Ch. 24

Ashley's POV

"Spen?" Spencer and I were lying in her bed. I was only wearing a big t-shirt and she was in her underwear. She looked over at me and I smiled lovingly

"Yeah?" she asked and I shook my head

"You know how I feel about you right?" I asked. Spencer gave me an adorable half smile

"I think so" She answered. Her answers always seem so honest. It's like… Hmm. I guess I would explain it like Spencer doesn't like to lie and when she answers something honestly, she's alive. My eyes found hers, then my fingers wrapped around hers that were on her lap

"I love you Spen" I tried to speak like her. I wanted to speak to her soul like she spoke to mine every time she looked at me

"I love you too Ash" she replied quickly then moved her hand to my face and pulled me into a kiss. I hope I die kissing her. I moved my hands to wrap around her waist. Our bodies fit so tightly together. I just love everything about her. Her legs that I am stroking with mine, her eyes that I get lost in every time I look into hers, even her ass that just begs my a hands to squeeze it every time it gets close enough. "Mmm" she moaned as I groped her ass again "Why my ass?" she asked opening her eyes to bore into mine

"Hmm" I acted like I was thinking as I moved my hand around her waist then to the hem of her sports bra. I squeezed her breast

"Mmm" she moaned again

"Better?" I asked and she chuckled

"I don't care where your hands are, as long as they are all over me" I kneaded her breast and she hissed

"Well, good, because I love touching you" I explained and she bit her lip as I pinched her nipple slightly

"Wait" she exhaled "I need to talk to you" she hissed and I raised an eyebrow

"About what? The weather?" I asked slightly amused and slightly annoyed

"No" she smiled as her eyes met mine "I want to talk about us"

"Like now?" I asked blinking impatiently

"Um, yes?" she answered unsure

"Ok" I took a deep breath "I will just ignore the fact that this will be the third time you interrupt us fooling around"

"I'm sorry Ash" she sighed then looked away from my eyes. Something must be really wrong

"It's ok Spen. Is something bothering you?" I asked concerned and she smiled slightly but still didn't meet my eyes.

"It's just" she sighed again "I think..." she looked into my eyes "No. I know...or well, I'm pretty sure" she started to ramble and I silenced her with a small kiss. Her eyes were still on mine when I pulled back. She smiled then wrapped her arms around my waist and pulled me on top of her

"What?" I asked with an amused smile to which she replied with a chuckle and a head shake.

"Nothing Ash" she answered seeming more relieved

"No, tell me" I urged and she smiled brightly again

"I've never been in love" she swallowed hard. She looked almost nervously

"Are you also a virgin?" I asked a little more confused. What does her past…? Oh! Aw, she loves me. Wait! My eyebrows rose. I'm her first love...! Um, wow

"No" she whispered looking away again

"I'm your first love" I spoke absently

"Yeah, the first real one" she replied quickly in a whisper. The silence was slightly awkward but our eyes met again "Who was your first love?" she asked and I sighed but held her eyes with mine

"You" I whispered with closed eyes then quickly leaned down to kiss her hard

"Ash" she pushed me roughly "are you serious?" she asked and I sighed yet again. Why is this so hard for me?

"Yes" I looked back into her eyes "I've never even had pet names or inside jokes with exes. Only sex, drugs, and secrets. You're so much more then what I thought love was Spen. It's just that you are a huge opportunity for me. I can't blow it" I examined her face as she smiled

"So does this mean that we are definitely not having sex cause I just want you to know, your body is my third favorite thing about you" I smirked

"Psh, my body is number one to everyone baby" I stated smugly and her eyebrows furrowed

"Wow, I've never seen you so cocky before" I blushed and she moved her hands up my torso and onto my chest "I kind of like it" she added with a smirk that I matched with my own

"Well, if I'm being honest I haven't done this in a while so I might be rusty" she chuckled and rolled her eyes

"I have the feeling you be good enough for me" Wrong thing to say Carlin. Ashley Davies is the best and damn it I'm gonna prove it! I slammed my mouth down to hers as I raised her bra just enough to see her hard nipples. I smirked into the kiss once she moaned and quickly moved my mouth to her nipple "Oh god!" she moaned and I smiled around her nipple a I pinched the other with my right hand. "Fuck Ash" she moaned out and I chuckled as I pulled away from her body. I sat up and pulled her up with me. I pulled the cloth over her head then connected my lips to her neck. My biting and nipping released so many moans from her I couldn't tell where one stopped and the other began. She surprised me by pulling my shirt over my head. She examined my body and just kind of sat there. I was naked. I knew she would love my body. I took this moment to examine her body as well. I noticed something that kind of freaked me out

"Oh my god, Spen! What the hell is that?" I asked looking at a small bullet sized wound. She blushed and swallowed visibly

"A bullet wound?" she answered? Yeah, that sounded more like a question to me too

"How did you get shot?" I asked tracing it gently with my fingers

"Last year, I had just been promoted to detective" she closed her eyes then sighed as she opened them "There was this little girl. Her father was a drug dealer. He held his own daughter hostage so I just acted before I thought. That one's nothing" she rolled her eyes then pulled the right side of her underwear down a little "I got this one in Florida!" her eyes lit up "I was down there on vacation!" I raised a single perfectly sculpted eyebrow

"So you got shot in Florida, for no reason?" I asked and she nodded happily

"Yeah, awesome right?" she asked and I shook my head confused

"No, you got shot" she chuckled. This is not a laughing matter

"That led to this asshole guy who shot me. After I woke up..."

"Woke up?" I interrupted

"Yeah, I was in a coma for a few days" she shook her head "Anyway"

"How many days?" I asked cutting her off again

"I think like 10 days or something?" she questioned her self

"Seriously?" I asked "You were in a coma for over a week and you never mentioned it to me? You could be dead right now" I stated clearly angry for no good reason. She laughed. She just freaking laughed

"Ash, it's all in the past now. All that is over now. I'm here with you, I'm healthy and when I'm with you 'm happy. So I guess I really can't hold a grudge against anyone that led me to you" Aw! She so sweet!

"That was really sweet" I stated and she smiled wide

"You know what I bet is really sweet?" she asked moving a hand down to my thigh and slowly moving the hand up

"Nope" I answered as I leaned into her "Why don't you tell me?" I asked and she smirked at me

"How about I jus show you?" she asked and the nearer her hand got to where I wanted it the darker her eyes got. I took a deep breath and held it as she found my clit without moving her eyes from mine. Her hand was still. She was silently asking for permission to move and when I released my long breath she took that as her yes.

"Oh god" I moaned as she circled my clit with two fingers. She cut off another moan with a slow kiss. I tried to kiss back but she started stroking that little nub so fast my head was spinning. "Fuck, Spen" I moaned out and she smiled as her mouth found my right breast. It fit like a suction cup around my hard nipple. No, more like a vacuum. "Shit!" I yelped as she entered me with one small finger

"You're so tight" Spencer stated with a smile and I nodded

"Well, it's been a while" I sighed out as her finger moved in and out of me slowly. It was like she was trying to probe me or something. Then she hit a spot that just "Wow!" I panted out and opened my eyes to see her focus intently on my chest "Eyes" I struggled to breathe as she stroked my G spot and clit at the same slow pace "up here" I finished and she pulled away from my nipple with a sexy grin

"Carlin" she kissed my neck "I'll look where I want. You just need to focus on what you want me to do to you"

"Guh..." I released another breath.

"You are so fucking beautiful Ash" Spencer spoke while still stroking me slowly, inside and out

"Faster" I panted out and she obliged quickening her pace. My eye lids felt like they were full of led "Oh fuck. Spen, I'm"

"I know" she spoke moving in and out a little harder and faster. I finally started to ride her hand at my own pace. Her lips found mine in a searing passionate kiss. Her other hand reached around to my ass and helped my rock on the hand that was giving me so much pleasure. "Open your eyes beautiful" she whispered as my body started to spasm. As soon as I did as asked I saw a tear fall from Spencer's eye.

"Shit, uhm, Spen" I panted out as I finally came around her fingers. I moved both hands to her cheeks and stared into her eyes "What's wrong?" I asked out of breath and she smiled as she looked at me confused. She whipped at my face with a small chuckle

"I guess I could ask you the same" she stated and I realized that a few tears had fallen from my own eyes. I smiled as I looked back into her eyes

"I love you Spen. I really, really do" I stated emotionally and she smiled back

"I love you too Ash, like a lot" she elaborated and I chuckled as I pulled her into a kiss

...In Kyla's room...

Paula's POV

"I wonder what they are up to." I stated as Kyla and I were leaning against her headboard in our sleeping clothes. Sure we had sex already today but I guess the mood hasn't stricken either of us since we went to bed

"Hmm, my guess would be," she turned her head to look at me "watching something boring on TV. Probably I dream of Jeanie or something stupid like that"

"They are boring. Have they even had sex yet?" I asked and Kyla shrugged

"Probably not. Ash would tell me about it"

"Psh, Spencer would tell me first!" I disagreed and she rolled her eyes

"Don't you think that's a little hypocritical of us? I mean we haven't told them about us having sex"

"So? Spencer is my daughter, and I seriously doubt she wants to think about her mother having sex with anyone"

"Mmm Spencer. You know your daughter is kind of hot. I mean I never really noticed till a few days ago. She was moving Ashley's room around cause they were bored" she bit her lip "Mm, her muscles in those little white shirts she wears!"

"Ky! That's my daughter!" I reminded her and she smirked

"Yep" she winked at me "She sure is!"

"Eww" I made a grossed out face, but then I thought about it. Two can play at this game "Although, Ashley has this wonderful wardrobe. I mean she walks around in these tight black skirts and the barely there tops" I bit my lip at the thought. Ashley was a very attractive young lady, but this was more about grossing Kyla out. I glanced at her face and saw horror

"Eww, I taught her how to dress!" she shook her head "Ok, ok. Point taken!" she conceded and I nodded quickly

"Thank you" I sighed then lay my hand on her right thigh "So, what do you wanna do?" I asked and she smirked

"Sleep" she answered and I rolled my eyes

"I mean before that"

"Hm" she placed her finger on her chin like she was thinking "Nothing that I can think of. I mean I do have you all night" she stated and I chuckled

"That's true. I think you need a bigger house"

"Yeah right!" she dismissed and I chuckled

"It was nice of you to offer Madison your room for the couch"

"Well, this isn't my house" I replied and she smiled

"You just wanted to room with me" she teased and I rolled my eyes

"Yeah right! It's not my fault all the other rooms were taken"

"Right! You mean to tell me that Madison, Glen and the twins being in two rooms really takes a lot of space? You do realize I have a third floor right?" she asked and I squinted my eyes a little in thought

"You do realize how many times you just said right, right?" I asked and she slapped my arm then turned the straddle my lap. Her tank top was hanging loose around her tight stomach

"Wanna take a shower?" she asked seductively and I bit my lip as I shook my head. She looked at me confused "No shower, so what do you want to do?" she asked and I shrugged

"Sleep?" I asked and she smiled

"Ok you just get comfy" she stated innocently as she moved her hands to the hem of my t-shirt

"I'm very comfortable" I explained and she smiled as her hands made their way up to my chest. She gripped both breasts with shocking force. As she pulled away she pinched both nipples and I let a small moan escape my lips

"I hope you are" she smirked and I rolled my eyes

"You're so full of your self!" I complained and she nodded quickly

"I have a lot to be proud of" she explained and I rolled my eyes at her but bit my lip again as both of her hands found the waste band of my sleep pants. She moved both hands around and lifted my ass as she scooted me to a laying position. She removed one hand from my pants but the other just moved around to the front. Of cause going commando was her idea. This vixen is tricky!

"I completely agree" I sighed out when she started to kiss down my neck. Kyla straightened up as we heard small feet running down the hallway.

"Mom!" Anna whispered as she opened the bedroom door. We covered up quickly

"What's wrong?" I asked reaching for my glasses that were on the bedside table. Anna had tears in her eyes

"I had a bad dream an I thought yo left!" the girl sighed out

"Oh come here Bella" Kyla beckened and the girl walked over to the bed.

"I'm not leaving right now sweetie. I just wanted Madison to have more room" I explained. WWell it was mostly honest

"Oh" the girl smiled as Kyla held her "Mommy I gotta potty"

"Ok, you can use my bathroom" Kyla replied then Anna and I shared a smile before she walked into the bathroom. Kyla and I scrambled to get our clothes straight and look normal.

"Can I sleep with you tonight?" the small brunette asked walking out of the bathroom. Kyla looked torn between annoyed and sad. Either way she wasn't answering

"Yes sweetie" I answered then Kyla gave me the dissapointed look. I leaned over to whisper into her ear "You only get these years for so long. You'll miss it when she's thirteen" Kyla gave Anna a bright smile as she opened up her arms

"I love you mommy" Anna spoke as I cut the light out and the two brunettes laid down. I aid beside themwhile keeping a little distance

"I love you too sweetie"

"I love you Pauly"

"I love you too baby girl" I kissed her forehead and she settle between us. I gave Kyla a bright smile before we all drifted off to sleep. Well this job has been interesting for Spencer.

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