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"Luna! Put some clothes on please! You can give your salutations to the sun at another time, our guests will be here any moment!" Harry shook his head. He may have been in a war but seeing a naked woman, even if it was Luna, unnerved him. He wasn't an overly modest individual, as he was currently dressed in a pair of sleeping boxers and an undershirt, but at least he was covered enough to be decent. Harry returned to the kitchen to finish his famous baked ziti.

"This is my first time having guests, I got so nervous, I over did it." Harry stared at the large amounts of food he had placed in all available spaces of his kitchen. And it was not a small kitchen either.

"I say that should be enough for us all." Luna spoke from behind Harry startling him.

" Luna walking around in just your undergarments is not considered to be fully clothed."

"I am waiting for my orange dress to dry. See, I got my orange bra on!" Harry looked elsewhere as his friend pointed to her chest.

"With the holes around the breast area?" Luna giggled at the expression on her friends face.

"That is the only orange one I have. I salvaged it from the nargles."

" You honestly think that it's appropriate to greet our guests?"

"Yes." Luna looked at him dead on. Harry sighed. No use arguing with her.

"Fine, you can wear whatever you want. Just be sure you are wearing it when our guests arrive." Luna saluted and skipped up the stairs. Harry placed heating charms on the food to keep them from cooling before heading up the stairs himself. Luna maybe almost ready, but Harry was nowhere near acceptable to greet his guests.

Jacob smoothed out the invisible wrinkles of his shirt again.

"Dude, stop that. Looking at you is making me nervous." Quil laughed dodging a slap from Jacob.

"Enough you two, I don't want any roughhousing and I want everyone on their best behavior." Emile reprimanded.

"Yes, ma'am" Paul, Quil, Embry and Jacob said in unison. They saluted and exited the van. They walked up the cement road of the light green two story house. Decorated along the front of the house were Muscadet Lillies in full bloom. The flowers made the simple house look absolutely magnificent.

"Oh my… " Emily was speechless at the beautiful site.

"Woah… he must be really dedicated to plant this many flowers." Quil whistled admiring the sight as well. They got out of their trance and walked up the steps, ringing the doorbell. Inside they could hear someone yelling to get the door.

"I got it!" Luna swung the door open excitedly. Paul and the other men stared at the outfit she was wearing. It was an orange dress with long bell like sleeves with her traditional radish earrings. The fabric along the torso had a multitude of rips so many in fact that they wondered how that piece of the outfit stayed on. The tears were plentiful to display the girls bra and curves of her breasts.

"Oh goody, you're here! " Luna giggled, twirling around making her tutu swirl.

"Come on in. Harry will be down shortly. I'm almost done setting up the table. Where is Sam?" Luna asked.

"He had to work today, but thanks you for the invite anyway. I baked an apple pie as a 'welcome to the neighborhood' gift." Emily spoke and pointed to the pie she was holding.

"Oh that's great we can have it after lunch. I totally forgot about dessert." A voice sounded from up the stairs revealing to be Harry. He was wearing a sweatshirt and jeans, his hair still wet from the shower. Jacob stared at his imprinted admiring the way he moved down the stairs with his own grace.

"Luna, did you finish setting up the table?" Harry asked.

"Not yet." Luna answered in a sing song voice, taking the pie from Emily's offered hands and skipped toward the dining area.

"Luna won't take that long, but please have a seat." Harry walked up to the group motioning the couches in the living room. Harry took a seat on one of the loveseats, nervous at what to do.

After the war he became sort of a shut in order to avoid the paparazzi. Having enough of the never ending media he left the Wizarding World in the UK and bought a house in the farthest place of the United States. He had recently finished renovating the second story house to suit both his magical and muggle needs. Other than Hermione, Ron, and now Luna, Harry hadn't had much contact with people.

He had no idea to strike up a conversation and he was being distracted by the one he believed to be Jacob, who kept staring at him intently. He just hoped his cheeks weren't turning pink.

"So Harry, how are you liking Forks so far?" Emily asked, breaking the silence.

"The surrounding greenery is just breathtaking. I fell in love with it the moment I set eyes on it." Harry eyes stared off in the distance with a small smile on his face for once unaware of the look the others were giving him.

"I heard from Luna you have an old bike that needs to be fixed. Jacob is a pretty good mechanic." Embry pointed over to Jacob who blushed.

"Really? Can you fix old models?" Harry leaned closer to the larger man.

"Sure can, right now I am working on an old mustang. I just begun on it, but when I finish with it will look like a beauty." Jacob spoke trying not over think too much about how his future mate was looking at him at the current moment. Harry was leaning on the thick armrest of the loveseat his full attention on Jacob. It took a lot of self control for Jacob to continue the conversation when he saw Harry licking his dry lips.

"Dinner time! Come and get it while it's hot! No! No, ladies first, then the hunky men." Luna grabbed Emily's hand and lead her past the walking muscles into the dining room. Embry turned to the chuckling Harry who was still in the loveseat.

"Is this girl for real?"

"Luna will always be Luna. Now, I think the ladies have already chosen their seats by now. How about we join them?" Harry stood and walked to the dining room and took a seat on the round dinner table, the others following suit.

As they walked in to take a seat the table they were eyeing the marvelous pieces of artwork on the table.

"Are these… napkins?" Paul picked up his origami turtle napkin, examining it. It was so detailed, from the little squares on the shell to the nails of the feet.

"I got a rabbit!" Quil yelled out excited at the discovery.

"Well, my fox can eat your rabbit." Embry began playing with his origami fox sneaking it over to Quil's rabbit, just as it was about to pounce Emily snatched it out of his hands.

"It's lunch time not play time." Emily placed the fox in it's original place on the table, ignoring the pouting faces.

"I am glad you like them." Spoke Luna as she began to serve herself. " I didn't have much time to do them, so they are a bit sloppy."

They each gave each other looks as if saying to themselves 'this is sloppy?' before continuing with the meal.

" Oh my, Harry this baked ziti is just….delicious." Emily spoke after a another bite of the pasta. The men nodded their agreement as well.

"It was just something I got of the internet a while back?" Harry blushed at the compliment.

"Quil, I got some more chocolate frogs. I took the hop from them this time so you don't have to worry about them disappearing on you." To Luna her excuse was perfectly logical, she simply removed the magic on them.

"Right… thanks." Quil grimaced not knowing at all what she meant about that.

"Jacob, do you think you can come by on Tuesday? I would like you to have a look at my godfather's bike and see what you think of it." Harry looked at Jacob, giving him unknowingly a pleading look.

"I believe I can stop by that afternoon." Jacob blushed as Harry smiled. Luna watched the interaction with interest. Harry could be a bit dense sometimes.

"Dinner was delicious, Harry." Emily spoke as she exited the house. The others spoke their thanks, holding their origami napkins.

"Go ahead walk them out to their car, the dishes can wait a little bit longer." Luna got behind her friend and shoving him out the door. Harry stood outside the shut door with a shocked look on his face, before he resigned and walked his new friends to his car.

Luna was on her knees on the couch, her chin in her hands watching the whole interaction from the window. She smiled as Harry blushed at something that Jacob said and frowned when all Harry did was watch the group drive off.

"Harry, my friend I love you but you are so lost." Luna sadly patted her friends shoulder when he walked back in through the door.

"Luna what are you talking about?" Harry tried to make some sense to the words coming out of the blonde's mouth. He thought he was finally getting better at understanding her.

Luna sighed.

"What do you think of Jacob, Harry?" Luna asked watching her friend.

"Can you believe it, Luna?" Harry grabbed Luna hands in excitement. " He is a mechanic, he is willing to help me fix Sirius motorbike! What luck that I would find someone that could do that in such a small town." Harry hugged his friend before heading to the kitchen to clean up.

Luna sighed.

It looks like Harry would need a bit help. Razinstees and Nargles are not the only mischievous things walking around.

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