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Summary: Razinstees were pesky creatures, always getting you lost for their own reasons. Though there are rumors that getting lost by Razinstees can sometimes lead to good things.

Luna wandered the forest admiring her surroundings. Sure she was lost,but to be honest she didn't care. It was really too nice of a day to be apparating all over the place. Of course using the floo was out of the question her father used the last bit of floo powder getting himself to Singapore last week.

Harry gave specific directions and now somehow she was wandering a forest. She had her suspicions that the Razinstees had gotten her lost.

Razinstees were known to make a person lose all sense of direction. They were also nosy busy-bodies, always trying to lead their victims somewhere. Her father had told her that when Razinstees lead you somewhere, you could be going for the ride of your life.

Now if only she had remembered to get her shoes back from the nargles.

It was Jacob and Quil's turn for patrol duty. Despite that the Cullens had left for some dreary town in Scotland some years back they still had to keep an eye out for any rogue vampires. They scouted one area and it seemed clear, until they both heard a female voice not far off.

What the hell were Nargles? Both men thought.

As they got closer they could see a girl about their age with straggly blonde hair to her waist with a unique taste in clothes. She had a bright purple sweater with red leggings, a corkscrew necklace and a neon green belt. To top it all off she had a stick tucked behind her ear and was barefoot in their forest.

They watched carefully as she walked deeper into the forest on the freezing ground seemingly oblivious to the temperatures. Both guys shifted and put on the pair of cut off shorts that were tied around their leg. Quil was the first to speak.

"Excuse me miss? Are you lost?" The girl turned around to face them with her silver eyes her faint eyebrows looking surprised. The girl smiled what you could only call a dreamy smile.

"Peoples!" To Quill and Jacob the girl looked a bit looney and she was off staring at somewhere behind their shoulders.

"Are you alright Miss?" The girl giggled at Jacob.

"I am sorry, but my name is Luna. I'm afraid I don't know any Miss but I do know a Mildred." Both boys sweat dropped at her comment. " Now, do you know where Emerarudo house is? Harry invited me over."

"Sorry, I have no idea where that is." Answered Jacob.

" No sorry is needed, do you have a floo?" The girl had a British accent and she looked every bit foreign.

" Sam's and Emily's house is not far if you need to use the bathroom. We would be glad to take you there." The girl smiled and tilted her head.

"Oh thank you. But, I'm afraid I can't go around walking with strangers. May I ask your names?"

"Oh please forgive us for not introducing ourselves. I'm Jacob Black and this is Quil Artera." Jacob spoke in his polite tone, gesturing to himself then to Quil.

"Jacob and Quil. There. We are not strangers no more. Please lead the way," Quil gave a glance to Jacob that translated to 'Are you mad?'

"Quil, why don't you stay with Luna and I'll run ahead and get Emily and Sam up to speed on what is going on." Quil gave a glance to Jacob that translated to 'Don't leave me with her!'

Jacob waved at them and jogged until he was out of site and he could shift to his wolf form.

Quil could believe Jacob had just left him with the nut job, although she was nice nut job. She gave him something that she called a chocolate frog. Quil ate the tasty treat quickly, but he swore the thing wiggled before it was bitten in half.

"Tell me, what are Emily and Sam like?"

"Sam is our leader I guess you could say. He can be alright at times but he very high strung in his beliefs though. You have to meet him to make your opinion of him. Anyways, Sam is utterly in love with Emily. Emily is like a second mother to all of us. She is very sweet and the best cook ever." They were nearing the house and Quil decided to add an important bit of information. "When you meet Emily just don't stare okay."

Luna looked at him seriously her silver eyes actually staring into his own. Quil almost breathed a sigh of relief when the blonde girl finally smiled.

"Quil! Luna! You made it! Emily is expecting you." Quil let himself in after Jacob, Luna however peered at them from just outside the door frame and jumped in.

"What are you doing?" asked Jacob. Luna looked at doorway before tilting her head and smiling her dreamy smile.

"Yawroos like to lurk in doorways and pinch people as they pass through. I don't know about you but I don't want to be pinched. Also they partner up with the Crumple-Horned Snorkacks." To Jacob it was official the girl was a nut, to Quil he found out already on his walk over here.

"Alright, Luna. The bathroom is down the hall first door to the right." Luna nodded and walked to her destination. As Luna closed the door Emily appeared from the kitchen.

"What was that noise? Was that the girl you were talking about?" Emily asked.

"She is using the bathroom at the moment. It's best for you to know she is a bit…." Jacob and Quil looked at each other, "odd."

"I thought I said they had a floo, not a loo. Oh dear, it seems I am dealing with muggles." Luna looked at the decent sized bathroom admiring the quaint decorations.

Luna walked back to the living room unsure of what to do. She was amongst muggles and with no way to get in contact with Harry. She noticed there was a woman sitting on the couch with the two men she met earlier today.

"You must be Luna." The woman stood to greet her with a handshake, which Luna returned.

"You must Emily, pleased to meet you." Luna noticed the scar but thought nothing of it. The woman was beautiful with or without it to Luna's eyes.

"Please tell me you didn't walk all the way out here without any shoes on! Boys I can't believe you let this girl walk on that frozen ground." Both men looked guilty. Emily gave them a glare and turned back towards Luna.

When Emily got a closer look at Luna she noticed the girl's unusual choice of jewelry. The earrings she wore looked like radishes and the necklace appeared to be made of bottle caps. Emily was going to ask the girl a question when she heard a familiar deep voice coming from the front porch.

"Emily! We're back!" Sam announced as he dropped his pack and hugged his fiancé.

"Sam! How was work?"

"Same as always, I hope you have dinner ready, we are all starving."

"We?" Emily peered behind her beloved shoulders and saw Embry and Paul waving at her in greeting.

"Hello boys, have a seat in the living room, dinner should be ready soon. Perhaps you can entertain Luna while you wait?" The three men turned to see a blonde girl on the couch that seemed to be staring off into space and turned slowly toward them giving them her signature dreamy smile. Emily though it best to introduce them.

"Luna, this Sam my fiancé, and Embry and the gruff one over there is Paul. All of you sit down and get to know each other while I check the meatloaf." Before exiting the room she gave the look that said 'behave yourself or else.'

Luna sat across from them, her silver eyes mostly staring at the wall behind them. Jacob could see the other men getting a little freaked out and it looked like Paul was going to start yelling.

"Luna, do you have some way to get in touch with your friend?" Jacob asked. Luna didn't move at first before she started digging into her pockets.

" My friend gave me these numbers in case I would need it. He says they are for the telephone." The girl pulled out a wrinkled piece of paper that to guys looked nothing but squiggles.

" The phone is over there." All of them followed her every move as the girl approached with caution to the black cordless phone. To them it just looked like the girl had no idea what it was. The blonde girl picked up the phone with the mouth piece to her ear.

"Girl! Don't you know how to use a telephone?" Yelled Paul.

"I'm afraid I don't know much of muggle electronics. Could you do me a favor of putting the numbers in?" Paul rolled his eyes and held his tongue. He got up from the couch and grabbed the phone from the silver eyed blonde and dialed the numbers from the crumpled piece of paper. He waited to hear a ring before handing Luna the phone.

The blonde smiled one of her dreamy smiles and put the phone back to her ear. Paul had to flip the phone so it can be used properly, the girl had the mouthpiece to her ear, again.

"Hello?" Harry answered the other line.

"Harry!" Luna cried out.

"Luna! Since when do you use the phone? I thought you were back in England? Why does the phone number show you are in America?" Luna giggled.

"Well, the Razinstees were very mischievous today and decided I should take a long walk through the woods."

"Oookay. Luna, when did you learn to use a phone? Where are you calling from? I was supposed to pick you up at the apparition site tomorrow. "

"These muggles have such odd ways of communicating but it works for them, I guess. Let's see I am somewhere in the middle of the forest."

"Luna if you are in the middle of the forest, how are you calling me?"

"Well I met up with two boys whose house is by the forest. They allowed me to use their loo even though I meant floo and now I am using the phone which they helped me figure out."

"And who are these boys Luna?" Luna twirled her hair and giggled looking at the ceiling causing Paul to sweat drop.

"Well, the ones I met in the woods were Jacob and Quil, they took me to their friends Sam and Emily's place, I like Emily she's nice. I also met Embry and Paul. That one seems to have Nogeets flying around his ears, no wonder he is grumpy."

" What is the address of the house you are currently at?"

"I will hand the phone over to Paul." Luna passed the phone over to Paul. Paul said the address quickly and waited for a moment before handing the phone back to Luna.

"Ok Luna, I got the address which is actually not far from here. But I don't want you to walk here I can't have you getting lost, again. Can you stay there for a few hours till I can get there?"

"Let me ask." Luna turned toward Sam.

"My friend can't pick me up till another few hours is it alright for me to stay till then?" Sam was deep in thought for a moment.

"I don't see a problem with that." Luna smiled one of her dreamy smiles.

" Sam says it's fine."

"Oh good, if anything happens I will call you back at this number. Please don't cause trouble, alright Luna? I'll be there in a few hours."

"See you then." Luna had no idea what to do once the call was finished so she handed the phone to Paul who turned it off and put it back on the receiver.

Emily chose this moment to enter the living room and announce dinner. Luna turned to her.

"Harry will be here in a few hours." Luna spoke with eagerness, making Emily smile.

"Perfect, I had a feeling you would stay so I made an extra place for you. Come on all of you dinner is served." All the men rushed to the dinner table snatching food and practically inhaling it. Luna sat between Embry and Jacob at ease despite two very big guys at her sides. It was like eating at the Weasely's so she quickly ducked muscled arms to grab what she wanted before it disappeared from her sight. Finally, with her full plate she began to eat.

"Sorry, about their manners." Emily apologized.

"They remind me of some of friends back home so I sort of used to it. This is delicious. "Luna chewed on a piece of meatloaf.

"Luna, do you want seconds before it all disappears?" Emily asked and everyone paused for a second to look at her.

"No, thank you, I am positively stuffed." The movement of arms snatching food continued. The rest of dinner was spent talking about small stuff and there were a few laughs during the conversation.

"Jacob, do you fix old motorcycles?" Asked Luna when she heard Jacob talking about the parts he was going to deal with next on an old Mustang.

"Sure do."

"Oh good, I think Harry was looking for someone to fix his Godfather's old bike, you interested?" Jacob eyes sparkled.

"Of course I would!" Jacob practically jumped right out of his chair.

"I'll be sure to send Harry your way. He will be ecstatic." With dinner over and done with the Quileute men cleaned up the dinner table though Luna wanted to help they refused to let her do any work. So Luna was now sitting on the porch in one of the rocking chairs hugging her knees enjoying herself.

"You know if you swing the chair any farther back you'll end up flying backwards." Paul stood leaning on a banister. Luna slowed down enough to be able to look at Paul.

"Have you tried this?" Luna laughed causing Paul to blush.

"I have sat in rocking chairs before." Answered, Paul.

"Then you must know how exciting they are. I would love to have one of these!" Paul lifted his eyebrow trying to figure out what to make of the overly excited girl.

A faint rumbling of an engine was heard from a distance and the sound was getting louder.

"Harry!" Luna launched herself out of the chair running past Paul to the guy on the motorcycle. The guy took off his helmet and placed it on the bikes handles. The brunette stumbled as he caught Luna as she practically flew at him.

"Hey Luna, long time no see, haven't changed a bit." Harry grinned as he looked at the state of dress of his friend.

"I may not have changed much, but you sure have. Big sweaters didn't do you justice." Harry's cheeks turned a bit pink as the blonde turned in a circle hand on chin inspecting him. Harry was wearing tight denims jeans a fitting t-shirt. A vast contrast from the baggy clothes he used to wear.

"Come on, I want you to meet the ones that got me unlost." Harry stumbled as he was forcefully tugged to the group on the porch.

" Emily, Jacob, Paul, Embry, Quil, Sam I would like you to meet Harry. Harry, this is Sam, Quil, Jacob, Embry, Paul and Emily."

"Thank you all for taking care of her till I got here. I hope she hasn't inconvenienced you all too badly." Harry apologized.

"Don't worry she was a delight to be with." Emily spoke.

"As thanks I would to invite you all to have lunch at my place tomorrow." Harry was going to rummage through his jacket for a paper and pen when Luna offered her own to him. Harry smiled in thanks and wrote his address and phone number down quickly before handing it to Emily.

"We would love to." Emily smiled accepting the piece of paper. "Around twelve sound good?"

"Perfect. See you all tomorrow. " Harry waved goodbye and hopped on the bike Luna climbing behind him.

The group watched the bike travel out of sight before heading back inside. All but Jacob, who stood in his same spot on the porch stock still, staring in the direction of where the bike had driven off.

"Jacob? What's wrong?" Quil peered out the door worried.

"Quil, what was that guy's name again? The one with the bike?" asked Jacob, who was still in a daze.

"I think his name was Harry. Why?"

"Yeah, I think I just imprinted on Harry."

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