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Love's Little Book

Chapter 1

"What you need, Bella, is to get out more, re-find your feet," my mother said.

I just nodded lightly in reply. Honestly, I had stopped listening a while ago. Instead, I was watching a glimmer of light that was resting on the sand colored wall. It looked as though a thousand tiny diamonds had grouped together to create a work of art.

The sun was glaring through the window of the little café I was sitting in. The bright ray of light was hitting the large, ugly watch of the man sitting on the table two up from ours, and it was creating the bundle of diamonds on the wall. I found it fascinating that the ugly watch could create something so beautiful; the glimmer flickered and twitched every time the portly and loud man laughed or moved. Then it would settle again and it would change somehow; instead of the bluish hue it had before, it would be green or pink as the light hit another part of the watch.

I loved these little things in life - the little surprises, the oddities.

I was grateful to the sun for shining and to the portly and loud man for wearing that watch. It created a distraction, a much needed one.

I hated these 'lunches' as Mom called them, even though it was well into the afternoon and strictly couldn't be classed as 'lunch' any more. These afternoons were always the worst moments of my week. It wasn't because I disliked or didn't love my mom; of course I did love her, and I liked her...well, most of the time.

The problem was she liked to meddle in my life. And what annoyed me most was that sometimes she was right.

Like this time. My life had just changed and my mom wanted to fix it.

You see, once I was married and happy and content. Then it all fell apart.

Mike Newton and I were one of 'those' couples. We were high school sweethearts. We were each other's first everything and we were head over heels in love.

For some, these relationships work, no doubt about that. Unfortunately for Mike and I, we found out 10 years after marriage that we were, in fact, not soul mates at all. It was one of those awful moments when we realized at the same time that 'it' just wasn't working.

What hurt most was that there was no lurid affair, no fights and no hatred. We just discovered that we didn't love each other anymore, not in the right way at least. We had completely let each other down.

I loved Mike, I really did, but I just wasn't in love with him; it was the same for him with me. He moved out the day after we came to the same conclusion, and a month after that I was no longer Isabella Newton. I was back to being Isabella Swan. I had never thought that would happen.

"What you need Bella, is a man," my mother declared loudly.

In a panic, I looked at the other people sitting in the café with horror, hoping they didn't hear her. She really had no idea of volume control and not everyone needed to know about my personal life.

"I just got rid of one man, can't I just be single for a while?" I said quietly, hoping that she would get the message. Judging by the look of horror on her face, clearly the message was not received and me being single was not an option.

"Bella of course you need a man, what are you going to do on your own? You never go out, you have no life. You. Need. A. Man." Her brown eyes were wide, she was staring me down and it was frightening; arguing was pointless.

I picked up my large tote bag and rifled through it for my wallet. It was time to get out of there.

"You know, Mom, you're right," I said easily, trying to get through the rest of the meeting unscathed.

"You're just saying that," she said dejectedly.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my wallet, opening it up and pulling out a twenty. "This should cover lunch. I have to go," I said as I put the money down on the white tablecloth. I was desperately trying to change the subject and get away. I stood up and made my way around the table.

"You have to go already?" she asked in a high pitched and surprised voice that was designed to make me feel guilty. "There's is more I have to talk to you about," she added, making me feel even more like a neglectful daughter.

"Sorry Mom, I will call you in a couple of days, we can talk then."

She rolled her eyes at me. "I'm not stupid Bella; I know you're just trying to get away from this conversation. Look, my friend's son is newly single, his charming and handsome - I could set you up if you want," she said innocently.

"Mom," I warned.

Nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to be set up by his or her own mother.

She held her hands up in fake defense. "What, can't a Mother care about her only child?" she said with a smile.

I leaned down to her level and kissed her lightly on her soft cheek. "Yes, but there's a difference between caring and meddling, you know?"

She turned to me and put her hands on my cheeks, cupping them as though they were the most precious things in the world. "I just worry about you Bella; you're 28, divorced, and lonely. I am your mother and it is my job to worry about you." She said those words with such sincerity, that it briefly brought tears to my eyes and consumed me with love for her.

"I know Mom, and I appreciate it."

She smiled one of her dazzling smiles that she was famous for and patted one cheek lightly before letting go.

"So will you think about meeting my friend's son?"

I stood up and shook my head.

"You're unbelievable," I said half-heartedly. I was part in awe of her and part amused; she never gave up.

"Is that a yes?" I picked my bag up and slung it over my shoulder.

"It's a maybe, we'll talk about it later," I said as I backed away from her. I quickly left the café before she could respond. One more minute with her and I knew I would be agreeing to a date.

I walked down the busy, bustling street.

Summer was nearly over and people were out and about enjoying the last of the Boston sun, before the cold, harsh winter descended. Couples walked down the street hand in hand. Friends laughed and giggled with each other.

It was pretty awful realizing that the only friend you really had was the man you didn't love any more.

My mom was right, I was lonely.

Just then, a sharp breeze whirled down the street picking up trash and leaves on its way. My long, brown hair whipped around my face, obscuring my sight. I put my head down and went to push my now tangled hair out of my face.

It was then that I noticed a white piece of paper stuck to my Levi covered shin.

I kicked my leg trying to detach it, but it was stubborn and refused to budge. I lifted my leg and grabbed the tatty paper. It was crinkled, the corners were bent and curled, and there was a large dusty footprint right in the middle of it.

I was about to crumple it up and place it in the nearest trashcan, when something grabbed my attention.

'Volunteer needed,'

was printed across the top of the page in bold and garish writing.

I continued reading.

"The Boston Book exchange is looking for someone to help afternoons, Monday to Thursday. 1:00pm till 3:00.

For more information, please visit in store. 334 Chelsea Street.

Ask for Mr E. Cullen.

The whole advertisement seemed a little odd, but interesting.

I thrust the paper into my bag and continued walking home. It didn't take me long to get to my apartment. Considering how much time I spent there, I probably should have liked it more than I did. But it just felt so empty without Mike. It was not the same without him and I constantly regretted letting him be the one to move out. I was practically there all day, every day, alone.

I was in between jobs and the blank walls and sterile metal furnature that Mike seemed to like so much was slowly driving me crazy. It looked like a doctor's waiting room, and that simply was not me.

My mom was right in some respect. I didn't think dating was the answer, not yet anyway. But I did need to get out more.

My thoughts drifted to the dirty piece of paper hidden in my bag. Volunteering was a great excuse to get out of the house and meet new people. It wasn't perfect and it didn't pay anything, but it was a step in the right direction. I decided to think about it more before I rushed into anything. I had never heard of the Boston book exchange, or Mr. E Cullen.

I was going to have to do some research.





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