Have you ever wanted something so badly, that you just sit and wait for a miracle to happen, hoping that it would just fall straight into your lap? I have. That's what the last 20 years of my life has been like. Constantly watching the time go by and only now I realise that it was all a mistake. I had everything I wanted deep down. A family. Friends. Someone to love me. But still I can't help but wonder what things might have been like. How different my life would have been if he didn't leave.

"You do realise I'm coming with you, right?" A familiar voice broke off my trail of thought.

"No. I go alone." I replied sharply, sounding a little more harsher than I had intended. Dylan always insisted on going everywhere I go. I don't know if it's because he can see something bad happen to me or if he's just being plain annoying. But not today. I had to go alone.

"I'm not letting you go alone. I'll trail behind you, just to make sure everything is alright." Dylan urged. I sensed he was hiding something, but even if he was, he'd never tell me. He's good like that.

It was a dangerous time we lived in after all. Even more so than before. Sure, we were alive. No apocalypse was on the horizon. No erasers 24/7 kicking our asses. But lets just say as we grow, so do they. They being the ugly, drooling son of a bitches that have been tracking us down since we were kids! Yes them.

Did you know that they are now twice as fast, both on the ground and in the air? Not to mention their senses have heightened? No of course you didn't. And that's not all. More and more wack job scientists are trying to make their very own perfect monster. So far they've failed. But who's to say that one say they might actually succeed?

"Max, are you having negative thoughts again?" My sweet Angel smiled at me.

"Are you reading my mind again?" I replied raising one eyebrow.

"I don't need to." She grinned. Angel was now a beautiful 27 year old woman. Her powers had grown so much over the years, so much that she can now read people just by looking at them. Or their aura so she claims.

Yup, she knows I'm talking about her.

All of our powers have become so much stronger. I was now even faster than before, if you can imagine that and stronger too. I still have the annoying, mysterious voice inside my head, but I'm learning to use its information more wisely. I've also been gifted with the power of persuasion. Kinda like how Angel can mind read but now quite as strong and it only works on some people. I'm still working on it.

Dylan is also a lot stronger, faster and dare I say it, smarter than any of us. Still has handsome and as perfect as he ever was. He's finally learned to control his sight, able to look across the world for almost anything he seeks. He tells me it still isn't 100% accurate, but I know he's lieing. He just doesn't want me bugging him about Fang.

As for the rest of the gang, they've all grown up alot and developed mad skills of their own. Iggy is able to hear the slightest sound up to 7 miles away. You'd think that would give him a massive headache all the time, but surprisingly it doesn't. He can turn it on and off whenever he likes. Don't ask...

Nudge has, believe it or not, developed power over most metal objects. At first it started out with small things like knives and forks, but eventually it got worse you could say and is now attracting everything but the kitchen sink into her own hands. She's not as powerful as that guy Magneto from X- Men, but one day she believes she could be.

Lastly, 29 year old Gazzy still loves making bombs and blowing stuff up. The good side is that he can make a bomb and rig it in under 3 minutes. He could make a crator the size of the River Nile if he wanted. That's quite handy when you have unwelcome visitors. His voice impressions are also more developed to the stage where he can even copy animals! Trust me, hearing an elephant at 4 in the morning is not funny!

"Max, I'm coming with you whether you like it or not. Now lets go." Dylan said edging outside. If only my power of persuasion worked on him.

The flock stayed behind as Dylan and I traveled out to Lake Mead to meet with Fang. My heart was racing the whole time we were in the air. Dylan must have sensed it and flew closer. He gave one of his 'it's going to be alright' looks. I smiled but we both knew I wasn't convinced. What if Fang wasn't there? What if he forgot about me and the flock?

"Keep positive. Stay calm." Dylan told me slowing down. Stay calm about what? Now I was nervous. Dylan only tells me to be calm when he knows something is going to happen, causing me to stress.

"What is it?" I shouted back to him giving him one of my looks.

"Just be yourself." He replied. Sometimes he sounded like that damn voice stuck in my head. Just be myself. How am I going to be myself when I'll be seeing Fang again? I turned around to ask him more when he was too far behind to ask. We must be getting close to cave.

After waiting 20 years, the flight over to Lake Mead seemed like nothing as I began to see familiar grounds. I watched as I saw hawks circling up ahead, making noises at each other and fighting for food. I sped up and quickly joined them. The memories came flooding back of when we first me the hawks and the flock learned to fly better than ever before. I remembered Fang blending in with them, learning from them and acting like a true hawk. A smile spread across my face as Fangs image filled my mind. I remember him perfectly. Exactly how he was when he was 15. I wondered if he'd changed much but I knew there was no chance that I wouldn't recognise him. I would know those eyes more than anything even if his face has completely changed.

I steered towards the cave entrance putting all my senses on hyper alert. At first I saw nothing, expecting the worst. But then I heard faint shuffling noises coming from deep inside the cave. I steadily made my way forward, checking behind me every so often for Dylan, but he wasn't even in sight. I turned back and began to see shadows moving around. I could only just make out the figure of a person at the back of the cave. I scuffed my feet along the floor loudly to alert the other person of my presence. I started to see light coming from another part in the cave and realised that the cave must go all the way through. Maybe Fang was waiting there?

I called Fang's name and listened as it echoed through the entire cave. I saw a figure gradually come closer to me, stepping into the light just enough for me to See the persons face and torso. But what I saw wasn't Fang at all...

"Hello?" Came a female voice from infront of me. It took me a few seconds to register that it was a woman and not Fang. Then I remembered Dylan's words. Stay calm. Keep positive. I took a few quick breaths before I replied.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?" I asked in my leaders voice which had gotten rusty over the years.

"I'm Luthien. I've been waiting to meet you." She said coming closer. She was equally as tall as myself, with short, dark blond hair and wearing mostly black with a blue denim jacket.

"Why do you want to meet me?" I said keeping my guard up.

"I've heard a lot about you. I've been dieing to meet you for ages!" She said like I was some sort of movie star. I thought she was going to hug me at one point. But then my eyes caught something in the distance. As it came closer I realised it was him.

"Fang?" I gasped.

He gave me a half smile and slowly walked over to me. I felt my legs go numb and my whole body froze up on the spot, I thought I was going to collapse. He quickly said hello and embraced me. His scent filled my nose making me feel weak and I realised that Fang was hugging me. He held me tightly for what seemed like the longest time then broke away, kissing my cheek as he left.

"Max, I missed you." He said still smiling. It took ever fibre of my being not to throw myself at him and kiss his smile.

"I see you've met Luthien." He said looking at her. She smiled at him and then at me.

"Yeah seems so." I replied wondering who the hell she was.

"Oh of course, your probably wondering who I am. Me and Fang are together." She said. I wondered if she was a mind reader. Bitch. Bitch. Bitch... She's still smiling... Nope not a mind reader.

"As in...?" I asked.

"Together. Like you two used to be." She smiled again. Okay whats with all the smiling?

"Used to be what?" I asked again.

"Max. Me and Lou are a couple. Have been for quite some time now. I didn't intend on you meeting her first though." Fang said with a lopsided frown. She rubbed his back and laughed.

"I'm sorry." She apologised, although I'm not sure who to.

"I know you were probably thinking we were going to get back together but 20 years was a long time and..." Fang started byt I cut him off.

"How long?"

"How long what?" Fang asked.

"How long have you and her been together?" I asked thinking it was probably only a few months or something but what quite taken back when he told me.

"Since we were 19. Roughly 15 years I think." He said like it was no big deal. My jaw almost dropped open but I clenched my teeth together accidentally biting on my tongue.

"Wow that's pretty cool." I said trying not to sound too harsh.

I wanted to fly away then and there and pretend it was all a bad dream. Don't get me wrong, I'm happy Fang had someone to look after him, to love him and boss him around when I couldn't. But it wasn't how I imagined it would be. I couldn't believe he had been with her that long. It didn't seem real. She seems nice enough but I'm sure she's no Maximum Ride! Okay I know I'm being selfish here but I'm just shocked that's all. I'll get over it in a few minutes. Maybe...

Luckily I started to hear the flutter of a large pair of wings coming towards the cave. Dylan would help me calm down. After all he probably knew this was going to happen.

We all looked behind me as a tall figure stepped in and drew closer. Luthien looked a little scared at first but Fang squeezed her hand and reassured her. Dylan stood by my side with a large torch in his hand. He turned it on and placed it on the floor illuminating the cave.

"Now we can all see each other properly." He smiled looking towards Fang. Fang didn't smile back but tried to look friendly. He didn't have me fooled. After all Dylan was one of the main factors for Fang leaving.

"Howdy. How is everyone?" He asked.

"I'm very well thank you. Yourself?" Luthien replied realizing that Dylan was with me. No doubt Fang told her about him.

"Did you stalk her?" Fang asked looking between the cave entrance and Dylan.

"No. I came with her." He replied. I could see Fang was getting to him already. But if he knew that, why did he come?

"Right." Fang said nodding.

"Are you and Max a couple now or?..."Luthien asked him but once again her question was interrupted.

"I suppose you thought she was going to run off with me. Leave the flock and live happily ever after?" Fang said in a serious tone. Inside I was smiling.

"Of course not. I knew THAT was going to happen." Dylan replied making me more than anyone wonder what he meant by 'THAT'.

"I suppose you saw what was going to happen didn't you?" Fang asked almost smiling.

"Yes I did actually. I'm just here for Max." He replied kindly. "Oh and yes we are." He said to Luthien who took a few moments to realise that he had just answered her question. I thought I saw Fang's face stiffen when Dylan said that, but Luthien grabbed his hand quickly and he loosened up a bit.

"How are the flock doing? I'd love to see them again." Fangsaid changing the subject.

"They're great. Why don't you come see them yourself? They would be more than happy to see you." I suggested. Fang nodded and smiled.

"Hadn't you better tell Max everything before we leave?" Dylan said to Fang. They both looked surprised but then Fang nodded. He suddenly disappeared for no more than a few seconds and then reappeared with a girl by his side.

"One more thing I forgot to mention. This is Lightening and shes my girl." Fang said still holding her arm. She looked slightly confused for a few moments but then smiled and wouldn't seem to stop.

"I thought you were with Luthien? You have two girls now?" I asked and Dylan laughed behind me.

"No Max, I mean she's my daughter." Fang replied trying to hide a smile.

"You can call me Lights most people do, its so much easier than saying Lightening all the time." She laughed. She looked a bit like Fang with the same dark hair and the same beautiful smile. But mostly she looked like her mother. She was quite the beauty. She even had a pair of shiny black wings tinged with purple at the ends. She seemed really nice. Outgoing too, which I'm sure she didn't get from Fang.

"Nice to meet you Lights." I smiled bowing slightly. I knew Dylan would never let me here the end of this. Whenever he sees a cute teenage girl, he always gives me an hour long lecture as to why we don't have one.

"You can probably guess why that's my name." She laughed.

"She's electrifying." Fang smiled. Lights showed us exactly what Fang meant on our way back to the house. She could shoot lightening bolts straight from her hands and create a huge bubble of electricity and fire it at will. Pretty impressive for a 16 year old. Turns out shes better than her mum, which is where she got it from. She also has a neat pair of sandy coloured wings. Fancy that!

It didn't take the flock long to stampeed out of the house like a bunch of wilderbeasts and throw themselves at Fang. They couldn't believe that Fang had a daughter and I can't say I blaim them. It was totally unexpected. Nudge and Angel were already drooling over how beautiful her hair was.

Gazzy was trying to tell Fang about all his crazy exploding adventures and showing off his new animal skills but Fang was too distracted by Iggy who was busy checking out his girlfriend.

I ordered the flock inside and told Fang and his two girls to make themselves at home.

"Angel, make Fang and his family a drink will ya!" I shouted and she rushed off towards the kitchen.

"Everything has changed so much since I've been here. You've even redecorated." Fang said.

"That was my fault." Gazzy snickered in the corner. Fang shook his head and smiled.

"Should have known." He replied.

Suddenly I heard banging coming from upstairs. I quickly glanced around the room and noted my flock all but one who was in the kitchen.

"Dylan who's upstairs?" I asked putting my hands on my hips looking stern. He didn't reply. He just stood next to me with a small grin and his hands in his back pockets.

Ermmm heard of elephants?" Gazzy laughed with a guilty look.

"I wouldn't be surprised." Fang smiled.

"I CAN'T FIND IT! I CANNOT FIND IT! WHERE THE HELL IS IT?" Came loud shouting from upstairs. I looked across the room hoping that no one heard it. But of course they did. Everyone had their eyes fixated upon me.

Thunderous footsteps came bounding down the stairs and over towards us.

"WHERE IS MY ELECTRIC BLUE TOP?" Came the shouting again echoing through the room. Everyone watched me waiting for me to break the silence.

"Mum! Have you seen my blue..." He began but was cut off by the sight of guests.

"Dylan you was supposed to take him to my mothers today!" I said quietly through clenched teeth. Dylan just smiled back and winked at me and I knew he had been planning this for a while.

"Sorry. Didn't realise we have visitors." He said keeping quiet.

"Fang and co, this is Angel. Angel, this is Fang, I told you about him before and no doubt your father has. And this is his girlfriend Luthien and their daughter Lightening.

"Wow you look so much like your father..." Fang said taking him all in.

"What a gorgeous kid! Nice to meet you." Luthien said shaking his hand.

"This is my girl Lightening I'm sure you'll have a lot in common." Luthien said pointing to her daughter.

"We've met." Angel replied with a serious face. "And no, we don't have much in common." He finished walking out of the room.