Bianca was letting loose huge farts that made her giggle while Hilda and Hilbert both watched in awe at how much methane was stored in their smelly friend, with the trio of them going through a secluded part of Castelia City for it was oddly cloudy yet given what was the cause it didn't feel like a surprise.

"Ooh I am really cooking it up with gas!" Bianca laughed while playfully fanning the air for she was very much turned on by her flatus. "And it sure is eggy; guess that's what happens when you fill yourself up with breakfast burritos!"

"Oh Bel, I just love the way you fart." Hilda admitted while farting herself for her massive poots were muffled by her puffed up stained shorts, sticking her tongue out with hearts in her eyes. "It makes me feel like a kid again every time you let loose!"

"I... kinda have to agree with that; to a degree." Hilbert coughed, deciding to let out an enormous toot himself, being surprised it came out deep pitched and bassy like the tuba tooters released out of his gassy gal pals, laughing for he enjoyed seeing his pants puff up that resulted in him doing it again. "I have to admit I'm kind of getting into being stinky myself from being around you girls so much."

"Well let's not delay; let's keep this farty going on today!" Bianca chimed for she picked a spot around the tree on a bench, being in the center with Hilda and Hilbert for they were all farting together, laughing joyfully in their flatulent joy.

Elsewhere in the Unova region was a different Bianca farting about without a care to her world for she was somehow managing to ride on the back of an Audino she had befriended, with both of them making methane together through the city of Virbank, with them heading right towards the bustling PokeStar Studios.

"Phowee! We could bake brownies on the big screen!" Bianca chimed while holding on tightly, glancing down while she let her butt cheeks fly with farts. "I think that would be a good place to hang out and watch some movies!"

Her Audino partner nodded in agreement for she used her cute charm to get several people and working Pokemon nearby to allow the stinky pair to get popcorn, with everyone being entranced by the flatulence emitting from the gassy Pokegirls for they made their way into the biggest movie theater within the center of the amusement area.

"Wow; those gals sure are poisonous!" Laughed Roxie while farting herself for she was providing bass to go with her guitar playing; making a new song where the lyrics were just 'P. E. E. Y. E. W.' and going off on various ripping riffs with that. "Maybe I should let them have a session with me in the off hours!"

"Hey that sounds like a fun idea!" Bianca said while popping up in the rocking girl's face, proceeding to use her butt as a musical instrument for the Audino joined in, with the brap based butt band providing methane music for people and pocket monsters patrolling the area some free stinky entertainment.