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Tony's father has to deal with the consequences of his actions.

Can't go back

Gibbs POV

It was meant to have been a day of celebrations, but ended like the day from hell.

Today was Tony's birthday, our whole team; plus a few of Tony's non-NCIS friends, had gathered at my house to celebrate.

Looking around the lounge room, everyone who had been invited were all still here, everyone but Tony, who was no where to be seen.

All because of that damn man sitting in the corner, face drawn looking everyone of his years; not sure if I should feel sorry for him or not that his own son had fled.

Flashback - 2 hours before – Third person POV

Music was pounding from the CD player that Abby had set up for the celebration, people were starting to arrive, those from NCIS and some Tony's friends from his cop days all made an effort to be there if they weren't on call. Even Jackson was there, the older Gibbs had quickly become a part of the NCIS family.

Jethro Gibbs was talking with his father while they were all waiting for Tony to show up. There was a knock at the door and Ziva pulled it open, everyone else hiding. "You are late Tony" she laughed opening the door, only to come face to face with a different Tony DiNozzo entirely.

"Sorry dear" replied Anthony DiNozzo Senior.

Seeing the unexpected guest, Gibbs walked over to Tim and Abby were preparing all the food ready, they were the ones who created the guest list .

"what's he doing here?" Gibbs hissed at them, knowing that Tony was still unsure about seeing his father just yet after finding out that his father had lied to him all his life. After their chat in MTAC the day senior had shown up, only Gibbs knew the truth about the man's deceit.

"He's Tony's father" Abby replied.

Before Gibbs could reply the Tony had all expected earlier made his appearance.

"Hey guys... what's going on?" he asked confusedly, Abby had called him earlier making up an excuse about something happening to get the birthday boy to turn up.

"Sorry Tony, it was meant to have been a surprise party for your birthday" McGee told him dejectedly, all the teams hard work and planning had been spoiled.

"Thanks guys, but you really didn't have to..." Tony started to say until he noticed his father talking with Jackson and Ducky across the room.

The agent had been unsure if he was ready to face his father after discovering the truth, but since fate had obviously pushed them together he found himself confronting his father.

"Why?" looking his father in the eyes "why couldn't you tell me the truth?"

"I'm sorry Junior"

"How do I know you're telling the truth? How do I know that you're truly sorry?" Tony yelled at his father causing everyone to turn and look at the scene unfolding in the ex-Marine's house.

"Don't you dear yell at me like that, I'm your father!" the older DiNozzo bellowed.

"Then start acting like it and stop all the lies!" Tony spat out, not caring about the fact the guests had gone silent and the music had been turned off. "You know what DAD? Gibbs has been more of a father to me then you ever were and a better on then you could've ever been" Tony took a moment to look up at the roof, trying and failing to calm himself down.

Looking back deeply into his father's eyes he hissed "Bet that's why you married Mom isn't it? you married her for her money!"

SLAP, Tony's hand went straight to his reddened face, cupping the cheek his father had just slapped.

Gibbs was making his way over to them, blood boiling, nobody hurt his team like that, especially not his senior field agent's own father.

Tony turned around looking at everyone as if noticing for the first time that there was other people in the room. Without saying a word he walked out of the house, got in his car and drove off. Leaving a room full of people in shock.