Author's note: So, this is kind of a depressing fic that I was suddenly inspired to write because at the moment I don't have inspiration for the chapter of my other fic I'm working on. Note, I don't own Vamp academy, and the dialogue stuff in italics. That's from the first book. No suing. Anyway, I hope you read and review!

While heading out to practice later, I stopped in the dorm's kitchen to grab a granola bar. As I did, I passed a couple of novice guys, Miles and Anthony. Miles whistled when he saw me.

"How's it been going, Rose? You getting lonely? Want some company?"

Anthony laughed. "I can't bite you, but I can give you something else you want."

I had to pass through the doorway they stood in to get outside. Glaring, I pushed past, but Miles caught me around the waist, his hand sliding down to my butt.

"Get your hands off my ass before I break your face," I told him, jerking away. In doing so, I only bumped into Anthony.

"Come on," Anthony said, "I thought you didn't have a problem taking on two guys at the same time."

Infuriated, I thrashed around, trying to get them to let me go. "So help me, if you both don't get your hands off of me this instant, you will regret the day you were born," I snarled menacingly, making them both laugh as Anthony held onto me even tighter to prevent my escape. "Let go of me!" I snapped, trying, unsuccessfully to kick whichever one of them I could manage, mentally cursing myself for running away now. I was still too lacking in combat training to get away from them. Before I could say anything else or start screaming, Miles clamped his hand over my mouth so tightly that my teeth were cutting into my lips. I whimpered softly in pain as my captors whispered over whom would go first and do what. My blood boiled in my veins and I glowered darkly at Miles as he pulled back and flashed me a disturbing smile. I found myself willing him to be struck down with lightening or something equally lethal with every fiber of my being.

Miles chuckled at my death glare, before daring to put his filthy hands on my body, running them over my curves and whispering degrading, obscene things to me. I snarled and thrashed against Anthony, trying to break from his grasp, kill Miles, and then run to safety, but it was no use. I couldn't move, and I couldn't even scream.

"Ah, Rose. You're just too beautiful for your own good. This is your fault you know," Miles murmured, sinking his teeth into my earlobe. Powerless to stop him, I whimpered fearfully. I heard both males let out a growl of arousal, and as Miles began to rip my clothes from my body, all I could do was cry.

Finally, finally the pair of monsters let me go and left the room, laughing and jeering disgusting remarks and high-fiving each other as I crawled to the corner and curled into myself protectively. I sat there shaking and rocking back and forth as silent tears rolled down my face. I will never be able to repeat what those pigs had done to me, but I could now ashamedly admit that I was no longer a virgin. That confession sent a jolt through me, and I felt sick. I had never experienced anything so terribly painful in all of my life, and it was worse because of the way it happened.

I jerked to my senses when I heard doors opening and closing somewhere nearby, and I felt a thrill of fear chill me to my very core, thinking that they were coming back to hurt me even more, or that someone else was coming. I couldn't let anyone see me like this; it would just spread around the school and humiliate me even more. I trembled as I pulled on my tattered clothes and slipped through the door to go outside, and scaling the wall up to my room. I hauled myself through the window, and collapsed on the floor. Feelings of being sick and dirty overwhelmed me, and I tried everything I could to banish them. I stripped my clothes and took a shower, but no matter what I did, I just couldn't feel clean. I stood underneath the water even after it ran cold and stayed until my lips turned blue and I started shivering uncontrollably. I stepped out and brushed my teeth furiously at least ten times, but I couldn't get the awful taste out of my mouth. Pulling on a pair of baggy sweats, an old tee shirt, and hoodie over it, I fell on my bed and curled up into a fetal position with my head resting on my knees.

"Rose?" Lissa called, knocking on my door. "Rose, are you in there? Why didn't you come to dinner?" No power on Earth could have made me rise from where I sat on my bed to answer the door. As a result, I felt Lissa decide that maybe I wasn't here after all and leave, even though her concern was still strong over the bond. How would I ever face her again? Or even Dimitri? Right now, I couldn't even face my filthy, defiled self.