Chapter 4-Vigoor's Secrets

Naruto and Ryu came on the rooftop to see two of them having a smoke. "Alright, you take out the one on the left. On three...1...2...3..."The two jumped down on the ground behind him and sliced their necks from ear to ear and the SA men died, not knowing who the culprits that took their lives were.

"Hey, nii-san?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah?" his blood brother replied warmly.

"If we are ninjas, how come we never seem to attack from the shadows instead of the light?"

"You know to be honest; I have no idea...why are you asking all of a sudden?"

"I don't's like..." Naruto said as he turned to the audience beyond the fourth wall, "Someone wrote it that way."

"That is it, no more late night snacks for you...anyway, we are losing focus. Split up, so we can cover more ground."

"Right." Naruto replied to his blood brother.

The two ninjas sprang off in different directions after reaching the Twin Serpents Plaza. "SomehowI have a feeling that we may have to go back there some time in the future." Ryu thought to himself.

Naruto- The Jinchuuriki landed on the rooftops, scanning the place and saw a pinkish light covering a part of the district. "That must be where Han's Bar is..." the boy whispered as he tensed up to leap, but he jumped away to avoid the weighted end of a kusarigama.

"Well, that was the famed Black Spider Clan is here to deny my quest to get to Han's Bar, huh?" Naruto said as he turned around to see five ninja glaring at him. "You will die here, Hayabusa ninja…" The Jinchuuriki pulled out his swords, "No, it is you five that will die tonight…you see, your master has stolen something that is mine…and I want it back."

"Ha, as if you can defeat Lord Doku!"

"I know I can defeat him…now step aside or pay the price of losing your lives."

The Black Spider ninjas sprang at Naruto and one of them launched his weighted end of his kusarigama at Naruto, who sidestepped only to meet a flying kick from an enemy ninja. The Jinchuuriki got up and slashed at the ninja's leg, cutting it off.

The Black Spider Ninja screamed as he rolled around a bit, clutching at his missing limb. "I will deal with you later…" Naruto said as he focused on the others, two of them started to do ninpo spells and the Jinchuuriki jumped up in the air to fling shuriken at the two.

The shuriken struck their hands and they grimaced in pain. Naruto kicked another in the stomach twice and gave him a slash across his neck, giving him a second mouth. Then the Jinchuuriki flicked a kunai from his thigh holster to lodge in the chest of one.

Naruto flipped away as his senses went off to see the one that he previously took his leg leap up to attack him by doing a form of kamikaze. Suddenly the weighted end of a kusarigama slammed into Naruto's back and he growled out, "Ok, I am really getting annoyed with you…Ninpo: Hyo Arashi!"

The ice storm crashed into the kusarigama-wielding ninja, sending him off the rooftops in a frozen state and Naruto finally stabbed the last one in the stomach before ripping out his sword in the side, making it impossible for the Black Spider ninja to come back to the living.

"Tch…getting in my way, now to Han's Bar…" Naruto said as he leaped across the rooftops, "I just hope that I won't encounter any more of those Black Spider Ninja, but, of course, they would be there to protect their god."

The boy reached the area to the lightened area first and noticed a shop. "What is a blacksmith shop doing here? Oh, well, I think I can stop by for a while…" He walked into the shop to see various weapons on the wall and then an old man came up.

"Oh, hello, you must be Naruto."

"How do you know my name, wise one?"

"Your brother, Ryu was here not a minute ago…would you like to buy something or have your swords repaired?"

"Sure, but may I ask for your name, wise one?"

"My name is Muramasa…"

Naruto's eyes bugged out, "M-Muramasa." The blacksmith chuckled, "Yes, I am actually him. Now would you like me to upgrade your swords or are you interested in buying a new weapon?" Naruto took out the money that he 'borrowed' from his victims and replied, "Yes, I would like you to upgrade my swords and do you do engraving?"

"Yes, I do…"

"I would like you to engrave names on different sides of one blade…Ayane on one side and Kushina on the other on my Tiger's Claw. On Dragon's Fang, please engrave Hayabusa on one side and Namikaze on the other…"

Muramasa nodded his head, "So…you are his son?"

"You knew my father?"

"Knew him? I was the one who forged his specialized tri-pronged kunai for him. When you have time, I could tell you some things about him when he was alive, it was such a shame that he died so young, but I could understand why he did it."

Naruto nodded, "I will be sure to do that, Muramasa-dono." The ninja began to look around for a new weapon while Muramasa worked on it. There was a dark aura surrounding a weapon that he was instantly drawn to.

"What the hell is up with me being drawn to dark weapons?" Naruto thought to himself as he grabbed it. The tri-sectioned staff exploded in a dark purple aura and travelled up his arm, Naruto struggled to suppress its power and then the purple aura covered him completely.

Next, his eyes were purple and then flickered back to red to have orange chakra explode from his body to overtake the purple glowing veins, making them to recede back into the staff. Naruto shook his head, "I will never get why that happens, but thank you, Dad, for the Kyuubi…"

Muramasa said, "No one has ever been able to tame Amaterasu before…"

"The staff is named after the goddess of the sun, how anti-climatic. How long will it be when you have finished with my weapons?" Naruto replied. The old man replied, "It will be for a few hours in the night, but I will have them finished at dawn."

The Jinchuuriki bowed, "Thank you for upgrading my weapons, Muramasa-dono." Muramasa said, "You are rather welcome, Namikaze-san, I hope to see you again sometime." The old man turned to take Ayane's mementos and worked on them diligently while Naruto left to go to Han's Bar.

He walked through the slowly ascending door and strode over to Han's Bar only to avoid a motorcycle from running him over. "What the hell?" Naruto cried out as he dove to the side to avoid the next pass and took out Tsukiyomi.

The commando on the motorcycle revved up the throttle to ask, "Do you have a ticket for the party?" Naruto checked his pockets for a minute and threw his hands in the air, "Oh, damn, I am sorry, I think I left at home…you think that you can let me in for free."

The commando said nothing and sped over to Naruto, who waited at the last moment to twist out of the way and knock off the driver by slamming his new staff into the commando's chest.

The driver flew backwards into the ground while the other soldier in the sidecar screamed as the motorcycle smashed into the wall in a fiery metal heap. Naruto twirled the staff in his hand and held it behind him as the commando got up to take out his plasma blade and pistol.

The commando fired his pistol and Naruto deflected it with Tsukiyomi to change it into its tri-section form. The Jinchuuriki flipped it around and the SAT commando rolled to holster his pistol to focus on striking the intruder with his plasma blade.

Naruto blocked a strike with one section, then swung the other section at the commando's head only for him to drop down and sent a kick to Naruto's groin. The Ninja moved back and said with his eyes filling with anger, "Bad move, sir…"

He crouched down with the staff and his chakra flowed around him violently, making a glowing yellowish color after a few minutes, "First Dance: Eight Gates of Destruction." He disappeared, leaving an afterimage and swung his staff into blinding arcs.

The commando took the hits without a fight as he was hit from every side, then the Uzumaki finished it off as the blackened flames burned up his enemy's body. The Jinchuuriki looked at the staff that was covered in black flames, "Wow…I like this staff."

Suddenly people ran out of the bar in fear, among the panic-stricken screams, someone shouted, "It's a Fiend!" Naruto raised an eyebrow, "A fiend? What is a fiend?" Then he heard a loud roar inside the bar and thinks, "Well, I guess I have no choice but to investigate." He walked inside to find a blond woman, scantily clad in a skin tight black leather combat suit, showing her large breasts.

She had a large green hammer with an axe blade on one end and a curved spike on the other end. Naruto looked at what appeared to be a devil, dinosaur and human hybrid. The woman quickly hefted her weapon and struck down the fiend with a single strike.

She looked over at Naruto and then glanced in the corner to see Ryu coming inside the bar. "Who are you two?" the woman asked. Naruto grew serious, "We better go upstairs…there are eyes and ears around us and we prefer to stick to the shadows."

The woman nodded and motions for the two to follow her upstairs. "Now who are you two?" she asked again. Ryu crossed his arms, "I am Ryu Hayabusa and this is my blood brother, Naruto Uzumaki." The woman nodded and went towards the balcony before setting her hammer aside, "I am Rachel, hunter and slayer of Fiends."

"So that was a Fiend." Ryu said.

Rachel stiffly nodded, "You don't see them much nowadays…it is hard to believe that they were ever human, isn't it?" Naruto said, "So that Fiend used to be a human…" Rachel said, "Yes, that fiend was once a human being, anyone that has susceptibility to the curse, whether good or bad, can succumb to it and become a Fiend."

"So exactly what does that make you?" Ryu said in a calm voice, but Naruto could hear that he was slightly agitated by Rachel's condescending attitude. Rachel crossed her arms as she replied coolly, "Complex and you?"

Ryu dismissed the question by stating, "I am looking for a Greater Fiend named Doku. Do you know him?" Rachel's eyes flashed in anger for a moment and asked, "Why are you looking for him?" Naruto answered, "We are going to kill him."

Rachel said in disbelief, "Really? You have no idea what you are up against, do you? If he could be killed, I would have done it myself long ago. He was the one that took my sister away from me." The three stood there in silence and then Rachel looked out to the horizon, "Looks like it is going to be a busy night…"

She leapt over the balcony and left the area with her grapple wire attached to her wrist. "Naruto…" Ryu said, "I want you to follow her, see if you can get more information from her since you are better at bringing people together more than me."

Naruto said, "Right…" Ryu said, "What is with the staff?"

"I bought it from a family friend of my dad's, his name is Muramasa…apparently I have a knack for cursed weapons, now if you excuse me, I have to give this staff some blood or else the flames of Amaterasu will burn against me, plus it is nighttime."

Ryu nodded and watched as Naruto disappeared, then the Dragon Ninja heard a voice from behind, "You seem to have quite a way with the ladies, my friend." He glanced over to a man wearing spectacles along with a green hat and matching trench coat.

"Don't mind me, I am just passing by. By the way, good luck on that Doku guy, sounds like you are going to need it. Oh, and I know Rachel quite well, she will be just fine." The man said as he stood up on the balcony and slipped off.

Ryu rushed to look over the balcony to find nothing and he thought to himself, "That guy…who is he and how does he know Rachel?" Finally the Super Ninja shoved the thoughts out of his head and went off on his own.

Meanwhile Rachel looked over the building to see a dome-like structure and a voice said, "So that is where you headed?" She turned to see Naruto sitting on the wall, nonchalantly and asked, "You? Why are you following me?"

Naruto dropped down to her and walked up to her, "Well, the way I see it is that you know a lot about these Fiends and I have no clue on them, so I will need you to fill me in on them and you see that you know where the best places are for information, the way you were looking at that dome building…means that it is an gold mine."

The female Hunter hefted her War Hammer, "Fine, you can come along, just don't get in my way." Naruto hefted Amaterasu over his shoulders, "Alright…" Then he grew serious, "Get ready, we got company and they are coming in fast."

Suddenly a squadron of SAT Commandos came on to the scene and Rachel was about to take them out, but Naruto sped past her with Amaterasu ablaze, "Crescent Flame!" He pivoted on his heel to send out a large black flaming crescent to catch the squadron on fire.

The men screamed in pain as their bodies burned down to the crisp and Naruto called the flames back into the staff. "So…do you think I am going to get in your way now?" The Jinchuuriki said, looking back at the Fiend Hunter. Rachel pressed her lips together and replied, "No…not at all."

Rachel ran alongside Naruto towards the only known source of information…the Vigoor Library to learn more about their enemies.

New Weapon:

Amaterasu: A sansetsukon made from a white oak, blackened by the ever-burning anger of the goddess. At nighttime, its anger burns even more due to Tsukiyomi's transgression for killing her friend, Uke Mochi, the goddess of food. Appearance: a white colored staff, spotted with the black marks (picture blackened wood) with titanium metal caps on the end