Can anyone tell me what's normal and what's not!

An adventure of a life time!

[The Guardians & the Winx club]

Chapter 1: Have we met or is it just fate?

[Alfea in Magix…]

In a big school outside the headmistress office was 6 girls were waiting in the hallway they were called a few minutes ago finally the doors opened the six girls came in they saw their headmistress standing behind her desk looking out her window. When she heard the six girls come in she turned around with a smile on her face then she said "girls I called you here to tell you that I'm sending you on a small holiday and you can choose were you would like to go."

A girl with long red hair named Bloom said "how about Earth"

They all looked at her surprised then a blond named Stella said "well they do have lots of shops I've never been to"

"Count on Stella to tell us about shops we've never been to" said a Asian girl named Musa

"Well at least we can take a break from fighting for a well" added a girl with brown hair named Flora; an African girl named Layla said "sorry but my parents want to spend some time with me".

The last girl named Tecna signed then said'" Well they haven't seen you sense you came here"

Bloom walked over to Layla putting her hand on Layla's shoulder saying "even if you visit your parents you are still taking a holiday so just enjoy it there"

All the girls stood around her then they all made a group hug after their hug the headmistress clapped her hands saying "now girls go pack your bags cause the bus is coming soon". With that they walked out her office then they headed towards their rooms, they packed their bags even Bloom took Kiko with her (Kiko is her bunny).

Now the five girls were saying goodbye to their Pixies as well as Layla they one by one got on the bus the doors closed a few minutes later the girls got off the bus they went in one of the alleys in Magix and were standing in front of a portal that sent them anywhere.

So Bloom stood in front of the group saying "on to Earth" (sadly she never said where exactly).

[Sheffield in Heather Field…]

In a large school under one of the many trees it the school grounds were 5 girls and a guy were just talking about their weekend, how busy they were so as they waited for the bell to ring a strange feeling came across them not know what it was, but it was very powerful and it also felt really magical too.

A girl with short red hair turned to look at her friends saying "did you feel that?"

The guy named matt looked at her saying "Will do you think it's Nerissa?"

A brown haired named Irma shook her head saying "No way she can't return right!"

"Well we aren't really sure she's really gone" said a girl with long blond hair named Cornelia; "so you think it is her?" asked an Asian girl named Hay-Lin.

"I think it might be something else; said a girl named Taranee

So as they were wondering about it Will looked out the school gate then saw five girls with bags in their hands. They stopped then one girl with long red hair turned around looking at her friends or what seemed to look like her friends, she gave her bags to an Asian girl then the four seem to walked down the road well the girl walked up road.

But something about that girl seemed ready weird she looked like she knew all about earth as for her friends they were a bit confused to how she was doing things. So Will got up she looked at her friends who seemed to look at her confused so she said "I think I might know where that strange feeling came from"

Irma stood up followed by the others saying "Really where?"

Will pointed to the girl with red hair walking up the road saying "I saw her give her bags to her friends and I also noticed that she seemed to know about Earth more then her friends"

Matt understood where this was going then looked at Will saying "well make copies of us then we could follow them" They looked around then went behind the tree Will pulled out a crystal she made copies of her and her friends then they seeked out the school grounds then followed the red hair.

The red hair seemed to go into a shopping market the sign said " NO PETS!" so she put the bunny down telling it to stay out of sight well it waits for her to return; so it did she went inside then the girls plus Matt walked in after her.

The noticed that she bought a small amount of food plus lots off carrots for the bunny then headed towards the till she paid for the food and went out the shopping market.

Bloom and the girls arrived on Earth but it wasn't Bloom's home called Gardenia but even thought they didn't know where they were at least they had each other plus bonus was Bloom was from earth so if they were lost at least she would be able to find away to get around.

Stella frowned saying "This is not Gardenia"

Flora also seemed confused saying "Maybe you should of said the place on Earth"

Tecna pulled out a small gadget she looked at it saying "we're in a place called Heather Field"

"So basically we're on Earth in a town called Heather Field" repeated Musa; "Pretty much" said Bloom.

Then Bloom began to walk in town near a school her friends followed her sense they didn't know a lot about Earth then, she stopped and turned to her friends saying " Musa you and the girls find a place to stay well I go get some food for us to eat ok".

And with that she gave her bag to Musa, the four turned around then head down town trying to find a place to stay well Bloom went to get some food she was still holding Kiko during this hole thing. So Bloom walked up town and found a store but sadly it had a "NO PETS" sign so she put Kiko down then told him to hide until she came back out, so the bunny did what she said.

So Bloom went in she got a few carrots, chips, cold drink, and some other things; after she got the food she paid the lady at the till then walked out the shop she called the little bunny, Kiko ran ad jumped in her arms then they headed back in the direction her friends went.

Will was with her friends they have been following the red hair girl through a grocery store and now they were following her down town to were her friends went.

Cornelia was getting tired of this following a red head girl so she whispered "this is stupid we've followed her for a well now and she doesn't seem anything but normal"

"Corny think of it this way we don't have to sit in a boring class at school" said Irma with a smirk on her face; "Irma you know I hate that nickname" Cornelia told her.

"Cut it out you two" snapped Will

But as they got a bit closer they heard a cell ringing so they checked if it was theirs but to their relief it was the girl with red hair she answered it;

"Stella is that you?" asked the red hair

"Yeah it's me and we've found a place it's near the beach" she replied

"This place has a Beach and how will I know were it is?" asked the red hair

"Don't worry Tecna will call you when she sees you oh and later we're going to the beach" She added.

"Thanks a lot I'll be their in about ten minutes" said red head

"Ok bye" she said

"Bye" the red hair said

She put her cell in her jean pocket then looked at her bunny saying "so want to go to the beach" the bunny looked at her nodded. Will could have sworn that the bunny smiled or it was just her mind playing tricks but before she could think about anything she noticed the girl begin to run away down town.

Hay-Lin was running behind her friends who were running after the red hair but during her running she thought to her self "Maybe she is Magical, Maybe she was what we felt earlier"

Matt running next to Will thought "well at least she isn't like Cornelia all snobbish or like Irma the joker or Taranee the know-it-all or even like Hay-Lin who is so joyful but I think she is more like Will that is smart, caring, and does everything in her power to protect her friends.

The girl was now just passing their school well her bunny was running next to her, she looked at the little bunny saying "I wonder were we will be staying?" the bunny looked at her then carried on running but without a warning or anything she fell to the ground.

The bunny stopped when seeing this he went up to her, the red hair looked up realizing she bumped into someone but when she looked up she saw a boy with brown messy hair; he put out his hand for her to get up. She grabbed his hand and got up she was dusting herself off then faced the guy saying "I...I'm so sorry I didn't see you…" he cut her off by putting out his hand to silence her saying "It's fine I kind of get that a lot".

She began to giggle the looked at him saying "your funny that's good"

Unsure why she thought he was funny so he helped pick up some food on the ground, he looked gave her some stuff saying "why's that good?"

"Because at least you have a sense of humor" said the red hair and winked at him; but before he could ask her what her name was someone began to call out.

They both turned to see a long blond girl running towards them she stopped in front of them saying "Bloom we've been waiting for hours" he looked at the red hair girl sign then she shook her head saying "Stell I've only been got one hour anyway why did you come!"

The blond smiled then said "I came to take you shopping so that we could go to the beach"

"But we just going to the beach plus we came here on holiday to relax not shopping" she replied

The girl pleaded the red hair till she gave in, then the red hair waved goodbye to the boy; soon both girls walked down the road with the bunny following. But as the left a bunch of people walked up to him he looked towards one of them it was a girl with short red hair, she looked at him saying "Caleb does anything about those two seem…well magical?

He looked back to where the two headed saying "not really but I think we best keep an eye on them also the red head said they were on holiday to relax" and with that they all headed towards Will's house to talk about this whole thing.

[To be continued…]