Ok, so this is a multi-chapter story with everyone's thoughts during 1x11. I will do Joan, Annie, Auggie, Arthur and maybe Jai and Ben. I'm not sure about Jai and Ben so please comment if you think I should do them! Please review with feedback :)

disclaimer: not my characters, sadly...

I got out of bed, trying not to wake Arthur. He needed sleep, even if it was only a few minutes more. Today we had a small reception planned to award to a medal to a retiring officer. I couldn't remember the details, except for that it was scheduled for 10 am. Hopefully that gave Arthur some more time to rest. He needed it, the poor man. Henry's presence yesterday had made keeping Annie and the woman from the embassy, Vivian, safe a lot more stressful than necessary. I was so proud of him when he told Henry to leave, I could have kissed him. But we were at work, in a room full of people. When we got home it was a different story. I came home early, like I told Arthur, and we had a fantastic night. I smiled, looking through the dresses in my closet. I picked out a black one with three quarter – length sleeves and was searching for the right shoes when I felt Arthur's strong arms wrap around my waist.

"Good morning," he said, kissing me softly. I kissed him back. Mhm, it felt good just to be held by him, to be in his arms.

"Good morning to you too. How did you sleep?"

He went to his side of the closet and pulled out a suit. "Well enough. You?"

"Pretty well," I said, slipping my nightgown over my head and putting on a bra. I slipped the dress over my messy bedhead hair. "Can you zip me up?"

"Sure," he said, walking over and zipping my dress, then kissed my neck. I smiled at him and went into the bathroom to do my hair. "Arthur, I think we should leave by 9. Is that good?"

"Sounds good to me," Arthur said, getting dressed. "Maybe things will be a bit more normal at work today."

I walked back into our room and smiled at him, slipping my shoes on. "Yes, a quiet day would be nice. But it's the CIA. Something's bound to happen."


I still didn't understand it. Ben Mercer was here, getting hooked up to a polygraph. I knew that most of us at the CIA, myself included, thought he was out of the country after that whole fiasco with the art buyers. What was he doing here? I sighed, then walked into the room where the reception was being held. Annie was not going to like this.

I studied Annie's face carefully. She looked heartbroken, betrayed, confused.

"Annie, you don't have to watch this. We can fact-check later."

"No, I want to stay," Annie said, putting on a strong face. I admired her self-control. She must be feeling torn apart on the inside, but her face remained calm and she shoed no emotion.

10 minutes later, Arthur and I were discussing sending Annie with Ben, and idea Jai did not like. Arthur didn't want Jai to go, seeing as how he lost Ben once before. I agreed, but I kept it inside. Annie wasn't ready for this, as much as she could try to convince us she was. I was worried for her.


I opened the door to my office to find Alex standing in the middle of it, with a look on his face that I didn't know what to make of. What he told me hit me, hard. Arthur was under scrutiny? We had done everything we could to prevent this information from getting out!

"You want me to take my husband's job?"

"You're well qualified. Your work in Brussels, Nairobi, and here has been taken into account. You'd be the highest ranking woman at the CIA."

After Alex left, I broke down on the inside. I couldn't be the DCS. I thought about Brussels and Nairobi. Before I met Arthur, when work was the most important thing. Well, now I had something more important. My marriage. And I couldn't let the CIA ruin it anymore.


I took a deep breath, smoothed my pink dress, and opened Arthur's door. I was nervous, and I hope he couldn't tell.

"Arthur, I have something to tell you. They want to replace you as DCS."

Arthur took off his glasses. "I know, I told you that."

I took a breath. "They want me to replace you. They said not to tell you, agency protocol. But I can't let this place come between us any longer."

Arthur looked at me and said," You have to take it."

I was taken completely aback. Was he crazy? "What? No."

Now Arthur looked surprised. "After all these years of marriage, you still surprise me."

"Arthur, this place is better with both of us. Let's fight together. It will be ugly and messy, but in the end we will be here where we belong. You up for it?"

He smiled. "You know I am."

I smiled back, knowing everything would be ok. I had Arthur, and together we could do this. Our marriage was building back up it's strength, and we were through with letting the Agency come between us. Together, we could take on Henry Wilcox and the rest of the CIA. They couldn't get rid of us that easy.