After School Special

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Chapter 11: Forget You

JULY 2011

July had finally come and graced it's self to Rachel Berry. Rachel loved July; well she use to love July, now all she thought about was the fast approaching trial.

Her dads had made sure she was as prepared as possible to the point where she even had a list of possible questions and accusation the Christopher Wilde's lawyer could make. She was still nervous though; she had still not seen Mr. Wilde since February and that was by far enough to make her nervous, but add in the fact that he could will the trial also added to the nerves. She was also afraid of how his lawyers would treat Quinn, her friends, and family. She knew how trials worked and how a defense attorney could twist all the evidence and statements to make it look like Mr. Wilde did nothing wrong, and that everything that happened was in fact Rachel's fault and that poor Christopher Wilde was stuck in the middle of the situation. As much as she tried not to think about it and those she loved tried to keep her mind off of the trial all the attempts failed; something always reminded her of the fact that she was going to have to retell her story. Being with her dads, reminded her that her daddy Jackson could not help her in this case; being with Brittany, Santana, Sue, and especially Quinn made her think of how she was putting them through this too. In addition, whenever she was with her mom and Will she thought of how the defense was going to use Will against her statements because he saw Sue attach Mr. Wilde. No matter how many times Will assured Rachel that he was not going to say anything that would work in advantage to help Mr. Wilde win the trial. In fact he told her that when Wilde's lawyer questioned him, his answers would make Tom Forrester, who was Christopher Wilde's lawyer regret asking him to act as a witness for the defense. The ADA working to help Rachel's side of the case was Samantha Harrison, according to her dad had the highest win count out of all the ADA'S working for the DA and that helped assure her. When she met with Samantha Harrison, who insisted Rachel called her Sam, she was put more at ease. She told Rachel that she that she would try her damndest to make sure that Wilde lost the case. She said that she had faced Tom Forrester a few times in the past and had only lost once, so in that regard the odds were in Rachel's favor. Still no matter how many times people had to tried to put Rachel at ease, it never fully worked, it didn't help that now she thought she could've prevented everything if she had said something when it started.

On The 4th of July, Quinn had made Rachel promise that she would forget about the impending trial. Quinn knew that Rachel was stressing out over the trial and she knew that she had every right to be. However, Quinn also knew that Rachel loved the 4th of July. She loved the summer weather and she especially loved the fireworks. Sao when the day finally came, Quinn made it her personal mission to make sure Rachel was happy and enjoyed herself. She knew that keeping Rachel's mind occupied and off the trial was going to be hard, but she was determined to at least let her have a little bit of happiness, even if it was only for one day. It started that morning; Quinn knew that Rachel would be up at 8:30 to start her summer workout routine. On the night before Quinn made sure to stop at the local vegetarian/vegan grocery store to get everything she would need for the vegan waffle she was going to make Rachel. At exactly 8:00 in the morning, Quinn walked into the Berry house to find Jackson and Elias having coffee.

"Is she still asleep," she asked while setting her bags down on the kitchen counter.

"She should be, we haven't heard her elliptical, music or shower start up yet. Unless she is on to us and is staying quiet." Elias answered with a smile

Quinn and Jackson chuckled at what Elias said; because if Rachel knew what was going on there is no way, she would have remained quiet.

"We already got the stuff out and ready for you Quinn, I found Rachel's favorite recipe for Vegan waffles in one of her cookbooks last night, so you knew what to make. I also found some vegan chocolate chips if you want to add them," Jackson said pointing to the counter.

Quinn smiled. "Thanks so much I actually wanted to make them chocolate chip waffle, but I could not find chocolate chips at the store for the life of me, I am happy that you guys had some here. Do you have any ideas on what else I can make, I mean I can only think of bacon and sausage, which I know aren't even vegetarian much less vegan."

"We thought of that too," Elias, said going to the refrigerator, "We got fruit, granola, and rice milk yogurt to make parfaits. I also took the liberty of making regular waffle batter, just before you got here. There is no reason why we all shouldn't be able to enjoy a fun breakfast today." Elias finished taking out the regular waffle batter.

"That's great…" Quinn started but was quickly cut-off by Elias.

"I don't care if you ate breakfast already, if you don't want the waffle I will cry." Elias said wiping away a fake tear from his eye.

"No I was going to say, that I was going to try and have the Vegan waffle, but I am happy you made regular waffles too, I was not too sure if I would like vegan ones.

Quinn continued to keep Rachel's day happy and stress free. The day finally ended around midnight with the last of the fireworks. After many goodnights and thank yous, the girls went on their separate ways, with their parents.

Finally the dreaded day was open them. After many nightmares, sleepless nights, nights and days worrying and mild panic attacks, July 15th, the day of the trial. Rachel woke up, well wake up was a stretch considering she barley slept. Anyway, she continued on with her day as if nothing was special. When she was finished, she went down stairs to meet her dads in the living room. Her dads made sure that she was okay and ready for the long day ahead. She had a light breakfast, before she went to get ready for the trial. She made sure to take her travel makeup bag in her purse. The Berries were going to meet with everybody else for lunch, before heading to the courthouse.

Once the trial started, Rachel found herself oddly calm. She had already seem Christopher Wilde; he was dressed to the nines hoping that looking like an upstanding citizen of society would help him look innocent to the jury. Rachel found this unsettling until she remembered the fact that her years of acting classes that gave her the ability to cry with the link of an eye. It was not something that she used to help her very often or at all recently, but she figured that if she needed to use that talent today, she would be able to forgive herself. After all it would not just help her; she knew for a fact after many hours of research that people like Mr. Wilde rarely stopped what they do, they almost always continue to take advantage of people and generally speaking they get better at hiding what they are doing and they get better. Rachel would not be able to live with herself if other people were left in the same situation as she was with Mr. Wilde. She made a mental note to herself that is she saw the jury was starting to believe the story the Mr. Wilde was telling she would pull out the waterworks, in hope that the jury would see her and start to feel sorry for her and use that as a sympathy factor. As Samantha started her opening argument, she tried to look sad without looking pathetic. It wasn't hard considering she was sad and scared. Once Samantha was done, she put a comforting hand on Rachel's back and made her drink some water to calm her down.

"Drink it now," she whispered gently. "Once everything gets started you won't be able to think clearly enough to realize if you are thirsty. Once Tom started his opening argument he started right away with saying things that made it look like Rachel was the one to blame, and that Christopher had tried to help her out, and she ran off and told people that he was being in appropriate it with her, and now he lost his job and his teaching certification.

When the examinations started, Christopher Wilde was the first person to go to the stand. It seemed to Rachel that he had the perfect, to every question; Rachel was getting nervous she watched how he answered the questions and answered them perfectly Samantha looked over at her and whispered to her

"Don't worry, they more than likely rehearsed the questions and answered. When it is my turn to question him he won't even know what to do. The jury will see his true colors."

Soon enough it was Samantha's turn to question Christopher Wilde.

"So Mr. Wilde, you said that you did nothing to make Rachel Berry accuse you of everything that has brought you here."

"Yes that is what I said," he answered calmly.

"Then why did you threaten her with the return of so called slushie facials, or better yet threatening her with the concept of telling her girlfriend that she had slept with you, when she did not even want to be along in a room with you," Santana asked sternly

"I… I… well I had her stay behind in the classroom to see if she needed help with her school work."

"Right, but that does not answer my question and why would a student who has straight A's and a 4.0 . need help in class?

The questioning went on a few minutes. When it was Rachel's turn she was scared she tried to answer the questions as truthfully as possible. The questions with Samantha were easy; it was the questions from Tom that made her stomach turn.

"Why didn't you tell anyone about what Mr. Wilde was allegedly doing to you?"

"He threatened me; he said he would tell my girlfriend that I slept with him when I didn't. Quinn knows I 'm a virgin if she thought I slept with Mr. Wilde it would crush her" Rachel answered calmly

"Why did you keep staying behind in class if you did not like what he was doing?"

"Because he was my teacher, what if he really needed to talk to me about something school related. I know it seemed stupid to keep staying behind, but is it so wrong to believe that maybe it was all in my head and that Mr. Wilde was a good man?"

"Do you think it was all in your head?"

"No, I know it wasn't there is evidence that it wasn't. If it were all in my head, I would not have nightmares. I would not know what it is like to feel violated in that way. I now know what victims mean when they say you do not know what it is like or what you will do until you are out in that situation. I always use to think that, I would run away and tell someone if something like that had ever happened to me. However, in that situation I was so scared I could not even thing straight. I would not have been able to tell you that the shy was blue, or even what my name was.

The trial continued on for a while longer, before the jury left to come to their statement. Those twenty minutes were so long, Rachel felt as though she had been waiting for days. Finally, when the jury came back; everyone got situated in the courtroom to hear the verdict.

"The main man of the jury stood up and said. "We the jury finds the defendant guilty"

Rachel let out a deep sigh. At last, everything was over. She could go back to her life and finally feel safe again.

I know my trial was not accurate, sorry but I do not know all that much about a court hearing.