I'm Spencer Carlin, I'm 22 and I work for the NYPD. You may wonder what the hell I'm doing enrolling in high school again. First of all, no, it's not a 'Billy Madison' thing. I wasn't brought up privileged and I actually excelled in high school, graduated two years early as president of the student committee, but I was beat out of valedictorian. Damn you Lisa Bousarge! Nah, we were actually pretty close friends since we had a lot of classes. College was also great; I started out as a premed student but changed to criminal law. Yes I have some training as a lawyer but I haven't graduated yet. It's a long story but it's boring so I'll explain as I go.

As I was thinking of ways to appear younger and less mature I peered out of the office window to spy on any passerby. After a moment I saw a woman with dark hair. She was either a teacher or a parent and since she looked so young my bet was teacher. She wore a pair of black dress pants that came down just far enough to reveal her pointed heals. She also wore a light green button up shirt that looked a little too tight as the bottom two buttons were coming undone and she kept buttoning them back much to my displeasure. I noticed her yelling on the phone. I looked around the empty office before deciding to investigate this. It would be another hour before the register got here so I had time. I stood and decided to investigate. Ok, actually, I was ease dropping since I couldn't see through the heavy, solid, wooden door. I just cracked the door at first to listen and see very little, but when the third button from the bottom popped open the door opened a little more as my mouth watered. I could see her toned stomach and her belly button. Wow, the things I wanted to do to her are probably not legal in this state yet! Mmm. I could taste her already, and even feel her withering under me. Once I realized that she was standing right in front of me I just smiled and offered my hand. For some reason I felt like she saw the lust in my eyes. She smiled politely and shook my hand

"Ashley" she said looking deeper into my eyes. Now I knew she could see it. "Um, are you a new teacher or something?" she asked confused and I think a little hopeful. I smiled and shook my head no "Parent?" She asked and I stopped smiling only to raise an eyebrow

"Do I look that old?" I asked almost sounding worried and she laughed whole heartedly. Oh, by the way I'm supposed to be 18 for at least the next two weeks. Don't ask me how but I can pull it off easily. Even though she didn't know my age I still felt offended when she thought that I looked like a parent of a child in high school.

"No, you look to be at least 20, maybe 22, no, definitely 23" she said sounding excited that she knew for sure what my age was. At first I silently freaked out, but not showing it in my eyes worked out well for me. As a member of law enforcement I had learned to improvise quickly. I grew a wide smile, thinking like an 18 year old would. This puzzled her and I could tell

"Do you think I could buy cigarettes?" I asked and she rolled her eyes "What? I'm going to try it; maybe they will think that I'm so mature that they won't even need to see ID!" I said excitedly and she shook her head in disapproval. Unfortunately for her my wide smile was contagious and it seemed to spread over her face quickly, before long we were both giggling uncontrollably. As we held our shaking stomachs I had stepped out of the door way and was leaning against a wall doubled over in laughter along side this beautiful creature. I suddenly dropped to my knees with her following as we calmed down leaning against the wall in the abandoned hallway. Of course I noticed that she only had three buttons holding her shirt together. Yep, two more buttons opened but when she noticed what I was looking at she didn't move to button them back

"My sister" she started to explain as she pointed towards her shirt "This is her attempt at laundry" she said with a frustrated smile which forced me to look up into her eyes. She had the most beautiful honey colored eyes I had ever seen. Well the only ones I had ever seen actually.

"You have beautiful eyes" I said and she smiled looking away from me

"Thank you Spencer" she said now trying to slowly button her shirt but every time she closed the fabric together it would open back up. I smiled and stood, then offered my hands to help her up. She looked at me almost in question and smiled "What?" she asked

"Maybe they will button better if you stand up" I commented and she nodded then placed her hands into mine. I pulled her up gently with hardly any effort. She was so light. Just as she got to her feet she looked into my eyes appreciatively, but as I looked back into hers the moment was...ruined. A boy pushed me into her and before I could catch my self or even see him I crashed into Ashley then she crashed into the wall. I think he hit me with something because my back was killing me.

"Get a room stupid dykes!" I heard him yell, but I didn't look away from Ashley. Her eyes had turned more of a dark caramel color. I suddenly realized that our fingers were intertwined and I was pinning her tightly to the wall. Damn she looked sexy! I wanted so badly to attack her lips with mine. Her mouth was even open in surprise but I took my hands from hers and placed them on her shoulders as I pulled away. I had to make sure she could stand. She nervously cleared her throat.

"Um, are you ok Spencer?" she asked with her face burning red, but I had the feeling that she wasn't embarrassed.

"Yes" I said still holding her shoulders and surveying her body for injuries "Are you ok?" I asked slowly turning her from side to side. She giggled and placed her hands on my arms to stop the movements

"Yes, and first of all, I don't like to be man handled and second, I was getting a little dizzy" she said and we both giggled a little, but I found that it hurt a little to laugh. I just shrugged it off as I looked into her eyes again and noticing that we were still standing pretty close, also, her shirt was only held together by one button. As the bell rang we both panicked. Instinctively I reached down to button her shirt from the bottom and she did front the top until our hands met and I pulled back quickly taking a step backwards

"Hmm" I surveyed the shirt "tuck it in and maybe it wont do it anymore" I suggested and she smiled as she tucked the shirt in. for some reason I think her hands lingered in her pants for a little too long, but that could just be my perverted mind.

After the bell rang and we got her shirt to stay closed we parted ways. I went back into the office and she went down the hall. Of course I studied her ass as she walked away. It was tight and looked like it would fit perfectly in my hands. Well I guess i can go ahead and tell you about the actual reason I'm here. His name is Aiden Dennison. He's a drug dealer. A 9 year old over dosed and died two weeks ago. When the LAPD asked around they kept hearing Dennison's name and decided to investigate, but 3 search warrants later they found nothing. He never even had any drugs in his system. So when this came across my commissioner's desk he couldn't turn down the chance to send someone undercover. That's me. This was my first under cover operation so I was excited. He insisted I was the only person for the job. I had worked with the drug enforcement unit since I joined the NYPD.

"Carlin?" the register asked and I nodded as I stood.