Luna dug her nails into the wall to get herself to stand up.

"Luna? Come on, don't collapse on me now." Leah still stunned by the display tried to coach Luna to stand. The scent of blood in the air was too strong to tell if Luna's injury was serious. Slowly, Luna walked over the unconscious lumps on the floor and made it to Leah's side.

"That was bad ass." Leah tried to smile, but she could see that Lunas side was slowly turning red and the blond was getting paler.

"Thank you, but we need to get out here." Luna removed her bloody hand from her side to untie Leah. "Sorry about almost hitting you with a stunning spell. I knew she would shield it, I just needed her to get away from you."

Leah thought about the bright lights that had come super close to face.

"Don't worry about it." Luna swayed making Leah frown. "Pull out the knife. You can use that to cut the rope." Luna bit her lip, but knew that Leah was right. Luna fingers trembled but as soon as she had a good grip she pulled. Leah screamed, but otherwise didn't move as Luna quickly cut the ropes.

Luna pocketed the knife in her obi and gently grasped Leah's head. The girl was gasping for breath.

"Breathe in. Breath out." Luna calmly repeated the words until they registered in Leah's mind.

"I'm okay." Leah spoke at last. Luna let her head go and helped her tie her shirt together.

"Ugh, I look like Daisy Duke."

"Both you and this Daisy can pull off this look very well." Luna's response caused Leah to burst out laughing moving her injured shoulder.

"Ow. Okay, we have to get out of here, before the crazies wake up. I'm sure Paul and the others are already looking for us."

"I agree with you there." Luna wrapped Leah's arm around her shoulders and helped her stand.

"Damn it." Leah had to lean heavily on Luna. They were both unstable but slowly they made their way to the steps. At the bottom, step Luna extended her hand and summoned her wand. It flew from Treffen's back pocket.

"That's not a safe place to place a wand. My friend Ron found that out the hard way." Luna placed her wand behind her ear.

"Do you have any mojo left to get us out of here?"

"No. My reserves are low." Luna grunted as they climbed the steps. "Can you use your sense of smell to guide us back to Harry's place?"

"I can try. All I smell right now is blood and mold."


Harry was in a panic. It's been hours since the girls have disappeared and sunrise was almost here. Harry stayed behind while the others went out on a search party. They had even called Quill, Embry, Seth, and Sam to join Paul and Jacob. Emily stayed with Harry and was currently in the kitchen making Harry some tea.

"Harry, I need you to calm down, you are starting to breathe a little too quickly." Emily spoke calmly.

"You don't get it. I can't find them. Every time I try all it does is spin and spin." Harry line of vision was starting to darken around the edges and trying hard to breathe. Items around the room were slowly shaking and Emily screamed when a vase exploded.

"What the bloody hell!?" A man ran out to the banister, jumping over it and landed unto the floor below. He ran towards Harry, who by now had collapsed on the floor. The blonde man pulled out a vile and put it to Harry's lips. "Come on…" Harry swallowed its contents and slowly appeared to be calming down. Items soon stopped shaking as well.

"Draco?" Harry looked up from his position on the floor. The blonde moved so that he could place Harry's head in his lap. "You are lucky I came when I did Potter."

"Ummm… excuse me?" Draco slowly turned toward the voice. Emily was pale was gripping the edge of the couch like a lifeline.

"Sorry about that Emily. Emily, this Draco. Draco, this is Emily."

"Hi." Emily waved, hesitantly.


"What the hell just happened?" Draco turned back to Harry.

"Luna and Leah have disappeared, the others went out to look for them. I can't seem to locate them." Draco took in those words thoughtfully.

"Who is Leah?"

"A friend I made here in Forks."

"Damn, good thing I decided to visit you when I did. You were in the middle of a panic attack. I doubt your furniture would have come out unscathed otherwise. Come on, let's get you to the couch and I'll look you over." Harry got up from the floor with help from Draco and sat next to Emily from the couch. Draco sat on the coffee table in front of them and pulled out his wand to scan Harry.

"Blood pressure is coming back down, but otherwise you are okay." Draco flicked his wand and a list appeared in front of him.

"I see you gathered a few more trophies since you left the U. K." Draco frowned.

"Yeah." Harry avoided Draco's eyes.

"What the hell is going on?" Emily asked her eyes wide. Draco glanced over at the woman and put two and two together.

"Crap! A muggle? You have got to be shitting me!" Draco threw his arms up and stood.

"Sorry." Apologized Harry looking down at his hands.

"Well she might as well have found out, I highly doubt she had missed that scene you made earlier." Draco sat in a nearby chair. "Emily, isn't it?" The woman nodded.

"You see, Harry and I are wizards and…"

"Draco, I want to tell her." Harry grasped Emily's hand. "Emily, I know you have so many questions, but can it wait till the others are back? I want to be sure to explain this once."

"It's fine, Harry." Emily gripped Harry's hand firmly and smiled.

"Thank you."

"Wow. Quick recovery time." Harry glared at Draco, who put his arms up in surrender. There was a howl just outside the house. Emily got up and rushed to the door just as a large black wolf ran towards the house. Draco and Harry joined her at the doorway but quickly pulled out their wands to defend if necessary. The wolf shifted into Sam, leaving Harry and Draco a bit shocked at what they just witnessed.

"They found them! But Paul says they need to go to a hospital." Sam ran up to them showing a bit too much skin as he pulled up his shorts.

"Tell them to come here." Harry spoke.


"Draco is the best healer I know. He will patch them up." Harry pointed to the blonde standing next to him.

"Still, I-" Sam paused as he felt Emily's hand on his arm.

"Trust me, they know what they are doing." Emily stared into Sam's eyes and he relented.

"Fine. Get ready, I'll be back with the others." Sam ran back to the woods quickly shifting back into the wolf.

"Damn, that man was ripped." Harry elbowed Draco.


Leah and Luna leaned back at against a tree.

"We need to rest, my leg is on fire." Leah sat herself at the base of the tree. Her leg was indeed burning and her right arm was numb. They have been walking for hours and could now see the sun coming up from the horizon. Luna wasn't fairing too well, she kept swaying on her feet.

"Luna sit down, let's rest a bit before we continue." Leah helped Luna to sit. Leah was already so exhausted and sitting only made her feel worse. Her chest was starting to tingle, she didn't know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. Luna sighed and leaned back against the large tree.

Suddenly they hear something rustling in a bush near them. Luna didn't even open her eyes as she sent a stunning spell in that direction. Leah's hairs stood on end as she felt the magic so near to her. A squirrel emerged from the bush, it appeared to have dodged the witch's spell.

"Damn." Leah said as she leaned her head back her nose twitching as she caught something other than the copper scent of blood. Luna raised her hand once more as another bush rustled.

"Luna wait!" Leah caught the blonde's hand as a dark silver wolf appeared. "It's okay he is a friend." The wolf approached the girls slowly as to not scare Luna.

"Big wolfie…. I remember you." Luna smiled as the wolf approached her. He nosed Luna side, whining. "Everything is spinning and I am feeling slightly nauseous." The wolf gently licked Luna's face. "You know, Paul, that's just gross." Paul halted his ministrations, shocked at Luna's words.

"Paul!" Fred stumbled out of the bushes. The wolf turned back to the red head and barked.

"For wolf shifters, you guys aren't very careful. I mean who leaves their partner in the middle of the woods?" Fred rushed over to Leah's side. "Damn, gorgeous. I'm so glad to see you."

Leah smiled slightly so she wouldn't open her lip again. "I'm happy to see you too. I'm tired and I need some pain killers' right about now." Leah let herself lean against Fred and blacked out. Fred frowned, wrapping his arms around Leah and briefly assessed her injuries. These wounds weren't made by normal means, he could sense dark magic coming from them.

Paul howled to let the others know that the girls had been found. He sent them a message about them needing medical attention. Sam responded that he would tell Harry and Emily the good news.

"Sooo… about a minute ago, my search partner turned into a wolf and dashed into the forest, revealing his secret. I guess I'll return the favor." Fred pulled out his wand.

"Expecto Patronum" A silver mist appeared and formed itself into a fox. "We found Leah and Luna. They are not looking so good and bringing them to your place. Better get whatever potions you have at the ready." The fox yipped and dashed into the forest. Paul took that chance to change back, however he forgot one small detail…clothes. He ripped all of his when he transformed.

"I think the blood loss is getting to me. Oh and Paul is naked." Luna looked up unabashed and promptly fainted. Paul rushed over and caught her before she could hit head on the forest floor. Paul wanted nothing more but to hunt down those that hurt his imprint, but right now Luna needed him, and he wasn't about to let her down.

He carefully shifted Luna so he could pick her up bridal style.

"So I'm a wolf shifter, what does that make you?" Paul asked Fred. Fred was adjusting Leah in a more secure grip in his arms.

"I'm a wizard. And I'll explain everything once we get back to Harry's"

"Sounds good to me."


Harry, Emily and Draco moved everything to the far wall and Draco dug into his bag to prepare all the potions he would need on the coffee table. Fred's message didn't relay much so he pulled out the basic ones he would need. He transfigured the couches to examination tables. Good thing too, because the door burst open and a hoard of half-naked men walked through. One who was fully naked had Luna in his arms.

"Put Luna on one of the tables." Draco eyeballed the man's lack of clothing, but otherwise said nothing.

"I'm guessing this is Leah. Put her on the opposite table." Draco approached Leah and did a diagnostic test on her, then did the same to Luna.

"You guys are so damn lucky I came when I did. Bloody idiots, this was not how I wanted to start my vacation." Draco read the parchment, eyebrows furrowing.

"Vacation or not, you have no idea how glad we are to see you, Ferret." George flashed a thankful smile at the blonde.

"Why is it so hot?" Leah woke up from her slumber in pain.

"My name is Draco Malfoy and I need you to stay still while I run another diagnostic spell on you." Draco flicked his wand and another piece of paper appeared, shocking the rest of the people in the living room. "Crap! Not good." Draco dug into his bag once more pulling out a grey filled vial. Leah continued moaning.

"Leah, I need you to tell me what caused this injury." Leah eyebrows furrowed her eyes were glassy and her cheeks were starting to flush.

"Some… rusty knife. Luna has it on her."

Draco went over to Luna and patted her down. The naked man behind the couch got closer but otherwise didn't stop him.

"Thank Merlin." Draco popped the cork on the vial and dipped the daggers tip into it. Seconds later it turned a transparent red. Draco handed off the vial to George.

"Let me know the moment it turns yellow. Fred, if she starts thrashing I need you to hold her down. Harry, I need you to get everyone out of here and you might as well tell them." Harry sighed and began to corral everyone into the dining room.

Draco knelt down next to Luna, pulling out a knife. Paul growled.

"Relax, wolf boy. I need her clothes off. Or else I won't be able to heal her properly." Draco swiftly cut the obi and opened the kimono. "Help me get this off her." Paul walked around the couch and helped maneuver Luna so Draco could take off the orange fabric, leaving Luna in her undergarments. The wound wasn't so big, it was still sluggishly bleeding, but there weren't any major organs hit. Draco rubbed a paste into it and Paul watched in fascination as the wound closed. He rubbed a different one on some of the remaining bruising Luna had, those disappearing quickly after.

"There, now help me sit her up. I need to get a blood-replenishing potion into her." Paul did as he was told and Draco quickly disposed of the liquid down Luna's throat.

"You can take her upstairs, let me know as soon as she is awake. And for Merlin's sake! Put on some clothes! I can barely think straight with all that tan skin just glaring at me." Paul caught a random pair of shorts thrown at him by Draco, who seemed to pull it out of thin air.

"How did you know about me?" Paul asked curiously as he pulled up the shorts. Draco shook a piece of paper in the air.

"Deduction, of course. This piece of paper tells me that Leah here is a wolf shifter. With all the growling and howling all over the place, how have you guys not been discovered by now?" Draco waved the man away. Paul kind of wanted to punch the man, but he healed Luna and he would put aside his anger for now. He gathered Luna back into his arms and carried out of the living room and up the stairs.

"Draco, it's yellow." George spoke. Just as Draco turned back to them Leah began screaming.

"Hold her down!" Draco grabbed the vial out of George's hand and murmured a spell. He then flicked his wand, vanishing Leah's torn clothes. Draco cursed he couldn't use any more spells if he wanted the potion to work and with Leah thrashing around it wasn't making the task any easier.

"What is wrong with my sister?" a male voice behind him, caused Draco to turn. The man looked younger than the others but no less ripped as the others. Draco could tell he was related to Leah. The man wide eyes stared at him before looking over to the table.

"Nothing good. She's been poisoned and this vial here is what can cure her."

"A little help over here." Fred spoke. The twins were holding her down as best they could they needed a little more man power.

"Then if that stuff can help her, I'll help hold her down, you do what you need to do." Seth joined the twins in restraining his sister.

"Okay, Fred, George, you each grab an arm. You," Draco pointed at Seth.


"Seth, grab her legs. And for Merlin's sake don't let her kick me. This process is going to be painful enough as it is." Seth grabbed his sister's calves. Draco went over to the injured thigh which had begun to sport some interesting green veins around it. He carefully counted out 5 drops into the wound, before moving on to the shoulder and chest. The wounds began to bubble causing another scream to erupt from Leah's lips.

"Brace yourselves." Draco warned them. He began to recite an old incantation, one used only on the most ancient of dark magic. The wounds bubbled and a dark green ooze slowly trickled from the openings. Draco took out an empty jar from his many pockets and with a flick from his wand the ooze floated into the jar. After what felt like hours the ooze had stopped coming. Draco sealed the jar tightly leaving on the coffee table to be dealt with later.

Draco grabbed the balm he used on Luna earlier. He rubbed generously into Leah wounds. He watched from the corner of his eyes as Fred ran his fingers through Leah's hair and George wiped away the sweat from her face, mindful of the busted lip. Draco dealt with the lip quickly and had the woman drink a blood replenishing potion.

"Is there a more comfortable place for her to rest?" Draco transfigured one of the pillows into a blanket and laid over the resting girl. "She shouldn't need anything else other than rest. Though there is a slight chance she may develop a fever. I can't give her anything else, for at least, another few hours. "

"We will put her in our room." George spoke.

"I'll go first and set everything up." Fred jogged up the stairs as George carefully gathered Leah in his arms.


Harry sat with Quill, Embry, Seth, Emily, Jacob and Sam at the dining room table. They all looked curious, but waited patiently for Harry to tell them what is going on.

"I guess I should start with telling you that I am a wizard, along with Fred, George, Luna and Draco. I moved here in hopes to leave my past behind me and get some much needed peace. You see we come from the Magical World which is hidden from muggles. Muggles are what we call non magical people."

"You see when I baby there was a prophecy "…born to those that thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies… and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have the power the Dark Lord knows not."

There was a war brewing and my parents had joined an organization that opposed the Dark Lord Voldemort and his persecutions of muggles and muggle-borns. My parents and one other family were the possible chosen ones that the prophecy spoke about."

"As soon as they heard about it they hid using some strong magic, but they were betrayed by someone they thought they could trust. When I was barely a year old the Dark Lord discovered us. First, he killed my father who was trying to stall for my mother and me. Then, my mother was struck down shielding me, and because of my mother's sacrifice I lived and I received this scar." Harry moved his hair to the side they can see the faded but still visible lightning bolt on his forehead.

"Voldemort was by all counts killed, at least that is what everyone thought. I am known in the Wizarding World, as the Boy-Who-Lived." Harry grimaced. "I was sent to live with my mother's muggle family. They were not nice people and hated anything related to magic, even refused to speak the word. I didn't know about my parents till I was 11 years old. I taught about this new world by an old friend by the name of Hagrid."

"At school, I met Ron and Hermione, then Fred and George. Draco and I were enemies at first but we later became friends by chance. War brings out different sides of people. Voldemort returned from the dead in my first year and every year after we had to fight to defeat him and his followers as he gathered his army to continue the war he started. Towards the end of our school years the final battle was fought and I faced the Dark Lord, Voldemort, and won." Harry tensed and absently scratched his scar not knowing how they were going to react.

"I guess we should tell you our story now." Jacob started. "In each generation some of us shift into wolves when they come across the scent of vampires. It's our best line of defense in case they attack we needed a way to defend ourselves. Usually it only lasts until the vampire threat is gone, but this time it is different. It's been years since the vampires had left but we are still able to shift."

Harry opened his mouth to say something but he sensed strong magic that made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. When the screaming was heard over in the other room, Seth had managed to get out of the room before Harry stopped the rest of them. "Draco will yell for us, if he needs help. I trust him to know what he is doing." Harry stood and stood by the doorway of the living room just in time to see Fred and George take Leah upstairs.

"What happened? I felt you use some powerful magic." Harry could feel the warmth of the rest of the group standing behind him looking in on the scene over his shoulder.

"Dark magic. Leah was poisoned by an old dagger reeking of dark magic." Draco explained. Harry turned pale at the news. "No worries though, I learned from the best and knew what I had to do. We will have to ask them what the fuck happened when they wake up." Draco yawned and transfigured the tables back to couches.

"I'm tired." Draco knees gave out on him and his face would have met the floor if Seth hadn't caught him.

"Are you okay?" Seth looked down, worried, the blonde was fine a second ago. Draco appeared to be nodding off, he didn't even appear aware that he was practically being held in Seth's arms.

"It's magical exhaustion, he needs chocolate and plenty of rest. Seth can you bring him into the dining room?" Harry walked back into kitchen and started going through his cabinets in search for chocolate. Harry walked back into the dining room. Quill, Sam, Embry, and Jacob took their seats across from Emily and Seth who had Draco seated in between them, holding him up. Seth, with Emily's help, managed to get Draco seated and the blonde was laying his head on Seth's shoulder. Harry handed Seth several bars of chocolate.

"Make sure he eats at least one whole bar, but the more he eats the better he will feel. I am going to go fix up the spare bedroom, I'll be right back." Harry turned to head out the door. Seth had already peeled off the wrapper and was nudging the chocolate into Draco's mouth, who soon started nibbling on it.

"I'll come with you." Jacob stood and joined Harry.

They have much to talk about.


I apologize that it has been so long. To many events in my life had happened and I didn't have a chance to write until now. This is not beta read so there may be some mistakes. I really wanted it to get out there for you guys!