind thought, who cares? It's not like as if she would be seeing him anymore, after this minor setback to his plans, he would be gone from the sight of anyone who knew him as Tsuruga Ren or Kuon Hizuri. Maybe England would be his next stop? In his brain, all he thought about was the fact that in this moment, he didn't really have to be the god-like Ren anymore. He could just be his plain self, profess his feelings and completely confuse Kyoko and then just leave. He could be the true person he actually was. The imperfect man he actually was. Then his conscience overruled him, and he sucked in his cowardice that even Yashiro acknowledged and placed the regal mask he always kept on.

"Ren? Is that really you? Are you okay?" her shy voice gently called out, questioning if she could ever mistake her senpai for a blonde foreigner having a fit behind her. But it was Ren right? She then thought about how weird her day was becoming.

"Yes," he turned to face her and slumped down to her level "it's me. I'll be fine. Are you alright?"

"I can manage. Why are you Adam again?" He was now sitting down beside her with his lengthy legs sprawled out in front of him and both arms each side of his body. Kyoko was to the right of him, hugging her knees to her chest, making her body space as small as possible. They contrasted each other. They were close to each other now, close enough so that she could feel his body warmth radiating off of his skin, but they did not touch each other. No, they wouldn't dare touch each other.

No, I'm Corn, your supposed "fairy prince", not Adam, a random character in a romance movie. "There was a magazine article about Adam, and they wanted me on their cover." He cursed the timing of the photo shoot. His past self was urging the old him to come out and he did not want that to happen. His weakness wouldn't allow it but the fates really were trying to make him confess both who he really was and also his love for her. Most probably Lory has something to do with this… "Is there any maintenance that can come and help us?" Yes, keep cool and calm Ren. Cool and calm.

"When I tried, nobody picked up. Maybe it's broken too?" She looked at the lights above her "But the electricity is working just fine. I wonder what happened. "

He stood up and pressed the call button "Hello? Anybody there? We're kinda stuck in an elevator over here, and it wouldn't hurt to help us out?" There was no reply. "Hello?" He punched it one more time, in hope that there would be a way out of this confinement. "Please, is there anyone at all over there?" He turned to the black orb that was security camera behind him. "Hey! Security!" he waved his hands above his head frantically. "You can see me right? Help us out over here! Oh, wait, why's the red light not on? Damn, the freaking camera isn't even on. What type of camera in a celebrity filled agency is this?" He huffed and sat back down next to Kyoko, in the same contrasting position, at the same proximity to each other.

Kyoko looked at him in confusion. What was the big problem? If anything, she should be the one that should be freaking out; she only had less than 3 hours left of LoveMe. "Are you okay Ren? Do you have an important casting to attend?" Funny, she thought, normally I'd be the one freaked out. Have the tables turned?

"No it's just…" Quick! Think of something fast! "… I'm partly claustrophobic."

She just stared at him with knowing eyes. "Oh really? Why don't you tell me why you're really scared?"

"Wow, I didn't expect Ren to just LIE straight out to Kyoko." A fistful of popcorn was shoved in Yashiro's mouth. "She does know him the best!"

"Guys, Ren's in panic mode right now, he has to think of something plausible, though frankly, I think his mind is just not working." Maria explained

"Mo! C'mon you two, we didn't plan this out for nothing! Get to the confessing! I don't wanna sit here all day long!" she then turned to her husband "Sweetie, can you go get me some ice cream?"

Ogata looked at her through the corner of his eyes, "Umm, darling. Can we wait a big longer? Maybe they'll confess soon." He said timidly, he did not want the wrath of his wife on him as he was watching something that could be potential movie magic.

"Go ask a butler Kotonami-san. As for everybody else, we're all staying here. Haven't you seen those elevator scenes in movies where people start falling in love? This will happen to them. It will. I'm positive about it! I am not the head of a love filled industry for nothing!" President Lory looked back to the screen. After a long pause and glare at the screen he began again "But, maybe it'll take some time. We do have Kyoko and Ren as our subjects of love here."

"Why don't they just say it to each other? Sheesh! President, did you cancel my meetings today? 'Cause I feel as though I should be somewhere else." Chiori asked.

"Of course darling would do that! He's cleared all of your schedules for today. We shall just sit and relax!" Jelly announced

"But don't you think –" Chiori began

"EVERYBODY! THERE'S MOVEMENT!" The President screamed. "Sebastian, bring the next round of drinks, something inside me tells me it's time." They all looked at him oddly.

"It's time for the confession."

There had been little interaction with them in the enclosed walls. Kyoko was unresponsive and Ren was just quiet. They talked to each other about the new roles they had accepted, how their weekends had been but they did not tell each other of their envelopes. Neither could they imagine the embarrassment and the shame of the other finding about their LoveMe request. Neither of them wanted to tell each other how bad their day was going, it would mean breaking an iron caged heart that never be fixed and telling a secret that's only known by a handful of people (for Ren) or completely losing the rejecting of a senpai's help, admitting she hadn't gained that emotion over the span of 5 years, and how she was actually a very weak person (for Kyoko). Everything was going awkward and both of them would have stayed in silence until Ren noticed a piece of paper in Kyoko's hand that had Sho's name on it.

"Kyoko," he spoke softly with venom in his speech "why are there names of crazy people on that piece of paper?" he glared at her and she couldn't resist his evil aura emitting from him. I thought I was the only one that was able to do that! Kyoko thought.

"Are there other names on that paper?" he stuck his hand out and it seemed as though it was demanding rather than asking for that sheet of names.

She gulped. "It's nothing really. Ren, don't sweat about it; he's completely stopped stalking me, you know that." Her frame edged away from him but her eyes were trapped to his. His eyes, along with his outstretched hand, was coaxing her for that paper that she didn't seem to care about but in actual fact, care too much about.

With a heavy heart, she took the crumpled up piece of illegible paper, pounded it into a ball in hopes that he wouldn't be able to read it and then handed it to him. She then turned away to hide her blush. Ren gazed at her then back at the ball of paper she had just crunched up. He uncurled it out to read and look at the list of names. They were all people that he knew and some that he didn't. Almost all of them were in the entertainment business, whether it be acting or music. Many names had lines through them or, in Sho's and Reino's case, a huge big scribble to mark them off but still clear enough to read, or an "X" in them. Some had a check mark on them. Ren noticed that they were all names of men. He read over the list and then the questioning began.

"Kyoko, what are you writing? Why do you have a list of so many men? Are these men that you have worked with? Wait, I don't think you've worked with the Ishibashi brothers have you?" he ignored her silence then began again "What's going on Kyoko? What is this list for?"

She curled up into a tighter ball to hide her face and the secret she had kept for so long. She wasn't Bo anymore because of her packed schedule, but she wasn't going to tell him she ever was. But why was he asking her plain out what the list was for? Why did he have to be so observant? She cringed at the thought of lying at him and what would happen if Ren find out and also that fake gentlemanly smile of his that would slice her into pieces for the truth. She then slightly uncurled herself and spoke inaudibly "It's just this LoveMe request I have to do. It's nothing big. I'll finish it soon, don't worry. I don't need any help. I'm not a newbie at LoveMe and the President's odd request anymore."

He froze when he heard the words "LoveMe request". Even if she spoke the words softly, he could still hear them and his ears picked up even more once he realized what had happened. They both had gotten the same LoveMe request. Oh the President will be in hell once I get out of this elevator. The President had forced him to confess to Kyoko, and because he hadn't, he sent a LoveMe request to Kyoko making her confess to him, only she didn't love him. She didn't have the emotion of love, even if her acting in "A Love So Strong" looked genuine, she had spent days perfecting each scene to make it look real. Ren could vouch for that, as she had asked him for help and he gladly accepted, keeping his desires down as they would act their characters and she would touch him. Most probably the list was supposed to help her organize the men in her life and see who she could fake confess to and people she would never in a million years say it too. Some of the ticks represented her likeness towards them, though the owner of the Daruyama, the director Ogata or the President Lory didn't seem like likely candidates for her fake confession. Then he looked down again and gasped.

Why wasn't his name on it?

Wasn't he a man she knew? A man she, to some extent of course, "liked"? They called each other by first names! She's slept in his apartment (a fact that Ren still could not understand. How could she accept to sleep in a bachelor's hous?). Didn't he take care of her, and she of him? He's helped her in every situation that he could and would probe her when she looked sad to be the ears that would listen to her problems! He was even the shoulder she had cried on when she finally told him about how she was an accident and that her mother had never wanted children, left Kyoko at an inn, and never looked back. He remembered how devastated she was when he got into a car accident during the crazy car scene in Dark Moon, and how she visited the hospital every time she her schedule allowed and brought him her home cooked meals because he wouldn't eat the hospital's food. Before she even knew him that well, she cared for him when he was sick! She came over to his house constantly to make him food because she CARED about him! So why wasn't his name on the list? Wasn't he important to her? Even if it was only as a senpai, he was important, right? But first thing first, she had to tell him about her LoveMe request and see if they could move away from it and help both of them. If not, the next set of interrogation would commence.

He placed his hand on her shoulder and spun her around to face him. Her wide eyes looked at him knowingly and Kyoko knew he could tell the problem was bigger than he actually let on. How could he know all the tiny things about her without her even telling? Was she that readable? "Kyoko, I need you to tell me what was in that LoveMe request. You look horrible, what was the request and why do you look so sad and angered at the same time? As a senpai, let me help you."

His eyes showed kindness but she turned away from them. She couldn't tell him what it was really about, could she? No Kyoko! Stop it! You can't tell him! And he can't help you! You don't want him fired right? "I had to write down the list of men that I liked and I hated. See, it's not that big right? I think the President wants me to acknowledge I can have feelings towards the opposite gender, even if it's not the passionate love that he wants." Phew, that seems reasonable! Ren will buy it!

He scanned the paper one more time, just to see if his first assumption of his name not on the list was wrong. Hmm. He was right the first time around. His grip on her shoulder tightened and with the other hand he placed it under her chin and turned her head to look at him in the eye. She looked like him with her innocent eyes. "Kyoko, do you hate me?" she shook her head, Ren grip still on her face. "Kyoko, do you like me?" the scarlet blush crept back onto her cheeks and when she tried to hide her face, his grip on her chin tightened and she would stare back at him. "Well then, why isn't my name on the list? If you don't hate me or like me, what category do I fall under?"

Her mind was blank. "Umm… Well Ren… Ughhh, I think…. Ummm…" she paused and tried to speak a coherent sentence, but her mind was in jumbles. "I think Ren… I um… well… ughh… it's like…" then she stoped herself as a full sentence formed in her brain. "Ren. I don't know why you are not on the list" she exhaled loudly through her mouth as her brain tried to form another coherent thought. She doesn't know why she is completely flustered about this simple question. What was wrong with her mind? "I don't hate you, I'm positive about that, though before I met you and when I first knew you, I did. I know I have some feelings for you, but they don't fall under the "like" category."

She continued on but Ren's heart skips another beat. A light bulb switched in his mind. When she said she had feelings for him and couldn't understand them, his heart and mind received information he had never figured out about in all the years that he's known her. She actually does like him back. But can't recognize or understand the feelings she has of him. Her love for Fuwa Sho had been an obsession, nothing like the love she had for Corn and now, since he finally figured it out, for Tsuruga Ren. His mind gave up and he let his heart decide his next moves. For he knew his heart was the one thing that could help her now and could also help him.

With that, his heart decided to unleash the Emperor of the Night.

"So I think you're in the friend and senpai category. Maybe a best friend too. Moko-san would be mad." She had continued and stopped to look at him clearly. Something was different with his face. Tsuruga Ren looked determined for some reason. He looked happy. He looked natural. Nothing seemed to be fake and she was again flustered as to why he was like this.

Poor Kyoko. She didn't realize that it was the face of Ren's new creation of the Emperor of the Night mixed in with his real feelings and Kuon's passion she was encountering. Ren slowly took off his hand under her chin and gently pushed back her black silky shoulder length hair behind her ear. After her dye had come out, she kept her hair natural and thus, she was the Kyoko he knew when he was her "Corn". He grazed her cheek and the top of her ear, and finished by rubbing the ends of her hair together. He never expected her hair to be so smooth and glossy. While he was doing this, his eyes captured hers in a game he played best at and she could only follow. His gaze was deep with adoring emotions filled inside, daring to escape at rocket speed but only slowed down because he has to let her know she actually does love him. Isn't that funny? I find out somebody loves me before they realize that they actually love me! He gripped her hair a bit tighter.

"Kyoko, what do you really think of me?" his spoke huskily.

She shivered when he stroked her cheek and ear. Her scarlet blush turned dark crimson and she didn't really understand why. Didn't she just explain to him how he was part of the friend/senpai category right now? What was he doing? Though, she admits, I don't know what, but it feels kinda good inside. His touch felt oddly comforting, and she didn't know why. It felt different compared to the amount of men she had to touch, hug or even kiss. Ren's touch at this moment in a vacant elevator felt good. He placed his hand back on her face and gently stroked her cheek feeling its smoothness. The skin area he touched was on fire. A thousand emotions ran from her face to all parts of her body trying to explain what she felt when he just lightly touched her. His gaze on her gave the biggest effect and paralyzed her body. His eyes were filled with such emotion, emotion that nobody could portray while acting, emotions so deep, the lowest sea floor couldn't reach it, emotions so real, everything started to become dream-like, there was so much passion in his eyes, and it frightened her. But why did it make her body freeze up at her skin hot? Was his acting that amazing it could freeze her?

Oh stop it! Her good conscious squealed. You're deliberately doing this to her Grudge! She has the right to know! His intentions are good!

Of course they're good, just like the Fuwa Sho, we all thought he had good intentions, nods from other Grudges we're not letting—UFF! WAIT! I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOOD! OWWWIE! STOP HITTING ME! MERCY! MERCY! AHHHH! ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! Owwie, that hurts you know! Alright, we'll tell her. Here's the key.

Don't make me take hit you again! You know, after five years of seeing his love and devotion for her, I feel sorry for this man who actually put up will all that you've put both of them through. And look at him now! He's trying to get her! We are not going to stop them and we're going to let them fall in love! Oh, and you're not telling her, her good angels replied, we're letting her heart finally tell her brain.

And with that, her good conscious and angels unlocked the key to her heart that the grudges had helped Kyoko do five years ago. Out zoomed the emotion the she had dearly locked up and was most wanted by President Lory . And with it came a hidden piece of information that her brain had never recognized and hadn't been able to accept without the emotion of love. Something her heart had realized long before but her brain could not, and would not, digest.

The fact that Kyoko Mogami loved Tsuruga Ren.

Kyoko at long last realized what her heart had been trying to hide from her for so long. She finally realized why Ren's name wasn't on the list. It wasn't because she didn't like him or that she hated him, it was because the relationship her heart had with his was to a higher degree than to any another man she had known in her lifetime. Her grudges also didn't want her to find out that she actually fell in love again, so it had kept his name off the list and made her not realize his name was not on it. Her logic at last realized why being around him was comfortable. That staying at his apartment just the two of them was enjoyable, and the small things that hid did for her made her feel good. She finally understood why he had so desperately wanted her to call him "Ren" instead of "Tsuruga-san", it was to show her how close they had become over the years and those were the names that would allow them to be more comfortable around each other. She realized why she was a mother to him at times, and how it was okay for her to act like that around him!

She felt it in her heart, and recognized it in her brain, and Ren saw it in her eyes. She was madly in love with him, but it was a secret she had kept buried inside the deepest caverns of her heart. He saw his undying love for her reciprocate back to him and he smiled the biggest, most authentic gentlemanly smile that no person in Japan had ever seen before.

They begin to laugh and hold their stomachs. Right now, it was the moment of complete joy. Kyoko laughed at how stupid she had been these past few years, how the infinite signs that were strategically placed to show her Ren love her failed to go unnoticed to her brain and stayed conscious in her heart. She laughed at how she never realized why Japan's Most Desirable Man stayed around HER, a lowly newbie at LME's LoveMe, while her brain made up stories about him caring about every kouhai, but her brain wouldn't allow her to comprehend why he wasn't always there for Moko-san or Amamiya-san, but he was always there for her.

"Ren, I've been so stupid, I'm shocked at how idiotic I've been!" she gasped, in between laughter.

The laughter stopped as he closed the short distance between them and wrapped his arms delicately around her petite body, finally allowing him to give in to some of his emotions. At first, the grudges kicked in and made her stiffen in his embrace, but slowly, her body relaxed to his and she hugged him back and relished the warm feel of his body. Their bodies melted together, and they both realized how much like a fitted puzzle piece they were together when they embraced. His tall lanky frame and her small cute one somehow fit and it felt good being together.

The sat in that position for a while until he moved his head off her shoulder and placed it on her forehead. He stared into her lovesick eyes, while his showed exactly the same emotion. He grinned and enjoyed the feeling of her skin.

"Kyoko, I love you. I've loved you for so long, you can't even imagine. I love all your little quirks and how you always care about everyone. I love how you give you 110% at everything, and how beautiful you are. I love you when you call me Ren and when you call me to say goodnight. I love you and how I can feel your love through your cooking. I love how you make me feel like I have to be a better person than I really am. I love how you can accept me for being me. I'll love you for eternity. Kyoko, I love you so much, my heart aches." He whispered to her, his breath tickling her skin although it felt good.

Her blush escalated to a point where her cheeks were finally beet red. "Ren, I love you. I'm sorry I never realized how much you loved me, and I'm sorry that my heart wouldn't tell me that I loved you. My heart tells me that I know that I'll love you forever and ever to come, but my brain can't process that right now. Ren, I'm truly and utterly and completely in love with you and I feel ashamed for not realizing it earlier. Gah! It feels weird on my tongue to say it."

With that, he cupped her check and placed his lips on hers. Yes, she had her fair share of kisses through her careers, some of them with him, but she never felt a true kiss with somebody that she LOVED. This was her first true kiss, a kiss filled with ten times the emotion his eyes had earlier shown her. A kiss to seal the promise they had just made to each other. A kiss to convey their emotions in ways that spoken language could not grasp. A kiss for both their hungry hearts that had been waiting for sensation of love on each other's lips. His lips also felt like the missing puzzle piece and she delighted in the fact that they were made for each other. They were meant for each other. They were soulmates.

"WOOOOOOOT!" the group cheered cried out from inside the President's room.

"Mo, I had my doubts on you, but oh my god! You did it!" Kanae gasped as she placed a hand over her stomach and the other grasped the President's arm.

"Never fear, I truly do have cupid's arrow in my hand. They needed it stabbed into their hearts a long time ago, but finally! It's finally happened!" he squealed and the straightened himself. "Uh-hum! Everybody, I please like to grab you attention for a moment." The others all looked at him "I would like to say congratulations to all of you who have participated in the Let's Hook Ren and Kyoko Scheme. Would you please raise your glass for a toast to their everlasting love and to the brilliance of our plan! Tonight, we shall celebrate with them!"

They all paused and looked at him and he cleared his voice once again. "Yes, elevator management? Yes, once you see me on the ground floor, I would like you to bring elevator seven down. Yes, tell them they'll be fine. Mhmm." He turned back to the crowd of matchmakers "Who wants to go down and congratulate them now?" An ecstatic shout rang out and they all stampeded out of his room to the nearest elevator.

"ACHOOOOOO!" Ren and Kyoko sneezed together and sniffed. They looked at each other's eye and began their next series of laughter.

"Um excuse me? Ma'am? Or sir? Is there anybody in the elevator?" a voice rang out from the apparently "broken" call button.

Wide-eyed, Ren rushed up to it and pressed the red button. "Yes! There's two people in here! Can you take us down? What took you so long?"

"Oh, I'm sorry sir, but we lost the keys to the maintenance room and had to find an off duty worker who is currently on vacation and ask him to give us the keys. You're elevator should resume back on its track shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience." The voice stopped and moments later, a lurch was felt in both their stomachs.

Ren helped Kyoko back to her feet and draped an arm around her waist. She looked up into his eyes and smiled up to him. Once they had admitted their mutual feelings for each other, it didn't seem too big to show off their love towards each other.

"Ren, I must say, you look really good blonde. I never expected it on you, but the blue contacts you put in and the blonde dye of your hair looks so natural! It's soo pretty!" she reached up and ran her hands through his hair.

A twinkle appeared in his eye. "What if I told you it's real, and that this isn't any of Jelly's doing? You know my real name isn't Ren."

She grinned at him "Yeah yeah, of course it's real! You know what, that orangey brown hair I used to have, it's real too. This black is dyed." She winked at him.

He grabbed both of her shoulder and spun her around to face him. "What if I told you I used to know a little girl who used to sit by a river in Kyoto with her fairy prince she called after a yellow vegetable and talk about the rocks that looked like hamburgers and how her mother wanted her to have perfect grades all the time. She used to call me a fairy prince." Recognition was shown in her eyes "Oh, and better yet, imagine if actually, the 'fairy king's' father was actually an actor she also called father too once she was grown up and had to take care of when he visited Japan."

Her eyes grew wider. This was a confession she was not expecting "Ren, you're Kuon Hizuri? Wait… You're Cor—"

The elevator doors opened and the intimacy was ruined as a hoard of their close friends came in and swept both of them away from each other and out of the elevator. Out of nowhere, confetti of red, pink and white starts falling and showered them all in valentine colors, even if it was nowhere near February. The new couple blushed as they find out they had actually been set up, and they had been watched the whole time. A round of congratulations come from each of their friends, the President, Kanae, Yashiro, Ogata, Maria, Sawara, Chiori, the Ishibashi brothers, Jelly, and the LoveMe members. They were all in a joyous mood and smiles and giggles are heard everywhere on the ground floor of the LME entertainment agency. The area around the elevators had been closed off and they all could enjoy their moment of excitement in peace without any paparazzi. Ren was patted on the back and was told how he is finally a man, and Kyoko received hugs telling her she finally graduated from LoveMe with flying colors. Everything is going according to plan.

As Kyoko looked back at Ren with eyes full of love, not only of him, but towards his younger self that she had fallen in love with when she was young. Her eyes are full on understanding and her heart only widen it's capacity to love another human being. He was Corn, he was Ren, he was Kuon. He was all three but he was one. He was the one that she loved and nothing could change that. She mouthed a confession to him and he looked at her oddly. Did she just say that she was Bo?

Meanwhile, President Lory slowly stepped out of the circle of happiness and spoke into his microphone he had on. "Boss, it's done. I hope you got the webcam of it. I'm going to leave you now, bye!" he ran back to them shouting quotes of love and grabbing anyone in his path into a bear hug.

Kuu Hizuri sits on his office chair with his mouth dangling wide open. His son, his rebel secretive son, finally told who is was to his other son? The woman who he knew was the perfect companion to him? Kuu had expected his Kuon to admit his undying love towards her, but to admit who his father was and just laugh it off? The President Lory had rigged the security cameras so that Kuu could watch it live on his computer. Lory had also recorded it and would play it on their wedding and show them how much he really did know about their lives. A playful grin appeared on his lips and he looked down onto his desk at the two objects that lay beside his keyboard.

There were two pieces of paper with Kuu's handwriting. The paper was bordered with hearts and arrows, and the envelope to it said LME. Truly, President Lory was not the mastermind to everything, Kuu Hizuri was the true and official matchmaker who had come up with this plan and had forced Lory to make it happen.

"Julie! Juulie!" he called to his wife.

"What Kuu?" she screamed from another room.

"You're going to be a grandma soon! Come here! Your son found the perfect wife! My other son!"

I hope you all enjoyed my story! :D I enjoyed this experience writing it. It's currently almost midnight my time and I've just been wriring nonstop for the past hour, and this whole fanfiction was fun to write. :) It truly was. I wonder why some people hate writing and literature sometimes, because I know that I hate word limits and I love books and manga. :)

If you guys see any mistake, tell me, because I know I've made mistakes. It's late at night, my eyes are getting sore and my fingers are slightly annoyed at how much I've been putting them through these past few hours, but I wanted to give all of my readers out there the last chapter to the story. :) I do have a half a plan to my epilogue (yeah, I know, i never finished the real plan) but I dont think it's going to be too long, though I think it'll be funny. So for now, I'm going to make this story completed till I have a good plan for my epilogue!

Thank you to all my reviewers, favorite story-ers, favorite author-ers, and alerters. You guys make my day feel awesome and you inspire me to just keep writing more sometimes (along with the fact that some of you have AWESOME ideas I would LOVE to incorporate with my story. Maybe I'll make some random funny fanfic and stuff any/every idea in it somehow!)

It's been fun writing this story...

Till my next one,