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Booth was getting annoyed as he paced back and forth on the platform in front of the tables, were he had placed all of the phones in the lab. He had a gut feeling that he was going to get a call very soon.

'Any minute now' he thought for the millionth time


The ringing was coming from his pocket. Booth quickly retrieved his phone and put it on loud speaker. At that moment they all talked at once.


"Hey guys! Please come home!" Hodgins pleaded like a little kid.

"Hey, we really need you back here at the lab. So please come home." Cam said loudly.

There was a long silence at the other end of the phone.

"Umm, excuse me?" It was Hackers voice "Is everything ok?" The FBI director sounded very confused.

Cam was the first to regain her voice. "Andrew, everything is fine"

Booth cut in " what do you want boss?" slightly angry because Bones could ring at any moment.

"I was just making sure you are alright. I got a phone call from Dr. Sweets and. He told me that both yourself and Dr. Brennan missed your appointment today". Booth checked his watch. 3pm, shit. He had been so worried about Bones and Angela that he totally forgot about their therapy session.

"Sorry sir, Bones took off with Angela and we don't know were they have gone. Plus the serial killer is still on the loose."

"What are you still doing at the lab then? Go find them!" Hacker almost shouted as if it was obvious.

"But Hacker, are you serious? I thought you would want me off the case."

"No, I want you on Temperance! Argh, I didn't mean it in that way." Hacker was getting angry.

"But we don't know where they have gone!" Booth said in defeat.

"Well, I will get Charlie to set up a video conference with the Jeffersonian and when they call he can trace it and find out where they are. Then you can go and get them." Hacker said calmly.

"Thanks boss."

Everyone gets all their gear ready and are prepared to leave when they get the call.

Booth looked at Hodgins who was packing a duffle full of over night things.

"Hey, what do you think your doing?" Booth asked him irritated.

"I'm going with you to get my wife and Dr.B. You don't think your going alone do you?"

"Ok, I can't stop you" Booth was defeated.

Then he turned around, Cam and Wendell were preparing for the trip.

"And what do you think you two are doing?"

"Coming" they both replied in unison.

"Wendell your definately not coming and Cam, well ... Nuh you gotta stay here and supervise Wendell." Booth said while putting his phone back in his pocket.

"But your going to use my car so I'm aloud to come and why is Wendell not aloud to come?" Cam said putting up a fight.

"You can use my car" Wendell said quietly

Booth and Hodgins shared a look, remembering what they had done to his car earlier.

"Quiet please Wendell" Cam said then looked back at Booth "So why aren't we aloud to come?"

How are you going to help us? Plus we need people here in lab in case we need to trace their phones again and anything else we need."

"I could come and Wendell can stay" Cam was desperate to come.

"Who's going to call us if they have news?"

"Wendell" Cam said as if it was obvious.

"Wendell can't even remember his own mother's phone number!"

"Yes I can it's 555-" Wendell got interrupted by Booth's death stare.

"I doesn't matter he is just a kid and he can't talk to Hacker and anyone else at the FBI if we need you to talk to them or get information off of them if we need it"

"Fine, But you better tell me everything that happen's, Ok Seeley?" Cam said pointing a finger at booth.

"OKAY OKAY, I will call you every hour or so to update you, ok?"

"Okay good!" Their conversation then got interrupted by the computer witch started to beep. Hodgins walked over to the computer and set up the video conference with Charlie.

"Hey guy's" Charlie said with a small smile.

"Hey" They all said in unison.

"Well I have got all the gear set up, so as soon as one of them turns their phone on-" Charlie was cut off by Booth.

"We will have a location, thanks Charlie." Booth said and Charlie just nodded.

Now they all waited until they could get the location of Brennan and Angela.

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