Hakureisaiga-My own challenge, four-year-old Naruto is chased out of the village by a mob and found in the woods by Ryu Hayabusa. He is taken in and trained in the ways of their arts. Note: This story will not be updated in a long period of time until I finished at least one of my stories. Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 1- The Falcon Meets the Fox

In the village of Konohagakure, pain was distributed….but the most disgusting thing about it….is that people were causing pain to a four-year-old boy. Why? The reason was because he was the demon carrier of the Kyuubi no Kitsune. You see, four years ago, a great battle was fought between the ninjas of Konoha along with their allies, the Hayabusa village, the Shadow village, the Mugen Tenshin and the Nine-Tails.

A lot of lives were lost due to the battle until the village's leader showed up.

Their leader was called the Hokage, a title that belonged to the strongest shinobi in Konoha. The man was lean and tall with blond hair and blue eyes. His name was Minato Namikaze, the Yondaime Hokage, the Kiroi Senko, the one that ended the Third Great Shinobi War.

He stood on top of a great toad summon named Gamabunta. As the Yondaime cried out, the battle was over at the cost of his life…he was only twenty-two years old at the time. The previous Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, took up the mantle of Hokage again and decreed that the younger generation will not know about the Kyuubi…merely tell them that the Kyuubi died, but it was not dead…..in fact, it was sealed inside a young boy…one with blond hair and blue eyes just like the Yondaime only he had three whisker marks on each cheek….much like a cat or in this case, a fox.

His name was Naruto Uzumaki, but his true name was Naruto Namikaze. His mother, Kushina Uzumaki gave birth to him and supposedly disappeared from the sight, so with a failed search over six months, it was confirmed that she was dead.

For years, the Sandaime Hokage respected the Yondaime and knew that Naruto was not the Kyuubi…he tried hard to make things peaceful for the boy, but the council…mainly the ones on the civilian and the advisors would occupy him.

Now the Hayabusa village was very prestigious and secretive, they traded and exchanged conversation, but never their techniques to anyone. The ones who tried to their techniques without proper training died, mainly Uchiha.

The leader, Joe Hayabusa was the father of Ryu Hayabusa and his son were friends with the deceased Yondaime. Joe Hayabusa tried to persuade the Sandaime, having a feeling that Naruto's life would be in great danger in staying in Konoha. The Sandaime refused, saying that his father would have wanted to have Naruto grow up in his home and that the people will change…they didn't.

"Come back here, demon!"

"Let us have the pleasure of avenging our families!"

The boy ran on in front of them as fast he could from the mob. This was Naruto Uzumaki, the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the hero of Konoha…treated as if he was the son of the Tsuchikage. The boy never noticed that he passed the gates and he never noticed the mob had stopped.

"Let him run!" one of them said.

A civilian said, "No, we should kill him!"

The first one said, "If we kill him here, we would be executed, if we let him run into the wilderness, there is a chance that he might die in the forest and we can say that he ran out of the village."

The mob agreed to his logic and went home, knowing that the cause of their pain was dead.

Naruto- The boy ran in the forest until he tripped on a branch…his eyes slowly focused on a light and then closed as he thought, "Why? Am I….going to die….in a place like this? Alone…..I can't take it; I might as well….give up. I'm sorry….Ayame-chan, Teuchi-jii, Hokage-jii…Sayonara."

If he had kept his eyes open for a second, he would have noticed that eyes were upon him. A wolf appeared, growling and snarling at the unconscious, bleeding boy. It crouched and pounced, then blood spattered. The wolf fell down, slain with its head clean off.

A ninja dressed in a traditional ninja garb unlike the ones today. He wore a sword on his back and only his eyes were seen….they were an olive green. Held behind it was a tactical mind and wisdom despite his age, his name…was Ryu Hayabusa.

Ryu knelt down to the ground to survey the boy's condition…he looked at his side and leg, which were heavily bleeding, but saw that the wound was closing slowly. "What is this…sorcery…..wait, those marks…..this is Minato's son, Naruto. Those fools…..I got to get him home, he has lost a lot of blood." The super ninja thought.

Ryu tore off pieces of his garment and carefully dressed the wounds on Naruto as best as he could, then he carried the boy in his arms and moved through the trees.

Hayabusa Village- Joe Hayabusa watched over his village as the cool, night air passed through his hair. He closed his eyes for a moment and then said, "You are maturing very well, Ryu, your stealth is improving…"

Ryu said, "Father, I found something."

Joe said, "What is it?"

Ryu said, "It is Minato's son, Naruto….he has lost a lot of blood and he seems exhausted. I think he was run out of the village."

The Hayabusa head said, "What? Where is he?"

His son said, "I dropped him off in Kureha's care, he should be fine by now."

Joe said angrily, "How could this have happened? Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew that those villagers would not understand nothing….don't send word to the Hokage about this at all. We will take over Naruto's well-being, Konoha be damned. I respected Minato's last request to let Naruto be raised in his home village, but now things will change." The Hayabusa heir and leader strode to the house of Ryu's childhood friend, Kureha.

Kureha- The beautiful shrine maiden watched over the young boy, who was sleeping soundly with his wounds properly dressed. "How could do this to a young boy? He is not even trained in the ways of the ninja and already has been wounded plenty of times." She thought to herself.

Just then Joe and Ryu came inside the room and Kureha stood up, "Ah, Joe-sama, Ryu-kun…"

Joe said, "How is he, Kureha?"

Kureha said, "He is fine, he seems to have a powerful healing ability….there was some kind of seal on his stomach, so I am guessing that it is somehow linked to his healing ability."

Joe said, "That is because of the Kyuubi….it seems that Minato-kun transferred its power to heal Naruto."

Kureha said, "This is Minato-kun's son?"

Joe said, "Yes and from what Ryu said, he must have been run out of the village until he collapsed with exhaustion and the loss of blood."

The Dragon Shrine Maiden asked, "So what do we do with Naruto-kun?"

Joe said with a smile, "Simple, we keep him here….I will not allow Naruto to suffer in that village any longer. He will be trained in the ways of the ninja….but by our rules."

Ryu said, "Are you sure that this is a wise decision, Father?"

Joe replied with a firm nod, "I am positive….the life of a ninja is in his blood, there is no mistake and I am afraid that when Minato made him a Jinchuuriki has made that situation unavoidable. Therefore we will train him here and if he wants to go back to Konoha…we will let him go, but he will be sworn to secrecy about our techniques, I know that those Uchiha will try to copy them and that bastard Danzo will try to get him and our secrets."

Naruto began to move a bit and woke up sleepily, then he looked at the three people and instantly he began to cower in fear. "P-Please don't hurt me."

Joe frowned as he thought, "They are so lucky that I am friends with the Sandaime or I would have stormed in that village and killed every single villager in sight."

Kureha approached the boy slowly, "It's okay, young one, we are not going to hurt you…Ryu, put the sword down, so he can calm down."

Naruto said, "Where am I? This is not Konoha. I remember that I was in the forest and a wolf….was going to eat me."

Kureha smiled, "That is right, you are now in the Hayabusa Ninja Village….that masked man over there…his name is Ryu, he saved your life when he found you unconscious in the forest. You would have been killed by that wolf if he didn't find you."

Naruto's mind faded back to the events and he said sadly, "Everybody hates me….I don't know why, but I think I did something bad. They said I killed their families, but no one would tell me how I did it."

Joe said, "You didn't kill anybody, Naruto. Those people were just stupid."

Naruto said, "How did you know my name?"

Joe said, "I knew your mother well before he died….my son Ryu and him were the best of friends….brothers in a sense."

Naruto said, "You knew my mother?"

Joe nodded, "Yes, your father was Kushina Uzumaki, the Crimson Death Maiden. She was a fiery little one with a heart of gold….unfortunately, I have no idea if your mother is alive or dead. I don't believe that she is dead or else there would be a body."

Naruto was in shock, "My mother…is possibly alive?"

Joe said, "Yes, she might be, we are still trying to look for her, but we have no clues…. Funny, although you are the spitting image of your father, you have her untamable spirit and determination. I can see her through your eyes; she was very well liked in this village."

Naruto said hesitantly, "Are you going to take me back to Hokage-jii?"

Joe said, "No, Naruto, we are not….if we do, we would be condemning you to a life of hell. Those villagers would do worse to you and since the Sandaime is distracted by matters from the council, he would have no time to save you…..those villagers would kill you if I send you back….so I have decided to train you in the way of the ninja."

Naruto said, "Really? I am going to be a ninja like you?"

Joe said, "Yes, Ryu and myself will train you in our way, but there is a catch….if you want to go back to Konoha, you must never tell anyone about our secrets, you must guard them with your life, understand?" Naruto said, "I will protect them with my life, uh….ano, what is your name, mister?"

Joe chuckled, "My name is Joe Hayabusa, the leader of this village….you already know my son, Ryu and this young lady that cared for you is Kureha, a Dragon Shrine Maiden and Ryu's childhood friend….personally I think that they are lovers from the way they act."

"J-Joe-sama!" Kureha said with a blush on her face. Ryu said nothing, but he was glad that the mask covered his face otherwise you could have seen that he was blushing.

Joe laughed a bit along with Naruto, who said, "Eww…..Ryu and Kureha kissing….yuck."

Joe said, "Don't worry, you will soon understand about it."

Naruto said, "No, I won't…."

Kureha giggled at the young boy's antics, and then it was silence for a while. "Ano, Joe-sama, do you know my father's name?"

Joe said, "I do, but I will tell you about him when you get a little bit older. There are some things that you wouldn't be able to understand fully at this young age, but I promise to tell you when you have a bit of training under your belt, alright?"

Naruto said, "Okay, Joe-sama, but…there is something that bothers me. In Konoha, my mother was well respected in the village so why do the people hate me so much?"

Joe sighed, "Both your father and mother were notorious ninja, but your father was the one with the highest bounty and your mother's enemies were dead, she was barely known in the outside world, which is why the Sandaime had to hide your heritage by using your mother's maiden name….and the reason why they hate you….is because what is sealed inside you."

Naruto gripped his stomach, "Sealed…inside me?"

Joe said, "Do you know the story of the Kyuubi?"

Naruto said, "Yes, the Yondaime gave his life to kill the Kyuubi."

Joe said, "You are half right, Naruto. The thing is that the Kyuubi could not be killed, only sealed and he had to use a baby to keep it at bay….that baby was you."

Naruto said, "The Yondaime sealed the Kyuubi inside me?"

Joe said, "Now before you decided to curse him, let me explain a bit further. The Yondaime tried to find a different way to stop the Kyuubi, but unfortunately he had no choice but to seal the Kyuubi inside of you. He knew for a fact that there were people in Konoha that would exploit the Kyuubi's power for evil purposes…He knew your mother fairly well and when she told him that she would willingly give you up to be the Jinchuuriki, she knew that you would be strong enough to handle it."

Naruto said, "Basically I was the only one the Yondaime could trust because I was his friend's son."

Joe said, "Yes, if he had sealed it into another random person, that person would have cracked under those beatings and killed countless people, but you inherited both your mother and father's will to never give up hope and he knew that factor would play in keeping the Kyuubi in its place. You were the only one."

Naruto said, "I think I understand….the Yondaime trusted me with this burden because he knew that I was the one to keep it away from harming anyone, because I was Kushina's son, Naruto….Uzumaki."

Joe nodded in agreement, "Your training will start in six months, until then we will go visit my brother, Murai and his clan, the Shadow clan, then we will see Shiden and the Mugen Tenshin clan."

Naruto nodded and lay back down gently, careful to not reopen any wounds.

Meanwhile back in Konoha, the Sandaime Hokage was furious, he wanted to know why that there were no ANBU on the scene to protect Naruto from being ran out of the village. He was the fucking savior from Kami's sake, let alone the Yondaime's only son.

He had sent word to the Hayabusa village on the whereabouts of Naruto and sent the Inuzuka to track down Naruto. They returned with Naruto's torn jacket stained in blood. The Sandaime didn't want to believe it, because in his heart, he knew that Naruto was still alive, so instead he told them the council that Naruto Uzumaki was dead.

The Sandaime sat in his office, signing paperwork as he thought, "I have failed you, Naruto, Minato, Kushina, I have failed you all."

A week later, Naruto was dressed in new clothes, he wore a fishnet shirt and over it was a dark purple gi (A/N: Picture the comic dress of Ryu Hayabusa without the head gear) Joe said, "Are you ready to go, Naruto?"

Naruto said, "Hai, Joe-sama."

Joe turned to Kureha, "Protect the village and keep Momiji safe."

Kureha said, "I will do as you ask….be careful, Joe-sama, Ryu-kun, Naru-chan."

Naruto said, "Bye, Kureha-nee-chan."

The three walked out of the village toward the Shadow clan and in a few hours, they reached the clan compound. Murai said, "Joe….how are you? Ah and Ryu….you have gotten bigger than the last time I saw you."

Ryu said, "Hello, Uncle Murai."

Then Murai turned his gaze on Naruto, who was hiding timidly behind Ryu's leg. "And who is this little one?" he asked with a smile.

Naruto stuttered, "N-Naruto Uzumaki, Murai-sama."

Murai said, "Please just call me Murai or Murai-san. Murai-sama kind of makes me feel old. Welcome to the Shadow Ninja Village."

He turned to Joe, "Where did you find him?"

Joe said, "He was found by Ryu in the forest….close to exhaustion."

Murai said, "I see….and you are going to train him?"

Joe said, "That is the gist of it."

Murai said, "Well, then I can sense that he will grow strong under your tutelage, Joe."

Joe asked, "Do you have a wooden sword somewhere?"

Murai said, "Yes, I have one for the boy."

The man went through his things and found a wooden sword, which he handed to Naruto. Naruto bowed to Murai and slipped the wooden sword behind his back and into his belt to keep it from slipping. "Now I am just like you, Ryu-nii-san."

Ryu said, "Indeed, Naruto."

Joe said, "Ryu, take Naruto to the children and watch over him."

Ryu nodded and led Naruto away while Murai put on a serious look on his face, "Joe, this is unlike you. You take a stranger into the Hayabusa clan so easily."

Joe said, "Naruto is different….he is like his father."

Murai said, "So his legacy is still alive….I see, you respected Minato highly. After all, he was the only one who could fight against you and live to tell the tale, but why isn't he home?"

Joe gritted his teeth, "Because some idiots don't know anything between the holster and the kunai."

Murai said, "I see, so what do I owe the honor of this visit?"

Joe said, "I need Naruto to be trained in nunchuks, sadly I am limited in this art and you are the only one skilled in this matter."

Murai said, "Fine, I will train, Joe. When he is seven, send him here."

Joe said, "Thank you, Murai."

Murai said, "Anytime, brother."

Mugen Tenshin clan- Joe, Ryu and Naruto reached the gates of the Mugen Tenshin and strode inside. Suddenly Ryu said, "Umm, dad, I got to go."

Without a word, Ryu left without a trace and Naruto said, "What is that all about?"

Joe said, "In this village, Ryu has a fan club…which makes him a target when he comes here."

Naruto said, "I don't see any….." Suddenly the ground starts to shake and a horde of kunoichi ran in the direction that Ryu did, almost trampling Naruto. "Oh, I see what you mean, why doesn't he go with Kureha-nee-chan?"

Joe said, "Sometimes when you want to tell someone about your feelings, it takes a lot of time."

They approached the Tenjinmon sect and opened the gates to Shiden was playing a young girl. "Oh, hello, Joe and who's this."

Naruto smiled, "I am Naruto….Naruto Uzumaki."

Shiden said, "I am Shiden and this is my daughter, Kasumi."

Kasumi smiled shyly and said, "Hello…"

Naruto said, "Hi, my name is Naruto, wanna play?"

Kasumi looked to her father, who ushered her to go play with Naruto. Kasumi smiled and ran over to Naruto and then she grabbed his hand to lead him to the park.

Shiden said, "Well, Joe, what brings you here to Mugen Tenshin?"

Joe said, "I want you to help me train Naruto using Ninpo."

Shiden said, "You are serious about this, aren't you, Joe Hayabusa?"

Joe nodded, "That boy is the son of a close friend of mine and Ryu's. I want to help as much as I can since his own village cannot provide the same thing I offer."

Shiden said, "But what if he spills your secrets?"

Joe said, "I am not worried about that, Naruto is a trustworthy person and when he sets his mind on something, he will stick to it. He is very stubborn like his mother….if he does spill any of them, then I will have to kill him myself."

Shiden paused for a moment and said, "Okay, his Ninpo training will start when he is 10. His body should be able to handle the strain by then."

Joe said, "Thank you, old friend."

Shiden said, "Not at all…..say, where Ryu is?'

Joe smirked, "Where else? Running from his fan girls."

Shiden chuckled, "I told him not to take off his mask or he will have girls chasing him."

Naruto and Kasumi- The two were playing in the park, laughing and giggling with each other until Naruto heard someone shouting.

Naruto said, "Kasumi-san, can you wait here for a minute?"

Kasumi nodded and Naruto went to investigate. He saw two boys picking on a five-year-old girl. She wore a purple gi and had short, purple hair. The two boys were pushing her roughly into the dirt as they said, "What are you doing here, cursed child?"

One of them said, "Why don't you just die?"

The other chimed in, "Yeah, rape-child."

Naruto's eyes burned in anger as the girl replaced herself with him for a moment and Naruto ran toward them as one of them tried to hit her again. Naruto took the hit in his face and raised his arms in front of them, blocking the girl from their view.

"Who the hell are you?" One of the boys asked.

Naruto said, "That doesn't matter to you, why you are hitting this girl?"

The accomplice said, "That is none of your concern, she is just an outcast….a nobody."

Naruto said, "What has she done wrong?"

The leader said, "Just being born…..she is a rape-child."

Naruto said, "And that is an excuse to hit her….you guys are no better than the one who raped her mother."

The leader said, "Why you…." He threw a punch at Naruto, who ducked and took out the wooden sword. He smashed it on the leader's hand, making stars appear in his eyes.

Then the accomplice grabbed Naruto from behind and the leader began to punch the Jinchuuriki in the stomach and face until the leader looked into Naruto's eyes. They were not the vibrant blue, but a blood red…those eyes were filled with anger and malice.

Then the leader heard a shout and looked toward Kasumi, "Crap, it is the princess…..let's get out of here."

The boys dropped Naruto to the ground and ran away as Kasumi knelt down to Naruto, "Naruto-kun….are you okay?"

Naruto winced in pain, "Yeah, I am okay."

Kasumi looked at the purple-haired girl and said, "Ayane-chan…"

The purple-haired girl known as Ayane looked at Kasumi with a cold look, "What are you doing here, Kasumi-sama?"

Kasumi winced at the way Ayane spat out the suffix, "Ayane-chan, we are friends…sisters."

Ayane said coldly, "No, we are not….you were born willingly while I was born as an outcast. You are the princess."

Naruto said, "Hey, Ayane-chan, that is not the way to treat Kasumi-chan like that…sure, she is the princess, but she is your friend…your sister."

Ayane said, "What do you know? You are just a random boy that nobody knows about."

Naruto said, "Hey, I just saved you from being beaten up….and this is how I get thanks?"

Ayane's face softened, "You are right, I am sorry…."

Naruto said, "It is okay, Ayane-chan, I know how you feel."

Ayane said, "No….no, you don't know….you don't know how it feels to be alone….to be hated for something that happened out of your control."

Naruto sighed, "Actually I do, Ayane-chan…." He lifted up his shirt to reveal the seal. (Before you get on me, the seal appears when Naruto is getting healed from his injuries)

"What is that?" Ayane asked.

Naruto said, "This is a seal which contain a demon…it attacked my home village before I was born. The leader of my old village, the Yondaime Hokage was the one who sealed the demon inside me. My mother volunteered to use me to save the village from destruction. Everyone respected my mother greatly, but thought of me as the demon…..I became an outcast and was always alone….just like you. See? We both come from prestigious families and cursed for something that was out of our control. You can't blame yourself for being a so-called rape child or be jealous of Kasumi…..instead of doing both of those things, prove everyone that they were wrong about you, become as strong as you can be."

Ayane looked at Naruto for a minute and saw the intensity in his eyes, then she looked away and said, "Thank you, Naruto….it's just that my mother just told me that I was her daughter born out of rape and the fact that Kasumi is treated well and me as an outcast infuriates me."

Kasumi said, "Actually, Ayane-chan, being a princess is equally bad…."

Ayane looks at the six-year-old girl, "What?"

Kasumi said, "Nobody acknowledges me as Kasumi, they all call me Shiden's daughter, Hayate's sister or Hime-sama. Everyone plays with me just because they don't want to be punished or acknowledged by their friends. I just want to be known as Kasumi, a fellow kunoichi in training…that is all I want."

Naruto said, "See, Ayane? Everyone wants to be different….so let's make a promise between the three of us." He held out his hand, "A promise to be acknowledged as strong ninja and kunoichi….to make a name for ourselves."

Kasumi put her hand on top of Naruto and they both looked at Ayane, who looked at them, "What is your name?"

Naruto said, "Naruto. Naruto Uzumaki."

Ayane said, "I will make this promise with you, Naruto-kun."

Naruto said, "Great, now let's play….Kasumi is IT."

Kasumi said as both Naruto and Ayane sped off, "No fair! You two are way too fast! Wait for me!"

The three of them laughed as they played until Joe and Shiden came to see them. Shiden looked at Ayane playing with his daughter and frowned a bit, "Kasumi, time to go."

Kasumi nodded and went toward her father, who was still looking at Ayane, who flinched under his gaze. Naruto noticed this and said, "Hey, mister, stop doing that to Ayane-chan."

Shiden looked at Naruto, who stood protectively in front of Ayane.

The Mugen Tenshin leader thought, "Interesting…."

Shiden said, "I am sorry, Naruto-san…I was just surprised."

Naruto said, "Cut the crap, old man….I am not stupid, I know those eyes too well because I received them as much as she did."

Shiden was surprised and looked at Joe, who gave him a look.

Naruto said, "I want you to treat Ayane-chan equally as you treat Kasumi-chan. She is your step-daughter and just because that she is a child born from rape, that is no excuse to treat her like an outcast. If you keep on doing that to her, I swear that I will beat you down for doing such a thing no matter how powerful you are."

Kasumi and Ayane were shocked at Naruto's words and Shiden gave out a laugh, "Joe, this one is indeed Kushina's son….loyal to his friends, you passed my test."

Naruto said intelligently, "Huh?"

Shiden said, "We have been watching you two playing for some time and I saw that you defended Ayane from those bullies…my test was to see your loyalty and it worked perfectly. I chose to stare at Ayane to find out your actions were indeed noble, Naruto."

Naruto said, "Uhh, thanks, I guess."

Shiden said, "I will be training you in Ninpo when you are older…so I will be seeing you around."

Naruto beamed and said, "Cool, err, what is Ninpo?"

Shiden said, "Ninpo are the spiritual and mental arts of the Ninja, if you are inexperienced, you could be consumed by your own spell and die, which is why I am teaching it to you when you are older."

Naruto pouted, "Aww, I want to do something cool."

Joe said, "Oh, so training with us isn't cool…." Naruto's eyes widened in shock as he waved his hands, "No….no, that is not what I meant….uh, guys, help me out here."

Everyone laughed at the boy, who chose the time to pout.

And so, Naruto was trained in physical training and taijutsu for 2 years with Joe and Ryu. Needless to say, it was hard, but to their surprise, Naruto worked until he became exhausted every day. They also made him study under the tutelage of Kureha, only she had the patience to teach Naruto to figure out hidden meanings and solve puzzles.

His physical training involved him doing the usual, balancing on a single point using a finger, push-ups, tying his legs to a high branch and using tea cups to bring water up to the buckets tied next to his legs.

He also made friends with Sanji, Sakura, Denroku and Hanamaru, close friends of Kureha and her younger sister, Momiji, who was 10. Naruto noticed that Hanamaru has a crush on Sakura, who has a crush on Ryu. Sanji admires Ryu along with Denroku, who is a bookworm in Naruto's terms.

Every time Naruto sees Denroku, he is always carrying a book in his arm. Soon it was time for him to go to the Shadow Village and Joe revealed that his father was actually the Yondaime Hokage, Minato Namikaze, the Kiroi Senko. Naruto was shocked and happy that he knew who his father was and understood why Joe waited to tell him about him…he would have resented him for it if he told him when he asked the first time.

He still harbored a bit of anger toward him because of the pain that he felt, but he also thanked his father because he would have never met his blood brother or his newfound friends.

Then he moved the Shadow Clan Village and to his surprise, Ayane was there also. The two trained together with Murai as their teacher in using nunchuks and for some reason, Naruto had a bad vibe emanated from Murai when he spoke to him. Ayane got the same thing, but didn't act on it.

Naruto and Ayane got closer to one another when they would spar against one another and Ayane would relay messages between Naruto and Kasumi. Whenever Naruto would comment on her progress, Ayane would blush a dark red and being the naïve boy at the time, Naruto would ask if she had a fever.

In retaliation, Ayane would slap Naruto and then started to apologize for the slap. Now at the age of 9, everything got interesting at that time.









Known Hayabusa/Mugen Tenshin Ninpo Techniques

Ninpo: Kaen Ryu- Art of the Inferno

Ninpo: Angyoku Juu Hadan- Art of the Piercing Void

Ninpo: Hama Reppujin- Art of the Wind Blade

Ninpo: Shinkuhasu- Art of the Crimson Lotus

Ninpo: Hyo Arashi- Art of the Ice Storm

Ninpo: Kaen Kuruma- Art of the Fire Wheels

Ninpo: Art of the Inazuma