A Secret mission to find Love!

Caleb and Will story

Chapter 1: you and I alone!

A wonderful sunny day with a slight breeze flowing it the air, the streets busy with cars passing by people talking about nothing but the normal; gossip, the latest music, fashion and work.

Some would even go have lunch at the mall, couples would hold each other by the arms or hands, staring at each other lost in their eyes then they would kiss; some couples have just broken up for stupid reasons like arguing about the same things or they just want to meet new people, or even cheating on one another (who knows, really love is so complicated)!

Now for a young man by the name of Caleb was just walking around town, watching these things take place; he just had an argument with his Girlfriend {well Ex-Girlfriend now} and she just broke it off with him, because he wasn't paying any attention to her lately.

He really wasn't sure why he wasn't paying any attention to her, she was the girl he fell in love with and even though they had their ups and down's they still loved each other. But today she had enough of him not even listening to her, so as walked through the city; he didn't bother looking up sense nothing made sense around him.

He stopped as he felt something hit against his chest and landed on the ground; "Caleb watch where you're going!" a voice yelled

He looked at the ground to see one of his friends, Will and she looked mad; he put out his hand to help her up. She took it getting up and dusting herself off, saying "sorry Will, just lost in thought" she looked up at him, rising a eye brow "yeah, well watch were walking next time!"

He smiled at her well looking into those brown eyes, they were beautiful and deep; suddenly it hit him, the reason why he didn't pay any attention to Cornelia was because he was thinking of Will; she was like his best friend and know he was in love with her. {So he planed to try make up a fake mission only to be alone with her}

Will was waving her hand in front of his face, he grabbed it saying "I'm fine but I saw a portal near by" she frowned "ok, so lets close it!" he shook his head at her then "I think blunk is in trouble so we need to go in the portal to Meridian"

She just stood there saying "then lets call the girls…" he shook his head then leaned forward so he was he high {he was a head higher then her} "no we can do this without them, now lets go!" he turned around running down the round with his hand still holding hers, so they ran down town into a alley where a portal was open and without a second thought, he jumped in it with her closely behind.

When he jumped in he let go of her hand and when she came through it, she almost fell to the ground if Caleb hadn't caught her; he stared into those brown eyes so did she only his were green (how romantic) he let her down then she looked around asked "you sure we can't call the girls?"

He frowned replying "no, I mean you and I could handle this alone"

She frowned crossing her arms then walked ahead of him, he quickly ran to walk next to her, he looked down at her; her skin was flawless, her hair was like a ball of flames and her eyes were the best part, deep and brown. What he hadn't realized was she seemed to be staring at him for a well, but as they walked on the silence between them was too much to handle.

Suddenly the ground began to move under them, Caleb grabbed Will's hand pulling her away; he jumped to the side, as the ground crumbed away with Will falling in it. Caleb still holding Will's hand turned around trying to pull her up, he could see the fear in her eyes or it was tears; he pulled her up then pulled her away from the hole in the ground.

Will quickly pulled her self against Caleb's chest shacking like crazy, he noticed this then held her tight against him then rubbed her back to calm her down. When she stopped he looked down to see she had passed out from fear, so he picked her up and carried her to the rebels hiding place; once there he went into to his room placing her on his bed and covered her with a blanket.

A man came in the room seeing this, and then spoke "Caleb who is this girl?"

Caleb turned to see his friend replying "she's the Guardians leader"

The guy looked at the girl lying on the bed then back at Caleb "so why is she here? And why does she

Look like that?"

Caleb looked at Will then back at his friend "she's not in her Guardian form and I like her so, I planed to spend time with her alone without the other Guardians"

"You know that is reckless, so how do you plan on keeping her here without the other Guardians come search for her?" the guys asked

"I'll find a way and I'm always reckless!" Caleb said

"Yeah you are, that is way you're the rebel leader" laughed the guy; Caleb joined in the laughter then heard a moaning noise, they turned to see Will waking up. So he told his friend "to leave and report if the other Guardians or Cedric and his army comes" the guy left and closed the door behind him.

Caleb walked to Will, who was sitting up looking around her only to see Caleb with a worried face; she smiled at him "what…what happened?"

He grabbed a chair sitting next to her saying "um… we almost fell in a hole luckily I saved us"

She raised her hand and hit him on the arm frowning at him "are you kidding me, you're the reason we almost we fell!"

He rubbed his arm staring at her in shock then leaned forward "how is this my fault and that hurt!"

"I'm glad it hurt's and if you let me call the girls…" she was cut off when he placed his finger on her lips saying "you win, just rest and if you need something just call" he got up starting to leave the room when he heard her call out to him "wait, where you going?"

He looked over his shoulder "for a walk "and with that he opened the door and left the room;

Will sat in the room alone wondering why he was acting so strange around her, first he bumps into her and acting like he everything was ok, then he drags her into a portal without the girls, then when we in meridian he stares at her and now he pretends like he's the hero and saved us from doom when he was the one that did this, and as they argue he gave up and left her in a strange room alone.

"has he lost his mind or does he think his the hero and I'm just some girl that follows him around, we guess what Caleb this girl is so out of here!" she said out loud then got up from the bed leaving the room and started to walked outside of the hiding place to go back home.

Caleb walked out the room and started to walk out the place, he looked to the ground with his hands in his pockets "she has some nerve to hit me on the arm, I saved her life and that is how she repays me"

He kicked a can on the ground thinking of her then thought about what she said "you're the reason we almost fell" he shock his head to shack the thought out his head then realized, she was right. He planed for them to come alone here and just because he wanted to be alone with her; he kicked the can again "still she didn't need to hit me!"

Suddenly his friend came up to him saying "Caleb bad new!"

Caleb stared at his friend standing in front of him asking "what is it?"

"She walked out the room and now is walking through Meridian plus Cedric is looking for you!"

Caleb stared at him in shock then ran through Meridian looking for Will, he knew if Cedric found her he'd take her to Phobos and who knows what he'll do with her. He kept running and started to pick up the pace for her sake, when suddenly he heard a loud scream that stopped him in his tracks; and then ran towards the scream.

Will was making her way back to the portal trying to avoid strange creatures and holes in the ground as she walked Caleb came in her mind and how he acted around her today, she shocked her head in anger then said to her self "that guy is just so annoying how could Cornelia handle him!"

"Well this is a surprise!" said a voice behind her

Will turned around and screamed to see Cedric in his snake-man-form, she turned around trying to run away and dodge him from grabbed her, she ran into some woods and hide behind a tree or what looked like one. She could hear him behind her and he was near, she pleaded that he wouldn't find her, she slowly looked to the side to see where he was.

She couldn't see him anywhere, she signed in relief but it faded when something wrapped around her waist, she scream again seeing it was his tale he brought her back in front of him. Now she was face to face with him, he smiled at her "Phobos will be pleased to see you Guardian leader, that you're not in you Guardian form and the other Guardians aren't here which makes you weak and alone!"

Will struggling to get free, was now being pulled towards the castle to her powerful enemy Phobos; scared for her life, well mostly Phobos cause sense she wasn't in Guardian form or had the girls with her. She felt like all the blood in her body with cold, when they arrived in the castle; Cedric carrying her in his tale way his way to the throne room, once there he dropped Will to the ground hard; Phobos saw her trying to get up from the ground.

He smirked at the little Guardian leader, alone and not in her Guardian form too.

Caleb asked people where the scream came from, the people told him it was from a red head girl running from Cedric but sadly he had captured her and taken her to the castle.

Caleb couldn't believe the day he was having honestly; first Cornelia dumps him, then when he planed to take Will with him to Meridian on a fake mission, then they almost fell down a hole, after having an argument he walks out and she tries to go home only to be captured by Cedric.

Talk about having bad luck, after the people had told him this he went straight for the castle; he was looking for windows to climb into but the only one was where the weapon room with lots of Guards. But Will's life was in danger and he had to save her one way or the other, he managed to get in the window and climb inside; he sneaked around boxes and armor, he took one of the armor then took a sword and slowly walked out the room.

Making his way in the cold halls of the Castle hiding in the shadows, when Guards came around the corner; so he made his way around the castle like this for a well. Hoping he'd find where Will was before they hurt her or even sent her down it the oubliette; maybe they were in throne room or in Phobos garden, so he headed for the garden first.

When he found the garden he looked around to see where she was, only to find Cedric and a few Guards around him, trying to fight them off one by one; the more he tried to fight the more Guards came so he took the heavy armor off only to be hit with something hard on the back of his head knocking him out.

He was through down the oubliette with a old piece of bread, after a well he woke up rubbing he back of his head, then looked around noticing that he stood in the same oubliette; the very same one he met Will for the first time well kind of!

To be continued!