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Seven months to the day it has been since Temperance Brennan retreated from her best friend and true love at the DC terminal. She had come to a former hypothesis before leaving for Indonesia that her feelings for Seeley Joseph Booth would diminish. She was wrong.

Today, after a fateful phone call from him, she was meeting booth at their place. The coffee cart by the reflecting pool at the mall. She was on her way there.

For some unknown reason, she was experiencing uncomfortable feelings in the pit of her stomach. Booth would refer to the feelings as "butterflies".

She parked at a free space and turned off the ignition. This is it. Time to face her partner. She almost was ready to tell him the way she felt about him.

Her legs contained a feeling only explained by nervousness. She could not stop herself from wondering if he had changed like he said he would have to.

She searched the faces of the people flowing through the mall. She had thought of and dreamed of this day over and over again.

But none of them could prepare her for what would happen next.

A man stood by their coffee cart, the ratio between his mandible and ileum were precisely the same as booths. She knew it was him. She wanted to call out to him, to be in his safe, muscular arms.

Only to discover that his hand was connected to another. The other hand belonged to a woman, in her mid 30's and blonde. What was this woman to him? she wanted so badly to be in her place. she wanted to tell booth this but all that escaped my mouth was 'BOOTH'. Temperance heard emotion in these words but it was irrational so she ignored it.

The two people turned around to face brennan the woman had symmetrical features and in any other circumstance she would have considered her pretty.

Then she looked at the man. Her mind was instantly filled with a constant slide show of images from the past six years. This is the man she knew and loved.

She considered the idea of turning and fleeing, but realised that in reality the couple had been staring at her a number of immeasurable moments. Instead she decided to approach them and act the complete opposite of what she was feeling. She forced a smile on her face and waved as she manovered her way threw the sea of people until she came to a stop in front of the couple.

She felt an irrational urge to trow her arms around him, just like when she saved him from the grave digger. Instead she just smiled.

In return booth smiled her favourite smile and said 'HEY BONES! Did you have a good time in Makapuku? Afghanistan was… well .. Afghanistan' while shrugging his shoulders, 'Bones, meet my friend Hannah Burley. Babe, this is Temperance Brennan'.

'Hi' Hannah said, while extending her hand to shake brennan's.

'Its MALUKU! And yes I did have a good time there. How can Afghanistan be Afghanistan? Its not rational or a proper adjective.' She was unsure of what to say and she was use to correcting him so it seemed appropriate. Then she turned to face the woman. 'Hello Miss Burley its nice to meet you'.

That was precisely the opposite of what she was thinking but she had to be nice for booths sake. It was irrational but she loved him and had to except his decision to move on. By that time brennan saw Hannah withdraw her hand and put it in her pocket as Brennan did not accept her hand shake.

Then all of a sudden Booths voice broke her thoughts.

'How about we grab some lunch at the diner? Bones you have got to come we have so much catching up to do!'

Brennan could not comprehend his words, LUNCH, WITH BOOTH AND HIS GIRLFRIEND. But the rational part of her brain convinced her that it would do no harm.

Although she replied 'how is that possible to have more to catching up to do as we have been in contact over the past seven months?'

Booth only smiled and replied 'Geez, I have missed your scientific explanations. Its been to long.'

So she decided to have lunch with him and his girlfriend. As sometimes booth says; two is company but three is a crowd.


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