After School Special

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Chapter 10: The Beginning of the End

JUNE 2011

To say Santana got away with vandalizing Christopher Wilde's car would be a cakewalk. Santana knew from the start what she would do when her parents confronted her about what happened. First, she knew she would get away with it, because her mom was a cop, but also her mom had a thing for creeps like Mr. Wilde and she did not care what happened to them. However, she also knew that her dad would want her to be punished in some way; so when they came into her room to talk about what happened she already put her plan in motion.

"Mija," her father Richard said to get her attention. "We need to talk to you about something that happened at the mall a few weeks ago."

"One minute Daddy, I just need to finish this paragraph I am studying for finals," Santana answered, studying was part one of the phase. After about two minutes, she marked the page she was on and closed her book. "What's up?"

"A few weeks ago, when you were at the mall with Noah Puckerman and Brittany; Christopher Wilde was there and his car was vandalized, Do you know anything about that?" Richard questioned sternly.

"No, but if you know who did can you let me know I would like to say thank you!" she said smiling. 'That will really throw them off."

"Santana we are serious. You had nothing to do with this, you know nothing at all," he asked getting frustrated.

Nope Daddy, Brittany and I were helping Puck get ready for a date. Than Brittany and I went to her house and hung out for a little before we went to Rachel's house. Brittany wanted to play the duck game you get her on the computer."Santana said. Brittany was her secret. Richard loved Brittany and really thought she was the sweetest thing in the world; along with that he thought she would never do anything wrong. So as long as Brittany was factored properly into the occasion, according to Richard, Santana could not have done anything wrong.

"Okay then. Well if you hear anything at school you will let your mother know right?"

"Of course Daddy," she smiled "I have to finish studying now." With that, she opened her book and went back to studying.

A few seconds after her parents left her room her mom popped her head back in.

"I know it was you, I was at the mall too, but seeing as it was Christopher Wilde I am going to let it slide, and also your father and I are leaving for dinner, so you can stop studying and go see Brittany now, just don't do anything that will get you into any type of trouble. You hear me?" her mother warned.

"Yes Mami and thank you."

"No problem sweetheart, you know how I feel about him," Anna answered.

Rachel was spending the weekend with Shelby. She had just gotten there about an hour ago and now she was waiting for Shelby to finish getting ready do they could go to the mall.

"Mom are you almost done; if you take any longer it will be time for dinner before we even leave the house," Rachel half yelled up the stairs.

Right as Rachel finished Shelby appeared at the top of the stairs and started to come down.

"Sorry hun, the secretary from Carmel called she wanted to know when Vocal Adrenalin practices started for the summer so she could but it on the website," Shelby said while putting on her shoes. Once she was both mother and daughter were out the door and, on their way to the mall.

Rachel had a lot of fun with her mom. She forgot how much fun it was to just be able to relax and talk to her mom about stuff like school, glee, friends, and Quinn. Recently most of their conversations have revolved around Christopher Wilde and, how Rachel was doing. Rachel knew that it was not Shelby's fault and that she was just acting as any normal mother would in the same situation, but to talk about normal mother daughter stuff was really fun for Rachel. Shelby and Rachel spent all afternoon at the mall. They went to all different types of stores, where Shelby insisted on buying Rachel at least one thing that she wanted or like. She said she missed being able to buy stuff for her since they have not gone shopping in a long time, but Rachel knew that her mom was trying to make her happy with new stuff. She didn't mind, because she was not going overboard and in reality, she really could use some new clothes for the summer.

After an afternoon of shopping, Rachel and Shelby headed back to the car. They were going to get Quinn and Will and they go to dinner at Macaroni Gill, before heading back to Shelby and Will's house for the night.

"Did you have fun Ray," Shelby asked.

"I did Mom, thanks so much for taking me out and buying me all that stuff, really you didn't have to.

"Yes I did honey, you need knew clothes for the summer and besides I would rather spend my money on something practical than wasting it on things that you, Will, or I will never touch.

Dinner was a lot of fun and they group had a fun night. It was still a little awkward for Quinn to call Mr. Schue Will outside of school, but she was getting use to it. It was fun talking with Shelby and Will when they were not fighting playfully of course about Regionals and who had better teaching methods, although both Quinn and Rachel thought Shelby was a better teacher, but they never told either adult that.

"I can't wait for summer these kids are driving me up a wall, they want to know what their final grade is, and they haven't even taken the exam," Shelby complained

Hey, at least your kids care about their grades; most of my students think they are on vacation already, just because it is June." Will defended.

"Okay seriously, stop I don't want to hear about finals and I'm sure Quinn doesn't either, especially since we both expect to be exempt from all our exams." Rachel said.

"Wait I thought Figgins said that he was not doing exemptions this year," Will asked Rachel

"No that was only for midterms and all freshmen. Sue complained saying that the kids who applied themselves needed a break at the end of the end of the year and that was that; exemptions were allowed again. Now you don't have to give us a glee final" Rachel said happily and secretly took Quinn's hand under the table and intertwined their fingers.

As the end of the school year approached so did Regionals and Final Exams. Everyone in Glee was exempt from the Glee Exam, so in Glee so Mr. Schue were focusing on Regionals, instead of reviewing for exams. He decided that they would do something a little different this year. Since Rachel and Quinn's duet went over so well at Sectionals they were going to do that again, but instead of doing the last two songs as one group he was going to break it up into boy and girl sections, and then the last song would be a group number. Picking the songs was harder than he thought it would be. He wanted to find songs that both the kids and the judgers would like and that was proving to be a little difficult.

"So…" Mr. Schue started as everyone got situated. "We need to find two songs for Regionals the group song and then the some they we are breaking up into sections for the boys v. girls song" Mr. Schue said using air quotes around boys v. girls.

"Well, can we do songs that we have already sung, you know like songs we didn't sing in competitions," Brittany asked.

"I don't see why not, as long as no as it is appropriate and it is not a song that was a solo why?" Mr. Schue asked, after thinking about it for a few minutes. He was slightly afraid to ask Brittany what she wanted to sing, just because it Brittany and that could mean anything.

"I think we should do that song from the Beatles, you know that we sung together. I forget the name but it was a fun song,"

"Hello?" Santana asked.

"San why are you saying hi to me we saw each other this morning, besides that is not how we say Hi," Brittany pouted.

"No, B the name of the son is 'Hello'." Santana answered

So it was decided that Rachel and Quinn would sing "Always Love" form Nada Surf, They would break up "Hello" into parts for the boys and girls to sing, and their last song as a group would be Madonna's "Express Yourself."

Regionals were harder this year. Vocal Adrenalin was amazing as to be expected, but the third group Magical Music was also amazing. Somehow, New Directions managed to end up going last again, so they were nervous for the whole program. In the end, New Directions ended up winning. They were shocked, because they all thought that Vocal Adrenalin was better than they were, but Rachel said that it was because they had better stage presence; she said they had better emotion and they looked like they wanted to be there not that they deserved to be there like Vocal Adrenalin did.

As Rachel was packing her bag to go home, she felt two arms wrap around her waist. At first she began to panic, she didn't know who it was, but she knew it wasn't Quinn, because they were a man's arms.

"Relax Princess it is just me; I won't hurt you," the voice said.

Rachel knew that voice like she knew her own. Suddenly she had a big smile; she turned around and jumped into the arms of the not so mysterious stranger.

"Jesse,: she screeched. "I missed you so much. What are you doing? How did you get in here? Does my mom know you're here? You should go say Hi to her," Rachel rambled.

"Slow down Speedy, Quinn let me in she told me where you wee and said that I should surprise you, and your mom does know I am here, but we did not get much of a chance to talk, so I will take you up on that, but right now I want to spend time with my best friend.

Rachel and Jesse spent the afternoon catching up, while Quinn spent it with her mom. They were going to meet up for dinner with their parents, Brittany, and Santana later. Spending time with Jesse was a relief for Rachel. He knew all about everything that happened, but since he was not there, spending time with him now was like breathing fresh air; instead of recycled air.

Later that night when Rachel was home her dads and mom told her something that she knew was coming, but at the same time, she was not prepared for it.

"Now," Elias began "We want to tell you this alone with just us and your mom here. After we tell you, you are free to call Quinn and ask her to spend the night, but right now we just want it to be us," he finished and waited for her to nod before he continued. "A court date has been set. The trial will begin on July 15th. Daddy talked to the judge for the case, and even though he could not tell him any details, but he said that he believes that the trial will be fairly short." Elias said quietly.

At first Rachel just sat still, she was processing the information she was just told. She knew this was coming she prepared herself for it, but it still scared her that she would have to see him again. When she started to cry lightly, her parents took turns comforting her. knowing that she would not be able to call Quinn without breaking down further Jackson went to call his daughter's girlfriend. Once he got off the phone with Quinn who promised to be there in ten minutes, Rachel asked him to call Jesse and ask him to come over.

By one AM Rachel and Jesse were sleeping on the couch, with Rachel sleeping soundly between them. It took them awhile to get her to relax. They watched "Funny Girl" and "West Side Story" before Rachel feel asleep.