The twins had rushed upstairs after breakfast to plan their date. Harry was glad the twins found someone. Leah was a sweet girl underneath all the thick layers she held up. Harry in his gut, knew that twins and herself were perfect for another. The twins have never really liked any other person other than each other. They allowed very few people to get close to them, Harry was one of the few. But Harry could tell that behind the jokes and laughter, they were missing something. Someone, who could love them both equally.

Oddly enough, they found someone in this small town they both liked and it was highly likely that Leah reciprocated those feelings as well. The girl looked like a ripe strawberry every time she saw them. Harry finished washing the last dish and handed it to Jacob to dry.

Harry smiled at Jacob, who returned it.

I guess I am lucky too.

Harry wrapped his arms around the man's waist. "What should I wear tonight?"

"Something comfortable, I suppose." Jacob grabbed Harry's hands and kissed them. "Though, anything would look good on you. Or nothing." Jacob gave a mischievous smirk.

"So you want me to go in public, nude?"

Jacob shrugged. "I'm not opposed to it."

"Okay, I'll go ask the twins what would look better, I'll do a strip show for them." Harry giggled and ran into the living room Jacob following after him.

"I change my mind!" Jacob grabbed Harry and they dived unto the couch. Jacob tickled Harry relentlessly.

"I give! I give! I won't strip for them!" Jacob ceased and Harry got a chance to catch his breath.

"Good, cause I want you to strip only for me." Jacob voice lowered and he nibble on Harry's ear, causing the man to shiver. A hand slid underneath Harry's shirt, sensually sliding upwards. The shirt was tossed aside, leaving Harry's torso exposed. Jacob nibbled at Harry's still visible mark from the night before.

"Fred, do you see what I see?"

"I certainly do, George."

Harry and Jacob looked up to where the twins were leaning on the rails. They were smirking wiggling their eyebrows mischievously and wearing nothing but towels.

"We were going to take a shower-"

"But this is so much more interesting."

Jacob covered Harry' s body with his own, protectively. "Keep moving." Jacob practically growled out.

"Relax, he is all yours. Now,-"

"-we have to get ready for our date." The twins marched back into their room. Jacob eyes continued to follow the red heads until they shut the door.

Jacob turned back to Harry and nuzzled him.

"You don't need to get so jealous. They are only teasing us you know. " Harry ran his fingers through Jacob's short hair. The man's hair was shorter than his own untamed hair.

"I know, but I can't help it." Jacob arms tightened around Harry, he was just content to lay there.

Harry chuckled. "You remind me so much of a dog." Jacob maneuvered himself so that he was now taking Harry's full weight. They were now lying down chest to chest with Jacob's back on the couch.

"Wolf." Jacob mumbled.

"What was that?" Harry looked up confused. Jacob had yet to reveal his wolf to Harry and honestly he was afraid to. He was afraid of what Harry's reaction would be.

"What's wrong Jacob?"

"Nothing. Just thinking of stuff." Jacob smiled at Harry to reassure him.

"Well then, why don't we continue where we left off?" Harry lips met Jacob's. They went at it until they ran out of breath.

"A much as I would love to, I need to get home and get ready for our date tonight. I am pretty sure the twins know what we did and not just because they caught us on the couch." Jacob tugged at the collar of the borrowed shirt he was using.

Harry pouted. "Do you have to?" Harry carefully got up from the couch. Jacob smiled, his imprint looked so adorable when he pouted.

"Yes," Jacob gave Harry a peck on the lips. "I'll need to ask Emily to borrow her car for tonight. I'll be by around 5 ish, okay?"

"Okay. See you then." Harry sat back at the couch


Luna wondered why her bed was moving. She had yet to open her eyes, but instead let her hand feel around her. Her bed was soft and hard and the same time and it was breathing…? Luna opened one eye and then the other. She let her eyes wander to where her right hand lay.

She was almost on top of Paul using him as her bed and her arms were loosely around his chest. She couldn't remember at first how she had fallen asleep in her own bed or why Paul was occupying it with her. Luna frowned, she could remember holding on to something and not wanting to let go.

That must have been Paul.

At a snail like pace Luna climbed off Paul to lie on her side of the bed. Instead of going back to sleep, Luna leaned on her elbows and watched the slumbering man beside her. Paul looked peaceful asleep and he didn't snore as she thought he would.

Paul's eyebrows furrowed slightly and his hand came up to his chest where Luna was lying on moments earlier. Paul mumbled for a bit before turning on his side to face Luna. Luna laid back down on the bed, stayed absolutely still while staring at the ceiling, waiting on Paul to settle back to sleep.

Luna squeaked as she was snuggled into, strong arms bringing her close to a well chiseled body. Paul nose was on her neck, nuzzling her. Luna pushed away a bit and realized unless she wanted to wake up Paul that she was stuck in this position for a while. She looked up at the man's sleeping face once more. Luna wiggled herself to lie on her side to get comfortable.

The blonde stared for a while before reaching up and lightly poking Paul on the tip of his nose. The tan nose twitched and he mumbled before wrapping up his arms tighter around her. Luna couldn't see Paul's face any more and she felt like a stuffed bear. The warmth Paul was emitting was making her sleepy once more. She closed her eyes and listened to the sound of his heartbeat to lull herself back to sleep.

Ten more minutes…


A middle aged man walked through the dense forest. Not even hikers came down the barely worn trails because of the dangerous terrains and possibility of landslides at any second. Yet there, he was a thin frail looking middle aged man walking with ease in the forest. This man wore wizard clothing and was walking towards an old cabin that one would swear wasn't there a second ago.

"You're late." A woman's voice spoke as he closed the door.

" I was following the shifters."

"And?" The woman's voice was impatient.

"They are just like muggles, they are clueless to magic other than knowing about their own shifting abilities." The mans bony face smiled revealing crooked yellow teeth.

"Good. This shall make things smoother for us."

"Indeed, it appears that they are going out somewhere this evening. All of them. This will be the opportunity we have been waiting for." The man ducked as a glass of whiskey was thrown into the wall behind him.

"Then why waste your time with the shifters and not come straight to me!" The woman's voice sounded angry. The man turned to the voice that was coming closer in the darkness.

"I'm sorry, my lady, but I had to make sure they wouldn't be able to cause any more problems than we can anticipate." The man bowed to the now visible woman. She had red hair cut in a bob style. The woman was dressed completely in red from her lipstick to her red painted toes and to complete the look she wore a red silk nightgown. From far away you could see that she had model like figure any woman would kill for.

The red head slapped the man hard, making his head to turn from the force of it. She walked back to the direction she came from. "Now it's time to prepare. Go." The woman spoke in an overly sweet tone and even in the darkness you could see the madness glinting in this woman's eye.

"Of course, my Red Queen." The man smiled flashing his disgusting set of teeth.


"Luna, I don't think we are going to that kind of festival." Harry tried to explain to the kimono clad Luna. She was wearing the typical winter kimono they wore in festivals over at Japan. She hummed and twirled in her simple yellow kimono, seeming to ignore him.

"Have you told him yet?" Luna changed the subject while twirling around in circle.

Harry frowned. "I was going to tell him tonight. After the festival." Luna stopped and looked at him.

"Tonight? Hmm…. Ok. I thought you would have told him before you had sex. It's important." Harry blushed at Luna's blunt statement.

"I know! I should have told him about me before…but I just couldn't. What if he leaves?" Harry told Luna what he was worried about. Luna sighed and slowly laid down on the floor uncaring if her kimono would get dirty.

Luna patted the floor. "Come, lay with me." Harry was going to protest but Luna stared at him seriously and Harry decided against it and to just do what Luna asked. The floor was cold and uncomfortable and they were at the bottom of the stairs.

"Why are we doing this?" Harry shifted, trying to get comfortable on the hard ground.

"Shh… it's easier to think. Now tell me what you think of what you think of Jacob."

"His smiles are so alluring and when he is confused he tilts his head to the side. His muscles are sexy, the way they move to grab just a cup from the cabinet..."

"Agreed." Luna absently said.

"He is protective of me and tries to see to my needs and he lets me have my space yet always is there when I need him. He is giving me rides when I need them until I go and get myself another vehicle. We agreed to go to Seattle this weekend to look at cars, by the way." Luna gave Harry thumbs up, but said nothing. Harry remembered at how worried Jacob was when Harry wanted to get another bike.

Jacob pleaded with him to get a car, Harry knew Jacob didn't want any chance of there being a remake of the accident. Jacob argued that it was always raining here and the roads were too slippery for a bike, and that Harry could get a cold, and a bunch of other excuses.

"So…" Luna glanced over to Harry.

"He brings out feelings I haven't had in such a long time. Every time we are together it just feels….right. I… him." Harry sat up quickly, coming to a realization.

"I love him." He repeated.

"Good. Now have you told him this?"

"No…" Harry ran his hand through his hair. Luna sighed and sat up as well.

"I'll tell him tonight after the festival. I'll tell him everything." Luna wrapped her arm around Harry to give him a side hug.

"Ok." Was all Luna said, tightening her grip.

"Thanks for listening, Luna."

"I'll always be here for you Harry. We all are. Don't ever forget that. Now let's fix that mane of yours before the others come." Harry stood and helped Luna up.

"My hair is fine." Harry argued. His hair has not changed since Hogwarts it's still short and untamable, in fact, his hair is more wild like. Luna led him to the bathroom and brushed his hair out. At the moment it looked to be behaving itself, but he knew it would change the moment he moment he would step outside.

- 00000-000-0-0-0-00-0-

"Luna! Slow down!" Paul called out trying to catch up the blonde. It was difficult not to bump into people at the festival. As soon as they parked and Luna saw the fair, she grabbed Leah's and Harry's hand and dashed into the crowd. The rest of the group were having a hard time keeping up as well.

"I have never seen someone so excited." Paul huffed as jogged to catch up with them. They stopped at a churro stand giving Paul, Jacob, and the twins a break from running around.

"First time for everything. Seven churros please." George ordered from the food vendor. He handed the first one to the blushing Leah, while Fred distributed to the rest of the group, receiving thanks along the way. The rest of the evening was spent the same way, the guys chasing their dates, enjoying the rides and food. After an hour, Harry plopped himself on one of the benches for a break. Jacob sat with him and threw his arm around Harry's shoulders to block out the cool wind that picked up.

"Harry, look! Cotton candy!" Luna pointed out the food stand decorated with the sticks of fluff. The food stand at the corner of the festival and a bit out of the way.

"We can get it for them, Luna. Let's give them a break." Paul reasoned with her. Luna agreed and grabbed Paul's hand.

"We are going to the pendulum ride." Fred and George spoke as they walked off with Leah.

"Have fun, we will just wait here." Jacob waved them goodbye.

"This is so much fun." Harry snuggled into Jacob. "Thanks for taking us here."

" It's no big deal. I'm glad you are having fun." Jacob leans down to kiss Harry. Harry settled his head on Jacob's shoulders and intertwined his fingers with Jacobs while they waited for the rest of the group in comfortable silence. Time passed quickly because the next thing they knew Paul, Fred and George were already walking back to join them.

"Where are the girls?" asked Jacob as he and Harry scooted to the edge of the bench to allow the other guys to sit.

"They went to the bathroom." Spoke Fred. So the guys waited a good ten minutes. And then waited some more.

"Maybe they got lost?" Harry suggested. It was a good twenty minutes since the girls had left for the bathroom. Jacob frowned and pulled out his phone from his back pocket.

"I'm going to call Leah, maybe Luna dragged her to another food stand."




"Hey this is Leah, leave a message after the beep."

"She's not answering." Jacob looked over to Paul who immediately began trying on his own phone. From the worried look he started to sport on his face meant he was getting the same result.

"Let split up." Paul got to his feet. " I'll check the North area, Fred and George you guys check the whole East side of the fair. Harry you check the South and Jacob the West. We will meet back at the ticket booth in 10 minutes."


Leah groaned, her muscles ached and her head was pounding. The last thing she remembered was leaving the bathroom with Luna and heading once more to the cotton candy stand. She remembered a bright light and then darkness. Leah had yet to open your eyes but from what she could feel her arms and legs were bound to the chair. Slowly she opened her heavy eye lids to a poorly lit basement. Luna was tied down in a chair on the opposite side of the room. The blonde didn't appear to be awake yet.

" Luna! Wake up!" Leah uselessly tried to wiggle out of her restraints. She could hear a groan coming from the girl, giving Leah confirmation that the girl was alive.

"Leah?" Luna blinked, trying to get the dizziness to go away.

"Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere?" Leah looked Luna over, trying to spot anything. Luna's head tilted to the side.

"I don't think so, I am achy though and the rooms spinning." Luna tilted her head back, smacking her lips together. " And I'm thirsty." Leah was so relieved to hear that. She was going to say something when they heard a sound of footsteps coming down the stairs.

"My, my, my, I see you are awake. I hope you are both comfortable." A middle aged man appeared. He was smiling displaying his disgusting crooked yellow teeth.

" Where the hell are we? What do you want with us." Leah growled out. She knew shifting would be dangerous in this small area but she would be willing to try.

"Uh uh. With the runes around this place you won't even be able to shift. Nice try though."

"Leah's eyes widened. " I don't know what you are talking about."

The vile male was still smiling madly. "I'm sure you do, been watching you and your pack for a while. I must say you guys call yourselves werewolves but your gifts are nothing compared to the real things." The man moved toward the still disoriented Luna and grabbed her kimono sleeve. Luna squirmed under his touch.

"A witch and a wolf. Both so powerful and yet so easy to capture." Leah watched angrily as the man's other hand touched Luna's cheek. Luna in a split moment, bit the hand as hard as she could. Yelling out in pain, the man tore his hand out and then slapped Luna so hard her chair went sideways. Leah watched in horror as Luna landed on the floor. The man's face showed rage as he looked at his hand and proceeded to raise his fist.

"Enough, Treffen. I don't want them damaged so soon." A female voice was heard and slowly another pair of feet were climbing down the stairs to the basement.

"But she bit me." The man stated.

"Treffen, pick up our guest off the floor." She spoke in a warning tone. Soon the woman appeared under the dim lighting. It was a short red headed woman who was dressed in an elegant red evening gown, that had a slit going all the way up to her hip. The man mumbled but otherwise did as the lady told.

"Luna, how nice to see you again." The red head smiled, but something about that smile had chills going down Leah's spine.

Luna's eyes widened. " Ginny?" Ginny spread her arms wide and twirled in place.

" Doesn't this dress look beautiful? I bought it just for the occasion." Luna remained silent.

"Aww, not happy to see me?" Ginny giggled and walked over to the blonde. Leah had a feeling this was going to end well.

"Leave her alone, you bitch" Leah growled out hoping to divert her attention from Luna. Ginny stopped in her tracks and turned back to Leah.

"Oh dear, already cursing I see." Ginny walked up to Leah and stared her down with a look that could freeze water. Without a warning Ginny punched Leah. Leah refused to let out a sound as blood seeping into her mouth.

"Such a horrible wolf shifter. You used bad words." Ginny sang the last sentence as she stared at the blood on her hand. "I can't believe my brothers like you. Such a foul mouthed creature." Ginny walked over to a table by the wall, and let her hands hover the various items there. Ginny hummed as she picked up sharp item after item until she found what she was looking for.

Leah meanwhile was contemplating what the crazy woman was saying. This woman can't possibly be related to Fred and George.

Ginny walked back to Leah holding a old rusty looking dagger. Leah gulped as the still sharp looking point was lowered dangerously close to her collarbone. The blood from her split lip dripped onto the rusty blade causing it to glow an orange color.

"Ginny, why are you doing this?" Luna asked.

"Why am I doing this?" The blade was removed and was laying innocently in the red heads palm. " I want him to suffer! I want him to know what heart break is. And as an added bonus I get to see this woman that my brothers are courting." Ginny turned back to Leah. " I would have thought they would have chosen someone better." Ginny stabbed Leah's thigh, causing the girl to scream. "I don't like you." Ginny brought up the dripping dagger to the collar of Leah's shirt.

"Seriously what kind of girl wears a t-shirt on a date?" Ginny brought the dagger down tearing cloth and leaving Leah in just a bra but then she cut the center front as well. Ginny dragged the dagger across the fullness of the now exposed breasts, line of blood in its wake. "Well, you are well endowed. I guess they probably went for these." Leah was trying hard not to scream out in pain. The dagger burned.

"You want to know why it burns? It's because it's infused with magic, it makes torture sessions fun. You see, I don't want just anyone for my brothers. The least they could have done is pick a witch like myself." Ginny smirked when she saw Leah's confused face.

"They didn't tell you?" Ginny laughed and clapped as best she while she held the dagger. "This is rich. You see…" The red head sauntered over to Luna and stood behind her and mockingly pet her. " Luna and I are witches. My brothers Fred and George, oh and even Harry are wizards. Now isn't that shocking?!" Ginny laughed some more and her minion joined in. Before it can even register Ginny had thrown the dagger straight into Leah's shoulder, eliciting a cry of pain. Ginny came up to her and twisted the dagger. "You are just an ugly wolf girl."

Suddenly, you could hear a body landing heavily on the floor. Ginny turns and sees Treffen in a heap on the floor and Luna freeing herself from the rope binding her.

"Leave my friend alone."

"How did you get free? We took away your wand." Luna didn't answer Ginny, but threw a wand less spell in her direction. Ginny put up a shield and struck back. Luna tried to dodge but she was still weak and dizzy from earlier events. The blast hit Luna's side and flung her against the wall.

"That's it? Honestly, Luna that's just sad. You were in the war with me. You should be better than this. Peace has made you soft." Ginny walked over to the blondes fallen form and grabbed her hair dragging her upwards. Luna appeared to be unconscious.

"Wakey, wakey." Ginny shook Luna. What she didn't expect was for the blonde to open her eyes, smile, and blast her to unconsciousness.


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