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"Young master…"


Ciel opened his eyes he breathe heavily and sweat. It was the first time he ever heard the name very clear. Every time he dreams he always just heard someone called him in different name but he couldn't heard it. 'Ciel Phantomhive, who is he?' Maybe he should investigate about this boy name that has the same first name as he was. He went to the bathroom and quickly changed after bath because today his father and mother were at home. His parents were always busy with their works but they always found some time to spend with their family. He went downstairs to greet his family and ate breakfast.

"Ciel how is the first day at school?" His father was reading newspaper while his mother was prepared the breakfast. His father was a handsome noble man and has dark greenish hair and bluish eyes. His mother was a beautiful woman and an actress. She has dark bluish hair and ruby eyes. "Fine, dad. Everything was alright." Celina came down afterwards and sat beside Ciel. "Good morning, dad and Ciel."

"Good morning, dear."

"Dad, how about we go out for a walk in London? There have many places we can visit. It is very rarely that mom and dad were at home."

"Why not dear, isn't it right Chloe?"

"Yes then you two should be prepare now since we are going out."

Celina was cheered happily and hugged Ciel. She wished this could cheer him a bit and made him forget from his problem. Ciel smiled because his sister was happy. He loves this family very much.

"Sebby~ where are you going~?"

Sebastian continued walked and ignored the red-haired shinigami.

"Sebby~ why are you ignore me~?"

Sebastian twitched and rolled his eyes to Grell. "I am visiting an old friend." He continued walked and ignored the red haired shinigami. He turn into a dark alley and waited for his friend. Grell watched the demon stopped and confused who was his friend when a fur of black ball jumped in front of him he yelped in surprise. He was happy to see his friend and scratched his fur. The black cat purred at his hand.

"Sebby~ your friend a cat?"

"Why? I don't see it have any problem with it."

Grell opened his mouth and closed it again. "Don't open and close your mouth like that you look like a fish." Grell snorted at the insult Sebastian made. "Sebby~ you so mean~"

Sebastian continued to play with the cat when he glanced up he saw familiar store with coffin and some skeleton. He smiled and went to the store.

"Hehehe~ Welcome."

"It been long times no see, Undertaker."

"Why it isn't Sebastian! So, do you have a problem for you to come here?"

"No, I was just visiting that all."

"How nice of you~"

"Sebby, why do you want to visit this guy?"

The red haired shinigami appeared and pouted beside Sebastian and pointed at Undertaker. Even though he was a former high rank shinigami but he couldn't helped jealous about Sebastian visited him.

"It was none of your business." Grell continued to attract him and Sebastian continued to ignore him and talked with Undertaker. While they wanted to leave, Undertaker told them an interesting thing will happen.

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