Pokemon's Farting Bianca starring in

Belle's Farting Problem

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: You all saw this coming, admit it. Her name is actually Bel in Japanese, but it's better spelled as Belle since... well y'know... anyway, while I'm hear, I might as well admit that someone requested this on a certain board on 4chan, and... I don't want to disappoint. Plus, did you see the proportions of fart containing hips Belle has on her? Fantastic! If I'm gonna write something about Belle's thick thighs, well, I might as well involve farting. Because nothing's better than making people feel happy in their place - I mean, read... oh crap, did I really leave all of this in the friggin' author notes?

"Yes you did!" Pokemon's Farting Bianca exclaimed because she then began farting all over the place, laughing with gassy glee.

Arceus chuckled for he shook his llama like head. "Aren't you glad that we get to make a cameo appearance in one of the author's most popular stories?"

Dry Bowser groaned for he felt his bones getting dustier from Bianca's farts, plus his red hair being blown back by her flatulence. "Ugh... not like this..."

Gruntilda Winkybunion sighed as she eventually stopped trying to zap Bianca with her magic, noticing that the gas from Bianca's farting butt was repelling the warty witch's spells. "No I'm not, I can't stand the smell. Just being in this story is a special kind of hell..."

Belle (also known as Bianca and soon to be immortalized as a classic farting meme icon) walked away from Route 1 towards Karakusa Town (Accumula) with her new Pokemon partner, Mijumaru (aka Oshawott), after having battled some of the wild Pokemon in the area. She then bumped into Hilda 'Toujo' White, who was also battling some of the wild Pokemon with her Pokemon partner, Pokabu (Tepig). Intriguingly, White was rubbing her stomach, which seemed a bit pudgy, making her butt look big due to the tight short shorts.

"Hey! Yoohoo White!" Belle called out, holding Mijumaru in her arms and ran to White, placing down her Mijumaru while squealing with joy in an adorable high pitch voice, "Isn't my Mijumaru cute?"

White glanced at Mijumaru, who was wheezing after being squeezed too tight. White's Pokabu walked up to Mijumaru, trying to comfort him. White made a bizarre face as she chuckled nervously, looking back at Belle cautiously. "He looks... great." She knew that Mijumaru was in great pain.

Belle squealed while jumping up and down with glee. "I know, right? I'm going to call him Wotter - it's such a cute name for a-" She stopped and blinked, turning her head sideways for she was curious, looking at White, who was unzipping her short shorts. "White, what are you doing?"

White ignored Belle's statements while she held her short shorts, closing her eyes and dealt a huge bassy fart, blowing back some of the bushes behind her as she then sighed of relief as a slight blush came across her face after feeling her pouched jean shorts puff up from the big blast of fart asa gas. She zipped her stinky shorts back, her stomach feeling better as she patted it, turning around to face Belle. "Did you say something, Belle?"

Belle dropped her jaw in awe after she noticed White's shorts puffed up from the burst of flatulence, both the front and back. "Oh White... you didn't tell me you could fart like that! So kawaii!" She squealed with delight, shockingly letting out a fart. "Finally, I'm not the only girl who farts like that!"

White was caught by surprise and she gawked in return, stepping a few feet backwards. "Wait a minute, Belle! I can explain-"

Belle hushed White while she ran up to White's face, silencing her. "It's no need, White. I can tell exactly what your thoughts were." She turned around, holding her hands together as she looked up at the bright sun and the clear blue sky. "Ever since I was young, I had this amazing talent of farting. Probably because it came from my big hips." She then opened her eyes as she turned around at White, winking at her as she tapped her own butt. "Now that I saw you doing it, I can feel more proud to pass wind freely!"

Poor Mijumaru was confused while she sat down, his arms crossed since he had no idea what his trainer was going on about. Pokabu had the same reaction as he sat next to Mijumaru, munching on some bacon he found in the garbage can nearby, causing Mijumaru to feel freaked out to see Pokabu eating the thing that's made out of his species.

Belle held White's hands together as she closed in to White's face, telling her, "You gotta watch this, White!" She turned around, placing her hands on her knees and bent over, telling White, "I mostly fart like this because it's funny to see my dress puff up!" She then farted loudly, Belle's butt barely being visible through the white dress for White was astonished. White's slight blush turned redder as her hat was literally blown off, only for it to slowly come back down.

"Did you see?" Belle exclaimed with joy as she patted her butt, giggling while letting out an abrupt sloppy poot, "My hips were born to crank out toots like that! You and me, we can maybe get a band started together with our big butts!" She screamed with more joy as she was overjoyed. "Come on, White, what do you say? You and me-"

White chuckled nervously, feeling slightly aroused by this stinky predicament, much to her embarrassment. "That's great, Belle... well..." She gulped as she tried holding her emotions back, letting out a cute little poot as she did, "I gotta go towards Karakusa now. Ciao!" She then called Pokabu as she ran off, tipping her hat lower so that no one would make contact with her.

Belle frowned as she watched White disappear. "Oh... okay!" She snapped back to her cheerful, ditsy self as she turned to Mijumaru, raising her right fist in the air. "Then we'll get going too, Miju!" She proclaimed loudly in joy as she tripped, landing right on her face. Her butt in the air, Belle let out another loud fart that caused a nearby maple oak tree to land on Mijumaru, crushing him. Belle got up, turning around and noticed this. Gasping for a few seconds, Belle giggled innocently as another raunchy wet steamer came from her fart filled butt, with it being visible in the stinky white dress that wouldn't stay that color for long.

Little did anyone in Unova know that this was only the big stinky beginning of Bianca's farting legacy...

"You can say that again!" Bianca exclaimed while continuously farting a storm of rotten eggy poots that she was playfully fanning for she knew that this was going to go on for the rest of her stinky life!