Can anyone tell me what's normal and what's not! Part 11

An adventure of a life time!

[The Guardians & the Winx club]

Chapter 11: I'll come back when you call me, no need to say goodbye!

The Winx girls were getting their stuff together and were pretty sad to leave, but they had too cause their holiday was over and it was time to go back. The guys were waiting outside for them and soon one by one the girls came out, Bloom was just by the door then looked in the building and how empty it was; she closed the door with Kiko in her arms.

They all made their way to the bridge they fought under waiting for the guardians, Caleb and Matt; Bloom put Kiko down and her bag, she looked at her friends who were sitting on a pail of rocks well the boys were standing near them looking around.

Tecna was getting the portal ready to send them back, Stella was straighten her hair, Flora was playing with a flower in the ground, and Musa was looking at the lake next to them. Sky and Brandon were talking, Riven of course stood in silence as for Timmy he was sitting next to Tecna talking about the portal that she was getting ready to open. But Bloom she was holding Kiko again and played with him in her arms, but she was still really sad to leave earth and Will who was almost like her.

Suddenly they heard heavy breathing and footsteps which meant the Guardians, Caleb and Matt were going; soon the five girls and two boys were standing in front of the group with questioned faces, they didn't know today was the day the Winx were going back home.

The five Winx girls were in front of the five Guardians with Bloom in the middle Stella and Flora stood next to her, with Musa and Tecna beside them. Will was the first to ask "so what's up?"

Stella replied "we're leaving"

The five girls and the two boys stood in shock then Irma stepped forward saying "what do you mean, you're leaving?"

Bloom looked away not wanting to answer even if she was the leader, she was really bad at saying goodbye; Flora noticed this then answered "our time here is up and we have to go back home"

"But why didn't you tell us this sooner" asked Cornelia now bummed

"We only found out this morning" told Musa

Will noticed Bloom not look at them and for once she felt like she knew one of Bloom's weaknesses and it was saying goodbye, something she was used to doing. The boys seemed to notice this too because Caleb asked "Bloom, are you ok?" she only nodded trying to fight back the tears that were coming.

She finally looked at them saying "girls get the stuff" the five girls opened their bags bring five different items then walked back to the Guardians; Musa went first, she want up to Hay-Lin giving her a CD "I made this for you, it as all the best music around" Hay-Lin took it with a grateful smiled.

Tecna was next she gave Taranee the latest Laptop out then said "the latest model out plus it can connect to anyone in the universe" Taranee with wide eyes and a awe face took it; Flora was the next giving Irma a bracelet with different shells on it "I made this for you as a sign of friendship" Irma smiled taking it from her and put it on her wrist.

Stella stood in front of Cornelia putting her hand out, with tiny outfits floating in her hand "the royal dresser of Solaria made these for you, all you have to do is touch one and it will magically appear on your body" Cornelia amazed took it then gave Stella her biggest smile;

Bloom was last to give her gift, Bloom gave Will a piece of paper saying "I stayed up all night doing this, oh and Kiko also has something for you guys too" she called the bunny over then told him to give them his gift, so the bunny flew in the air towards them; which totally surprised them all.

"That bunny is flying?" Taranee said

"How is that possible?" Cornelia asked

Bloom smiled a them then at Kiko "he's a magical creature remember"

Kiko gave them all pieces of paper then flew back to Bloom's shoulder, they opened it to see cartoon figures of themselves; they looked up smiling then Will gave the bunny a kiss on the head. Bloom told Will to open the picture when they left, so Will did as she was told.

Bloom looked at the boys who were giving Caleb a sword and Matt a shield and a sword; then Tecna opened the portal telling them it was time to go; the Winx gave the Guardians hugs which the Guardians returned. They pulled away then the boys went in first followed by the girls but Bloom had one more thing to do, so she told Tecna to hold the portal a little longer.

Bloom walked over to Caleb and Matt looking down for a minute then back at them "behalf of the Winx girls, I just wanted to say thank you for your bravery and help" she kissed them both on the cheek which both blushed then before leaving gave Matt a paper with written on. Bloom grabbed her bag and Kiko then began to walked towards the portal.

Will quickly ran towards Bloom saying "wait, will we see you again?" Bloom turned to her side "when ever you need help just call this number" she through a card at Will then walked in the Portal without another word. Will looked at the card which had a number then said something on the bottom "I'll come back when you call, no need to say goodbye!"

All the guardians and the two boys walked to Matt's house for some weird reason; when they got there they went into his garage sitting around his bands stuff; Matt unfolded the paper to see a song written on it and at the bottom it said "please sing this song to the girls and tell them to remember us; oh and tell Will, she is a good leader in her own way and you guys rock period; from Bloom and the others too"

Matt picked up his guitar, placing the paper on his lap then looked at the group smiling then told them Bloom asked him to play the song and the Guardians must think of the Winx girls well he sang. They all sat around listening to the song and began to remember the five fairies.

It started out as a feeling

Which then turned into a hope!

Which then turned into a quiet thought!

Which then turned into a quiet word!

And that word grew louder and louder

Til' it was a battle cry

The Guardians were fighting Nerissa and but they were getting their butts kicked, even the boys got hurt; but just as they waited for the worse to happen. But suddenly a fire ball hit Nerissa, they all looked too the source of the attack only too see five figures coming out from the shadows.

The leader of the five told 3 girls to help the Guardians and the boys up well her and a blond girl took Nerissa and her fellow Guardians head on; to their surprise the battle with Nerissa was pretty short. Then the five girls spoke to the Guardians, the boys before flying way; leaving them speechless and amazed.

I'll come back

When you call me

No need to say goodbye

Just because everything is changing

Doesn't mean it's never

Been this way before

The next time the girls found the five oh-so-normal girls, was by a portal and for some strange reason the red head jumped in before her friends could question her motives (since they didn't think it was wise to jump into a unknown portal). So the Guardians, Caleb and Matt followed them only to make sure they were safe; after they walked for what felt like hours the group found the five girls standing in a village in Meridian.

Not long the five girls ran into trouble {well trouble found them} so the five ran into a alley only to be pulled in by something strange but before the leader could save her friends from a unknown creature, she was caught by a solider but seeing her friends in danger she knocked the guys out with a large piece of wood. She ran toward the creature or what ever sucked her friends in the shadows. Only to find herself staring at the people she met in the restraint earlier.

So after arguing a well they teleported to the beach in Heather field and soon they all got to know each other.

All you can do is try to know

Who your friends are

As you head off to the war

Pick a star on the dark horizon

And follow the light

You'll come back

When it's over

No need to say goodbye

So after knowing each others magical sides and sharing feeling about working as a team they all headed to the girls building then meeting a magical pixie pet named Kiko and soon facing an enemy that caught them totally by surprised sense it began with a police guy then the same guy captured the girls leader named Bloom.

Same day the Guardians and Caleb met the leader's mother named Vanessa, and learned of another city called Gardenia {pretty cool and talk about a normal city} anyways they went back to Heather Field then soon they met four guys that were the girls boyfriends and they were totally cute.

Soon after searching the city they found the building Bloom was held in; and without any warning the five Guardians, the four girls called Winx and the four boys plus Caleb forced their way in only to find a man that the Guardians and Caleb knew very well, he also held B. in a dark bubble but after battling against the man the real hero came to the rescue, it was Kiko and no one ever thought a bunny could save B. from whatever doom awaited her.

After she took control of the battle and sending everyone out the building she made sure Phobos got his just deserves and after the battle was finished they all headed to the beach enjoying their ho-so-normal-holiday.

You'll come back

When they call

No need to say goodbye

Now we're back to the beginning

It's just a feeling and no one knows yet

But just because they can't feel it too

Doesn't mean that you have to forget

So after enjoying a great day at the beach racing the boys on speed boats, talking about fashion, guys and other things too. But before things got better the worse happens {talk about bad luck} cause Nerissa set a trap for the group which they fall for and she made things worse by capturing the five fairies and turning their worse fears come true in their minds; then sent the Guardians to witness this by sending them into one of the fairies minds.

After witnessing such horrible things they were brought back to reality so was the fairies but sadly after their ordeal with facing their fears made them to weak to stand up or even wake up. The Guardians gathered all their powers together destroying a monster and beating Nerissa really badly, to bad she escape; when the battle was finished then five fairies woke up still weak.

When they were able to stand they made their way to the nearest fast food place for pizza, everything was going great until the school bullies appeared then began to make fun of the Guardians (of course they didn't know the five girls were Guardians) but when things looked bad.

Stella stood up making a remark of her own about them, which was a bad idea and when the leader of the bullies tried to hurt her; Bloom stood up in anger then stopping the fight before the worse happened. Only the leader of the bullies was teasing B. so in the end she used her magic on the ground; luckily no one saw then the bullies left and the group carried on eating, soon they all went their different ways.

Let your memories grow stronger and stronger

Til' they're before your eyes

You'll come back

When they call you

No need to say goodbye

You'll come back

When they call you

No need to say goodbye

today was the hardest thing to happen to the Guardians in the morning cause the five fairies were leaving so were the four guys, the five girls gave different gifts to them even Kiko gave a gift to them; the guys even gave Matt and Caleb gifts of their own. They opened a portal and one by one they left but Bloom stayed giving the guys a kiss on the cheek for helping the five fairies; then she slowly walked through portal.

So the five Guardians, Caleb and Matt sat in Matt's garage listening to the song and remembering the whole adventure, maybe the best adventure out.

Matt put his guitar down seeing the girls faces then noticed Will's face then looked down noticing a paper in her hand; Matt smiled then asked "Will, what's on the piece of paper?"

They all looked at her, she opened it slowly and saw what was on it; a big smile appeared on her face before showing the others the drawing. She showed them and they all staring in awe eyes with big smiled on their faces then Irma pointed to the small written on the bottom of the paper; she read it out loud for her friends to hear.

{Hey Will: I guess Matt sang the song to you guys, I'm glad; anyway I thought you'd like to know Phobos is in Light Rock. Will, I know you think you're a bad leader or feel that way; don't worry you'll get better at it trust me being a leader is hard work but it is worth it with great friends; and hope you like the drawing! P.S. put the heart on it and something will appear from B.B. and the WINX!}

Will looked up at her friends then at the picture {of the Guardians, Caleb and Matt in front of the Silver Dragon!} so she pulled out the heart then placed it on the picture; a light appeared blinding everyone then it faded they looked at the paper only a symbol floating in the air with the WINX signature on it; it landed it the paper and all five fairies appeared beside the Guardians.

They all looked at one another smiling, soon the girls were gone leaving the picture the way it was before and without another word the five girls stood up then walked home even Caleb left Matt went inside his room looking at the song Bloom gave him also thinking how tough that girl was knocking out a Guard with a big piece of wood and facing off the school bullies alone; she was so much like WIll.

Will walked home thinking about B. and her words that told her, she'll be a good leader with the help of her friends; Irma was almost home thinking about the events that happened through the whole weekend; Cornelia was in her room holding out her hand staring at the fashionable outfits S. gave her; Taranee sat on her bed smiling at the Laptop T. gave her as a sign of friendship.

Hay-Lin sat in the restraint with Caleb staring a the picture of her as a cartoon that Kiko made, who knew a bunny could draw; Caleb kept thinking of Bloom, meeting her talking to her, watching her ride a speed boat and when she kissed him on the cheek telling him "thanks for you're bravely and help" that was the last thing she said to him before leaving.

[Mean Well]

The boys from Red Fountain went back to there school well the Winx girls went to theirs; when they got there they went straight to their rooms, Musa and Tecna went to unpack their stuff then they just relaxed. Stella went into hers then unpacked her stuff then looked though her cloths to find a picture of Bloom and Her side by side; Flora unpacked her cloths then began to water her plants

Bloom slowly unpacked her stuff with the help of Kiko, trying to get her life in order again; she looked at Kiko then hugged him "my little brave hero and closest friend, I'm really lucky to have you around"

The bunny cradled in her arms and from their on Bloom knew, she was lucky to have met the Guardians, Caleb and Matt plus seeing another place on Earth that she could visit.

{The end!}