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Chapter 1: Melting Silver

She often looked at him with a gleam in her eye very akin to hero worship. At least that is what it seemed like to outsiders.

As if this strange man was hypnotizing the poor "child" into thinking he could do no wrong but they could not know the real truth.

That Meggie did in fact know Dustfinger was capable of doing many kinds of wrong. She knew he was both capable and guilty of many crimes. Crimes against her, crimes against her family

but worst of all crimes against him self.

Yes Meggie was not at all blind to who and what Dustfinger truly was. However the gleam in her eye really was much more pure. It was unconditional wide eyed love.

She saw right to the center of his troubled soul with out flinching; excepting the truth of him with open arms.

Had this revelation been widely known it would probably be even more a scandal to the outsiders but she couldn't possibly care less what other people thought.

Not when she was standing close to him as the flames liked his flesh in the near dark of the town square or any other time she was in his magnificent quintessentially male presence. Ohh

no there was no caring for rude glances or concerned whispering. She simply ignored them as she basked in the presence of his majestic masculinity.

Even though years had passed with them often in each others company she still studied him constantly and many times she thought she should become a sociologist with a minor in

psychology just to better understand the depth in that mans eyes. She giggled at her self. It was quite silly after all wanting to change ones entire existence just to better understand the

sound of his whispered prayers or to analyze the exact meaning of the crooked grin he sent out into the empty night when he thought no one was looking. That was what a life time

together was for. To know these things about your love.

Suddenly sadness seeped into Meggie who with a heavy sigh retreated out of the crowds to sit upon the nearest bench. The reality was she doubted Dustfinger felt the same for her. True

they were very close but she daren't hope he would ever see her as anything but his friends baby daughter. No she had to quit this nonsense at once but how does one force the heart to

stop beating and live to tell the tale?