"You've met?" I asked stunned.

"Yup." He replied walking away with his hands in his pockets.

"When? Why didn't you say something?" I shouted back.

"Few weeks ago. Didn't know she was the daughter of the guy your obsessed about." He said firmly. My face heated up and I couldn't dare bring myself to look at anyone.

"I'm sure he'll come around." Luthien said smiling. Full of smiles that one.

I looked over at Dylan and he just smiled. I felt as though there was something bigger going on here but I kept my mouth shut. I would find out what it was eventually. I'd make sure of it.

I followed Angel (my son Angel) into his room and closed the door.

"What? You found my shirt?" He asked hopeful, but I shook my head.

"Firstly, I'm not obsessed with Fang, we just go way back. And secondly, I want to know what happened with you and his daughter? You act like you hate her?" I said sitting down next to him on his bed.

"Well, It was a few weeks ago, when you sent me on an errand to get something for grandmas birthday...


I headed in to the local pet store, thinking that a pet would be perfect for grandma as a retired vet and all, plus she needs the company. I didn't want to buy her a fish, grandma says they remind her of me – forgetful.

I didn't want to buy her a snake, as she says they remind her of mum – deadly.

I didn't want to get her a rabbit as she says its cruel to keep them locked up all the time and she doesn't really have the room.

I couldn't get her a dog as she says they are too much hard work for an old person like her. She also voted no to a talking one.

I thought maybe a cat? But the next door neighbor has chickens.

Why don't I just buy her a zoo? That way she can have any animal she likes.

In the end, I just settled for a parrot. Yup, a parrot. Apparently the best talking parrot in the city. Don't know how they figured that, I think they just wanted to get rid of it as it continually kept telling the customers to fuck off. Grandma would love it.

I made my way out of the pet shop holding the cage carefully with the talking parrot inside. It wasn't all that bad. It said hello to every stranger we passed. Thing is, when they said hello back the parrot said 'fuck off'.

I thought it was a bargain. For 5 dollars with a free cage, accessories and food you can't go wrong.

"Can't go wrong." The parrot squawked and I stopped in my tracks.

Did the parrot just? Nahhh can't be. A mind reading parrot?

"Mind reading parrot." It squawked again. This time my jaw fell practically to the floor. My heart was beating twice as fast and I had to look around to see if anyone else had heard. I sat down on a bench and stared at the parrot in disbelief. Are you kidding me?

"Not kidding." It spoke suddenly making me jump on the bench. It took me a few seconds and then I started to laugh heavily to myself. This was freaking awesome.

"Freaking awesome, ha ha." It squawked with a small laugh at the end. I put my hand over my mouth and stared in disbelief.

I was about to pick up the parrot and head straight back home asap when something across the street caught my eye. I saw a young girl clenching her fists in tight balls with sparks dancing around them! I picked up the parrot and ran across the street, sitting next to her. She jumped a mile in the air when she saw me and gave me a fake smile.

"Stupid idiot. Want to be alone. Stupid idiot." The parrot squawked and I started to think that this could come in handy.

The girl looked at the parrot then at me startled. She must have been calling me an idiot in her mind.

"Why did you just call me an idiot?" I asked sounding a little more harsher than I had intended.

"I...I need to be alone." She quickly finished turning her head away from me.

"Go away. Go away. Go away. Stupid." The parrot finished. I smiled.

"Hey." I said putting my hand on her shoulder. She shrugged it off and stared at the floor. Why was she being a bitch?

"Bitch." The parrot said and I held my laughter in my throat. She turned and looked at me with sad eyes.

"No I'm not! Leave me alone!" She said raising her voice slightly.

"Alright then. But let me ask you one thing. Why is there lightening in your hands?" I asked making her turn towards me and frown, as though I've just told the whole world what she is.

"Theres not. Don't be silly." She lied.

"Liar. Liar." The parrot said and she sighed and looked back at me. She stared at me for a moment until the parrot broke the silence.

Gorgeous eyes. Stupid. Go away. Gorgeous eyes." The parrot said and she blushed. She thought I had gorgeous eyes?

"Leave me alone." She said again but this time more quieter that I could hardly make out what she said.

"I'm not going anywhere until you answer my question!" I said stubbornly. A lovely trait from my mother.

"Answer the question. Answer the question." The parrot repeated and I smirked.

"It is none of your business so take your annoying parrot and leave me alone before I do something I'll regret." She said with anger in her eyes.

It enticed me more as to know what was her deal. I guess I'm too much like my mum at times, threats makes me eager to know more.

"Oh yeah, like what?" I said raising one eyebrow, sounding proud of myself. She didn't like that.

"Look leave me alone you jerk!" She yelled moving further away along the bench. I of course followed her, banging into her sides as I slid up, almost knocking her off the bench. She stood up and pushed me back with one hand sending a jolt of Lightening through my body. I shivered, took a moment to breath and stood up, towering over her by many feet.

"You may now kiss the bride." The parrot said bobbing his head up and down. We ignored it and I whispered slowly into her ear ' wanna try that again?' This time she pushed me back with both hands sending even more Lightening bolts shooting through my system.

"Wow that tickled!" I laughed.

"Ha ha tickled." The parrot said almost in sing song. A smile spread across my face.

"I dislike you." She said putting her hands on her hips.

"Aawww really? I thought we were friends." I replied. Cheesy I know but it worked. She pushed me again this time with so much electricity that I flew back a few feet and stumbled, eventually landing on my behind.

"Uh oh, in for it now." The parrot said and I grinned in agreement.

I stood up and gently cast out my fingers, not wanting to hurt her too much. I snapped out my fingers and sent her flying through the air 40MPH into the nearest dumpster. So much for being gentle.

"So much for being gentle." The parrot repeated and I chuckled.

Now she looked pretty peed off. I have a habit of getting into fights with freaks like myself. Horrible habit.

She clambered out of the duster, brushing off the odd bit of lettuce, tomato and what looked like moldy custard from her hair.

"Not happy. Messy hair not happy." The parrot informed me but I stood with my arms folding over my chest, waiting for the 'wow' but it never came.

"You jerk! Look what you did to my hair!" She screamed.

"Well technically, the dumpster did it. Or the people that threw the stuff out did it." I laughed.

She sent a large ball of crackling blue lightening straight at me with no warning. I could have easily sent it flying back at her in the blink of an eye but I decided to show off a little bit and deflect it. With the power of telekinesis you feel like you can kinda do anything.

I sent the ball of lightening hurling through the sky faster than a speeding horse and the parrot and the girl watched as it disappeared from view. She looked at me, wondering what the heck I just did and I smiled.

"Had enough yet? Or do you wanna talk?" I said and she shook her head and ran towards me, using good old fashioned violence.

Of course that didn't work either as I weighed 100 pounds more than her and stood at least 4 feet taller. I was an easy 6.2.

She struggled in my hands and tried to electrocute my entire body but I showed no weakness to it and tied her arms behind her back. She continued to struggle against me for what seemed like a lifetime, till the point came when she had tears in her eyes. I decided to let her go and watched as she knelt to the floor gathering her breath.

"Not gonna win. Girly no win." The parrot spoke but I think she already knew she couldn't win. She stood up, kicked me right where it hurts and sped off into a nearby alley way.

I crouched over for a few minuted hearing the parrot constantly say 'Ouch. Felt that.' until I straightened up, picked up the parrot and headed off in the same direction. I couldn't see what way she went but I wasn't going to let her escape. I took off swiftly into the air stretching my 15 foot white and silver speckled wingspan into the cool breeze.

"I'm flying, I'm flying!" The parrot kept saying and I had half a good mind to let him out, but I didn't want to risk loosing him.

"Won't fly away. Stay with master." The parrot said and I thought what the hey, it's not like he's going to be able to out run me. So I lost the cage and the parrot to my surprise followed my every move. He even helped me look for the girl.

"Down there, down there!" The parrot called and I saw her running through a narrow alley way.

"We'll head her off, give her a surprise."I said to the parrot and his response was 'Eye eye captain'. I soon wondered if he once belonged to a pirate.

"So do you have a name?" I asked.

"Captain Jack Sparrow." He said and I nearly chocked on air.

"I think I'll just call you Jack,"I told him and he bobbed his head up and down saying Captain Jack over and over.

We landed at the end of the alley and Captain Jack landed on my shoulder silently. I waited till I could hear the sound of her footsteps getting closer until I stepped out putting my arms across my chest. She stared at me in amazement, looking behind her then at me.

"We flew." The parrot told her and I slowly let my wings show. She seemed stunned, but not as stunned as I though she might be.

'Your like me' was all she said and then I understood what she meant when she showed me her dark black wings with purple streaks in the middle.

I walked towards her dramatically and she started walking backwards. She tried throwing lightening at me anyway she could but I deflected it or dodged it. She even tried a roundhouse kick to my chest but she only knocked the smallest bit of wind out of me. Then she swiped her hand across my face with real fury on her face. I had to say, that one hurt. So much that without realizing I said her flying again but this time faster, further and straight into the back of a brick wall. I must admit, I felt bad, but she still didn't give up. She flew up into the air and I flew up with her. We were the highest thing in the sky except for a parrot and a few clouds.

It was then I noticed that down below there was a major power cut hitting most of the city. Then the sky gradually got eerily dark and thunder and rain appeared out of nowhere. She was drawing electricity into a massive ball of electrical energy almost the size of half a football pitch and launched it at me. Jack flew off to safety behind her while I hovered in the air with a giant ball of energy coming right at me. Rain poured down my face making it harder to see so I prepared myself. I needed to give that energy back to the city. I quickly focused my mind and as soon as I opened my eyes I launched my hands in front of me and began moving the ball of energy towards the ground. I pushed it down and hoped that it worked how I planned.

"City go boom." Jack said from my shoulder and I gave him a reassuring pat on the head.

As soon as it hit the ground the energy spread out and began whirling the city back to life. The rain came to an ease and the lightening gradually came to a stop. I turned back to look at her and she seemed dumbstruck.

"Your a monster." She said a few meters away.

"Sure I'm the monster, I gave the city people their energy back." I mocked. She growled and swung her hand towards my face and caught my eye with her nail. I gave a hard punch to her stomach and watched as she doubled over coughing in pain.

"Nasty bitch." Jack squawked and I nodded.

"Stay away from me you freak." She growled.

"Takes one to know one bird brains." I replied and she swung for me again but this time I caught her hand. She gasped and I squeezed her hand till she cried out in pain. Then I let her go and flew off just like that. I expected her to throw more lightening at me but she didn't. She just hovered there holding her hand in shock.

On the bright side I found grandma a birthday present. But something tells me that Captain Jack wants to stick with me instead. He flew closer towards me bobbing his head up and down squawking the word yes, so I figured he was agreeing with me.

"Looks like its gonna be me and you from now on Captain Jack." I told him.

"Aye aye captain." He replied and I had a smile on my face the whole way home.

End of Flashback

"Okay, well I wish you would have told me this sooner. You know better than to expose yourself like that." I lectured Angel. He shrugged and started to pet his parrot.

I saw Fang outside the door and stood up rather quickly.

"Can we talk?" He asked me with a smile and I nodded.

"You may now kiss the bride." The parrot randomly spoke out and Fang laughed.

"Yeah I wish." He said looking at me. My heart caught in my throat as I wondered if I had heard him correctly. I walked towards him trying to act casual but he saw right through me. He reached out with his hand and brushed passed mine. Something told me he would have took my hand in his if it hadn't of been for the fact that we were standing in the doorway of my son's room. I guess I'll never know.