Ballparks of Love Chapter 4: Awkwardly Off to Toronto

A/N: We are back, sorry for the delay everyone. Now for those who remember chapter three ended very awkwardly for Cody and Bailey, as the broken up couple appeared on the kiss cam at the game in Baltimore. Now DH was suppose to have chapter four for you guys, but it was such an awkward ending to the chapter he couldn't come up with anything he liked to lead off from that. Luckily I think I have something that will work, so chapter four will again be one of my chapters, while DH will have the next two chapters. I hope everyone enjoys chapter four of Ballparks of Love

Summary: The twins, Bailey, Maya, Woody, and Addison take a spring break road trip to the ballparks of the American League East. Collaboration with deathlyhallows123

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For how stunned both Cody and Bailey were, their friends were equally as stunned. None could come up with anything to say, well except for one.

"Awkward," Woody said softly, but not softly enough for Addison not to hear, as she immediately slapped her boyfriend's shoulder while glaring at him. That's all Woody needed as he proceeded to pretend to zip his lips to appease his girlfriend.

Meanwhile Bailey was too stunned to move, so Cody had to figure out how to resolve this situation quickly. He tried shaking his head no to get them to move on, but whoever was running the camera that was on them was having none of that, while the crowd either started booing that they weren't kissing, or cheering them on to kiss.

Cody had to think of something fast, and luckily he did, it would be a risky move but it was the only thing he could think of on the fly. Cody then proceeded to turn and face Bailey, and kiss her on the cheek. This appeased both the camera man and most of the fans, especially those around them, as a new couple was shown on the big screen.

As Cody watched Bailey he was trying to gage her reaction to what he just did through her facial expressions, but that really wasn't working as Bailey's facial expression really hadn't changed during the whole episode, after a while though Bailey did finally speak.

"Uh excuse me for a second guys, I have to go to the restroom," Bailey said as she got out of her seat and passed her friends as she headed towards the aisle. Luckily for her none of her friends saw the blush that was forming on her cheeks.

Back in the seats no one still knew what to say, though in her mind Maya was devising a plan, once she had what she thought would work she finally spoke up.

"Zack go and take Bailey's seat," Maya said to her boyfriend.

"Why," Zack responded.

"What do you mean why, did you just see what happened, we don't need this to be any more awkward then it already is," Maya said to her boyfriend as Zack moved from his seat next to Woody to the seat next to his brother.

Cody was going to protest to Maya that everyone was alright but before he could Zack had moved seats and then Maya took the empty seat to Zack's left, leaving an empty seat between herself and Woody.

"Woody and Addison switch places," Maya said.

"Why," Woody asked,

"So that Bailey and Addison can talk about stuff other then what just happened," Maya explained. "Nothing against you Woody but I think Addison could do a better job getting Bailey to talk and think about something else then you can," Maya added.

"Hurtful," Woody said as he and his girlfriend switched seats. "Granted it's probably the truth," he added.

"Now Addison keep Bailey distracted from thinking about what just happened, and if you have to talk a mile a minute, do it," Maya said to her roommate.

"On it," Addison said as she held up a box of candy and started eating it. That would surely have her talking at a mile a minute.

Meanwhile Bailey was lucky the restroom she picked was empty because she needed to vent to herself.

"What just happened, I can't believe Cody kissed me, granted it was just on the cheek, but still, I mean we are broken up, we are just friends, yes we have been getting along better since ditch day and when Woody's sister visited, but still, we are only friends, I mean friends don't just kiss other friends, ok Woody and Addison did a couple times, but they were not broken up when they did. Maybe he was just doing it to get the camera off us, yeah that has to be it, like the time he told Willa he still wanted to be with me so that he could let her now easily. Oh I am so stupid, why didn't I just admit then that I still had feelings for him, then we wouldn't be in this predicament, I mean yeah it was a kiss on the cheek, but it felt so good for him to kiss me again. I have to tell him how I feel, but what if he still doesn't feel the same way, oh how I wish there was an answer to this in a textbook," Bailey went on and on until she heard that someone was coming in. Bailey then calmed herself down, splashed some water on her face and made her way back to the seats.

Cody was again ready to protest all the seat switching and Maya's plan when he saw that Bailey had returned.

"Why did everyone switch seats," Bailey asked when she returned to her friends.

"Addison wanted to talk to you about stuff," Maya said as she patted the empty seat and Bailey sat in it. Maya's plan worked perfectly as Addison had eaten enough candy to be on a sugar rush as she started talking to Bailey a mile a minute. Maya knew this would get Bailey's mind off of what happened. Meanwhile Zack tried talking to his brother, but Cody would have none of it, he just wanted to watch the game.

Speaking of the game, not much changed from the sixth to the ninth inning. Cleveland still led 2-0, as the Baltimore bullpen shut down the Cleveland offense, while Justin Masterson continued to master the O's lineup, as he was just three outs away from completing his no hitter.

"Oh man you guys, I can't believe we are this close to seeing a no hitter, with someone from my team the one pitching it," Woody said excitedly. Sadly for Woody he forgot the first rule of a no hitter, don't talk about the no hitter.

Baltimore Play-by-Play

"Felix Pie the first batter for the O's here in the bottom of the ninth, Masterson three outs away from no hitting the birds. Masterson with his first pitch to Pie, and it's a long drive, deep to left center field, Choo giving chase, he's at the track, at the wall, and its gone, home run for Felix Pie, breaking up Masterson's no hitter, and making this a one run game here in the ninth."

"Dang it," is all Woody could say.

"That's why you never talk about a no hitter Woodchuck," Zack said.

With the no hitter gone Indians manager Manny Acta pulled Masterson for his closer Chris Perez. Perez was able to get the first two outs of the inning easily as he struck out Adam Jones and got Luke Scott to fly out to center field. Perez then got into some trouble as he walked back to back batters in Nick Markakis and Matt Wieters, bringing Nolan Reimold to the plate.

Baltimore Play-by-Play

"After being down 0-2 in the count Reimold got three straight balls out of Perez before fouling off the last four pitches. Here is the tenth pitch of the at bat, and it's a rocket, heading to deep center field, Crowe is on the run but it's not going to matter because that ball is long gone, Nolan Reimold with a three run walk-off home run as the O's, three outs away from being no hit, comeback to stun the Indians 4-2."

Woody was at a loss for words after witnessing what just happened to his team.

"And that Woodchuck is why LeBron James left Cleveland," Cody said.

"The town is cursed," Zack said.

"And it didn't help that you jinxed the no hitter either," Maya added.

"Ok guys that's enough, it's not Woody's fault he is from the unluckiest sports town in America," Addison said with a smile, which was not returned by her boyfriend, until she gave him a kiss to make him feel a little better.

While everyone was enjoying themselves on their way out of the stadium and back to the limo that would take them to the airport, once they got into said limo is when things became awkward again, as Cody and Bailey rode in silence while the other couples chatted during the ride, with each guy keeping an eye on Cody and each girl keeping an eye on Bailey.

Cody and Bailey remained quiet on the flight from Baltimore to Toronto. Woody sat next to Cody and Addison sat next to Bailey. Each tried to get the other to talk to them during the flight but it was not to be. Woody and Addison weren't looking to talk about the kiss at the game, they just wanted to get their friends talking, but Cody and Bailey's stubbornness won out as each was silent the rest of the flight, and during the limo ride from the Toronto airport to the Toronto Tipton Hotel.

Once at the Tipton the group checked in, but once everyone was in the suites both Cody and Bailey decided to head to bed early. Once it was known each was asleep the other four met in the lobby.

"You guys, we have to do something, they can't be like this the rest of the trip," Woody said.

"Well you too tried your best on the flight, why don't me and Zack give it a try tomorrow," Maya said.

"That should work because Toronto is the first city where they won't be doing the same thing. Cody said he was coming with Woody and I to the Hockey Hall of Fame," Zack said.

"Yeah and Bailey is coming with Maya and me to the CN Tower," Addison added.

"Well I just hope this work, I really don't want a repeat of today, post kiss," Maya said.

"I don't think any of us do, they may enjoy nerdy stuff, but they are happy and having fun when doing that stuff, that's the Cody and Bailey we need back," Zack said.

"Yeah, then we just need them to get their heads out of their butts and get back together," Addison said which caused everyone to laugh before they all decided to call it a night and head back to their suites.

After a good night's sleep and breakfast at the Tipton restaurant the six were off to their sites for the day, the Hockey Hall of Fame for the guys, and the CN Tower for the girls.

The highlight of the trip for the guys was getting their pictures taken with the Stanley Cup; each got a solo picture, along with a group picture. Cody and Zack made sure to take pictures of all the Bruins stuff they found, while Woody did the same for the team he adopted thanks to Addison, the Blackhawks. While Woody was off looking at memorabilia from the Blackhawks Stanley Cup victory from a season ago, Zack saw it as an opportunity to talk to his brother.

"Broseph, talk to me," Zack said.

"About what," a confused Cody asked his brother.

"You know what, yesterday, the kiss, everything was fine until that happened," Zack responded.

"Zack, I kissed my ex while tens of thousands of people watched, you shouldn't expect everything to stay fine," Cody said.

"But why, you told me you still have feelings for her, you told me you still love her," Zack said.

"But I don't know if she feels the same way," Cody said.

"Cody, it's obvious she feels the same way, remember how she reacted during the whole letting Willa down situation," Zack said.

"Yeah, she was playing along with me," Cody responded.

"Only a sucker would believe that," Zack said. "Look bro we can't have any more days like yesterday where you two are miserable, it brings all of us down, and we hate seeing you two like this, we just want you two having fun again, we know the moment will come when you two finally realize how the other feels, we just want you two back to the way you were before yesterday afternoon," Zack added.

"Ok Zack, I think I can do that," Cody said.

"Good, then Saturday afternoon, at Fenway, tell her how you feel, I know it was your dream to take her on a date there, so now make Fenway the place where you two get back together," Zack said.

"You know what Zack, I'll do it, thanks man," Cody said.

"That's what I'm here for," Zack added with a smiled as Cody could only roll his eyes and laugh as the two then went to find Woody.

Meanwhile at the CN Tower

The three girls were at the top of the tower when Addison saw the perfect opportunity for Maya to talk to Bailey. Addison gave Maya the signal they came up with before going on the other side of the tower to give Maya and Bailey some room. Bailey was looking out at the fantastic view of Toronto, and when Addison was out of sight Maya made her move.

"Isn't Toronto such a beautiful city," Bailey said when she saw Maya come stand next to her.

"Sure is from up here," Maya said. "Bailey, we need to talk, about yesterday," Maya added.

"What about yesterday," Bailey asked even though she knew where this was going.

"The kiss," was all Maya had to say.

Bailey was silent, she knew what she wanted to say, but didn't want to talk about it.

"Bailey, we all know how you feel about Cody, and we all know how Cody feels about you, you love him, and he loves you," Maya said.

"I can't believe that until he tells me that in person, he had two chances to, yesterday and after the whole Willa thing, and he didn't," Bailey said.

"How could he after the one time he told you in Belgium and you lied to him," Maya responded, her voice raising some. Maya's voice rising, even just a small bit, was all that was needed for Bailey to start crying as Maya quickly hugged her friend.

"Bailey, I didn't mean to raise my voice and make you cry, I'm so sorry," Maya said reassuring her friend.

"No Maya, you are right, I had my chance to tell Cody the truth, and I lied to him, and then I had two more chances after the whole Willa incident and yesterday, and I didn't again," Bailey said as she continued to cry.

"Look Bailey it's ok, I've had a broken heart before and I know it's hard to get over, but luckily for you the guy who broke your heart feels awful about it, and wants to fix your broken heart, and I know you want to do the same for him, but you have to be strong, and you have to quit hiding your feelings, you have to tell him the truth," Maya said.

"You're right Maya, you are a true friend," Bailey said with a smile as she wiped her tears away before hugging Maya again. "I'll tell him how I truly feel after the game tonight," Bailey added.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Maya responded.

"Why not," Bailey asked.

"You see Zack and Cody are having this same talk at the Hockey Hall of Fame, and Zack knows Cody's dream was to take you on a date to Fenway, well Zack is going to tell Cody that he should tell you how he truly feels at the game on Saturday," Maya said.

"Oh my gosh, that would be perfect," Bailey said. "But what if he gets to nervous and doesn't do it," Bailey asked.

"Then you have to tell him how you truly feel girl, once one of you tells the other the other will have an easier time saying it back, so if he can't get it out, you'll have to get it out of him by telling him that you love him," Maya said.

"Thanks again for the talk Maya," Bailey said to her friend.

"It's what friends are for," Maya said as the girls hugged again.

"Alright lets go find Addison, we got to get back to the Tipton and meet up with the guys so we can go see my Royals play," Bailey said with a smile as the two went off to hide their friends.

On their way back to the Tipton Zack and Maya each sent one another a text message, and they both said the same thing, mission accomplished.

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