Finding the Way

Authors note: I own absolutely nothing. There are several problems I have with some canon character flaws i.e. Ron's over jealousy in deathly hallows and the fact that Ginny would let Harry break up with her without a fight and spewing that line about him not being happy unless he was chasing voldemort. By the way this is fairly raw and totally has not been to another editor I just needed to clear my head as it was interfering with Chapter two of Dark Order

Shortly after breaking up with Ginny , Harry found himself sitting with his back against Dumbledore's Tomb his emotions having finally overwhelmed him his body wracked with heart rending sobs. "Why sir? Why did you bind me I could have at least given us a moment or two for reinforcements to arrive?" He started hitting his head against the marble tomb "Couldn't save Cedric!" Thud "Couldn't stop Voldemort from being reborn!." Thud. "Couldn't learn Occlumency and as a result Sirius is dead!" Thud "Even with all I have learned this year I couldn't keep the man respected the most from being killed!" Thud.

Not far from harry a group of people were watching Harry not sure how to approach him. The DA, The Weasely's, The order of the phoenix, Harry's friend, and dark haired young woman who tried to use a love potion on him earlier in the year; Romilda Vane.

Molly and Arthur were gathered in discussion with the order …

"What do we do now Arthur" Molly asked looking around at the order members

Kingsley thought for a moment before answering in a soft baritone voice "We should ask Harry what he thinks he needs."

Molly looked ready to yell when Moody spoke up "He is many things Molly but he and by extension his friends are no longer children."

There were some murmers of assent from other members when tonks spoke up "What do you think Remus?"

Remus haggard looking from his recent transformation looked up at the sky for a moment and then spoke "We need to stop him from hitting his head before he breaks something. After that I do not think it would be best if Harry were to return to privet drive this summer if he sits alone this year he will likely snap."

Everyone fell silent and thought on his words.

The DA watched as their leader was effectively killing himself slowly helpless to stop him. While Harry's closest friends spoke in hushed tones.

"Do you reckon he blames himself for Dumbledores death 'Mione?" Ron asked tentatively.

"He did it with Cedric and Sirius." She said with a little bitterness in her voice "Of course getting him to talk about it is going to be impossible."

"I am sure Ginny can get him to snap out of it." Ron smiled as he spoke and Ginny looked glumly at the ground. Neither Ron nor Hermione saw this but Neville noticed.

"They are right Ginny if anyone can get him to talk about it. It would be you " he said shyly "You being his girlfriend and all" he blushed and then fell silent

Ginny looked at them and then sighed "Two days ago that might have been true but not now." Then her eyes got a far away look in them "He has some mission that he and Dumbledore started that he has to finish and he felt that I would be more of a target so he broke up with me." Everyone was gaping at her but she didn't notice as she went on "So I told him I understood that he wouldn't be him if he didn't go after Voldemort. Its all so very heroic if you think about it. Trying to protect me and all that."

The normally detached Luna laughed "You really don't know Harry at all do you Ginny?" to which the other three nodded their head in agreement

Ginny looked puzzled "What is that supposed to mean?"

Oddly enough it was Ron who answered "He is not a Hero he is just a bloke trying to survive. Hoping he can keep his friends and family safe."

A look of consternation crossed Ginny's face "But all the stories… He fought a basilisk and almost died for me! That makes him a hero, my hero."

Hermione looked at Ginny and something clicked "Ginny he would have done the same thing for anyone because it was the right thing to do. Not to be heroic just as he will fight Voldemort and his death eaters because it is the right thing to do."

"That's not true Hermione" Ginny spat out "I doubt highly he would do it for a slytherin or someone he didn't really know."

Again Ron amazed everyone "Ginny you are wrong, Harry would and has."

Ginny started "Who?"

At this Hermione blushed and looked down as both Neville and Ron looked at her and she spoke in a small voice "me, he jumped on the back of a fully grown mountain troll and he barely knew who I was other than a bossy-buck-toothed-know-it-all."

Ron smiled fondly at the remembrance of that night they became friends and had not noticed that Harry was slamming his head into the side of the tomb. None of his friends had.

Romilda Vane who had sat between the DA and Harry's friends taking it all in had eyes for only one boy and as she watched him she noticed he began hitting his head harder and harder to the point where he was leaving a stain on the white marble her eyes widened with the knowledge that harry had split his head open and had not noticed it himself and apparently no one else noticed either.

Without a word of warning she launched from her sitting position surprising everyone screaming "Harry stop you are bleeding stop before you hurt yourself anymore" as she ran up and grabbed his head before he hit it against the tomb another time. Harry glassy eyed stopped just looking dead ahead. She whispered "Stop please. Stop hurting yourself and talk to someone, anyone, and me please for the love of Merlin stop."

Ginny got up and started to go over and tear Romilda's hair out for touching her man when two hands stopped her she looked and it was Luna and Hermione "Get your hands off me I am not going to let that witch" she emphasized by pointing at Romilda " Interfere with making Harry Potter mine. I have waited to many years for him to notice me to let it all slip away because he feels the need to be a hero. He is mine "

Hermione looked at her with pity in her eyes "No Ginny I can't do that as for letting it slip away. Don't think I did not notice you dropping a love potion into his pumpkin juice the morning of the last Quidditch match nor the one slipped into mine."

Ron looked at his sister in horror "Ginny you didn't, you couldn't, why?"

"Ron, I did no such thing" she said in a wheedling tone "Why would I dose either Hermione or Harry with a love potion Hermione is just saying that because she wants Harry for herself."

Ron chuckled "Nice try little sister but try again. Hermione could do better than both Harry and I as far as guys go considering Neville has been crushing on her for years now. The twins warned me when you purchased one love potion. One thing they forget to tell you is that it was only short term."

"What do you mean short term" She ground out

"a week or two at the most and unlike amortentia it does not rob the person of their free will" Ron smiled "However the fact that you used it on my best mate and apparently on Hermione leads me to ask why and I suggest you tell me before I go to mother and tell her.

Ginny smiled "Go ahead and tell mum. Who do you think I got the idea from. Now if you will excuse me I need to go see to my future husband." As she shook off Hermione and Luna

The adults looked on as Romilda took Harry's head in her hands and held him close stopping him from bloodying himself up even more. Neither of them saw the angry from of Ginny stalking up behind them with her wand drawn. But Molly did.

"Ginny" She started but was interrupted

"Mum I love you but I am seeing to getting our family back to where it belongs and no one not you, Hermione, that witch there or even Harry potter himself will stop me!"

Molly was shocked beyond words and hearing his daughters words angered Arthur "Ginevra Molly Weasely unless you want to find yourself cast out of the family and put into Azkaban on charges of magical assault you will put that wand away and return to the castle and await your mother, myself and professor McGonagall in the common room.

Ginny gaped at her father how could he not understand that Harry as a son in law would vault him into the political arena in a big way. She turned back toward harry and Romilda to see Harry kiss the other witch on the forehead.

The world began to clear and he noticed his head hurt but he was being held with tender care his head raised and he looked into the eyes of a girl who tried to slip him a love potion. Then the rest of his senses caught up and he could hear Ginny and her tirade and his friends defense of his actions over the years and he whispered "Ms Vane I am sorry I was inattentive to what you said could you repeat it."

She understood his tone "Stop please. Stop hurting yourself and talk to someone, anyone, and me please for the love of Merlin stop."

Harry smiled a sad smile "I wish I could the only person who would even remotely understand is in the tomb behind us." He then stopped when he saw Ginny approaching and listened as her father made a threat that made his blood run cold "I have to put a stop to this we can't be divided now please get behind me Romilda I will make sure no harm comes to you."

"But harry you are in no shape…" she was cut off as he gave her a hug

"Thank you for trying to save me it was nice to be saved once in a while." He said lightly as he kissed her forehead. then he looked back to Ginny who raised her wand as she cast he stepped between the two witches.

Ginny was not surprised when harry put himself between her and Vane. "Harry dear , Please move This little witch needs to be taught not to go after another witches man."

"I am not your man Ginny" he said calmly "I am more than fairly sure you do not want to cross wands with me for multiple reasons the first being that I taught you everything you know about dueling. The most important being you owe me your life." This last he looked at Arthur, who smiled in return; as he knew the matter was in hand.

Romilda was wide eyed she never thought Ginny would ever raise a wand against harry. That seemed to be the general attitude of everyone that watched. As remus looked on he smelled something coppery in the air and began edging around until he was behind harry and to the right and saw the blood rolling down his back . 'oh harry' the older marauder thought He motioned to the rest of the order to spread out around the two teens .

Ginny thought to herself 'owe him my life what does he think I am trying to do' "Harry I am trying to do that by giving you a family! Don't you understand?"

"I understand that you think that you have some right to claim me as your own, I understand that your family already considers me as one of their own. I also understand you used a love potion on both me and Hermione and I would like to know why?"

The air was filled with gasps it was Molly who broke the silence "Ginny is this true?"

"yes mother it is" Ginny said with a grin "I am just following in your shoes Mum, After all is that not how you got dad?"

Arthur looked annoyed "No Ginny I had been with your mother a long time when she slipped it to me" Arthur looked thoughtful "It was two years to the day after your Uncles Gideon and Fabian died. our seventh year and it was also their birthday April first I am sure you can see why she did it that day pumpkin."

"Mr. Weasely she does not understand now but some time she will" he stuck his hand out to Romilda and said "come with me I need to go to the hospital wing and it will be nice to have a new face to talk to while madam pomphrey fusses over me." He paused and looked at ginny again "Its over Gin please just let it go and find a different hero because I am not a hero I am just Harry."

With that he turned and walked away.

Ginny however was not letting this go he would be hers she had not lowered her wand everyone around her eyed her warily as she began to lower but then hissed and snapped the wand back up "if I can't have you no one will, Reducto."

Harry's eyes widened and he unconsciously raised his hand without realizing his wand was still on the ground and spoke "Aegis" and a silvery shield encompassed the teens catching the the reductor curse and sending it skyward

The memebers of the DA and Order of the Phoenix watched with rapt attention as the person most likely to be named Dumbledore's apprentice wandlessly cast what was probably the third strongest shield spell. suddenly there was a blur of red as hermione stupified Ginny from behind. Everyone looked a little sheepish except for Molly who merely asked "Hermione dear, was that really necessary?"

Hermione blushed and looked back to Ron who nodded in return and then spoke with no small bit of hesitance "Mrs. Weasely i did not want to take the chance that Ginny would turn and cast on us because unlike Harry none of us" She said as she pointed around at the DA "could have an even remote chance of casting one of the Aegis based spells with a wand ... Harry did it without a wand. There is also the chance that her spells may ricochet back at her or toward innocent bystanders Therefore I felt it best to eliminate that possibility and the fact remains that you adults" She said with some asperity using air quotation marks somewhat exaggeratedly "Never seem to be in a position to do what needs to be done or if you are Don't believe us when we tell you there is a situation that warrants your attention."

The Order looked at each other at a loss as to what to say except Aurors and Moony who all smiled knowing the girl was right. That ended when Molly sputtered "I don't know who you think you are child." was all the farther she got before another voice interrupted her.

"She is the Smartest witch of this age Mrs. Weasley, and just because you may not like her tone does not mean she is wrong." Spoke a very irritated Harry Potter "If you Don't believe me let me break it down for all of you. In our first year we told Professor mcgonagall that the sorcerers stone was in danger then we proved you wrong and three first year students stopped Voldemort" he noted how most of the people cringed.

"Oh you people it s a made up name get over it already. Now in second year it was Hermione who figured out what Slytherins monster was. In third year she knew exactly what to say to ease the pain of finding out who betrayed my parents and in the end helped me save Sirius. Fourth year if it had not been for her i would have died in that tournement. Fifth year with her dedication and knowledge we formed this pointing around to the DA and because of that we survived in the department of mysteries against 2 to 1 odds vs adult death eaters can you say the same. This a year Hermione have been distant over a book which was the property of one Severus Snape by the way." he paused to take a breath and felt a hand gently touching the back of his head and turned to see Romilda with a look of concern on her face.

"Whats wrong Romilda?" he asked quietly.

She responded with a quiet and gentle whisper "You are bleeding from the back of your head you split your scalp on the headmasters tomb. you should really go see madam pomphrey."

"Oh. That is probably a good idea" he said "Thank you for that." he said as he slung his arm around her lithe waste and took in the smell of her hair "I like the smell of your hair. Would you like to go to hogsmead with me later today for butterbeers and to get a chance to talk?"

Romilda had up until this point been almost awed that she had the attention of this man "Hogsmead, butterbeer? Harry what why how?" all came out in a jumble. then she collected herself a bit "Harry, are you sure you are up to it?"

He then laughed "Madam Pomphrey will have me fixed up in a jiffy. Come on you can come with me it will be nice to have someone to talk to while she works on me."

He then looked over his shoulder at the assembled adults and students "I have a job to do something the professor left to me and me alone. Tomorrow before we leave school I invite you to meet me on the 7th floor near the statue of barnabus the barmy. There i will be giving you all a choice because if you have not considered it we are at war and we are losing badly." with that he let Romilda lead him to madame pomphrey.