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LiMB Outtake: This takes place the night of the Hooters outing.

Re: A Boy's Dream


"Touch your lips just so I know. . .In your eyes, love, it glows so. . .I'm bare-boned and crazy for you. . .When you come crash. . .into me, baby. . ."

It's her.

I know by the distinctive song she programmed into my phone when she stayed with me last week. At first I was surprised, but once I listened to the lyrics, it became my favorite song. Mr. Matthews is quite a lyricist (Bella says he's a sex-god – by reputation of course – not personal experience).

"And I come into you. . .In a boy's dream. . ."

I try to stem the excitement I feel. In my groin. Ahh. I can't help it. That reaction to her is conditioned into me like she's Pavlov (or insert any other Behaviorist- I actually prefer the work of Skinner, but I digress). I scramble out of the shower, dripping all over the bathroom. Ugh. That's going to leave a mess. But I don't care too much because it's Bella. I almost punch a hole throughout the touch screen trying to answer. Yes, that's hyperbole, but merely for emphasis.

I'm rewarded with my name from her lips. I love that sound. It's only better when she moans it.


"Bella? I was just, um, thinking about you," I say as I dry off. That's true, but the context might be objectionable. I was about to stroke myself in the shower as I thought about her incredible . . .

"Really? Good. Because I've been thinking about you all day. What were you thinking about?

"Your text messages." Well, mostly the pictures.

"Yeah? And what did you think about my text messages?"

"I think that I should be the one bringing you tiny panties to try on," I say, possessively. I'm reminded of that, that, douche bag sales guy. Thank you, Emmett for providing the proper epithet. "Ruffian" just wouldn't cut it.

I hear her sweet little giggle. "Well...I think that you should be the one taking my tiny panties off."

Christ. I cough, because thinking about taking off her panties is overwhelming my senses. I'm choking on my lascivious thoughts. I lay on my bed, still damp from my shower as I try to calm myself.

"Are you okay, Edward?" she asks, concerned.

"I'm having some difficulty with my breathing. Why do you say things like that to me?" I gasp. She really has no idea how every little word tempts me.

"Because I miss you...and well, I really miss being with you. You know...with no panties. . ."

Fucking christ. My inner monologue is filthy and blasphemous and I'm close to hyperventilating. Bella, it's all your fault.

"Bella, if I stop breathing, please call 911," I'm joking (because I'm actually breathing too deeply), but it never hurts to remind your loved ones of the proper emergency procedures.

"It's funny, Edward. You say that you might stop breathing, but your breathing sounds pretty loud to me," she teases.

"It's probably the paper bag. It magnifies the sound." It's actually a quite effective treatment. Lucky for me I keep one in my bedside table for such emergencies. I get myself under control and resume our conversation. I need to dry myself completely because I'm still damp and I know the dangers of chafing. I put on some boxers so my manhood is not hanging out all over.

I hope she wants to flirt with me a little more. "So, um, Bella. . . are you wearing them?" Please let her be.

"The panties? No."

"Oh. I'm sorry for being forward. It's just that . . . never mind," I'm a bit disappointed, but she's beautiful in anything.

"Edward...you're not being forward. I think it was me that was forward today. But since we're on the subject, I'm not wearing the panties because...well...well, I'm not wearing...anything."

The paper bag is a wad of recycled fibers in my fist. And I thought the little panties would be hot.

"You called me, naked?" I exclaim in disbelief. I have confirmed that she is the hottest woman on the planet. "Dear god." I contemplate bending over with my head between my knees to stem the lightheadedness.

"Yeah...I was...well, I mean...I was sort of hoping that...never mind."

"What? What were you hoping for?" I cry out, desperately wanting her to elaborate.

"I was hoping that we could discuss healthcare reform. What is your stance?" she teases.

"I've actually written an article for the University newspaper on that subject. Would you like me to send it to you?" I reply, joking with her. I really do have one (it was well-received), but I'm 90 percent sure she's being playful.

"Edward...do you remember, umm...the first time," her voice drops to a whisper, "you made me come?"

How can I forget?

"I think about that all the time. And every subsequent occurrence. It's running in a loop of my greatest accomplishments."

"When you think about it...wow - your greatest accomplishments? You just graduated from medical school. That has to be better than making me come." She sounds surprised. She shouldn't be.

"Nothing is better than that," I breathe. I think of her sounds, her face. . . My erection remembers, too. It's pointing toward her (well, west, but that's where she is).

"For me either. Nothing is better than when you make me come. Unless it's when I make you come." Her voice is low and breathy.

"I think I had to study hard for that, actually. It was more challenging than the MCATs." It was. I wanted her orgasm more.

"I think I appreciated all your academic efforts," she murmurs.

"You are my favorite subject, Bella. I want to, uh, study you more in depth." Did that sound like I was flirting? I hope she doesn't think I want to do a lab experiment.

"I think you know my body better than me now, Edward. Really, you do."

Thinking about her body again causes throbbing in my groin.

"So being an overachiever has served me well, huh?" I can't help but feel proud. At least my strict study habits have served me outside of academia. I smile at the thought of her reacting to my touch.

"No...I think it served me well. Do you have any idea how good you made me feel...how good you make me feel?"

"No. Tell me." And please be graphic.

"Well...I mean, Edward...whenever you touched me...or kissed me...or you know...made love to me...God, it was amazing!" I can hear her panting and it's making me insane. "And all I have to do is think about it...the way you felt...and I feel...I get..." Her voice is needy. I reach into my briefs and grasp my length.

"Jesus. Are you touching yourself?" Please say yes. I want this. I stroke myself slowly, hoping. . .

"No...but I really fucking want to." Shit, so do I.

"What's stopping you?"

"I don't want to do it by myself...and I think that I'm the only one that's naked. Please, Edward...take your clothes off...be naked with me."

"Whatever you want Bella. . ." I slip off my briefs, my body begging me…


I hear him moving and the sound of rustling fabric through the phone and I can't help but allow my mind to wonder back to the first time we did this. I was so nervous. So…just so sure and unsure about everything all at the same time. Sure that I wanted to connect with him like that…and unsure that he would even want to.

And now I know.

Now there is no uncertainty – he wants this just as much as me.

I whimper as I hear him settle back down into his bed and I know that he is there…naked and a wanting this…wanting me.

"Do you like when I'm naked?" he asks, his voice is so low and I close my eyes and visualize him.

"I want you to be naked all the time," I tell him. "And yeah...I love it."

I hear him exhale and just the sound of his breath in my ear is enough to make me come undone. It's almost like he's here, whispering in my ear.

"I'm ready."

"Edward?" I ask. "Do you know how wet I am?"

"I remember," he says. "Th-that's for me?"

"All of it...it's all for you." Because it is. My desire, my heart…my love. It all belongs to him. "Always, Edward...only you."

"I want it. All of it." His words are spoken softly with such genuineness and sincerity and I know that he's not just talking about this – this thing that we're doing – he's talking about me. Edward wants me. All of me.

And so I tell him, "It's yours."

"Ummmm…" he hums and the sound of it makes me tingle. Even my fucking hair is tingling. How is that possible? "Mmm. Yes."

God, I wonder what he's doing right now. Is he touching himself? I want to touch him. I want to be the one that makes him sound that way.



"Do you know what I would do if I were there with you?"

"Please," he whispers roughly. "Tell me."

I can do this. This is so much different than before. We are different. He knows my body…knows what makes me feel good. And I know what makes him feel good, too. I slide my hand down and I begin to touch myself. Softly. I know that I could literally come just from the sound of his voice right now because a week without him has seemed so much longer than the week I spent with him.

"I would kiss you...I mean, really kiss you..." I tell him and I am so turned on as I feel how wet I really am as I whisper, "Your-your cock."

"Fuck," he groans. "Are you touching yourself?"


My breathing has sped up and I'm finding it hard to even hold on to the phone. Except that I have to because right now the phone is my only connection to him. I close my eyes and visualize that I'm there with him…in his room…on my knees.

"Touch yourself while you tell me how you're going to kiss my cock."

Jesus Christ.

He is the hottest man ever.

"Okay..." I whisper, trying to push back my nerves. He doesn't make me nervous, but I want to do this right…say the right things. I decided in that moment that I just have to let go because if I am self-conscious, he will be self-conscious. And there isn't a reason for that here…with us doing this. "I love the way you taste, Edward. I love the way you get so hard, but your skin...your skin is so soft and so, so sweet when I take you in my mouth."

"Bella, I- I'm stroking my cock right now. You make me so hard. I wish your mouth was on me . . ."

Holy shit.

Fuck, yes.

He is really doing this with me.

"I would be sucking you...licking you all up and down...and...fuck, I miss the way that felt," I pant, my fingers are sliding easily over my skin because I am like a fountain. Like a wet, spraying fountain. No, like a horny, fucking fountain that really needs Edward to maybe take a drink of my water…or fucking jump in and roll around all frolicking and shit. "How hard are you for me, baby?"

"Like diamond. That's a ten on Moh's hardness scale."

I think about his hard cock. And oh, god…just the how pretty it is and there's probably some liquid right on the tip that I could…


"Are you...I mean, is it...is it leaking?"

"Bella, are you wet for me? I love to touch you when you are so hot and wet and ready."

Holy motherfucking shit.

My boyfriend, Dr. Edward-McSerious-Masen, is talking dirty to me. Not sweet…not proper. Fucking dirty! And I want to die or jump through the phone because he is definitely the hottest man to ever hold a phone and have phone sex with his girlfriend…with me. And now, I'm panting and moaning like the leaky whore that I am.

And he fucking loves it.

"Yes, baby. . . your sounds . . ." he tells me, his voice low and breathy. I slide my middle finger over my clit and I cry out. "I know you're getting close."

"I am...oh, oh, god...I am..."

"Baby, touch that spot that drives you crazy. The one that makes you body arc toward me. My fingers are on you, in you…"

And this is what pushes me over the edge.

Because this – him – he always makes sure that when are together like this I go first. And I know it's because he still has issues with what happened the first time, but oh my god, I don't give a fuck because even then…he was still the most wonderful sex I'd ever had.

"Oh...oh...fuck...oh, god!" I scream, as my orgasm overtakes me and I say the only thing that comes to my mind. The only thing that matters in that moment. "Edward, I love you…I fucking love you!"

"That's it, baby," he tells me. "I love you, too. I love hearing you. . ."

My body is still shaking and just the sound of him saying the words…telling me that he loves me makes me feel like he is close. Even though he's so far away.

"Baby, please get here with me...you just made me come so hard, Edward," I tell him. Because he did and I know he wants to hear it. "You do this to me, Edward...only you."

"Yes, me. . .my hand. . .my mouth. . .my cock."

I'm full-on touching myself again at his words and I know that he could make me come again, but I need to do something…say something to get him there with me, too. Not even thinking about what I'm saying, I begin to talk to him some more.

Dirty words.

Ridiculously dirty and honest words.

"Please baby...I need to hear you come...I want to taste it...want to feel the way you get so hard right before...the way your body tenses...and then...and then...fuck...you taste so good."

"Oh god. . .yes. . .taste it. . . lick it. . ."

I can hear him panting and I know…he's almost there. And the thought of him coming sends me deliriously over the edge again as I press and squeeze against my hand.

"Oh, god...Edward...I'm coming again..."

"Oh, fuck yes!" he cries and then grunts as he finishes.

I whimper at the thought of what we've just done together…what he must look like all happy and hot and satisfied on his bed.

Fuck, I wish I was there.

"Oh, Edward...I love you so much...I miss you, baby."

The sound of his heavy breathing calms me now instead of exciting me.

"I need you, Bella," he murmurs. "I can't even tell you how much."

"I know, Edward...it's the same for me. It's always been the same for me," I say. "It's more now that I've been with you."

And it is. This time apart – even one week – has been so much harder than the months before I was with him.

"I guess we both know what we're missing."

"I never want to be away from you again."

And I don't.

I won't.

"You won't have to be without me," he tells me as if he can hear my thoughts. "I love you. You're…you're everything to me."

"You too, Edward," I whisper. "Everything."


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